$200,000 Youtuber Battle Royale

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • 13 Teams All Competing For $200,000
    #SponsoredbyApexLegends | Click here to download Apex Legends for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox: x.ea.com/57352

    Shoutout to - www.hollywoodsports.com/
    for letting us use the place!
    Shoutout to
    www.airsoftmegastore.com & www.lancertactical.com
    for helping

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Comments • 132 918

    Jay THOMPSON 2 hours ago

    Get them Pdog

  • XD Liza_FunnehXD
    XD Liza_FunnehXD 3 hours ago

    Green team: So would you rather... Eat cigarette or stay in a drainage?...

  • Emano Playz
    Emano Playz 4 hours ago +1


  • Farming Simulator fan 15


  • no u
    no u 7 hours ago

    Wait wasn’t the inside out people with someone else a team?

  • Pandacorn_ 642
    Pandacorn_ 642 8 hours ago

    Me: ....
    Me: *spits out water* WHEN DID UNSPEAKABLE AND PRESTON GET HERE!!!!!?????

  • Mason Bal
    Mason Bal 8 hours ago

    My two favorites won

  • Austin J
    Austin J 8 hours ago

    were is pewdepie

  • Luigi Pensa
    Luigi Pensa 9 hours ago

    A retired person from smosh wins Anthony padilla

  • Brady Hardee
    Brady Hardee 9 hours ago

    I was rooting for the odd ones out

  • Anthony Del Rio
    Anthony Del Rio 9 hours ago

    I play airsoft, sooooo what happens to all the guns, hook an airsoft we up 🤤

  • TheAlmighty
    TheAlmighty 11 hours ago

    Too bad DonutOperator couldn't join.

  • Mystery Gaming
    Mystery Gaming 11 hours ago

    Half of the RUclipr there I known

  • Dreaming Willow
    Dreaming Willow 11 hours ago

    Who came from the odd1sout

  • N-012
    N-012 12 hours ago

    I am here for Theodd1sout

  • J.G FAM
    J.G FAM 12 hours ago +1

    Gamers: We’ve got so much experience from Fortnite, so those animators and vlogger don’t stand a chance!
    66% vegan: hold my sooubway.

  • Maria Antonieta Mata Campo

    I LOVE theodd1sout

  • Ethan Berry
    Ethan Berry 12 hours ago

    Green won dark green won that's my favorite color.

  • Lumakid 100
    Lumakid 100 13 hours ago +1

    This would’ve DEFINITELY been different if nerf youtubers were also invited.

  • tntplummer
    tntplummer 14 hours ago +1

    preston! is the best!

  • Erik Andrade
    Erik Andrade 15 hours ago

    2017 Jesus Christ he was screaming

  • Mix it up!
    Mix it up! 15 hours ago

    *how do I look guys do I look good?*
    -66°\. Veagan

  • Mix it up!
    Mix it up! 15 hours ago +1

    Tetris gave the odd ones out determination
    Ari was secretly in Jaiden's backpack

  • jfernandez jfernadez
    jfernandez jfernadez 15 hours ago

    I wish pewds was playing in this game

  • Cade Faine
    Cade Faine 16 hours ago

    I was wondering when lazar beam was gonna be shown then all I hear is YEET

  • spike martin
    spike martin 16 hours ago

    So my favorite RUclip

  • Cameron Ware
    Cameron Ware 17 hours ago

    Green team for the win and jaiden with that final kill

  • Gigavolt Gamer
    Gigavolt Gamer 19 hours ago +1

    Gamers: We're gonna win this.
    66% vegan: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • Jayboo38
    Jayboo38 19 hours ago

    Mr.Beast: Sponsors with Apex And Has Mostly Has Fortnite Streamers
    Fortnite:BiSh WhAt?

  • Yeetus2TehFeetus YEET
    Yeetus2TehFeetus YEET 21 hour ago

    wait... WhO wONn?

  • Subway Gamer
    Subway Gamer 21 hour ago

    66% vegan won xd

  • Gacha Life
    Gacha Life 23 hours ago


  • Galaxy_ Kills257

    Chandler should have been in this with Jame aka Theodds1out jaiden sorry idk how to spell I’m a kid and anothny

  • Yandereswap Blue
    Yandereswap Blue Day ago +1

    YAY JAIDEN AND JAMES WON!! (Btw first time I heard Jaiden swear XD)

  • Xxxitzurboininxxx Gaming

    66%vegan baby 🔥

  • Panda Plays 13
    Panda Plays 13 Day ago

    For the second game they got yellow mixedup with dark purple

  • Alex The Ultimate Gamer !

    Imagine solos with 39 people

  • the scientist pubg pubg lord

    i am so sad that the ending mr beast song is so small

  • Ping Path
    Ping Path Day ago +2

    Congratz to TheOdd1sOut, Jaiden Animations, Anthony, Unspeakable, Typical, and PrestonPlayz!! Some of my favorite RUcliprs!!!

  • CashKiem
    CashKiem Day ago

    Any team with Danny Duncan in it, is instantly gonna get carried

  • VarietyMatters
    VarietyMatters Day ago

    AND THE ANIMATORS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Goob y
    Goob y Day ago +1

    I was so happy when green win 😂😄

    Sad preston

  • Echo Craft
    Echo Craft Day ago

    Venmo me at Shane-daggett5

  • Joe crazy
    Joe crazy Day ago

    I love how the only time they show lazarbeam he was saying yeet

  • TheMerpanMan
    TheMerpanMan Day ago

    Did anyone get hurt in this?

  • AC J
    AC J Day ago

    is it bad i only know a 1/4 of the youtubers? *nine*

  • George Jaundoo
    George Jaundoo Day ago

    I watch unspeakable

  • Alex Salazar
    Alex Salazar Day ago

    #66% vegan

  • CharliE MawlE
    CharliE MawlE Day ago

    I wish I could do this😭🙏😂

  • luis guzman
    luis guzman Day ago

    Pink team!!!!

  • tofie g
    tofie g Day ago

    I'm glad that Anthony won since he left Smosh.. .!!

  • picklepowernow plays roblox

    **hears YEET instantly knows its lazerbeam**

  • picklepowernow plays roblox

    "Why are we here? Just to suffer??"
    -James (TheOdd1sOut) 2019

  • Bogdan Petrovic
    Bogdan Petrovic Day ago

    The entire comment section is full of James jaiden and anthony

  • 미카Micha _
    미카Micha _ Day ago +1

    anyone came from James vid?

  • james roy
    james roy Day ago

    Me too

  • John Cena
    John Cena Day ago

    Green Team makes no Sense

  • dreng dreng
    dreng dreng Day ago

    In second game fitz swagger and zucjles was on both purple and yellow

  • Kibot02
    Kibot02 2 days ago

    13:42 lmao

  • Koichi Hiroshi
    Koichi Hiroshi 2 days ago

    *dId JaIdEn JuSt Cus.!.!. hMmM*

  • Autumn Playz
    Autumn Playz 2 days ago

    -Life is fun.-

  • Houston Beck
    Houston Beck 2 days ago

    My favorite ship won the first round

  • Seqn FTW
    Seqn FTW 2 days ago

    You tubers I love mrbeast and lazarbeam I was als thinking lazarbeam better win this or idk

  • Mr wolf_playz101
    Mr wolf_playz101 2 days ago

    Team misfits 4 life

  • MpAlpha03
    MpAlpha03 2 days ago

    The green team just sat there :/

  • Lizzy Storm
    Lizzy Storm 2 days ago +1

    Who else loves Apex Legends?!

  • MpAlpha03
    MpAlpha03 2 days ago

    Black and yellow team baby

  • OhHello
    OhHello 2 days ago

    Thank You Apex, Very Cool!

  • acidrain 43
    acidrain 43 2 days ago

    Wait,team dark green team wins,I thought team green is the champion (I watched theodd1nsout)

  • Bernard Potter
    Bernard Potter 2 days ago

    Why have a life bar for the balloons but it doesn’t change when they pop

  • CeloTheWhale
    CeloTheWhale 2 days ago

    Gamers: piece of cake this will be easy
    TheOdd1sOut Jaiden And Anthony : hold my veggies

  • I luv memes
    I luv memes 2 days ago

    Me love mah APEX!

  • Solar Eclipse
    Solar Eclipse 2 days ago


  • ItsDarkNebula
    ItsDarkNebula 2 days ago +1

    I’m happy my favorite youtubers won, TheOdd1sOut and Jaiden Animations

    Aka the Tetris nerds

  • David Pascual
    David Pascual 2 days ago

    lol i love zuckles

  • lil Broomstick
    lil Broomstick 2 days ago


  • Bill Sweff
    Bill Sweff 2 days ago +1

    Other teams: fire!
    Anthony: do I look good?

  • Gwenny FuFu
    Gwenny FuFu 2 days ago

    My boi Fitz and then didn’t win 😔

  • Kelsey McGinley
    Kelsey McGinley 2 days ago

    Hey this is co... WAIT WILDCAT AND MINILADD???

  • NoobToProPlays
    NoobToProPlays 2 days ago

    i wish i could play this maybe when i grow up

  • Amado Hernandez
    Amado Hernandez 2 days ago

    Ur my best RUclipr

  • Contessa Aritrangco
    Contessa Aritrangco 2 days ago

    Goo preston

  • Alexander Reny
    Alexander Reny 2 days ago

    First round green camped and teamed so that how they win

  • Rxestama Gaming
    Rxestama Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Where was pewds?

    FRILLY FOR RILLY 2 days ago +1

    Fortnite + real life = 200k battle royale

  • Ender Cat
    Ender Cat 2 days ago

    And this just goes to show...
    Never underestimate the animators!!

  • Here comes Dat Boi Gaming

    Came here for jaiden animations

  • Noah Dukat
    Noah Dukat 2 days ago

    I love green team, but can I just say that Noah was A FREAKING GOD?!

    • Noah Dukat
      Noah Dukat 2 days ago

      Also all the FAZE players should stick to the keyboard and controller versus the gun.

  • Пучок & Лучок

    это пиздец

  • American Gamer
    American Gamer 2 days ago

    I got some friends Who would compete

  • American Gamer
    American Gamer 2 days ago

    Hey next time you do this can I compete?
    I’m ok at nerf guns
    But I’m only eight
    -American gamer

  • KoolAids
    KoolAids 2 days ago

    Bruh my nigga Alex was here???

  • Layla Flame
    Layla Flame 2 days ago

    66% Vegan

  • Racerrr TV
    Racerrr TV 2 days ago

    Where’s Ninja

  • xX*MoonEclipse*Xx
    xX*MoonEclipse*Xx 2 days ago +9

    im so happy that my favorite youtubers won. (TheOdd1sOut and JaidenAnimations)

  • bryandragon75
    bryandragon75 2 days ago


  • Noodle Yum
    Noodle Yum 2 days ago

    13:01 I bet most people haven't seen Jaiden's face because I didn't and It kinda is close to her real animations

  • World's Discomfort
    World's Discomfort 2 days ago

    Wait, in the second game, are swaggersouls, fitz, and zuckles in yellow or purple team? I'm seeing both colors @[email protected]

  • michael beddow
    michael beddow 2 days ago +4

    MrBeast: shout out to Alex legends
    Animators: *don't even know how to play shooter games and still win*

    Edit:I'm gay

  • 75stanhx h
    75stanhx h 2 days ago

    The odd ones out wins