Star Wars Secrets: This Is How Palpatine Is Alive In Episode IX

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • We know that Palpatine is back in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but how is that possible? Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos:
    The trailer for Star Wars Episode IX dropped at Celebration Chicago and gave us a whole bunch of things to theorize over. The biggest of course, aside from it being title The Rise of Skywalker, is that the trailer ended with the haunting cackle of Emperor Palpatine. If you weren’t sure about it being Palpatine, Celebration made sure you knew by having actor Ian McDiarmid show up on stage after the trailer rolled, cementing the fact that yes, the Dark Lord of the Sith and puppet master of the first six saga films is somehow back. But how, if he seemingly died at the end of Return of the Jedi? Well, there are a few possibilities for this. The most likely is that the franchise is pulling from the prequel trilogy, specifically the scene where Palpatine tells Anakin about the tragedy of Darth Plageuis the Wise. That’s the tale that told of a Sith Master who was able to cheat death. Perhaps Palpatine really did learn this secret. Another one comes courtesy of the Darth Vader comic, which tells us that some dark side users can haunt certain artifacts and effectively cheat death this way. Seeing as how the Second Death Star showed up in the teaser, this could be the site of Palpatine’s spirit. Another possibility concerns time travelling, and this stems from the World Between Worlds shown in Star Wars Rebels. No matter how it’s done, one thing is for certain: Emperor Palpatine is back and that will certainly be bad news for our heroes.
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Comments • 3 823

  • Laura
    Laura 29 minutes ago

    What is the point of the character of Palpatine anyways, especially after he was supposedly killed by Vader? He was just powerful and annoying. Did he have any goals except power and immortality? If people are free to make their own decisions (rebel) then he isn't all that powerful. At least, the tyrant God Emperor in the Dune series had an actual goal (preserve humanity). Does Palpatine have a goal? Vader seemed to be his enforcer in the original trilogy, but being destroyed by Vader (as opposed to being killed by the "new" heroes) seemed to be Palpatine's only purpose, especially in retrospect. And, why couldn't the positive Force ghosts have been able to tell that Palpatine was hanging on in spirit (as an active part of the dark side of the Force) or actually (which seems like it would diminish Vader's triumph). And, yes, I'm very, very light on the story arc and canon, having only watched the original trilogy and the second movie of the second trilogy.

  • Mike LaF
    Mike LaF Hour ago

    Maybe she finds darth mauls light saber there after being told my palpatine that she is related to him and that is where her lineage is from. I think palpatine isnt actually alive she just somehow hears voice even tho hes no longer alive just like luke can here yodas voice from after life even tho hes no longer alive, by look of trailer thats why i think thats what she found because she is obviously weilding the double sided lightsaber.

  • Lee Capili
    Lee Capili 20 hours ago

    So... horcruxes. They’re hunting the emperor’s horcruxes. Disney’s path to the dark side is complete if they rip off Harry Potter for the SW finale.

  • nffin
    nffin Day ago

    So spock is old or young in this one I'm confused?

  • Lord Sidious
    Lord Sidious Day ago

    December can’t bloody come quick enough. I so wanna know exactly how The Emperor comes back.


    So Darth Vader died for nothing.

  • Warknight999
    Warknight999 2 days ago


  • Zachary Morgan
    Zachary Morgan 5 days ago

    Hello Y'all, of course I was expecting to see Darth Sidious, in 7 or 8 episode. We all know like Obi-Wan Kenobi Darth Vader Anakin and of course Yoda, their Spirit lives on and so does Darth Sidious 🤘. Well got to go its 8am somewhere 8😏.

  • jeffmurnahan
    jeffmurnahan 6 days ago

    Amazing. Those social justice warriors keep finding new ways yo ruin Star Wars. Not only did they kill the hero of the franchise, they seem to be stealing darth Vader’s one redeeming kill. Makes me wonder if they are doing this because so many people hate Star Wars now and they’re trying to continue to use nostalgic clout even though they’ve done killed everyone people loved so now they’re bringing people back from the dead to get that nostalgic views.

  • Asus Kybd
    Asus Kybd 7 days ago

    "Why didn't I listen to mom and become a dentist"? -G. Lucas

  • Asus Kybd
    Asus Kybd 7 days ago

    and Then.... Kyle Katarn walks in.... ;^)

  • Asus Kybd
    Asus Kybd 7 days ago

    4:46 join Crazy Clown Corp. today! (no dental plan provided)

  • Simon Eaton
    Simon Eaton 7 days ago

    Snoke is obviously earth plagues

  • Asus Kybd
    Asus Kybd 7 days ago

    WHERE do you get your delusions from, Laser-brain?
    They will introduce TIME TRAVEL and they can go F themselves.

  • YouTube Surfer
    YouTube Surfer 7 days ago

    Star Wars the Rise of Apathy....let’s face it...Star Wars is dead...

  • Epic Vlogs
    Epic Vlogs 8 days ago +1

    Anikan skywalker is returning if palpatine is returning lets me tell you why. The original trilogy is about Darth Vader/ Anikan skywalker being the chosen one and restoring balance to the force. So if palpatine is back than this means anikan will be back somehow

  • Rak Seen
    Rak Seen 10 days ago

    Darth bane learnt the secret of immortality and started the rule of two for all sith. So its no surprise that Palpatine probably lives. Might even be bane himself

  • Bradley Nelson
    Bradley Nelson 11 days ago


  • teamsonic channel
    teamsonic channel 11 days ago

    SPOILERS if you haven't seen toys

    I think that the sith troopers will be linked to sidious

  • Pwt2316
    Pwt2316 11 days ago

    There are so many theories about how everything could be possible bc blah blah blah... they should just have every Sith Lord ever come back along with every Jedi ever.. easy 😒

  • Pwt2316
    Pwt2316 11 days ago


  • Artemsoko
    Artemsoko 12 days ago

    hopefully he brings back the galactic empire

  • Mach Seven
    Mach Seven 13 days ago

    These videos are ALWAYS, I mean A-L-W-A-Y-S 100% off and wrong. So... just a wet dream from some funboy.

  • l i
    l i 13 days ago

    Auther didnt read the original books set after jedi? Spoiler clone

  • nothosaur
    nothosaur 14 days ago

    So, redlettermedia was right after all. I guess we'll see

  • ahenathon
    ahenathon 14 days ago

    It is making me smile how this video believes that the new trilogy has any sense.

  • ahenathon
    ahenathon 14 days ago +4

    It is making me smile how this video believes that the new trilogy has any sense.

  • TheAllience
    TheAllience 15 days ago

    The only thing that would save this franchise for me would be if Palpatine comes back from the dead Kicks Rey's and Kylo's ass And then a reincarnated Luke, Obi Wan, Anakin, and Yoda come back and stop him

  • Oliver Wood
    Oliver Wood 16 days ago


  • Drake Kay
    Drake Kay 16 days ago

    The Falcon is air tight? HAA HAA, yea right!!!!!

  • Drake Kay
    Drake Kay 16 days ago

    4:31 A little secret....... Palpatine was Old when he first met the child, Anakin.......... Imagine how old he is when Luke is an adult........... Literally two full life times, watching Anakin grow up, then Luke growing up.

    • Drake Kay
      Drake Kay 16 days ago

      lol At the end you talk about cover all them bases.... You skipped the clone potential..... I mean seriously, there are SO many clones in Starwars...... An entire industry of cloning....

  • Drake Kay
    Drake Kay 16 days ago

    The Emperor is a clone, all incarnations of him are clones. Even him on Naboo as a senator, clone....

  • ståle hansen
    ståle hansen 16 days ago

    The dumbest u can think of, is prop close to what is to come

  • Patrick Wilson
    Patrick Wilson 17 days ago

    The versions of the prequel and original trilogies that the sequel trilogy seems to connect to is the way they’re seen on Blu Ray (Vader yelling “no” and Yoda digitized in Phantom Menace). So if you look at the first six movies how they’re seen on DVD then Emperor Palpatine is dead. But if you look at them on Blu Ray, which the last three movies, as well as Solo and Rogue One, seem to connect better with, then Emperor Palpatine is possibly most likely not dead completely. I own films 1-6 on DVD and so the sequel trilogy does not exist in my vision of Star Wars.

  • Tryhardgaming
    Tryhardgaming 19 days ago

    Bro Kyle rens lightsaber stance at 0:30 pisses me off like why the hell you puting so much emphasis on turning on your light saber on you twat

  • Katrina Heller
    Katrina Heller 20 days ago +1

    I'm a bit scared. What's the point of Anakin the chosen one if Palpatine is still alive? If they will make Rey the real chosen one, i will be really pissed. I hope that we'll see Anakin's ghost in the new movie.

  • Th3_Fur8ous_ _Gam3r
    Th3_Fur8ous_ _Gam3r 23 days ago

    I think they did that to make it cooler

  • Tim Zurowski
    Tim Zurowski 23 days ago

    Darth Vader was messing around with clones and making them with the force if I recall........I believe that Snoke is Palpatine in a messed up clone body from Vaders force experiments.

  • Travis Henrichs
    Travis Henrichs 26 days ago

    Isn’t the person talking one of the owners of CBR

  • Bradley
    Bradley 26 days ago

    Anakin fulfilled his destiny, he was always meant for the Darkside being that Palpatine is his father and also being that Palpatine is a SKYWALKER, Yoda knew of this and was unable to tell Anakin that his father was Palpatine and never wanted Luke to know that his Grandfather was Palpatine, They all tried to stop it ,But The past will die and The SKYWALKER Will RISE.

  • Juan Carlos Sivelli
    Juan Carlos Sivelli 27 days ago

    If Maul survived..... at this time...why not? Lol

  • Junk In My House
    Junk In My House 27 days ago

    wrath of the lich king and arthas, nerz hul any1? lol

  • Tezmaniandevil08 Araya

    Darth paper still alive teach

  • Tezmaniandevil08 Araya

    Survived crash

  • Tezmaniandevil08 Araya

    Survived the force needs both

  • Tezmaniandevil08 Araya

    Balance we need same number of Jedi and sith

  • Kirk Enecio vlogs and gaming

    Darth vader died for nothing!!

  • Sloe Bone
    Sloe Bone Month ago

    My eyes are already rolling in anticipation of this movie.

  • magicsinglez
    magicsinglez Month ago

    9 movies on the same guy?

  • Martin Combs
    Martin Combs Month ago

    I’d be so disappointed if the dead are not dead.. that’s part of the victory. And we saw Kuygon Obiwan and Anakyn in the force as representing the good side. So why do they have to be so inconsistent???
    Someone should tell kyloren that Darth Vader turned back to the good side before he died...

  • Doc Blackheart
    Doc Blackheart Month ago +1

    We never seen the Emperor actually die. Perhaps he for saw Vader turning and had his Royal Guards have his shuttle waiting.

  • lewischar
    lewischar Month ago

    Couldn't it be that Palpatine is dead but he is just a force spirit like Obi Wan, Yoda and Anakin etc?

    • 74 torino
      74 torino 28 days ago +1

      sith dnt force ghost

  • Nines -_-
    Nines -_- Month ago

    what if Malgus actually existed

  • Zander Man
    Zander Man Month ago

    he survived the fall the same way Luke survived in episode 5

  • Gregory Boatswain
    Gregory Boatswain Month ago

    Haven't even watched the video yet but I disagree

  • Rendy Ece
    Rendy Ece Month ago


  • jeff deathrage
    jeff deathrage Month ago

    Star Wars is dead as a hammer.
    They killed it.
    NEVER 4get.
    NEVER 4give.

  • Cioby
    Cioby Month ago

    Time to ruin another character in Star Wars.

  • BzVenom YouTube
    BzVenom YouTube Month ago


  • Eva Veja
    Eva Veja Month ago

    Well it's simple how palpatine lives, its because the totem of undying😅