US launches probe into ‘possible Russia role in Syria chemical attack’ - report


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  • ctguy591
    ctguy591 Год назад

    RT ? who the fuck do you think you are fooling , the communust news station based directly inside the kremblin , primitive scum , fuck you

  • Kacey
    Kacey Год назад

    I think Trump wants Russia as a strong ally bc both countries fight a common enemy. This is why he only hit the airstrips, he didn't hit the headquarters of military personnel. If someone really wants to hurt a country they target human targets too. I think Trump did what he thought was right with the intel and advice he received at the time. As a Trump supporter, I hope the US and Russia can work together in the future. We need to fight radical islam together.

  • horst weiter
    horst weiter Год назад

    pentagon ,cia and mossad is involved.Basta!!
    bomb the pentagon and the cia headquarters.

  • Pyetrovi
    Pyetrovi Год назад

    Yet they can't get an investigation to see if Assad was even responsible.

  • Varcardo Ricardo
    Varcardo Ricardo Год назад

    Trump has lost his marbles, making rash decisions inspired by his daughter Ivanka. He has got too big for his boots and is now placing the whole world on the brink of WWW3, he is totally disillusioned if he thinks and his Asshole buddies like my Country the Uk can take over and dominate the world !!. Not going to happen ever, The Russians, the Chinese & Iran are Not going to bow down to these Clowns, the sooner they realise that fact the better for all humanity !!!! Are they that STUPID ?? I am ashamed to be British right now.
    The Uk & Us are Bum buddies, we Britts lick the US Asses after they have a SHIT. I am really tired of all the BULLSHIT they talk about, can anyone remember just One incident where the UK have have NOT supported the US, you will not ever find it. SHAME on the USA & UK, no wonder we have so many terror attacks and so much Unrest in our world today.
    Don't even think that between Uk & Usa they can dominate the world. Just Pack it in, all this BULLSHIT is like a bunch of Kids in the playground !!!

  • renaldy75
    renaldy75 Год назад +1

    R.I.P Putin , Assad , Iran and North Korea.👍.....USA The USS Gerald R. Ford

  • renaldy75
    renaldy75 Год назад +1

    America will wipe out Russia out of the map and putin will become the next saddam hussein in america write this down.......The USS Gerald R. Ford

  • terefe feyssa
    terefe feyssa Год назад

    Can anybody see "The defender of the civilized world" is investigating the chemical attack? The ISIS air force itself is investigating whether Russia is linked or not. Does anyone see the more provocation against Russia? Yes? It is very obvious.

  • Sigmundy Freud
    Sigmundy Freud Год назад +1

    One day the US world dictature fueled by fake money will diasapear and the world will be free !

  • Ivan Liukin
    Ivan Liukin Год назад +1

    Iben has got it right

  • By Design
    By Design Год назад

    Russia Today attacking CNN for a report suggesting Russia may have been involved with the Chemical attack... there a surprise.

  • truthseekers
    truthseekers Год назад

    The Clinton Foundation was responsible for the chemical attack.
    The Clinton Foundation was responsible for the chemical attack.
    The Clinton Foundation was responsible for the chemical attack.
    Now it is so. And may very well be.

  • T Black
    T Black Год назад

    Watch the 1998 movie "WAG THE DOG" to understand what is going on here ... OR WHAT IS REALY NOT GOING ON HERE !!!

  • Black Iron Tarkus
    Black Iron Tarkus Год назад

    the trump train derailed right into the (((swamp)))

  • UPGardenr
    UPGardenr Год назад

    CNN is going down hill fast Don't buy anything advertised on CNN

  • Shashank Kolhe
    Shashank Kolhe Год назад

    As usual US warmongers playing old game

  • BravoTwoZero Sadek
    BravoTwoZero Sadek Год назад

    This is hilarious! Like wolves launching an investigation to find out who ate the sheep :)) This is pure comedy. The US should launch an investigation into it's own fucking CIA AS A START and take care of the corruption within the deep-state.

  • gotip58
    gotip58 Год назад

    Looks like Russia didn't hold up it's part of the 2013 deal to rid Assad of Chemical weapons......... Shame...

  • joperhop
    joperhop Год назад +1

    more bs, no evidence assad did it, or the us bomb target was the location the gas came from. more propaganda

  • jappie jappo
    jappie jappo Год назад

    meanwhile russia acuses jap 731 troops, what a contradiction!

  • Slartibartfast
    Slartibartfast Год назад

    If someone behaved the way nations do they would be labelled as a psychopath.
    When I say nations I mean the leaders of those nations and military leaders too.

  • Luqman Nazery
    Luqman Nazery Год назад +1

    So Trump said that he wants the US to hv good relations with Russia and this is how it turns out?

  • John Baker
    John Baker Год назад

    Crazy conspiracy: World elite has as a survival model that maintains current technology level for WW3 which is for getting rid of a lot of unnecessary people.

  • Lori Nelson
    Lori Nelson Год назад

    CNN trying to get viewers.

  • yamaotostrike
    yamaotostrike Год назад +1

    Trump got his strings attached. And told to comply. Then those very same
    Monsters pointed at a picture of jfk. In the motorcade. With a hole In his head. Trump just nodded and spoke in the same voice as butters from
    South Park.

  • Tone P
    Tone P Год назад +1

    Due to Obamas changes to the "Smith-Mundt" propaganda act, it is no longer illegal to use propaganda on the American people, no evidence required, just put it out there on the "news". This is prime example of how you can tell the people in America whatever you like without proof

  • The Tinfoil Tricorn
    The Tinfoil Tricorn Год назад

    can someone please provide evidence of who actually did the chemical attack or the origin of the chemicals... with all the satellites and analysis tools it should be a simple task. At this point I've not seen one shred of evidence linking any parties, it may as well be smurfs who did it.

  • M C
    M C Год назад


  • Thought Challenger
    Thought Challenger Год назад

    So, Russia gave the usa paid terrorists chemical weapons to derail a war Russia and Assad were winning?

  • Antman4656
    Antman4656 Год назад +1

    America just makes their own script up as they go along for their agenda and all the media helps out holy crap it's strange to watch. I thought it was true the first time but researched to see the BS now they just repeat the same thing and do the same thing until it works. I truly beleive it doesn't matter how fake it is cos they are above any world or UN laws. Fools are the people that follow the laws set out by the UN and peace charters.

  • Anthon Deutsch
    Anthon Deutsch Год назад

    It's all a show

  • dion van berkel
    dion van berkel Год назад +1

    bomb israhell insted.

  • Deff Pluto
    Deff Pluto Год назад +1

    Russia should start a probe CIA/Mossad setting that chemical attack up

  • George Ibn Washington
    George Ibn Washington Год назад +1

    The supporter and gloryfier (oscar) of terrorism wants to conduct an "investigation" on the one who destroys terrorists. How cute. First solve the humanitarian crisis of Flint's water, then talk about your false flags abroad.

  • tyjghjghhh
    tyjghjghhh Год назад

    yes, launch probe, and declare russia guilty....... and shoot missiles at russian ships and jets.
    let's get this fucking war going for fuck sakes.

  • Springfield8
    Springfield8 Год назад +1

    The whole 'chemical attack' is fake news perpetrated by Al Nusra jihadists.
    Shame on Trump for his warmongering and siding with jihadists, he completely betrayed his supporters.
    Assad must stay or all Syrian Christians will get slaughtered.

  • Joel Manliguis
    Joel Manliguis Год назад +1

    russia please nuke only washington D.c for better world

  • McAllister Krohne
    McAllister Krohne Год назад +1

    The sad part is that only a US civil war or a nuclear war can stop the USA.

  • McAllister Krohne
    McAllister Krohne Год назад +2

    Why in the world would Assad attack civilians while he is busy wining the civil war? This is a flalse flag and a waste of 90 millions USD tomahwak missiles ( coincidently Trump owns stocks of the manufacturer) lol

  • Willy Yang Mana?
    Willy Yang Mana? Год назад

    lol.. let's go to war..

  • r .ra
    r .ra Год назад +2

    USA = keeps projecting quickly, very suspicious 😉

  • r .ra
    r .ra Год назад +2

    USA = shameless schizophrenic serial killer

  • r .ra
    r .ra Год назад +2

    what a joke, the CIA did it and also in Mosul SMH.

  • dundee520
    dundee520 Год назад +2

    Trump just murdered some ppl. New president, same old shit.

  • ligerten
    ligerten Год назад

    This is clear! Trump has made the cold war HOT!! If Russia just sits back & does nothing then the US will take over the World! Make NO Mistake! The people in the West are TOTALLY under the control of the Western Propaganda Media! The believe ALL the Bull shit the US spews out!! They make the Germans in WW2 look like amateurs when it comes to soaking up bull shit!! There will be many more strikes from the Bully America on any Progressive Country that they think needs destroyed on any false flag pretext! Putin! its time to act!!

  • Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood
    Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood Год назад


  • realitiesquestioned
    realitiesquestioned Год назад +1

    The difference between Hilary and Trump is that, Hilary has a twat t Trump is a twat.

  • alex koz
    alex koz Год назад +1


  • Drejul
    Drejul Год назад

    1:37 "I mean he's just like another Hillary now. And he's actually proceeding the same way."
    Are people ready to listen yet? Trump was ALWAYS a part of the establishment.

  • trippy tricks
    trippy tricks Год назад

    Stupid CNN can't even show proves if it was Assad who used chemical weapons. It was you America who killed those innocents using chemical weapon then missiles attack and you blames Assad or Russia. For fuck sake go away from Syria, no more oils for you America after Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya god knows wherever

  • Nabila Moussa
    Nabila Moussa Год назад +1

    Fuck CNN that's all I have to say

  • 바나나우유
    바나나우유 Год назад

    you have hightech shit america, you have cia, you have fucking technology that you boast everything about, stop blaming others and just use your tax payers technology to use..

  • fishface494
    fishface494 Год назад

    well im British and i believe Russia before America, now, and what the fuck has happened to Trump, the West needs to destroy the left in the West , the left is scum , they are even trying to start a war now,

  • Sani Tizer
    Sani Tizer Год назад

    It seems like when ever an American or Israeli president is in trouble with making bad decisions in their country they flex their bully muscles by attacking the Middle East and in this case its Syria again just to take the pressure off of them and make them look good...
    Do they have any proof of chemical attack by Syria??? Maybe its a setup for their losing ISIS friends again...
    If the US or any other country wants to help get rid of extreme terrorism than why bomb a sovereign country that is the only one that is fighting the terrorist???
    Why not just bomb the fuck out of ISIS first instead of helping them progress???
    People you all need to wake up and understand that this war is NOT about creating stabilization in the Middle East but just a war against Syria because they refused to have pipelines built through their country stretching from the BIGGEST terrorist states of Saudi Arabia into Turkey so they created ISIS to do their dirty work for them...

  • Viaceslav Mikhailovich
    Viaceslav Mikhailovich Год назад

    It brings back memory of other investigation organised by Mr Goebbels in 1943. It was about the alleged execution of Polaks by NKVD. In 1980th US propagandists decided to use this Mr Goebbels "investigation" to accuse Stalin and, together with Stalin, Russia of committing war crimes against Polish military. Now the Mr Goebbels version is accepted by the whole free world.

  • Kevin Stout
    Kevin Stout Год назад

    If I was russia I would get the hell out of syria. Go home. Nobody in America is back off. This is not obama. So russia leave and go home. Is syria worth your peoples death which would be high ...very high. Make no mistake with the army you have it is not one 10th of american armed power. Leave and go home. Assad is finished. Don't go with him

  • Devendra Pun
    Devendra Pun Год назад

    Its like Donald trump is accused of murder, but without proof and investigation he was sentenced to death...

    LOBO NEGRO Год назад +1

    But he still a puppet of the Kremlin. One of these days, comrade Putin will release one of the secret videos of trump getting peed by prostitutes. Assange is in his little room at the Ecuadorian embassy waiting for his instructions from Russia.

  • A B
    A B Год назад +4

    All 6 major media in America all own by Zionist Jews .
    All 6 major movie studios are own by Zionist Jew as well.
    Here's your answer why we are mingle in Middle East 👊

    • A B
      A B Год назад +3

      Russia is the only one effective killing isis !
      Why USA try to stop them? Syrian are winning this war, why wlll they use chem, the only reason for America to launch tomahawk missile ?!

  • Green Onions
    Green Onions Год назад

    What's in it for Russia if they let you steal Syria?

  • Sérgio André
    Sérgio André Год назад +2

    Trump is a puppet...

  • Supes Me
    Supes Me Год назад

    It's one of two things:
    1. We did it, trying to blame SAA & Russia. Assad had no reason to do it he's winning.
    2. SAA or Russia Dropped conventional weapons and hit a Rebel Gas Stockpile.
    Either way I'm embarrassed by our reaction

  • Chase Lee
    Chase Lee Год назад +1

    CNN is king of fake news. Period.

  • Xendrius
    Xendrius Год назад

    Russia should investigate if CIA was firing the chemical attack from the same ship that fired all the way across the sea to west.

  • Jonathon Humm
    Jonathon Humm Год назад

    RT is literally Russian propoganda

  • nop 0x90
    nop 0x90 Год назад

    this is proxy war (as we all know) - Did Shayrat had Russian anti-air SAMs, this was testing there capabilities ....or Raytheon needs to sell there Tomohawk quota for the year, so had to use up some of that stock.

  • Green Mountain
    Green Mountain Год назад

    WHY Russia is occupy Syria ??????

    • club4ghz
      club4ghz Год назад +1

      They not they have been invited

  • ltmikepowell
    ltmikepowell Год назад +1

    Just call it CIA-NN from now on folks.

  • Basketballfan15
    Basketballfan15 Год назад +2

    that took longer than i expected trump officially is a puppet of CIA

    • Jonathon Humm
      Jonathon Humm Год назад

      "Trump officially is a puppet of the CIA" I still get shocked by the stupidity of some people. No offense dude what age did you stop going to school ?

    • Jonathon Humm
      Jonathon Humm Год назад

      No US doesn't help ISIS. Where do you get your faulty information from? Syria does not attack ISIS instead they mostly attack FREEDOM FIGHTERS and other crazy jihadists that want to topple a dictatorship

    • Basketballfan15
      Basketballfan15 Год назад +1

      Jonathon Humm well whatever so i guess us helps isis then?

    • Jonathon Humm
      Jonathon Humm Год назад

      that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard. it's called US national interest

  • ecocivilian
    ecocivilian Год назад

    Americans cant forget the humiliation they received in 1983 in lebanon from ASSAD senior and Iran where they came with their marines and in a big show of power into the middle east with a bataljon of tranny's marines and one guy took them out with one bomb and they went screaming like kids in terror back to the us to lick their wounds and cry under mama's skirts because they just encountered a real war just a pathetic cowardly country full of criminals in tuxedo i love the smell of crispy us cunts burning in their home hell welcome to the war tranny state of america this time you wont come out ths easy

  • Frank THE FAM Bahor
    Frank THE FAM Bahor Год назад

    Trump's been baught by Goldman Sachs/Saudi/ISIS & Soros.

  • Assassin Hawk
    Assassin Hawk Год назад

    it's a bit dumb seeing as the missiles supposedly took away the evidence america could have used.
    All they have as always is just words and no proof, AND still people will believe all they hear from the MSM..
    The trouble with most americans, is they think everyone is as stupid as they are.

  • Downfacingdog
    Downfacingdog Год назад

    Peace sells but who's buying?

  • The Dominican Way
    The Dominican Way Год назад

    im 100% behind my president I hope thats bitch,family get chemical attack,to see if she ain't gonna ask for help fuck out here rt this is people like me,like my sons like my mom dyin because that piece of shit Assad. if trump can free all these people suffering and u don't like it then maybe u can go there so u can die easy

  • Austen Conway
    Austen Conway Год назад

    It's America

  • ecocivilian
    ecocivilian Год назад

    the Americans just became the reall allies of ISIS&AL QUEADA the terrorists have now a airforce and logistic partner to export their terrorist plans and impose the caliphate yeah US is the real axis of evil and decadence the real and only ROOBBER BARONS rule in that country full of tranny's and cowards

  • duck Lamb
    duck Lamb Год назад

    why even attack with chemical bombs, just bring in a lot of cheap heroin and pharmaceuticals and unleash them on the population like they(our government ) does here in the states.kill tens of thousands. go to any inner city hospital and look at the withdraw babies, politicians don't seem to care too much about them but they will spend 100k plus on a missile (x59) to bomb another country.what about the dying chemical babies here trumpie boy.

  • Jan Van Campenhout
    Jan Van Campenhout Год назад

    Only twisted minds like the US military and political establishment could come up with an absurdity like this. These people are so full of themselves that they have forgotten what it is like to be honest trustworthy. Only those who themselves practice this type of evildoing would suspect others to do the same. When will the world wake up?

  • Johnmiccael1
    Johnmiccael1 Год назад


  • David Garcia
    David Garcia Год назад

    US: Nothing personal; Business is business!

  • Joseph Mosesean
    Joseph Mosesean Год назад


  • Dave
    Dave Год назад +2

    Lol most comments are Russians pretending to be American. You guys suck. Really. classic example.
    "Dear Russia, if you bomb us please, please, please get California first. ♥️"
    You Turds are the worst trolls. Ever.

  • rickster348
    rickster348 Год назад +1

    - U.S. backed Syrian rebels did it, (again).

  • Robert Burchett
    Robert Burchett Год назад

    Don't listen to C.N.N! They are the worst of the worst, completely fake news! Trump may have deceived us but millions of people here in the U.S.are wide awake to the evil Globalist controlled media!We know that it's just a matter of time that the globalist will be done using us to take over the world,and when they are done they will most likely turn on it's own citizens! Millions here in the U.S. are getting ready, because there is going to be a fight! We know what our government is doing around the world and to millions of us American it just makes us sick ! We try to vote the evil Globalist out of office but the corruption runs to deep! We the people don't want a war with Russia or any other country! We want peace for all ! It's our evil Government and it's evil media who want war!We only want peace!

  • Naeem Kuzco
    Naeem Kuzco Год назад

    CNN is a FAKE news.

  • R. Hinds
    R. Hinds Год назад +1

    CNN makes The National Inquirer look like a pulitzer prize winning unbiased source of hardnose reporting.

  • jaankhan23
    jaankhan23 Год назад

    why deep state wants USA get wiped out? it is a nice country for its ppl

  • laurie hamilton
    laurie hamilton Год назад

    Fake news.

  • D Devo
    D Devo Год назад

    If US thinks so. And what US will do?! Would bomb the Russian base in Syria? I don't think so:) too scared

  • Andre Aladdin
    Andre Aladdin Год назад

    Is this a schizophrenic episode. A weird change of character, and tactic .He has lost millions of followers. Just woeful timing, woeful leadership, and a woeful reading of the situation. Foot in mouth disease. What an embarrassment

  • fasignal
    fasignal Год назад

    The secret U.S. Government is trying to start a nuclear war , we need to rise and act now, to stop these neocons or we will all die

  • John Goober
    John Goober Год назад +1

    Russia Russia Russia. Blame Russia. Folks Trump sold out. That's all I have to say. He sold out.

  • Bee be Cee
    Bee be Cee Год назад

    Adding insult to injury.

  • chirots
    chirots Год назад +2

    I believe Russian, not American cunt

  • roslan bayu
    roslan bayu Год назад

    Trump is not military minded only business minded, military generals can ride him.

  • seannootherway
    seannootherway Год назад

    no one else seen the stock pile of chemicals in this report? look closely you fuckn dumbasses

  • nucdn
    nucdn Год назад +2

    Fuck Trump - long live Putin.

  • Gigorzan
    Gigorzan Год назад

    you can not survive a nuclear war between Russia and American. You are a fucking idiot if you think the 1% or you will. the people praying for it in the comment section are worse, they need to be killed off.

  • Roo75
    Roo75 Год назад

    Hey Russia don't attack Georgia pls

  • Hero
    Hero Год назад