Trying the Instagram Rainbow Trend

Instagram is going crazy for rainbow faces. GMM #1094!
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Автор Joe Kempson ( назад)
should of called it mole-bow

Автор Sarah Omonoyan ( назад)
rainbow highlighters??!!

Автор Jeremy Dapaah ( назад)
I have the largest wenis in this office.
Rhett McLaughlin, 2k17

Автор doug story ( назад)
amazing??? really? look the word up

Автор Fire Fly ( назад)
"Last time I poked it, it wasn't that deep" - Rhett 2017

Автор Han Nuh ( назад)
I thought links belly button was his nipple oops

Автор HAMMY SAMMY ( назад)
The vid with ur wenis in the thumbnail has 1.9 million views and this one had 1.3 million

Автор Yasmynn Jean Marie Rusher Rusher ( назад)
Die means the in German

Автор PM_GANGSTA ( назад)
Rhett's weenis aint in the thumbnail...did link quit ? lol

Автор Terreliv ( назад)
Die munter macher: "The cheerful makers". You make people cheerful, Rhett and Link!

Автор The Twiztid Skitzo ( назад)

Автор Rayna V ( назад)
when link talked about the makeup all i could think of was the rainbow highlight

Автор _ Alina _ ( назад)
Link has a very c o l o r f u l personality. hehe

Автор candude can ( назад)
wow these trends just get dumber and dumber...whats next playing in traffic?

Автор ShowingDrawings ( назад)
#Let'sGetTextual My cousin replied: Sure

Автор Becca Eagleton ( назад)

Автор Chelsea Barrios ( назад)
Gmm makes my day man

Автор Sidney Russell ( назад)
Die means The in German😂

Автор Willow The Unicorn ( назад)
die means the in german pronounced dee

Автор Juniper Hawes ( назад)
I did this in November... wooooww Im amazing... ha ha...ha
I did it with my fish tank

Автор OverPack 91545 ( назад)
Do will it fruit cocktail

Автор DreamFirstK ( назад)
die is pronounced "dee" lol

Автор Hellzicke ( назад)
I tried this, but it apparently only works on beautiful people

Автор Acrii Nightstalker ( назад)
I guesss Link is quitting then, cause there is no rainbow weenis in the thumbnail

Автор Anuk ( назад)
It took me a couple of days to understand that 'Die Mantarmaka' probably means 'Die Muntermacher' 😂

Автор whatintylernatiøn ( назад)
fast food greasy taco i love

Автор Blunt knifes and Gentle comedy ( назад)
I'm surprised I don't see any swearing in the comments I guess the mythical crew do well to filter them out or that GMM just have an amazing community

Автор Wolverineplaysps4 ( назад)
where are they from?

Автор Kirsten Haley ( назад)
i tried to get on this trend by taking a selfie with the light being reflected off the back of a cd. it kinda worked

Автор katie vollenmalloy ( назад)
🎶It's my belly button my belly belly button. I won't pretend that it's nothing cuz my belly belly buttons really really something...🎶

Автор The ETC ( назад)
I have hershy's chocolate on my face it looks like a beard and mustache

Автор Sadie Patton ( назад)
a freckle and a mole are two different things

Автор Alex Henretty ( назад)
die in german i know is The... it's pronounced like the letter D so more like.. Dee.

Автор lachlan Roblox & more ( назад)
die munter macher is: The vivacious

Автор Elliot Johnson ( назад)

today 9:19 PM

do you think farts are
memories leaving the
body? --_

read 9:22 PM
_--never ext me again

Автор JadeDragon79 ( назад)
I have four moles on my upper arm and if you trace them it makes a rectangle.

Автор Afron Prime ( назад)
Oh yeah , farts are not memories they are opinions.

Автор Bob Handcock ( назад)
did two middle aged men tell me a new trend

Автор Bob Handcock ( назад)
no I do not

Автор TheMemeMeme ( назад)
The intro is *mythical*

Автор Maggie Tope ( назад)
Yeah, so Rhett...link is actually right. We have this insane cosmetic trend of rainbow highlighters. (which is for upper cheek bone to brighten and highlight the structure, hence the word play highlighter).

Автор Aubree Zellmer ( назад)
This goozle's on Fiiiiiire!

Автор Aubree Zellmer ( назад)
So apparently Link quits.

Автор james hardy ( назад)
my family thinks im crazy enough so ill pass texting the fart question

Автор David Wright ( назад)
Marta the Martian!

Автор David Bowie sama sensei senpai san sama kun ( назад)
Mazakeen...Mazakeen, Link? Hmm? Someone's watching Lucifer. Busted!

Автор Thomas Vogliardo ( назад)
11million subscribers? how sad.

Автор Strawberry Chic ( назад)
Unless Rhett's elbow has curly hair at the joint, thats definitely his armpit.

Автор Donna Jean Feathers ( назад)
He looked possessed

Автор Mia R. Ford ( назад)
martathemartian has been exposed

Автор Nightsword gaming ( назад)
its not add its adhd and it doesn't work that way

Автор Sarah Stranz ( назад)
Munter macher = awake makers

German is such a lovely language.

Автор Andrew Tuck ( назад)
Die Muntermacher!
They're calling you guys "The Pick-Me-Up's!"

Автор team Dskull jesse tdsj lol ( назад)

Автор team Dskull jesse tdsj lol ( назад)
die means the

Автор Holy saviour Alonzo ( назад)
Illuminati bullshit

Автор hmr1209 ( назад)
Rhett jus wont give link any back and forth anymore

Автор Anika Wiebe ( назад)

Автор Olivia Boyer ( назад)
I am so sad because the mugs are sold out! I wanted to buy one the minute I heard they are almost out but it's too late.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Автор ashley rose ( назад)
Link and Wrett you guys are funny

Автор Doodle Girl ( назад)
Rain ☔️ toe or thumbnail

Автор K1ngKate ( назад)
Am I the only one who finds this filter weird? Ok.

Автор CHRIS LIPPERT ( назад)
This is just like the water bucket challenge this is to worshiping the devil in mass

Автор Vlogkids_ 5 ( назад)
DONT WORRY!!!! I speak German!! They don't want you to die! It's pronounced dee and it means "the" in German

Автор Violet Bell ( назад)
When i was little i used to say mazzigne

Автор fortune_cookiy. cc ( назад)
Some wheeerrreee over the weinbow, wayyyy up higghhh

Автор Minami(BeautifulWave) ( назад)
Someone needs to introduce Rhett and Link to the rainbow highlighter compact, there's your rainbow effect make up!

Автор VGI Rupp ( назад)
Check Out My YouTube Channel.

Автор Chloe F. ( назад)
This video made me feel very uncomfortable lol😂

Автор catlinkrhettgmm ( назад)
Link quit, guys. I checked the Thumbnail. RIP GMM. Lol

Автор BasilBird ( назад)
The window above my front door has a bunch of prisms on it and it makes rainbows everywhere

Автор Dark Monkey98 ( назад)

Автор PedroMO7U ( назад)
I do believe my weenis is bigger than Rhett's.

Автор Cresent Moon ( назад)
Die is one of the words for 'the' in German. Don't take my word for it, but I think it's pronounced 'dee'

Автор Luis Guirola ( назад)
0:40, It's Marta the Martian!

Автор Domancave ( назад)

Автор Warren Markins ( назад)
Rhett says, "It doesnt have a name yet... Its the rainbow light filter."

Автор BurritoSloth GAMING ( назад)

Автор Kai Drop ( назад)
i colored my entire arm rainbow in permanent marker at camp. Then i walked around like that, my friend had done the same thing, never got called les more

Автор Liv Dunn ( назад)

Автор Oksana/Oxnae Kobyleckyj ( назад)
I did the textual and they said hmm no that u say it yea 😂

Автор SalunazPlays Roblox lover ( назад)

Автор Henry Godbolt IV ( назад)
@martathemartian on the thumbnail :D

Автор Levi Johnson ( назад)
They probably said the mythical cre

Автор Aurora Qualcosa ( назад)
hanno nominato la ferragni io morta

Автор Liah _ ( назад)
when Reth said "die munter macher" 😂

Автор RussianDreamBreaker ( назад)

Автор Kimberlee Roberts ( назад)
5:19 did that to my friend recently lol

Автор Jeffrey Giaimo ( назад)
LMAO your belly button is deeper than I remember hahaha

Автор Seyfettin Sevikoglu ( назад)
the left guy is very hot :D

Автор DeadLeaFMoth ( назад)
That goozle's on fire?

Автор Randal TheVandal ( назад)

Автор Pipa333 ( назад)
I did this 2 days ago
And now today I found out it's a trend?!?!?! WHAT?!

Автор Abel Gravatt ( назад)
What about the rainpit

Автор Epickattywolf // ( назад)
why aren't you selling mugs anymore?

Автор Riley Kemp ( назад)
Love the video :)

Автор 1337azaltuth ( назад)
Link's belly button= natural facepalm

Автор Zerochan923600 ( назад)
Rhett's el rainbow looks more like an armpit XD

Автор Erin Lane ( назад)
I love Rhett and link. They are like the dads of the internet.

Автор mary lopez ( назад)
so cool

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