Langrisser I & II - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on Jul 3, 2019
  • Discover two timeless tales, brought together for a new age!
    When the forces of darkness seek to extinguish life as we know it, the descendants of Light will emerge and vanquish chaos with the legendary sword, Langrisser! Remade for modern consoles, Langrisser I & II brings new light to this legendary strategy RPG series.
    Coming early 2020 to Nintendo Switch.
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Comments • 775

  • Lyn Himura
    Lyn Himura 3 days ago

    What kind of fire emblem is this?! >':/ (is joke, the game looks sooooo cool)

  • Alan Rizkallah
    Alan Rizkallah 7 days ago +1

    I still have the original Langrisser, renamed Warsong, for my SEGA Genesis. So awesome to see it getting an update and the sequel finally come to the West!

  • Nathan Moyer
    Nathan Moyer 7 days ago

    God I hope they don't just keep all the voices in japanese only like every other publsher is doing... Not interested anymore if that's the case.

  • Xac Mashe
    Xac Mashe 9 days ago

    You know what I want? Remakes of Shining Force games. Specifically the original timeline, not the garbage generic ARPG Shining games. Resonance is a poor man's Tales game and we all know it.

  • Kzinssie (porygonlover322)

    most important question: is this going to keep the cho aniki bonus level

  • Kairo Nw
    Kairo Nw 17 days ago

    Why Fire emblem Fans are here? it's supposed to be for Langrisser fans. i'm not offending anyone i like Fire emblem too but i don't get it when they come to rage

  • Andrew Stepovoy
    Andrew Stepovoy 18 days ago

    why don't you release it on 3ds?

  • Look
    Look 25 days ago +1

    give us the original illustration update. I'll even buy if it comes out as DLC

  • Professor Penne
    Professor Penne 27 days ago


  • Makoto Gal
    Makoto Gal 27 days ago +1


    THREE DREAMS inc. 29 days ago

    Good thing I can get the Japanese demo right now

  • Saint Boot
    Saint Boot Month ago

    So is there going to be english acting as well? if not, can I turn those horrid japanese voices off?

  • Th1boi Trump
    Th1boi Trump Month ago +1

    I can remember getting ads for the mobile version with the same text: *BeTteR tHAn FirE eMBleM*

  • Curtis Oakley
    Curtis Oakley Month ago

    RIP to my sisters switch when that comes out unless i can get a pc port/version

  • Samuel RJP
    Samuel RJP Month ago


  • Jack The Pokexpert
    Jack The Pokexpert Month ago

    Isn't this the app that is the only competition for FE Heroes

  • andrew rainey
    andrew rainey Month ago

    Sweet ive been wanting to check this series out. This seems like a good starting point

  • William Smith
    William Smith Month ago


  • Matthew Ferguson
    Matthew Ferguson Month ago

    Now give us a bunch of Fire Emblem games plz

  • Gerking1
    Gerking1 Month ago

    I mean It was kinda expected after the mobile game for me

  • joeslickback
    joeslickback Month ago

    "Heroes get remember, but legends never die. Follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong"

  • kemuael
    kemuael Month ago

    Jessica is Bae.

  • steel framer
    steel framer Month ago

    Love it

    GAMING WITH CRIX Month ago


  • Mayura Valliere
    Mayura Valliere Month ago

    💗 Those two looks like Roy and Eliwood from Fire Emblem! 0:45

  • Rudi Sunarto
    Rudi Sunarto Month ago

    Please... Growlanser for switch

  • Manakete
    Manakete Month ago

    Might give it a try

  • Lemuel Delvalle
    Lemuel Delvalle Month ago

    The Adult Roy Dude is back.

  • cyx7
    cyx7 Month ago

    What? No daki?

  • cyx7
    cyx7 Month ago

    QUALITY translation you have there.

  • Lupucillo
    Lupucillo Month ago +1

    Warsong/Langrisser on Sega Genesis is the only one I own. This should be interesting.

  • Novapoid
    Novapoid Month ago +1

    I honestly wish the newest Fire Emblem had this artist in charge. Looks cool, I'll give it a try since it's a strategy rpg.

  • Matthew Dunaway
    Matthew Dunaway Month ago +1

    Now then can we please contact Square so we can get some FF Tactics on Switch

    • Akiin Moonlight
      Akiin Moonlight 26 days ago

      One of the best games of all time ~ i would love a enhanced port or even a remake 😍

  • Diego Mendes
    Diego Mendes Month ago

    Most remaked games ever!!!

  • Fire Ninja9
    Fire Ninja9 Month ago +2


  • Rivera
    Rivera Month ago +1

    New artwork pales in comparison with the original games for the Mega Drive.

    Is Noriyuki Iwadare back for the music score? Those games had an amazing soundtrack, especially Langrisser II.

  • AyraWinla
    AyraWinla Month ago

    Yay! Der Langrisser is in my opinion of the best SRPG of all time, but it never came out in English... The remake finally coming out in English is wonderful, and I'll buy this game day 1 for sure.

  • Mito Requiem
    Mito Requiem Month ago

    I hope we can get the original artwork dlc

  • Thor Hammer!!!
    Thor Hammer!!! Month ago

    My wallet after FE 3H and These will be empty lol

  • jakesloganjakeslogan

    Seems they couldn't hire the old artist to draw the character.

    • jakesloganjakeslogan
      jakesloganjakeslogan Month ago

      @MegaTheGamerThank you so much for this info. How nice of them to put both new art and original art in the game. I really love the original art style of Langrisser and Growlanser.

    • MegaTheGamer
      MegaTheGamer Month ago

      The game gives you the option of the new art or original. I have the JP eshop demo and both are available to swap anytime

  • Christopher Hardiman

    Great, now get Growlanser from Atlus.

  • CMRhexen
    CMRhexen Month ago +1

    I'M WET!

  • Brutal Metal
    Brutal Metal Month ago

    I like more the arts of Satoshi Urushihara

    • MegaTheGamer
      MegaTheGamer Month ago

      You can swap to the original artwork at any time during the game. At least in the JP eshop demo

  • Weston Meyer
    Weston Meyer Month ago

    Now we need Growlanser back.
    Preferably Growlanser 1 on the Switch.

  • Raian Pia
    Raian Pia Month ago

    Hmm nice tiddies

  • Jessica Groff
    Jessica Groff Month ago


  • Xi Xu
    Xi Xu Month ago +1

    I'll pass. Looks too much like a mobile phone game.

    • TacoMeat17
      TacoMeat17 Month ago

      Appearances can be deceiving

  • Cyber MX
    Cyber MX Month ago

    mhhh, the langrisser mobile has better music and graphics. the art is horrible, ledin and Elwin looks like clones.

  • See4
    See4 Month ago

    I hope this comes to PC. Plus I really want the ability to have the old art.

    • MegaTheGamer
      MegaTheGamer Month ago

      You can swap between old or new art anytime. Source: demo on the JP eshop

  • Some Soul
    Some Soul Month ago

    Where is Shenmue I & II?

  • Too much Free Time
    Too much Free Time Month ago

    Is there any waifu romance?

    • kamden madan
      kamden madan Month ago +1

      Too much Free Time spoilers

      the original version of 2 had you marry one on the good and evil path, but she leaves you on the imperial and independent path.

  • Cristian Dominguez
    Cristian Dominguez Month ago

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!! I've been playing these games for like 14~16 years? I'can hold all this hype!!! YEEESSSS!!!

  • HauntedByHorror
    HauntedByHorror Month ago +1

    Thank you for doing this!!!!

  • Ferdinand Avila-Soto
    Ferdinand Avila-Soto Month ago +1

    Two things:
    1). Will we be able to play using portraits drawn by Satoshi Urushihara?
    2). Will we be able to play with classic graphics?

    • MegaTheGamer
      MegaTheGamer Month ago

      Based on the demo in the JP eshop, yes and yes.

  • Definitely Not Shanque

    Heroes will die but legend live on? We got something along Genealogy of the Holy War here or what?

  • AmnesiaGm1
    AmnesiaGm1 Month ago +1

    A mini Fire Emblem before the big one.

  • Kyle Varady
    Kyle Varady Month ago

    Ok this is epic

  • Toriality93
    Toriality93 Month ago

    Yes finally!!

  • RedParagonG
    RedParagonG Month ago

    It's 2019 Nintendo, I thought you were over the translation fails...

    That aside, this looks pretty cool!

    • kamden madan
      kamden madan Month ago

      RedParagonG That's on NIS and there not doing so well right now and has done other poor translation in previous games.

  • Belcebú Geryon Mastema

    Looks like fire emblem

  • Mydickisholy
    Mydickisholy Month ago

    Designs are alright, but I'm hyped regardless let's gooo

  • Sheik
    Sheik Month ago

    Is It great?

  • MarceloOmegaAGDM
    MarceloOmegaAGDM Month ago

    You Bear.
    EDIT: I saw NISAmerica, I doubt the quality.

  • lie01234
    lie01234 Month ago


  • Walican132
    Walican132 Month ago

    Well this looks like it should be my jam

  • SeñorBurtango
    SeñorBurtango Month ago

    Totally not Fire Emblem I & II.

  • Bub Nub
    Bub Nub Month ago


  • A Random Person
    A Random Person Month ago

    If this can be localized, I believe mother 3 can too.

  • Bilal Bazzi
    Bilal Bazzi Month ago

    Look Nintendo I'm not saying that you suck a I'm just saying but I hated seeing baby versions of games okay I'm not saying that you suck okay I'm saying that I hate baby versions of games like Megaman powered up okay I'm not saying that you suck I know I said it multiple times but again I'm not saying that you suck

  • Bilal Bazzi
    Bilal Bazzi Month ago

    Oh and you're probably wondering in tendo what am I talking about I'm talking about the ripped off baby version of Mega Men one which is Mega Man powered up it's just it's just stupid I hate baby versions of games okay intended so please stop making baby versions of games that you made Megaman powered up I hate it I just I hate it so please don't make ripped off baby game versions okay okay bye

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young Month ago

    Finalllllly! I've waited decades...

  • Jason Hughes
    Jason Hughes Month ago

    If we are lucky, this will lead to them re releasing growlanser 3 and 4

    • Jason Hughes
      Jason Hughes Month ago

      @Weston Meyer as I said, never got to play 4, but the first one was crap. it was way too convoluted. the second one was worse. entire plot lines would pass because you missed some tiny detail. when you have to have a manual just to get the basic game, it isn't any good.

    • Weston Meyer
      Weston Meyer Month ago

      Jason Hughes
      Both 4 and 1 are far better than 3.
      3 is unfinished because it was made alongside 2(which never really got started).

    • Jason Hughes
      Jason Hughes Month ago

      @Weston Meyer I never got to play 4 because it never came to consoles. and psp was a handheld, not a console. and 3 was clearly the best growlanser. what I would have loved is to have three with the numbers we had on two.

    • Weston Meyer
      Weston Meyer Month ago

      4 doesn’t need it. The PSP port wasn’t too long ago.
      What we really need is Growlanser 1 in the west, the best Growlanser.

  • Turtle Anton
    Turtle Anton Month ago

    Switch is getting too many games.

  • AdamTheGameBoy
    AdamTheGameBoy Month ago

    This looks better than Fire Emblem 3 Houses

  • cjc2010
    cjc2010 Month ago

    I'm hyped, but the artwork is a definite downgrade:( Although I do understand the change. Urushihara's work isn't for *ahem* all audiences.

    • MegaTheGamer
      MegaTheGamer Month ago

      Not even DLC, the (JP) eshop demo has both arts available to swap anytime

    • Pass_the_M
      Pass_the_M Month ago

      original art will be dlc actually