Moving To Thailand - Living In Bangkok Thailand

  • Published on May 7, 2018
  • I have moved to Thailand, I will be living in Bangkok while we open our business. I have found a condo within walking distance of our business. Loving the Thailand street food and enjoying the weather. Looking forward to start travelling and sharing more beautiful places around Thailand.
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  • The Holistic Trainer
    The Holistic Trainer  11 months ago +23

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    • John Welsh
      John Welsh 2 months ago

      You should visit the Philippines

    • Ninjamaster77
      Ninjamaster77 5 months ago

      Hey mate,i love Thailand too.How did you get a visa and did you meet her in Thailand or here in Australia?

    • Izat Khan
      Izat Khan 6 months ago

      The Holistic Trainer s

    • Izat Khan
      Izat Khan 6 months ago

      The Holistic Trainer bs

    • Izat Khan
      Izat Khan 6 months ago

      The Holistic Trainer x

  • 1-Last -Chance X
    1-Last -Chance X 5 days ago

    Even tho you paying this girl to be your company , you don’t have to force her do things she doesn’t want. You can see in her face she didn’t want to jump in the pool, she even said she didn’t want because it was cold and you insist and insist.
    No wonder you can’t get a girl withouth paying her.

    • 1-Last -Chance X
      1-Last -Chance X 5 days ago

      The Holistic Trainer ofcourse you do , and you know it. I’ve been to Thailand , and i can tell by the way you treat her , and the way she does what you ask her. You are the only fool here. And obviously your personality suck.

    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  5 days ago

      1-Last -Chance X I don’t have to pay for anything fool

  • Andy Bowman
    Andy Bowman 5 days ago

    Looks good there little part time jobs available that can keep a person busy?

  • Boonemee Boonnee
    Boonemee Boonnee 6 days ago

    no matter where live, if you are young you need an income from whatever to support for the rent, food and other things because those things are not free.

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 7 days ago

    Thumbnail, Where is she? ...

  • travel2lover
    travel2lover 13 days ago

    Good job 👍🏻 I like tha

  • Charles Wundt
    Charles Wundt 13 days ago

    Tight pussy good for little dick man ?

  • Stacy R
    Stacy R 13 days ago

    British men are gross. She's literally like 16

  • Hennie Roux
    Hennie Roux 14 days ago +1

    All the best friend... live the Thai values of kindness and respect and be trueful to your lady and you will be forever the envy of western men.

  • Maria Eleni Protopsalti

    This video is all about trash nutrition and f... an underaged.. Disgusting

  • Maria Eleni Protopsalti

    She comes with the room.... Wtf

  • rahul sen
    rahul sen 26 days ago

    Hii sai you come RAJSTHAN udaipur india is verry nice place you come and call me 7400252980 / i giad you ok i am rahul

  • BJ Gurung
    BJ Gurung 26 days ago

    Its not right man using your girl friend's semi naked clickbait to attract more viewer, you are just using her to get likes and shares.

  • I love noodles
    I love noodles 27 days ago +2

    I find the comment at 2:18 really racist, horrible and a very poor attempt at trying to culture appropriate.
    It's rude!!!
    At first, I thought that she really did come with the house because sick, evil stuff like that really does happen there and all over the world.
    That remark is like making fun of somebody with cancer.
    You really should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Joseph Beattie
    Joseph Beattie Month ago

    Thailand is awesome but very Hot.

  • basir fekrat
    basir fekrat Month ago

    Beautiful video

  • You're so sick! น่ารําคาญอัดอยู่นั้นแหละ

    Thank you for sharing your precious routine. It was a fun video.

  • Fahad Bajwa
    Fahad Bajwa Month ago

    Biggest punk

  • mrinal deka
    mrinal deka Month ago

    You and she lover?

  • walterkurda
    walterkurda Month ago

    as an "Bangkokan" I have to say: a lot of idiots makes comments here ...

    CHK MKN Month ago

    Funny thing is iam Thai and living in Norway, i get constant question about " Are you going back to Thailand". I wonder you get that question when you are a foreigner and living in Thailand.

    • CHK MKN
      CHK MKN Month ago

      Thats nice to experice that.

    • Mike G
      Mike G Month ago +1

      CHK MKN not usually. They ask: “Do you like Thailand?” They never ask if I wanna go back home country.

  • Anthony Nales
    Anthony Nales Month ago

    I think I need to go to Thailand!

  • Matthew L McCoy
    Matthew L McCoy Month ago

    What is your business there?

  • Thomas Nappo
    Thomas Nappo Month ago +1


  • Mina Ashido
    Mina Ashido Month ago

    Yo, i have lived there in years when i was a kid

  • roberto scapin
    roberto scapin Month ago

    Young man? Is there any more rent appointments for similar price you can recommend please ?
    You live life to the full. 🙏🙏🙏

    MICAHISGOD Month ago

    $400/mo. ?
    I'm moving to Thailand... SOON!

  • Godspeed1
    Godspeed1 Month ago

    Makes my heart all kinds of happy!!!

  • Godspeed1
    Godspeed1 Month ago

    Yessssssss!!! I see Sia!! Good job mate I'm so happy for you !! I'll pray it all goes well. Now the real journey is just beginning!!!!

  • Godspeed1
    Godspeed1 Month ago

    Where is Sia!!!????

  • Godspeed1
    Godspeed1 Month ago

    Woooooo hoooooo[ way to go mate! Please tell me you have reunited with Sia!!!!

  • Kaizoku
    Kaizoku Month ago

    All the comments saying "only in Thailand a goofy white guy gets a hot Asian girlfriend" here's what i will tell you. any guy with money anywhere in the world can get a hot chick it doesn't even have to be Thai girl or in Thailand . it just happens that to them we are very rich. if you are rich in the west you swim in pussy too so it's all about the money and don't go around looking for those kind of shallow girls that will love you for just your looks or your money. look for someone smart that will love you for who you truly are and what good of a person you are and whether she wants to spend the rest of her life with you. i know many Thai girls truly love a foreign guy and stay with him but some just don't keep their dicks in their pants or moved too fast without getting to know the girl properly.

  • Penny McMillan
    Penny McMillan Month ago

    This is a white mans delusional world! If you can’t get a woman at home move to a third world country where the women are hungry for your money! Lol

  • Chris Breezy
    Chris Breezy Month ago

    You can never be too careful with "girls" in thailand

  • Koosha Las Vegas Ex Muslim

    I was there for one month, preaching the gospel of JESUS CHRIST

    • Kaizoku
      Kaizoku Month ago

      no one cares lets move on

  • Insano Insano
    Insano Insano Month ago

    Man i u dont say the ptices every single operation and the conversion in dollars or euros

  • Issac Conrad
    Issac Conrad Month ago

    Dis dude like yea, I'm that nigga

  • khaled aljabri
    khaled aljabri 2 months ago

    thai girls sweer and so poor
    poor not mean poor money
    no like poor sweet heart

  • amogh mithbavkar
    amogh mithbavkar 2 months ago

    The girl is greedy 😂,she wants money,she want food always eating stay away from those kind of girls..

  • Sonam Tenzing
    Sonam Tenzing 2 months ago

    U both r sleepin together?

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 2 months ago

    Ever seen or heard of a white guy that went to Thailand and didn’t get a Thai girlfriend?. Nope. Me neither. More and MORE westerners are giving up on fat, lazy moody white feminist western women and replacing them with slim, obedient, FUN younger Thai girls. Haha thank FUCK for Thailand hey guys hahahah
    I’m moving to Thailand in 2020 just making my final moves here in London first.
    Mthen it’s bye byeeeee cold England and SAWSDEE KRAB In sunny Pattaya hahahaha (walking street shhhhh) ;)

    ANGRYGREEKMANYO 2 months ago

    Thai girls are actually gorgeous. They don't look like white Chinese Japanese Korean type Asians

  • Sudhagar R
    Sudhagar R 2 months ago

    Whr r u right now

  • Alan Vandegriff
    Alan Vandegriff 2 months ago

    Live Large Bru👍

  • Hermes Martin
    Hermes Martin 2 months ago

    Condo 400. Not that cheap...i got much Bigger in Malaysia for same price.

  • Rich Handsome Guy
    Rich Handsome Guy 2 months ago

    Yo bitch is flat asf. Get a real hoe bruh :(

  • Sun6 V
    Sun6 V 2 months ago

    I wish you both a great luck , you did a great job by marrying ( ..... !!!! ) a beautiful simple sweet girl .... from there. Wish you long long long happy married life ..... !!! but here to my RHS I seeee that you are leaving her ..... :( my heart breaks ..... :( Y do you do soooo .... ??

  • prog rock
    prog rock 2 months ago

    Butthead does Thailand!!!

    MARK HAWTHORNE 2 months ago +16

    A friend of mine went to Thailand. Beautiful place he said. Made me jealous, he met a lovely girl, so sweet so lovely. He said she was so eager to go to bed with him, all over him. She played with him in the bar , went back to his room, she tore his clothes off and pushed him on the bed, and pleased him. Then she said now your turn to suck my cock...........I do not have any more words.....

  • patricx plastic
    patricx plastic 2 months ago

    Bangkok is a juicy oyster if yah bring lots of green ..... aint no doubt if you have round 2000 bucks permonth and solid apartment with nice coupe civic ..... geez yah guys can hunt loaed of pretty thais excotic teenage ...... trustme mo green mo girl chick n stuff ✌

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta 2 months ago

    normal small apaprtement 3800-4500/month i has same. plus elektric whit aircon has 900-1200b/month.

    • Matti Virta
      Matti Virta 2 months ago

      @Sepzilla HD vastaavia kuin viideolla,mut sohva puuttui. heh harvassa on ollu ympäri taikkua sohvat kyl.

    • Sepzilla HD
      Sepzilla HD 2 months ago

      Oliks mont neliöö?:)

  • şevket danışman
    şevket danışman 2 months ago

    coming here turkey go go

  • Aevo Music
    Aevo Music 2 months ago

    Im thinking about to moving here or india or something. Where my hard earned money will be well spent. I cant even afford a shitty 1 bedroom apartmart in nj cause theyre all minimum $1200 a month

  • Charles Siew
    Charles Siew 3 months ago

    fuck these southeast asian whore!!

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne 3 months ago

    People commenting here seem really dumb. The statements and judgements you are making about this " white guy" is sad. You fuckin losers go travel yourself and stop asking stupid ass questions. USA, damn you're stupid

  • Nick Jeffrey
    Nick Jeffrey 3 months ago

    She is a perfect example of what beautiful woman look like! She’s super hot! 🥵😍

  • paul chance
    paul chance 3 months ago

    Thailand is a magical place on different levels

  • dave blaze
    dave blaze 3 months ago

    His girlfriend the truth.

  • Nick Coudounellis
    Nick Coudounellis 3 months ago

    Way too primitive for me to live there

  • 19brownboy81
    19brownboy81 3 months ago

    I’d totally tongue her butthole. All girls love that shit.

  • Hayward Robinson
    Hayward Robinson 3 months ago

    That's not bad for $400 a month. That's right up in my lane. You show the bathroom and you sold me on that.

  • Crazy Falang
    Crazy Falang 3 months ago

    What visa are you on to live there?

  • Ayyub Faiyazz
    Ayyub Faiyazz 3 months ago +2

    The image you chose for the thumbnail of this video was perfect! Yum!

  • Paul Nelsonภๆ
    Paul Nelsonภๆ 3 months ago

    Thailand is a great place to live.. it is as wild or sophisticated as you like.. love Bangkok.. all in one minute you can be in the village life or in the best housing hotels, restaurants and malls the world has to offer... thai street food is awesome..

  • Ed Worthington
    Ed Worthington 3 months ago

    Sai is a national treasure. You are one very lucky guy.

  • A. RJ
    A. RJ 3 months ago

    Dude... you are taking her on an "exotic vacation" in her eyes.. everything you are doing is the equivalent to how it's in the states except you're using US dollars. That's like a prince from Dubai going to the US and making a video.

  • Dan solo
    Dan solo 3 months ago

    Mans living the dream.

  • Randy Green
    Randy Green 3 months ago

    God I gotta get to Thai.

  • itsbiju
    itsbiju 3 months ago

    Wish my house came with a girl like her.

  • Shayne Landry
    Shayne Landry 3 months ago

    she beautiful