Samsung Galaxy S9 vs LG G7 ThinQ - Tough comparison | Pocketnow

  • Published on May 13, 2018
  • Watch our comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the LG G7 ThinQ. This is one of those interesting comparisons. By specs and dimensions alone, the LG G7 ThinQ would be most fit to be compared against the Samsung Galaxy S9. But because it has two cameras, and no there's no G7 Plus, it also fits in middle ground to be compared against the Galaxy S9 Plus. I guess the best approach is to compare it with a bit of both to a certain degree. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and this is LG G7 vs Samsung Galaxy S9.
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    Samsung Galaxy S9 vs LG G7 ThinQ - Tough comparison | Pocketnow
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  • Deva Prem
    Deva Prem Year ago +382

    That editing is🔥

    • Mohamed salah
      Mohamed salah Year ago +1

      do you know the soundtrack he's used in the intro ?

  • Kastor North
    Kastor North 10 hours ago

    Great review. Got the LG, it's nice but noticing lots of screen blur when scrolling text. Battery doesn't last the day, may be an app draining it. Screen isn't very bright, have to keep turning up brightness as well. Speaker is amazing, very loud! Photos really good 👍

  • Rick Jose
    Rick Jose 17 hours ago

    G7 thinq can records 4k60fps like the s9 and don't forget that the s9 can record the 4k60fps just for 5min but the g7 can record it for 6min

  • cdreid99999
    cdreid99999 18 hours ago

    So you know "background blur" is called Bokeh and it is determined by the aperture of the lens

  • Raye Guttovz
    Raye Guttovz 4 days ago

    What am I doing here..... I have an iphone.....?

  • Imraan Ismail
    Imraan Ismail 9 days ago +1

    S9 duh😍

  • Kathy Connor
    Kathy Connor 12 days ago

    Wait, so are the cases interchangeable? Will they fit each other?

  • Alex McCaffrey
    Alex McCaffrey 13 days ago

    Lots of love gratuitous boob shots 🤣

  • babu sai
    babu sai 26 days ago

    LG G7 Thinq is very good and better even if you compare with its price also

  • xury _
    xury _ 26 days ago

    S9 no cinematic video recording, lgg7 win

  • divyesh surti
    divyesh surti 28 days ago +2

    Watching on the V20. Clean winner of audio in 2017.!!


    I only ordered it because a Grade A renewed is $190 now with wide availability. Beats current budget phones for sure. Like Moto G7 Play or Honor 8x or so.

  • Benjamin Villarreal garcia

    Buen teléfono lg g7 y el g8

  • n z
    n z Month ago

    the g7 thinq can record 4k60fps as well!
    but, even without it, i still prefer it over the s9/s9+

  • FountainMath
    FountainMath Month ago +8

    1 Year on the pricing for these phones brand new (cheapest deals I can find locally):
    s9: $650
    G7+ :$550

    The higher model G7 is still cheaper than the base s9. That alone hopefully wins many people over.

    • Karol Ehrle
      Karol Ehrle Month ago

      Y i know i bought the g7 recently, i like the phone.

    • Oscar Delarosa
      Oscar Delarosa Month ago

      @Karol Ehrle still good for a last years flagship

    • Karol Ehrle
      Karol Ehrle Month ago

      G7 cost new 350 in my country

    • Oscar Delarosa
      Oscar Delarosa Month ago

      But the v35 thinq is $300 and it's better than both

  • ashutosh john
    ashutosh john Month ago +2

    Using g7 for around year and its just awesome and fast, i haven't got bored with it


    LG haves 4k 60fps.

  • Jazz Fur
    Jazz Fur Month ago

    Who focuses on black bars whilst watching video or movies on Netflix? Doesnt make sense reviewer

  • Julius D Limjoco
    Julius D Limjoco Month ago +2

    All those minutes spent on praising LG G7 only to choose the S9 which after a year lags like crazy... Wide angle cams and great audio are better selling points than no notch and a variable aperture for me tho...

  • Gamer Studio
    Gamer Studio 2 months ago

    just be forward and say that you are paid by samsung

  • Baby GuiGui
    Baby GuiGui 3 months ago +1

    both almost the same specs, but the price of this phones this day is so different, S9 still at $800 but the G7 is at $400 now

    • SabreLeonheart
      SabreLeonheart 3 months ago

      Yeah I got it on sale at Best Buy for $240 with Verizon. Great deal. I love the IPS display as I don't have to worry about burn in.

  • Akhdar Muso
    Akhdar Muso 3 months ago

    Pretty sure my LG G7 can't record video on the wide angle camera. Always switches to the normal camera when I hit that red circle. Anyone else?

    • Akhdar Muso
      Akhdar Muso 2 months ago

      @Chris Wright discovered how to do it , but was very disappointed with the significantly reduced width of the wide angle lens, which they say is a must for the higher quality camera. I say feck.

    • Chris Wright
      Chris Wright 2 months ago +1

      Sounds like you got an issue my v30 allows me to use both wide an standard taking videos

  • Cx_Lenno _Yt
    Cx_Lenno _Yt 3 months ago


  • Razvan Popa
    Razvan Popa 3 months ago

    I choose boobs

  • Harish P
    Harish P 3 months ago

    I have both.

  • VIIDzz W.liam05
    VIIDzz W.liam05 3 months ago +1

    Honestly, I'm very Hate with Notch...
    But, when I see this G7 with great spesification & quality of sound.. Oh God, I change my mind

  • emissary44
    emissary44 3 months ago

    I hate the curves on Samsung’s s series displays since the s7 edge

  • An Borei
    An Borei 4 months ago

    Now it's very easy to chose LG G7 because it's price ( 200$ - 250$ )

  • guess what
    guess what 4 months ago

    This clown can't get the Lagsung cock out of his mouth. I bet he swallowed every drop.

  • Erik-Martijn
    Erik-Martijn 4 months ago

    LG G7. Hate the Bixby you can't turn off and the power consuming Exynos processor.

  • Kurt Angelo Tarlit
    Kurt Angelo Tarlit 4 months ago +1

    Lcd vs amoled? That's a deal breaker LG.

    • Weppo
      Weppo 4 months ago +1

      If the creator and maker of oled screens decides to not use one themselves. Don't you think that gives a signal?

  • RムGe〆 ExØtiC
    RムGe〆 ExØtiC 4 months ago

    I would go with LG, anyday just coz Samsung doesn’t offer the SD variant in my region.

  • Christine Weber
    Christine Weber 4 months ago +1

    I just got the G7 on the 22nd of April and I love it so far.. I had the Moto z2 force and the screen scratched badly because it was plastic.. Lg is great they paid for my upgrade and I am happy that they did 🙂

  • ric Nzamba Nzamba
    ric Nzamba Nzamba 4 months ago

    still with my s6 edge+ the best

  • Francis Mora
    Francis Mora 5 months ago +1

    S9 is better😍

  • TsunaXZ
    TsunaXZ 5 months ago +1

    The notch on G7 already makes S9 the winner for me.

  • Danielle Bergmann
    Danielle Bergmann 5 months ago

    What about the zoom?
    I have the G7 and hate the zoom quality. Nothing like my G5 was. That was my favorite camera ever. I really want to go back to the S series after the LG G7 :/

  • Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen 5 months ago

    LG G7 is all the way because its price is half of S9 and it got almost all the feature of S9.

  • el jefe
    el jefe 5 months ago +1

    Lg has the most simplest yet enjoyable interface ever

  • Mostafa Nabil
    Mostafa Nabil 5 months ago

    the hell is he saying!? in the first minute he says theres no lg g7+ while i'm literally using a lg g7+ now

  • Wolliger
    Wolliger 5 months ago

    G7 is better

  • Me&You
    Me&You 5 months ago

    I don't buy a phone for it's camera... so S9 for me

  • Alex Burton
    Alex Burton 6 months ago +3

    Do S10 vs V40.
    The V40 is basically a G7 on major steroids

    • Alex Burton
      Alex Burton 4 months ago

      And the V40 is an upgraded version of the G7

    • Alex Burton
      Alex Burton 4 months ago

      The V40 is and always will be better

    • Sha Sha
      Sha Sha 4 months ago

      What do you mean? Which one is better?

  • Landry Fort
    Landry Fort 6 months ago +4

    I Love My G-7 It’s Lovely!💯©️

    • Weppo
      Weppo 4 months ago

      @Santosh Honnalli and you? Have you decided

    • Santosh Honnalli
      Santosh Honnalli 4 months ago

      Hi how is the battery life

  • Pietro De Francesco
    Pietro De Francesco 6 months ago

    Lg g7 have fast charge

    INJOKER 6 months ago

    Lg 7 350 € vs samsung s9 450

  • Ernest Baca
    Ernest Baca 6 months ago

    price wise the moto wins.. ?

  • Kevin Whiting
    Kevin Whiting 6 months ago

    V40 is a winner period

  • Global lashes Younique
    Global lashes Younique 6 months ago

    U know I have the G7 RN and its 🔥 cuz of the dual lens wide camera angle and much more bro bro

  • stoney cook
    stoney cook 6 months ago

    S9 is dissapointing im going with the lg g7 thinq

  • Gryptix
    Gryptix 6 months ago


  • Joseph Schiro
    Joseph Schiro 6 months ago

    The LGs screen blows the S9 out of the water!!

  • sanghpriygautam TONY
    sanghpriygautam TONY 6 months ago

    1:02 who is looking at the phones 😆

  • Cameron
    Cameron 6 months ago +1

    curved edge displays are garbage.

  • Cameron
    Cameron 6 months ago +6

    the G7 is free to lease through Sprint. I was really considering an S9 or S9+, but I'm thinking the G7 will be my next upgrade from my current G6.

  • Kim KIM
    Kim KIM 7 months ago

    Lg bcoz its screen is LED. Amoled screens of samsung after months of using has burns, green screen defect/pink screen..etc.

  • Imperfectionist Gaming
    Imperfectionist Gaming 7 months ago

    The boombox feature is great but it auto turns off after about 30 minutes. Its super weird

  • Doubleoh Spartan
    Doubleoh Spartan 7 months ago +3

    I will pick LG because LG has better build quality

  • Mayank Agnihotri
    Mayank Agnihotri 7 months ago

    Very good review. Watch this one for more👇

  • Carlitos Carlitos
    Carlitos Carlitos 7 months ago

    Note from Samsung is the best of the best. 🛀