WATCH: Putin reacts to Trump firing FBI Director James Comey

  • Published on May 10, 2017
  • President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. The White House says the decision came from Comey's handling of the Clinton email investigation. CBS News caught up with Russian President Vladimir Putin at an exhibition hockey game in Sochi, Russia and asked for his response.
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  • Red Shield
    Red Shield 10 days ago

    Comey admitted under oath that he leaked classified information to a college Professor so he could leak it! He’s lucky he’s not in jail!

  • nicholas clark
    nicholas clark 26 days ago

    Fast forward no collusion with the russians.

  • ll c
    ll c 29 days ago

    Putin seems likeable ...

  • Roger Meade
    Roger Meade Month ago


  • Brandon Reed
    Brandon Reed Month ago

    Mr. Putin😎😎😎😎

  • R I C O cumming
    R I C O cumming 2 months ago


  • Chris Mann
    Chris Mann 2 months ago

    It seems like a perfectly reasonable answer. What is he supposed to say?

    SIKHS THE CHOSEN ONE 2 months ago

    commander trump, needs to execute mass arrests on comey and all the swamp creatures? james clapper, Dave Brennan, Clintons, Horowitz, bush, Peter strozk, Rosenstein, lynch, rice, page, democrats, congress democrats, fake news CNN, and corrupt FBI, CIA, NSA, mi6 mi5 agents.

  • chvpters
    chvpters 4 months ago

    dudes here to play some fuckin hockey and he gets asked a dumb question about someone being fired in the US

  • A Mooing Dog Or Something
    A Mooing Dog Or Something 4 months ago +1

    "yeah ok wanna play hockey"

  • Angelina Lazar
    Angelina Lazar 7 months ago +1


  • Nuck Nation
    Nuck Nation 7 months ago

    Piece of shit. He wasn’t doing a good job? Really? He was inspiring future leaders. You’re inspiring future bigots

  • Telios Abraxas
    Telios Abraxas Year ago

    Putin el puto!

  • Marton Steve
    Marton Steve Year ago


  • Victor Herrera
    Victor Herrera Year ago

    He evaded the question

  • REAl REAction
    REAl REAction Year ago +1

    Putin is smarter than our brainwashing Mainstream media

  • Woo Woo
    Woo Woo Year ago

    Peskov is the worst translator in the world, lol)

  • TrumpFor TheGrave
    TrumpFor TheGrave Year ago +1

    Putin is as dumb as trump 😂 AMERICA IS FUCKED

  • BlacAlwkman巴曰片凵

    hell of a person to ask ::)

  • chertzyb
    chertzyb Year ago

    Americans cheer the complete dissolving of the soviet union, interfere heavily with yeltsin run for power and then accuse the country that's trying to re-establish itself after massive trauma of persuading voters and THEN make out as though meeting and talking to Russians is forbidden - the hypocrisy and authoritarian attitude is nauseating !

  • british people yellow teeth

    im american i hate american haters but any russian that wants to be friend with me is would be super cool. Your president is funny ( in a good way).

  • Marie Saqueton
    Marie Saqueton Year ago

    Pres.Putin is ethicla, not making any comment about a foreign leader.

  • ermenegildo wepo
    ermenegildo wepo Year ago

    what do you think about comey?
    I' m going to play hockey

  • Boondock Taint
    Boondock Taint Year ago

    Beast Mode

  • brickit26
    brickit26 Year ago

    So what he is saying is he loves when trump licks his asshole from behind as he jerks off to low wage americans who voted for the scum bag.

  • Tommy B
    Tommy B Year ago


  • 0ldCat
    0ldCat Year ago

    That was a feeble attempt to generate fake news. Putin didn't bite 😂😂😂

  • lola g
    lola g Year ago

    So funny. Send the pedo over there. Trump will take good care of him.

  • jonathan401
    jonathan401 Year ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the 45th president of the United States, Mr. Vladimir Putin.

  • 01marth
    01marth Year ago

    i was not aware putin love hockey.

  • HumbleSpaceman
    HumbleSpaceman Year ago +2

    USA will fall

  • stevebrownrocks
    stevebrownrocks Year ago

    Haha, Putin-"I'm going to play hockey now, instead of listen to your stupid question!" 😆😂😆

  • David Bee
    David Bee Year ago

    i can't stress enough how much of a boss this guy is

  • Jz K
    Jz K Year ago

    Much ado about nothing or is it a "tempest in a teapot"?

  • Leon H
    Leon H Year ago

    This reporter is just an idiot, don't mess with Putin.

  • Manjit Kour
    Manjit Kour Year ago

    President Putin hit her on the face with that hockey stick. please

  • Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé

    Liberal media asking Putin if he has something to do with the republican president of the US firing the liberal director of the FBI....

  • Dawna T
    Dawna T Year ago

    Check the smirk on Putin's face.

  • Fla-bushcraft Prepper

    Russia is a Capitalist Country
    United States is a Capitalist Country
    How can Russia be a threat to the USA?
    If Russia affected the outcome of the election, by revealing the truth about the democrats, isn't Russia trying to save the USA from a crooked Socialist/Communist Agenda?
    I would think Russia would have plenty experience in identifying socialists/communist nut jobs, that are a threat to a country like Russia and the USA.
    Russia has been to socialism/communism and knows Capitalism is better. When you fucking get to take part in the Capitalist System.
    Don't you find it interesting that the Socialist/Communist democratic party in the USA, actually says Russia is a threat to the USA and Donald Trump is a traitor if he wants to work out the differences with Russia and we get together and kick bad peoples asses all over the planet?
    I mean come on, you can spell USA from the letters in RUSSIA. The USA and RUSSIA are more alike than most other countries. Hey Mr.Putin, look at that, you can spell USA from the letters in RUSSIA. If RUSSIA and the USA were to work together, there is nothing that could not be accomplished. Every nation should remain separate and autonomous though.
    A One World Government that rules all countries is the worst threat. Safety is in remaining separate, but working together. If a One World Government ruled everything, and it fails, who will be there to help? If each country remains separate, yet works together, if something happens in one country, the other countries can help. I believe the USA is exceptional and Americans should believe in themselves.
    The same for RUSSIA. They are exceptional and they should believe in themselves. Then we can believe in doing great and exceptional things together.
    Bring Stability to the world.
    Work together to make it so that everyone who wants to work, can have one, two or even three jobs if they want. At one time, I worked three jobs and worked seven days a week. Everyone is not like that, but if we work together, anyone who wants a job, could have one.
    Cure Diseases.
    Populate other planets, yes, other planets.. as in more than one other planet.
    I tell people, do not be fooled, in RUSSIA, a business owner has more freedom over his won private business, than in the USA right now, because of the perverted democratic party that is pushing to much regulation on people. They are not happy to regulate Americans, they want to regulate everyone on the planet. They love the One World Order, only it will not be Order, it will be Chaos.
    US A

  • Francisco Garcia90

    and the right still cant accept that we are and have been the laghing stock of the hole world. smmfucking head

  • Jeffrey Lebowski
    Jeffrey Lebowski Year ago +2

    putin is way to smart for the globalists MSM

  • official moderator

    The truth about Trump's collusion with the Russians to rig the 2016 election is trickling in drop by drop. No wonder Trump looks so worried and tired.

  • dn08Hf1xK0q1
    dn08Hf1xK0q1 Year ago +1

    Here I see again , Putin is a great guy ! Shame on all the haters !

  • Ash Vazquez
    Ash Vazquez Year ago

    Why is he smiling 🙄

  • what blank?
    what blank? Year ago +3

    America is the real bully here

  • Jon
    Jon Year ago

    You Trumptards fail to acknowledge that all 17 of the US intelligence agencies agree that Russia interfered with the election. Frame it however you want, keep talking about Hillary and emails, but now you have a sitting president who in his own words said he fired Comey partly because of the Russia investigation.

    • Jon
      Jon Year ago

      My guess is, to you, a libtard is anyone whose intelligence is more than that of an eggplant.

    • Anthony Ragone
      Anthony Ragone Year ago

      lol lester holt. Found the libtard.

    • Jon
      Jon Year ago

      For starters, look up 'trump lester hold interview on RUclip'.. The orange clown in chief states he fired Comey 'because of the whole Russia thing'.

    • Anthony Ragone
      Anthony Ragone Year ago


  • Miela Bronson
    Miela Bronson Year ago

    Putin is Hawt!!! Grrrrrrauh. Does Drizzay snap of th e neck.

  • Egyptian
    Egyptian Year ago

    Lmao Putin is like why do they gotta involve me in everything.

  • Sergei Kritzien
    Sergei Kritzien Year ago

    Peskov, Putin's press-secretary, needs to work on his English.

  • hvcool
    hvcool Year ago

    I guess Putin gave the majority of the vote to Hilary and the Electoral to Trump :) , Russian presidency collusion = FAKE NEWS

  • KetoFit For Life
    KetoFit For Life Year ago

    She didn't get the threat. He basically told her to shut the fuck up. I love it. "I'm here to play hockey with the fans... I invite you to do the same." This mas is a BOSS! :D

  • Jacob K
    Jacob K Year ago +3

    Putin is like " Why ask me that stupid question? it is a USA issue not Russian. We don't care what he does."

  • benjaminaj1231
    benjaminaj1231 Year ago +1

    Boy was that question daft, Journalism should be shamed

  • TheGunrunn3r
    TheGunrunn3r Year ago

    Put that bitch in her place.

  • Deathbrewer
    Deathbrewer Year ago

    "Putin, I see you are wearing red socks today... How will this affect US-Russian relations?"

  • Copacetic
    Copacetic Year ago

    He is remarkably orange.

  • Bling Bling
    Bling Bling Year ago

    Russia and the US leadership know where they stand with each other, the media listens carefully and manipulates it because it's needs to SELL a more shocking story. They even give subjective opinions to back "their" story up. Desperate scum-bags, like they do it for the greater good👎🏻

  • Chris Keller
    Chris Keller Year ago

    I love this guy but I'm not gay

  • Nasty Women News
    Nasty Women News Year ago

    TRUMP, THE GREAT CHEEETO thought he was going to succeed in destroying our democratic system and turn the US into a Russian/African style autocracy where journalists and dissidents end up poisoned or shot, while the ruling class hordes mansions and property with no accountability to the people. Unfortunately you underestimated the power of our democracy...

  • David Olinger
    David Olinger Year ago

    It has been officially confirmed by an anonymous source that the MSM is nothing more than White Noise! It is no longer a conspiracy theory, but reality in the USA. 😎

  • EPA18
    EPA18 Year ago

    The funniest thing in the video is Putin's comment, "President Trump is acting in accordance with his competence…”. What a witty backhanded insult to Trump! Putin, at every turn, outmaneuvered Obama, and now, he's outmaneuvering Trump.

  • Daryl Sheets
    Daryl Sheets Year ago

    what investigation don't you think if comey had anything he would of Said something since everybody In our government and media and the people above them who run our government all want Trump out of ther.Dont you think any evidence would of immediately been brought up?The 2 men from our justice department who leaked the emails were both shot in the head following that wiki leaks posted 50,000 reward for info on ther shooter because they "want to protect ther sources".

  • William Shockley
    William Shockley Year ago

    thank you president Trump! now get the test of the honest Americans that sellnout.

  • Harrison Hurwitz
    Harrison Hurwitz Year ago

    He's just gotta go and get pucks and bodies to the net ya kno?

  • David Vardy
    David Vardy Year ago

    And Canada just keeps sitting here with our poutine and beaver tails, Waiting for real news.

  • Tony Douglas
    Tony Douglas Year ago

    if he had nothing to hide why fire him?

  • TheNaturalust
    TheNaturalust Year ago

    Seems like the interpreter possibly took some liberties with that translation. I think Putin said Trump is acting according to his own "authority" and/or "ability" . Competence seems like the wrong word. Why not let Putin speak English? He is quite good at it.

  • A K
    A K Year ago

    haha...what a boss!

  • Jc Jc
    Jc Jc Year ago


  • Stefan
    Stefan Year ago

    The new info regarding Seth Rich should be the news...... you fucking send a reporter to Russia to ask Putin this?! And that's the news?!

  • George williams
    George williams Year ago

    would have been hilarious if he responded with "who is Comey?"

  • maxiemus5
    maxiemus5 Year ago

    He looks like he's trying so hard not to laugh 😂

  • Tornado Of Souls
    Tornado Of Souls Year ago +4

    Putin's a badass. he loves Russia and the Russian people. LibTurds and Neocons hate that!

  • Sandy Reeves
    Sandy Reeves Year ago

    Hate you and you should be booted out too!!!'!

  • Mr October
    Mr October Year ago

    "Mr. Putin, are you pleased with President Trump's performance or has he turned out to be a disappointment to you?"

  • Ēriks Ralfs Vanags


  • bigpimpdaddy69
    bigpimpdaddy69 Year ago

    So many Putin trolls and fuck buddies here. Didn't know so many people were behind a megalomaniac, greedy, power hungry, corrupt, murderous, dictator.

  • Андрей Шунин

    Give my prizendentu play hockey

  • Mark R.
    Mark R. Year ago

    Putin: President trump is acting in accordance with his competency (looks right "sign of lying" and smirks throughout the interview)
    He really is the best James Bond villain...

  • Fahad Shahid
    Fahad Shahid Year ago

    Putin putting the Americans back in their place like a boss

  • ThisLandIsOurLand NotYours


  • Arik Taranis
    Arik Taranis Year ago

    Who is that hockey player?

  • sly angler
    sly angler Year ago +2

    Notice how Putin shuts down the liberal. She looked very uncomfortable and frightened..

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young Year ago


  • Reachforth
    Reachforth Year ago

    According to his own competence lmao. That alone says a lot.

  • KingDav3
    KingDav3 Year ago +1

    I'm not a Trump supporter, he lost me with his strike on the Syrian Airbase. However, let me make this clear.
    Its totally obvious that the US deep state in correlation with the controlled Media is trying to impeach Trump.
    Media-shills in the USA are working 24/7 in their spin on this, they even try to interview Putin while he is busy playing Hockey. Putin does not give a ***** about their Propaganda.
    The amount of false news is alarming, its like they throw a load of shit to a wall and see what sticks.
    1. There where two camera men (the white house camera man + a Russian camera man). That's normal procedure. *->* Media spins it as if there was only a foreign (Russian) camera man present.
    Fact is, CNN... is rightfully excluded from any White House Press Meeting and this was not a press meeting anyway.
    As far as I'm concerned MSNBC and CBS should be excluded too. These outlets are completely exposed.
    2. People present at the meeting deny any claims of Trump leaking secret Information to Russia. -*>* Media doing Headlines saying that Trump leaked Information to Russia.
    3. Trump fired Comey because of his partial stance during the Hillary Email Scandal. *->* Media doing headlines that Trump fired Comey because he was investigating Trump.
    Honestly, I don't even want to list up all the fake news because I don't even care anymore. I don't get invested into this shit no more...
    Whats even more alarming, is the fact that people seem to eat this shit up and believe it. I know about social bots, but when I look at the influx of YT-comments on the subject it seems like ~70% of the comments is actually completely in-line with this media bias. Is the attention-span of these people really that low? Have they already forgot about the media manipulation during the US-election?
    It would be naive to think that this manipulation suddenly stops after Trump has been elected.
    Let me quote Denzel Washington: *If you don't watch the news, you are uninformed and if you watch the news, you are misinformed*
    Now, isn't it weird that the first and only time the media was in total euphoria with Trump was when he launched 50 missiles onto that Syrian airbase?
    If non of the above makes you doubt their legitimacy, than this should... especially with Hillary coming out of her cave and praising Trump for that action saying: "I would've done the same".

  • waiotahi52
    waiotahi52 Year ago +2

    "President Trump is acting in accordance with his competence...." Nailed it.

    KKOPPI Year ago +3

    Him smiling makes really a HUGE statement, because Russians have the saying "only fools smile without any reason". He is smiling cause he thinks she's silly, a puppet, dumb and uninformed.

  • BronzDano
    BronzDano Year ago

    If the president can fire the FBI director for "not doing a good job", who can fire the president for not doing a good job? 🤔

  • cc cc
    cc cc Year ago

    CNN has balls. They be everywhere

  • Zach Haus
    Zach Haus Year ago

    Putin is such a fucking boss...

  • Halcón Méxmatrix

    México is Great .

  • D B
    D B Year ago

    Ya he really looks guilty...

  • Jason Rondeau
    Jason Rondeau Year ago

    If it was Gowdy... Clinton would have been arrested before the emails were even sent

  • NYLatinos4 Trump
    NYLatinos4 Trump Year ago

    Corrupt U.S. mainstream media and incompetent #Dems look for more stupid each and every single day. They will fail to take down Trump and will only help #RUSSIA promote the 2018 #FIFAWorldCup to be played... yes in #RUSSIA !!! This is all a terrific publicity opportunity for #RUSSIA Trump, un gran presidente! #ArribaTrump !

  • Joe Gun Games
    Joe Gun Games Year ago

    this went from "heres what putin has to say" to full on propaganda in record time.

  • serz1885
    serz1885 Year ago

    aaaaa otvratitelnij angliskij

  • bs1820
    bs1820 Year ago

    That reporter is as good as dead.

  • Jörg Junker
    Jörg Junker Year ago


  • Fatty J
    Fatty J Year ago +1

    Go ahead leftists, continue showing the world your true colors.