Supergirl 2x16 Sneak Peek "Star-Crossed" (HD) Season 2 Episode 16 Sneak Peek

Supergirl 2x16 "Star-Crossed" Season 2 Episode 16 Sneak Peek - TERI HATCHER (“DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES,” “LOIS & CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN”) AND KEVIN SORBO (“HERCULES”) GUEST STAR; DARREN CRISS (“GLEE”) MAKES HIS DEBUT AS THE MUSIC MEISTER – A new villain (guest star Teri Hatcher) comes to National City, putting Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) on high alert. Meanwhile, Winn’s (Jeremy Jordan) girlfriend, Lyra (guest star Tamzin Merchant), gets Winn in trouble with the law. Maggie (guest star Floriana Lima) attempts to help Winn but old loyalties get in the way. The Music Meister (Darren Criss) attacks Supergirl. John Medlen directed the episode written by Katie Rose Rogers & Jess Kardos (#216). Original airdate 3/20/2017. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Supergirl season 2 promos in HD!

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Supergirl 2x16 Sneak Peek/Preview "Star-Crossed"
Supergirl Season 2 Episode 16 Sneak Peek
Supergirl 2x16 Sneak Peek "Star-Crossed" (HD)

» Watch Supergirl Mondays at 8:00pm/7c on The CW
» Starring: Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Mechad Brooks, David Harewood

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Длительность: 1:29
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Автор BMT96 Channel ( назад)
supergirl s02 episode16 http://cut-urls.com/Ov5L online free

Автор supergirl blog ( назад)
the awkward moment when Alex and head shaw just standing their looking at them, when their having a moment, must be very okey with public affection, they just watching.

Автор Sam S ( назад)
Chris Wood plays Mon-El in a really good, believable way. As a man who is trying to improve at what he has been and trying to become something else. One of the better casting decisions made on this show. I am glad he is not gone yet.

Автор echozgus ( назад)
please be again an action superhero show not a romance show

Автор Amit Barabi ( назад)
one of the first times she uses her speed

Автор BRi ( назад)
I like Kara and mon el, but I don't ship them. I mean I'm okay with their relationship, but I'm not siked about it. Idk why, but I ship Kara and Lena. It just seems like Lena is attracted to Kara, and that Kara get really shy around her. I ship them together. I tolerate mon el and Kara tbh

Автор Zabrina Bowman ( назад)
I heard they are now dating in real life too and I love it

Автор Clinton Ardjo ( назад)
it got so much better with mon el. Thank you so much! They're a great couple! Mon el is bae

Автор Jun K. ( назад)
omg i want this Supergirl chick to tie me up, slap the shit out of me, step on me and tell me all those nasty n dirty stuff unimaginable....... omg i'm such a bad boy, i need her to punish me so bad.................... \>_
Автор Lakshi Gunawardena ( назад)

Автор Ben James ( назад)
I'm probably late but aren't they an actual legit couple in real life now? I know Melissa filed for divorce late last year but is there any confirmation these two are dating?

Автор mitchele01 ( назад)
oh my god kai,!

Автор Giu-C ( назад)
Yep...The more I read the comments, the more I'm sure of one thing: most people project themselves in TV characters. When they love one - they show their best. When they hate another... be careful.

Автор hmartinspliff ( назад)
1:01 Oh no, Mon-El in trouble now.....hoodie dudes bowing down to Mon-El cuz he got that uber white male privilege. This isn't gonna sit well with SJW Girl now she knows she's unwittingly become romantically involved with a figurehead of patriarchy. Mon-El better put that pink pussy hat on and celebrate International Women's Day like it's his birthday if he doesn't want Supergirl to cut his balls off with her heat vision.

Автор dbzethioboy ( назад)
Mon-El isn't the problem. It's Kara.
I say this because...
-With Guardian, she was a hypocrite. "Your human you can get hurt/die" Even though she fight nonhumans that can kill her. And still does it anyway.
-She is just being with Mon-El 24/7. I am saying this because I rarely see her out with James and Winn. The writers are making this imaginary wall that I don't fucking understand is there.
-She is still the same about spearheading into things without a plan. And the writers keep letting her slide with it.

I am not saying Kara is bad or a HUGE asshole.
I am saying that Kara of Season 1 and Season 2 are different people and I do not understand why.

But on the Mon-El and Kara shipping. It was odd. Felt like a fallback, they get together so she can have someone to replace Winn and James. IMO.
I don't dislike them together. But I don't like them together. Whenever they have a moment together I just sit there with an awkward face wondering to myself. "why are they together again? Oh, yea. He has powers." then stuff my face with popcorn.

Автор Rocket Dragon55 ( назад)
I was watching a video on the musical crossover and saw some say that supergirl was the cancer of the CW and I'm like BITCH WHERE

Автор CCarolinee ( назад)
why do they want Mon El? I only watch sometimes because of Chris Wood <3

Автор Jacob Stone ( назад)
What chemistry? This so could chemistry doesn't feel natural at all. And to all you women, I don't understand you hate when we the males don't listen to you but when it's the same on tv it's perfectly fine and you guys get defensive when we call Mon El out on it. The reality is you like the actor not the character. This season of supergirl has made me cringe at how stupid the storyline is and how we don't have the old connections. If Kara was suppose to find herself and broke of a good thing with James just for some douche bag who literally lied to her this entire time than I'm disappointed. And again if males do that to a female you would have us out of a relationship in seconds. Sorry for my rant but I'm not about to take this BS of Kara and Mon El are good together mess if I get put on blast for lying and not listening to my gf.

Автор Nurul Nashyira ( назад)
'coz stuff' srsly?! She is bound to find out sooner or later... Why does he have to lie to her face, agn?

Автор kAmii Kazee ( назад)
love the retro watch he is wearing

Автор Oumoul Khairy ( назад)
Please don't break up karamel

Автор 9sunstar9 ( назад)
I also just realized, it's technically been over 20 years since Mon El saw his parents or another daxamite.

Автор OldSchool Gamer ( назад)
Kara and mon el is the best relationship in arrow verse
great chemistry

Автор pool love ( назад)
Now this started of supercute bofore turning super weird! Love the show, love Karas and Mon-Els relationship

Автор Chat'r Lee ( назад)
Is that Lois from Lois and Clark ^^?

Автор Jamie Garcia ( назад)

Автор Clio Duffy ( назад)
loads of people are hating on mon el and think he should leave and chuck him into the phantom zone and break up with kara. but i totally think the opposite to that. i think that mon el is fantastic character in the supergirl series and he is my favourite character and actor in the series. i think he adds a bit of fire to the series. he is so loving,caring and sweet towards kara ,you can see how much love and chemistry and great connection they have, their fights are adorable and i think he is absolutely hilarious . i would keep him in the rest of ALL the series they will have and keep him with kara . he is one of the reasons i watch this show. i think he keeps the show entertaining and funny . i love mon el

Автор Annabelle Mendez ( назад)
i reported the thumbnail for repulsive content

Автор DayDreamer ( назад)
*sad face*  I hope this isn't the end, ... damn you Mon-El.. why couldn't just tell her.

Автор Twiid ryan ( назад)
wow on the air now I'm looking in the Fb group....https://www.facebook.com/groups/1836887233245537/permalink/1837973583136902/

Автор RoseBookFan#7 ( назад)
This is so intense & romantic it kinda reminds of The Prince & Me😁❤️😍

Автор Killerzjug YT ( назад)
Great. Another episode about mon-el. This show is about supergirl not fucking mon-el...

Автор o Obii ( назад)

Автор 9sunstar9 ( назад)
I'm sooo excited for this but I have class when it airs 😭

Автор Viqueen Zamot ( назад)

Автор Crunkboy415 ( назад)
Shouldn't he know how to fly? Mon-El has the same powers of Supergirl in the comics.

Автор TRI START ( назад)
#KaraMel forever😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😵😵😵

Автор Zee ( назад)

Автор Sakari Richard ( назад)
The Mon-El show starring Kara Zoe-El.

Автор Jordan Chavez ( назад)
"Cus stuff"

Автор Supermon Xoxo ( назад)

Автор DCEU / DCTV ( назад)
The only DCTV couple worth bothering with these days. I'm sure they'll be fine.

Автор Kira Jeppesen ( назад)
I see a lot of hate on Supergirl the show in general, but I actually enjoy it so much more than Flash, which repeats itself, and Arrow, which was my favorite but damn I hate the Black Canary and whoever plays her except Sara. Legends I quite like two. I think I like Legends and Supergirl more because they don't take themselves to seriously and they know how to have fun. I like Kara, she is so fucking awkward and adorable and so is Mon-El, and their "fighting" are the best thing, they are so hilarious!!!!! Also I like Mon-El as a character, he is selfish to a degree like all people, he is fucking hilarious, he can be sweet and caring and I can't wait for this episode where we finally get the whole answer to who has been after him and why the whole season...

Автор UC Creations ( назад)
eeeeeeeeeeee I'm loving ittt. love from pak

Автор Black Raven ( назад)
the cutest hug in the worrrrlldd 0:46

Автор tanwa adanlawo ( назад)
Oh mon-el...how I love thee

Автор h20luli ( назад)
Ahhhh that hug!!!

Автор Kenna Moon ( назад)
All the feels I cant please stop

Автор mia ( назад)
when will he finally die so supergirl can be about supergirl again

Автор sgtmian ( назад)
bored now.

Автор Max Simpson ( назад)
Mon El "Not to us. Just to me. It is not everything always about you"

Автор anno636 ( назад)
Kneel before your god lol

Автор Mel D ( назад)
Oh boy the secret is out so much drama for karamel!! I love them this is gonna hurt

Автор Musisalaticho ( назад)
She can't stand the idea of loosing him that's why she followed him. I- 😭

Автор waterbutter1999 ( назад)
I can't wait. Love this. She's so in love with him.

Автор Ray F ( назад)
I don't even watch the Show and I ship them (I watch Arrow, Legends and the Flash)

Автор Natasha A ( назад)

Автор g ( назад)
chris deserves a better character than this dumbass

Автор Casteel Colt ( назад)
Holy crap! Did you see how he kissed her and how she hugged him. My opinion that wasn't acting. Am I right? The scene really show their love for each other. When it is announced that he is the prince in front of her there are going to be some anger and sadness coming out the girl of steel. They will be together again, trust me. #karamel #karaishappywithmonel #monelloveskara #karalovesmonel #starcrossedlovers lol

Автор Acia Siddika ( назад)
is mon el gonna die?

Автор J*** Blueberry ( назад)
I can't stand monel hope they break-up so Kara end up with Lena forever

Автор horselover123417 ( назад)
I cant wait!!! I'm so seeing this.

Автор Candace Nicole ( назад)
Will I have to watch this episode to understand the Musical crossover tomorrow?

Автор Varun Hans ( назад)
Love them together so much

Автор ColorsOfAurora ( назад)
You know what? I'm tired of all of you... Your hate towards Mon-El and Karamel annoys me. You say that he doesn't have any development and he is uninteresting and he is bad for Kara and they are abusive and blah blah blah. You y'all getting his storyline developed now. He is changing. If you wanted a perfect guy why didn't asked for a Ken??? Mon-El is not going anywhere, get over it. Don't like him? Okay. But I'm tired of seeing Chris getting all this hate for playing a character.

Автор Eternal Tale ( назад)
When Supergirl wants to protect Mon El nobody comments. When Mon El does it it's selfish... And he was selfless in this scene which is a big improvement as he didn't care about others in the beginning of the season.

Автор Dark NavareWise The Origin Of Darkness ( назад)
Supergirl vs Hercules....who will win? Places your bets!

Автор Hiba997 ( назад)

Автор MrsT440 ( назад)
Looking forward to this next ep and the arc to the end of the season!  BTW, in response to some of the negative comments, I understand why Supergirl purists would rather the show focus more on Kara being a badass, but to me, the added drama with Mon-El is way more entertaining.  This'll be a character-building experience for both of them, and I LOVE shows with good character development.  Besides, it's a sure bet, M's baggage is going to result in plenty of reasons for Kara and the whole DEO team to be Super-badass in the coming weeks.

Автор Brenda Oliveira ( назад)
Ownn❤Karamel 👏

Автор Katherine Monrose ( назад)
#Karamel is everything! She will forgive him, their love will conquer all!

Автор Mr. H ( назад)
Well..........The Mon-el Haters are early!!!!!

Автор Summer K ( назад)
I love them 😍😍 shit she's going to find out

Автор Maria Gunawardena ( назад)
I totally knew he was royalty!

Автор Star Gazer ( назад)
I love Kara and Mon-El together. Their love is beautiful. This looks epic! #karamel

Автор Tyler Boone ( назад)
is mon el related to superman (kal el) they both have el as the last names

Автор Roerto Plays ( назад)
urrrrrrrr I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hyped

Автор Sara Rydding ( назад)
I'm REALLY hoping that the title of the episode doesnt imply that the writers actually think that Kara and Mon-El might be star crossed lovers..................

Автор Miro0oMariam ( назад)
now after knowing that Melissa and Chris are dating
my look for those two will change <3
nobody say that they don't have any chemistry

Автор Fast Well Well ( назад)
kara really love him

Автор Rose Thorn ( назад)
lol, iwish we were lucky enough that he gets written off (lovee Chris, but Mon-el is a shitty character and a waste of SG's screentime)

Автор Ladybear Aresha ( назад)
What's with the Hate of Mon-El? He has a great chemistry with Kara. And I love their relationship.

Автор Lego Ghost Rider ( назад)
I only watch this show because I like DC. I wasn't expecting to see so many drama queens in the comments caring about Dumb-El and Supergirl's relationship.

Автор Zoë G ( назад)
how she ran to him and just hugged him😍 but ughh after she finds out she gonna be so mad....

Автор Sinem Çağlayan ( назад)
Karamel Feelings!

Автор Rebecca Rogers ( назад)
This has to be right around the time she finds out he is the Prince

Автор DCF ( назад)
oh yeay! the awkward meeting your boyfriend's family moment....ahhh! just break them up already and move on from this story (you know that this will happen!)

Автор Orlaxnnn Zagueer ( назад)
this episode will be great

Автор Miro0oMariam ( назад)
gosh i just need a hug , please <3

Автор Mark Naquin ( назад)
now i wander if he will get his own show?? It could happen..

Автор Joe Reynolds ( назад)

Автор J K.P ( назад)
Another bor-el episode..... The writers destroyed Lar Gand's character. Someone just chuck him into the phantom zone already.....

Автор Karolina Poręba ( назад)
I can't even

Автор Linnea ( назад)

Автор alina malc ( назад)
this episode will kill me

Автор Koram ( назад)
I can't wait for tonight.

Автор Karenna B ( назад)

Автор George Weasley ( назад)
And thus another OTP of mine sank into the unforgiving depths of hell

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