Jake's Perfect Sandwich [HD]

Adventure Time Season 5 Episode 17a (137). Every frame of this video is owned by Cartoon Network!

UPD. 800k views? You guys love watching cooking shows!

The sandwich was prepared upon a toasted baguette. The ingredients needed are:

Cream cheese
Pickles (from Prismo)
Diced boiled eggs
Bird ( from the window )
Sliced cucumbers
Sliced Roma tomatoes
Sweet yellow onions
Meat prepared sous-vide with rosemary and thyme (potentially a play on words from "Time Sandwich")
Tears (for salt)
A lobster's soul

Some guy tried to make it (no credits): http://imgur.com/a/9h1au

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Автор pkmonslowbrogamer ( назад)
anyone know the violin song played in the video?

Автор Duru Oktay ( назад)
I'd like to see eating part

Автор God of Evil ( назад)
And when he took a bite just like tree trunks he blew up and spent all of eternity trapped within Infinity itself!!!! Now you know a sandwich like that is not meant for mortal hands and should only be prepared by the gods!!! LIKE ME

Автор Income Tax ( назад)
Lobster Soul

Автор Nathan Bullock ( назад)

Автор Amelia Hamilton ( назад)
Jake:you guys play finger spread quietly I need to get into my zone
me in college:you guys play leg spread quietly I'm reading fanfics

Автор toba fishing ( назад)
Im eating a sandwich while watching this🍞

Автор Goku Black ( назад)

Автор Lee Anne ( назад)
Poor bird..

Автор Rey 1119 ( назад)
This really is the perfect sandwhich! Its got breakfast elements: Bacon and eggs, Lunch: Chicken, and Dinner: Steak. Healthy Tones with the Eggs and Vegetables, but Filling ones with the Steak and bacon. Fancy eating with the Steak and Lobster, but down to earth with Chicken and bacon!

Автор Michael Santoro ( назад)
my nigga jake out here making perfect sandwiches while his korean baby momma raising kids

Автор Eglė Kartanaitė-Dunovska ( назад)
This Makes Me So Hungry

Автор Andrew Ridosko ( назад)
eating all this rich fatty food has been nice but if i keep it up ill get fat again. fts

Автор Sergio Flores ( назад)
"bird from the window" 😂👌

Автор Mike Smith ( назад)
Where do they get groceries? Everything is candy

Автор AtheistVeganPimpManRod ( назад)
Sub Too Me

Автор Juan Cener the Mean Beaner ( назад)
a s c e n d e d

Автор CT-5597 Jesse ( назад)
=gets out notepad=
=list all ingredients=
Definitely not bird from the window
=long moment of silence=
=Becomes a god and gets transported through dimensions on a magic talking lion=

Автор Jake White ( назад)
I love saying Jake's little "prayer" to the realm of creation before cooking anything now-a-days. Personally I believe it helps me get into the zone. Maybe it also helps that I share a name with an incredible character too. He he ;)

Автор God Actually, God ( назад)
Ascended beyond human comprehension.

Автор Gabby Quain ( назад)

Автор DRAKE SLAYER ( назад)
I could Watch this Every Day

Автор Mega Crash The Hedgehog ( назад)
jake should start a cooking show

Автор JoJo Ma ( назад)
what a chill dude "i know you want to eat the whole thing and Im cool with that"

Автор Awesome Randomguy ( назад)
So jake can eat souls like marceline!okay...

Автор Asbjela Sulejmani ( назад)
did he say cum on cucumber?

Автор Bones Skellington ( назад)
For anyone who hasn't watched the episode, it ended here because magic man took the sandwich and they didn't want to leave you in a cliffhanger by knowing something happened. There it is.

Автор kchen075 ( назад)
He knew Prismo at this time?

Автор Cyber Knight ( назад)
I'm just gonna take a guess and say that the lobster bit was banned in Australia.

Автор Allen Corona ( назад)
The new Shokugeki no Soma looks amazing.

Автор Ota Cat ( назад)
"I know you wanna eat the whole thing, and I'm cool with that." RESPECT o_o

Автор A / O nicolas ( назад)
bemo´s sandwich is better

Автор krumzebell abelabethabek ( назад)
Mmmm my favourite 🙃

Автор DMB JR ( назад)
Brought to me by Binge with Babish who i discovered from a buzzfeed episode which is weird because i normally dont even watch buzzfeed vids. The world is a strange place indeed.

Автор Will Yaz ( назад)
( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)
\╭☞ \╭☞

Автор TheFlamingMang ( назад)
When jake grabbed the bird:
Jake: diced boiled eggs
Me: phew
Jake: bird from the window
Me: WTF 😂

Автор Little sunny Rose ( назад)
That sandwich look delicious!😋🍽

Автор Jack ass H ( назад)
Who else tried re makings it

Автор Toderas Andrei ( назад)
"i am open, use me" WTF😂😂😂😂

Автор cuckling ( назад)
replace sandwich with penis and that's me before sex

Автор KelseyRose Manuel ( назад)
Who came here from Andrew rea's binging with babish?

Автор Henry Wieser ( назад)
sous vide stesk

Автор NL TEXICAN ( назад)
it is rumoured til this day he is still trying to finish the bite of this glorious sandwich

Автор Ryan Lee ( назад)
Did anyone notice that he prepared carrots but never put it in the sandwich?

Автор Coldcreature _12 ( назад)
"Lobster soul" lmao

Автор Indrijid ( назад)
Why was he washing carrots?

Автор Kim Jinwoo ( назад)
Everyone's parodying this masterpiece.

Автор Giovanni Tonsi ( назад)
now I want to eat that sandwich

Автор David Le ( назад)

Автор Jam Jam Jam Jam Jam Jam Jam Jam ( назад)
Jake should open a subway

Автор Master of Light ( назад)
i wonder how he instantly killed and pulled all the feathers off from that bird. and how i know it wasnt just a time check was the music still playing

Автор Евгений Милованов ( назад)
Binging with Babish?

Автор KeepCalmAndBlush ( назад)
But I thought that PB made the perfect sandwich...

Автор Matt Lothe ( назад)
Props to Andrew Rea for actually putting his own tears on his version of this sandwich.

Автор IZZY ANGEL 9184 ( назад)

Автор killabee stung ( назад)
Finn is a tru bro

Автор OmegaMAF ( назад)

Автор Henry Sangster ( назад)
The bird makes me sad 😢

Автор derp catz ( назад)


Автор Kevin Rouse ( назад)
Shokugeki no Jake

Автор jon goy ( назад)
Lobster soul the most important part !

Автор Anisa J ( назад)
Some guy actually made this sandwich in real life on: Binging with Babish.

Автор lily d ( назад)
Bird 🐦 from the window

Автор superROTV ( назад)
didn't someone make this in real life?

Автор Elsneakakaze ( назад)
i love how her murders no less than 2 things personally to make the sandwich xD

Автор Toàn Khánh ( назад)
This sandwich is impossible to make in the confine of this universe. Since the secret ingredient: the pickles is made a by a multiversal wish granting god Prismo.

Автор Ruth R. ( назад)
Andrew Rea killed it!!!!

Автор Andre Harris ( назад)
Cream Cheese
Bird From Window
Yellow Onion
Tears 4 Salt
Lobster Soul
Bread Again

Автор heroinhero69 ( назад)
hard boiled eggs ruin it!

Автор Matthew S ( назад)
Binging with Babish brought me here!

Автор Barbod Bayat ( назад)
Anyone else here from Andrew Rea's video?

Автор PastaPanda ( назад)
Can someone LOOK at my channel. You DON'T have to subscribe. I make really good quality videos unlike other people asking for subscribers. Thanks!

Автор Patrick Francois ( назад)
who's here from binging with babesh

Автор Kenny Omega ( назад)
Who else came here from the #1 Trending video of the Perfect Sandwich

Автор Platinum Viper ( назад)
and so.. the Legend27 was born..

Автор Mr-Panos ( назад)
r/videos that end to soon

Автор flashfive12 ( назад)
Here before the Andrew Rea brought me here comments.

Автор Le best ( назад)
the key ingredient is lobster soul

Автор John Tantay ( назад)
Who came from Andrew Rea's video?

Автор Shane Becker ( назад)
lobster soulioli

Автор Fransisco Mares ( назад)
magic man comes in: hey guys
jake: dang it noooo

Автор BOSS ( назад)
What was the meat called?

Автор Magic Ma'am ( назад)
0:18 literally exactly me when I brainstorm storyboard ideas

Автор Zeph le gamer ( назад)
lobster soul is censured in french version🍔

Автор AnimeGirl1249 ( назад)
I wonder who made a more perfect sandwich: Jake, or Princess Bubblegum?

Автор Elizabeth Danielle ( назад)
This was cute until "bird from the window" :( :( :(

Автор Demopyro 2 ( назад)

Автор Matto Ryu ( назад)
Which is more perfect jakes sandwich or princess bubblegum's?

Автор Foxtongue ( назад)
Just curious. 0:36 can the steak cooked this way?

Автор VashWolfwood1 ( назад)
Bird from the window and lobster soul........ SHIT GOT DARK FASTER THAN DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!

Автор A Derpy Cookie Lover ( назад)
This is so satisfying to watch for me.

Автор Uncle Fue ( назад)
and thats were sudway was BORN!!!

Автор Aptom pena ( назад)
I made this sandwitch the other day sept I sub the bird for chicken breast and the lobster soul with actual lobster tail

Автор Ty the Guy ( назад)
bird from the window! get that bird flu!

Автор The Robotic Dragon ( назад)
the end is me at all times eating

Автор Cocoaron K ( назад)
It was cute until "the bird from the window"

Автор Blastero6 ( назад)
PETA isn't happy with this sandwich

Автор Ralph Alampayan ( назад)

Автор T H D ( назад)
Jake gamsy

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