Single Girl Has A 20 Child Reunion In The Sims 4 | Part 16

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 16! Chelsea has reached 20 children, so it’s time to celebrate with another family vacation. But can anything ever go as planned?
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    Game: The Sims 4, Electronic Arts
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Comments • 24 392

  • Jennifer Rameriz
    Jennifer Rameriz 3 hours ago

    Name a girl madison pls

  • PiercedBitxh Aila
    PiercedBitxh Aila 4 hours ago

    You should have your sim exercise regularly... can you not tell your sim is 2x the size it was when you started?

  • Kaitlyn Joy
    Kaitlyn Joy 10 hours ago

    (8:00)(9:35) The funniest parts of the vidio! (34:48) Its a "ghost baby"!

  • Samantha Rodriguez

    Kelsey says the cow plant ate Charlie but it ate Miles!

  • Laura Slowiak
    Laura Slowiak Day ago +1

    Can you name an girl laura

  • ella phant
    ella phant 2 days ago +3

    When Chelsea was dancing all I could think of was “I’m anasha bliss and I’m your freestyle dance teacher”

  • Emely Tellez Solis
    Emely Tellez Solis 2 days ago

    Am I the only one that liked addy's outfit before she had her makeover? Mostly because she had a short cool hair cut yet was girly!

  • Анастасия Бурковская

    Can you name if she will have a girl Anastasia but if it twin girls can you name them Diana and Anastasia,please you never picked me

  • Jenna Ro Ro Sher
    Jenna Ro Ro Sher 2 days ago +1

    I so miss Chelsea saying andddd Brielle stole a.....

  • Riley Rust
    Riley Rust 3 days ago

    A girl name should be
    A boy name should be trey

  • Riley Rust
    Riley Rust 3 days ago

    Get a bigger house

  • Maddie Schuhwerk
    Maddie Schuhwerk 4 days ago

    Can you name a girl Maddie

  • john sheridan
    john sheridan 4 days ago +1

    for a boy, oliver , sammy , and for a girl, luan , linn

  • Hello Friend
    Hello Friend 5 days ago

    Gavin was breaking everything because he is a free spirit! 😁

  • Silversoul 13205
    Silversoul 13205 5 days ago

    Kelsey: *makes Chelsea go on a jog instead of passing time with olive*
    Kelsey: oh olive we didn't get to hang out with you that much

  • Grace Fantasy
    Grace Fantasy 5 days ago

    You can just offer a rose you don’t have to buy one

  • Crazy Capitator
    Crazy Capitator 5 days ago

    I would be Flynn

  • Violeta Mateos
    Violeta Mateos 5 days ago

    will you pls name a baby gloria or fiona and for boys julian danny pls pls pls pls

  • JJ Editzzz
    JJ Editzzz 5 days ago

    Why Chelsea getting so thick🤨🤨

  • Jennifer Kelly
    Jennifer Kelly 6 days ago

    Can I ask how she got that much £

  • Mrs.Queen ofgachavids

    Who else thinks niya looks like Sia because of her hair

  • Prince Deal
    Prince Deal 6 days ago

    Wait Chelsea didnt got out with eric Lewis he just delivered a lot of her kids

  • Deja
    Deja 6 days ago

    For a girl name : Ruby, Emma . boy names: Ethan , Michael

  • Leani Carstens
    Leani Carstens 6 days ago

    Can you please name a girl Lilly or a boy James

  • Erika Rain Bailey
    Erika Rain Bailey 6 days ago

    You can edit those lots with a cheat - you probably know this by know. but if you don't uh - ill explain how to unlock the lot and download cabins from the gallery if you ever go there again or want to

  • UnicornSlayer895
    UnicornSlayer895 7 days ago

    Major mom bod and we love

  • Kailyn Pelletier
    Kailyn Pelletier 7 days ago +2

    If u really want Brielle’s birth certificate you can to command control c then write bb.showhiddenobjects and the search birth certificate

  • Celine Garcia
    Celine Garcia 7 days ago


  • Sheila Eads
    Sheila Eads 7 days ago


  • DarkleMotion
    DarkleMotion 7 days ago

    It would be super great if you could not yell so much. I love your vids but omg, I have the volume all the way down. lol

  • AshesToDust
    AshesToDust 7 days ago

    I can't find Ellie on the library :(

  • orlaith fogaty
    orlaith fogaty 7 days ago

    I have red hair!!!

  • Heather G
    Heather G 8 days ago

    Did Chelsea always have that big of hips? If not when did that happen?!
    (Hope this doesn't sound as mean as it could...)

  • kota bear
    kota bear 8 days ago

    U should name the very last baby Kelsey if it’s a girl

    AURORA NATALE 8 days ago

    Your daughter Briel did steal it

  • Amy’s Gaming
    Amy’s Gaming 8 days ago

    I’m a new subscriber and I have been watching you videos for awhile and I love them

  • Hannah Grealis
    Hannah Grealis 8 days ago +1

    Uhh.... who else thinks that addi reminds them of Andi from Andi Mack?

  • Dolly Quiroga Gaona
    Dolly Quiroga Gaona 8 days ago

    The outfit Addy had was the same one that hazel had

  • Emily halsey Vids
    Emily halsey Vids 8 days ago

    This is how many times Kelsey has it a high note in the whole series

  • Vittoria Ciccarelli
    Vittoria Ciccarelli 9 days ago

    Maybe she call her next babys if she has twins Louie and lias like so kelsey can see this

  • Vela Saxby
    Vela Saxby 9 days ago

    For boy

  • Vela Saxby
    Vela Saxby 9 days ago

    Can you name a baby Valie for girl and Trager

  • Gnome Mercy
    Gnome Mercy 9 days ago


    Aww, this is so sweet. I feel sad now because Chelsea’s an elder.

  • Saffire Grant
    Saffire Grant 10 days ago

    Addie's outfit is a hot and i mean a hot mess and not in a good way you can't match , no wonder you look like that

  • Gabby Gregoire
    Gabby Gregoire 11 days ago

    it is part 16 and she put 15

  • Something Else
    Something Else 11 days ago +1

    It's a Farty Party

  • Leonie Lee
    Leonie Lee 11 days ago

    At this point you had 20 kids, 10 boys and 10 girls

  • RileyLife
    RileyLife 12 days ago

    whomping willow and ginny makes sence

  • Imogen Ava
    Imogen Ava 12 days ago +1

    kelsey* TBH TBH TBH
    me* lol

  • Neil Trappel
    Neil Trappel 12 days ago +1


  • Dylite Hiatt
    Dylite Hiatt 13 days ago

    Addi is the cutest ever. She seems edgy and a bit tomboyish.

  • Brontë Banton
    Brontë Banton 13 days ago +3

    Is it just me or does Addie look like Thalia from Percy Jackson

  • kelilah Bowens
    kelilah Bowens 13 days ago

    I won't the whole family meet

  • Miraculous Pichu
    Miraculous Pichu 14 days ago


  • Leonie Lee
    Leonie Lee 14 days ago

    That music just makes EVERYTHING better! It's so fun 🤗😍

  • ardschg
    ardschg 14 days ago

    im back to this episode again because it's my favorite ! i love all the current kids in the household addie, ellie & dorian, theo & tristen ( + flynn&cooper and rose & river ofc) !!

  • sabrije shemo
    sabrije shemo 14 days ago

    Please name the baby if it is a girl please name it Olivia if it in a boy name it Anthony

  • Lindsay Marcinkowski
    Lindsay Marcinkowski 14 days ago

    It’s part 16 but on the introduction said 15

  • basically cait
    basically cait 14 days ago

    5:34 i went back and rewatched the old videos and you actually sent jamie alone to the hospital, not brielle!!

  • Dana Keller
    Dana Keller 15 days ago +1

    Girl Dillan

  • Daniela Naranjo
    Daniela Naranjo 15 days ago

    Can you name a girl Savannah and a boy Daniel

  • Lillian S
    Lillian S 15 days ago

    did anyone else catch the incorrect part number in the begining

  • Sophia Lopez
    Sophia Lopez 16 days ago

    How much does sims cost

  • Nevaeh Torres
    Nevaeh Torres 17 days ago +1

    I know i am late

  • alpha wolf
    alpha wolf 17 days ago

    harlyqin or Caspian for a boy and lapiz of kalay for a girl

  • Michael M
    Michael M 17 days ago +1

    jamie is the one who lost his birth cirtacte

  • Clara Rose Smith
    Clara Rose Smith 17 days ago

    How do you get sims 4 on your computer?

  • Meghan Pelej
    Meghan Pelej 18 days ago


  • Layla Lovely rose
    Layla Lovely rose 18 days ago

    did anyone see in the video when it say 1oo babys challeng part 15 but its part 16

  • Mae Ismir
    Mae Ismir 19 days ago

    Did you forget to make the teens have jobs