Parkland Shooting Survivors School Congress on Gun Violence: The Daily Show

  • Published on Feb 21, 2018
  • While Fox News and Marco Rubio dodge the topic of gun control after a school shooting in Parkland, FL, teen survivors stage protests to call for common sense legislation.
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  • Ava McQueen
    Ava McQueen Day ago

    So if you have a guy with a gun do you take away his gun or do you give another guy a gun and hope he’s going to win the 50/50 odds and beat the bad guy.

  • Ava McQueen
    Ava McQueen Day ago

    As an American school student i think that it’s so stupid that we’re forced to go to school 5/7 days of the week with these wackos with guns and no one trying to stop them. Guns can’t fight guns if no knows who going to shoot and when they’re going to shoot. Mental health is a big issue in the American school system and honestly all of these politicians are just dismissing that it does tie into schools shooters. No one would shoot up a school if they were in their right state of mind. So we need mental health tests when you’re going to buy a gun.

  • Ava McQueen
    Ava McQueen Day ago

    Why is this show more accurate than fox

  • Unknown Woman
    Unknown Woman 3 days ago

    Yep I’m homeschooling my kids

  • Tommy Brounson
    Tommy Brounson 5 days ago

    Fox News is like that cow in the field it just keeps eating and shiting and eating and shiting and eating and shooting when is it going to end

  • Henry Ruiz
    Henry Ruiz 6 days ago

    Spectacular Trevor noah!!!!

  • Courageous Content
    Courageous Content 8 days ago

    New movie about the gun control issue.

  • jam beats
    jam beats 9 days ago

    Make it hard for mentally unstable people to get guns? That's basically the whole. What's stable about the fact that to stop shootings you arm teachers? That is parents wont cry out if the damn teacher goes shooting down a kid with a gun trying to kill fellow kids. It will turn to maybe he is trying to show his fellow students his new toy.

  • Lynkz_venture jamaica

    Dwl yow you are too funny
    #hand to hand combat

  • 107 107
    107 107 11 days ago

    There is one thing about kids they always think that they know everything ontil they face the mistake that they made

  • 107 107
    107 107 11 days ago

    You are clever but not completely smart or you are playing a game

  • Simplemitten 876
    Simplemitten 876 12 days ago

    fox news : ok so how can we solve gun violence ?
    person1 : less guns
    fox news : nah
    person2 : mooorre guns maybe ?
    fox news : now that is a good a idea

    • Bryant Marquez
      Bryant Marquez 7 days ago

      Simplemitten 876 Hey dude gun violence or gun crime?

  • Jessa Rose
    Jessa Rose 14 days ago

    I am so proud of those fucking kids. So proud.
    Gives me so much hope for the future. For my own son who is only two. If these are the kids to inherit the world, we shall be okay one day. But hopefully, it won't be destroyed too damn badly before they inherit it.

  • Jessa Rose
    Jessa Rose 14 days ago

    I WILL NOT get used to this. I will NOT get used to this. I WILL NOT GET USED TO THIS.
    I remember Columbine vividly. I was in the 5th grade. It was a national fucking tragedy.
    And now there are school shootings I don't even hear about for months later...

  • Mitch Awino
    Mitch Awino 19 days ago +4

    An angry Trevor is a deadly Trevor...he will rip you to shreds😨😨😨

  • Noah Matthews
    Noah Matthews 19 days ago +1

    Bullets aren't ferromagnetic😑😂

  • Phoenix Sudaria
    Phoenix Sudaria 19 days ago +1

    Don’t say this happened because of guns, that’s ignorant bullshit. Go back further, its because this kid was bullied everyday until he couldn’t take it and his mental health was obliterated from everyday bullying

    • ArthurBro
      ArthurBro 7 days ago

      @Bryant Marquez I know right.

    • Bryant Marquez
      Bryant Marquez 7 days ago +1

      Phoenix Sudaria no replies since then....

    • Bryant Marquez
      Bryant Marquez 7 days ago

      ArthurBro also can I put something out most school shooters got their firearms by their relatives or family or friends.

    • Phoenix Sudaria
      Phoenix Sudaria 12 days ago +1

      ArthurBro your being moronic for thinking that i said gun control is a bad idea. Look at what I said again and you will see nothing there about that. I promise it only takes a few seconds

    • ArthurBro
      ArthurBro 12 days ago +1

      But...... if he couldn't buy a gun, he wouldn't be able to shoot up the school. How many school shootings are there in the UK, a country with much better gun control? None since handguns were banned in 1996. So don't say gun control is a bad idea, because you're being moronic.

    ØŇƏŁØVƏ89 23 days ago

    This is the hegelian dialectic that ruls dumb people's lives.

  • Gyo Truth
    Gyo Truth 26 days ago

    *Does he have a twin?* 😂😍😍😍😍

  • Harald Emerson
    Harald Emerson 27 days ago

    I'm homeschooled! I have plenty of friends!

  • Hex Zero Rouge
    Hex Zero Rouge 28 days ago

    And I'm watching this from Poland just for the feeling that somewhere it's worse

  • Mae Lin
    Mae Lin Month ago


  • Amal Nasser
    Amal Nasser Month ago

    It’s ironic conservatives are obsessed with guns, war , hand to hand combat. What’s next should we teach our kids to learn how to work tanks and grenades.

  • isha sajjad
    isha sajjad Month ago

    3:20 😂😂

  • TheLoneRideR
    TheLoneRideR Month ago

    I am always amused that people can think anything concocted by self-serving politicians, especially laws aimed at restricting their own citizens, can be called "common sense". To paraphrase Andre the Giant, "I don't think that word means what you think it means"....

  • Cookie2277 Yay
    Cookie2277 Yay Month ago

    I stopped watching as soon as he said homeschooled kids don’t have any friends. I take great offense to that because I’m homeschooled and I’m tired of people making fun and making like homeschool is a bad thing. I love the message he’s giving about guns and stuff but that homeschool thing was unecessary.

    • ArthurBro
      ArthurBro 12 days ago

      Dude... it was a joke.

  • Ravenz trzecie oko
    Ravenz trzecie oko Month ago

    The fact of the matter is that 90% of people who commit mass shootings will tell at least 1 person 80% will tell 2 and 50% will tell 3. So the police need to take this more seriously. Bullying also needs to be taken seriously by teachers and mental health needs to be a priority in schools. It's common sense but no one uses it.

    • That One
      That One Month ago +1

      Ravenz trzecie oko
      True no teachers care about bullying, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of these shooters are people who bully kids
      Like people are saying they shooter was “ostracized” from the other kids. That just means he was shunned. He was shunned cause he’d throw fruit at people’s backs so hard they collapse and say a bunch of weird stuff of the internet. That’s not bullying that’s common sense to not befriend a jerk

  • Peace It 27
    Peace It 27 Month ago +3

    Add Trevor’s best quotes in my replies 😂👇

  • Andrew McCallister
    Andrew McCallister Month ago +1

    Another issue is mental health. Mental health, depression,ptsd,. Its not just guns and no one seems to talk about it

    • ArthurBro
      ArthurBro 12 days ago

      There is mental health in England, but no school shootings. Maybe it's because England has high gun control.

  • MTF: Nine Tailed fox
    MTF: Nine Tailed fox Month ago +8

    Fox news: we are turning this school into a fortress!

  • hunter nolasco
    hunter nolasco Month ago

    It's funny how he thinks criminals will obey laws.

    • hunter nolasco
      hunter nolasco 12 days ago

      ArthurBro England doesn’t have a gun culture. The U.S. does.

    • ArthurBro
      ArthurBro 12 days ago

      @hunter nolasco Why doesn't that happen in England? Maybe it's gun control?

    • hunter nolasco
      hunter nolasco 12 days ago

      @ArthurBro yes, it is illegal to loan your firearm to someone who is mentally unstable. therefore, the unstable person got their firearm ILLEGALLY

    • ArthurBro
      ArthurBro 12 days ago

      @hunter nolasco You don't get, 90% of school shooters get their guns from relatives that bought it leaglly.

    • hunter nolasco
      hunter nolasco 12 days ago

      @ArthurBro There is a gun culture in the U.S. that doesn't exist in many other countries. Especially England. Passing more and more gun laws will only affect law abiding citizens. Not criminals who commit these crimes. Criminals don't buy their guns legally either. If they did, they would fail the background check

  • Kaje Penndragon
    Kaje Penndragon Month ago

    2 years ago, school mass shootings in America are such shockers and the world is shookt to the core.. Now, we're just, "Oh, another one?" 🙄

  • Lilmissgamer :/
    Lilmissgamer :/ Month ago +1

    My teacher can’t even spell Venezuela properly, and they expect him to shoot a shooter. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard

  • Akmal Hafiz
    Akmal Hafiz 2 months ago

    The most stupidest idea is giving teachers gun

  • molly cruz
    molly cruz 2 months ago

    I'm trying to imagine, back in the sixties, a gunner leaving my best high school friend dead by my side, and ever getting over it. Until it happens to you, you can't either. Gun laws work. You should have to have insurance just like cars, and for the same reason. You should be old enough, get a permit, take a test, register your gun and buy insurance, just like a car. An AR 15 would be very expensive to insure.

    • sparkplug1018
      sparkplug1018 23 days ago

      Or you could just reclassify them as an NFA firearm, you know something practical and doable. As opposed to some BS that sounds good in theory but would never fly in practice.

  • yun-wei huang
    yun-wei huang 2 months ago

    R the fox news people idiots?

  • Komal Khan
    Komal Khan 2 months ago

    5:00 highlighting this cuz _so many people refuse to accept this concept_

    • ArthurBro
      ArthurBro 12 days ago

      No, in England there is outstanding gun control, and do you know when the last school shooting was? 1996. Gun Control works.

  • Leia Jiang
    Leia Jiang 2 months ago

    Holy shit, mental health problems are almost never violent, impulsiveness is not a mental health issue.

    • Kaje Penndragon
      Kaje Penndragon Month ago

      Such an insult to people with mental illness.. Hate is not a mental illness.. These people are just fucking demons..

  • ShellySheep 999
    ShellySheep 999 2 months ago +1

    Banning guns won't stop gun violence. Metal detectors and armed teachers would be helpful. The teachers could have a lock box that the gun is in until they know there is a threat. The whole, "the teacher could miss" thing is stupid because anyone with a gun could miss.

  • ShellySheep 999
    ShellySheep 999 2 months ago

    Banning guns won't stop gun violence. Metal detectors and armed teachers would be helpful. The teachers could have a lock box that the gun is in until they know there is a threat. The whole, "the teacher could miss" thing is stupid because anyone with a gun could miss.

  • Trinity Livingston
    Trinity Livingston 2 months ago

    Wrong, it's not the mentally ill, it's people that are a danger to themselves or others. People that have suicidal and/or homocidal thoughts/ideations that shouldn't own guns. Plus, they will find a way to obtain those guns in illegal ways. Also, what do you mean by disability? There's physical, mental, and intellectual. So let me get this straight, a person who suffers PTSD from going to war shouldn't be allowed to own a gun, even though they thought for your freedom? Wow, mentally ill/disabled people aren't all dangerous people. I wish people could understand that.

  • Cody Carroll
    Cody Carroll 3 months ago

    Trevor Noah should be next, he can shove his jokes up his ass along with a gun down his throat

  • Chris 2000
    Chris 2000 3 months ago +1

    you republicans disgust me, you rather let people die just because you can't give up going to a gun range with your precious guns.

  • abdu aziz abdu rahman
    abdu aziz abdu rahman 3 months ago

    U will never see gun ban in US cuz it's the only way to remove black people

  • Harald Emerson
    Harald Emerson 3 months ago

    3:16 I take offense at that.

  • Isaac Koh
    Isaac Koh 3 months ago +1

    Why don't they just make guns a privilege, like make them only available to purchase to people 21 and above, maybe make it so that you need a license to own and sell them? Seems the only way if they can't just outlaw the guns outright

  • Lil Figaroo
    Lil Figaroo 3 months ago

    alcohol isn't in the damn constitution, guns are.

  • Lil Figaroo
    Lil Figaroo 3 months ago

    chicago has the strictest gun laws in the us but the most gun crime

  • Sock Cucka
    Sock Cucka 3 months ago

    This is awful... His crowd isn't even digging it

  • Fernando Tejeda
    Fernando Tejeda 3 months ago +1

    I looked up the list of shootings across the world by date and it seems the ratio is 3 to 1
    3 being a school shooting in America
    1 being a school shooting literally ANYWHERE ELSE

  • Bleh122602
    Bleh122602 3 months ago

    If you give guns to teachers.... what if some teachers are mentally unstable.... it’s possible... that would not end well. Also, a school shooter wouldn’t even bring their own gun, they’d just steal the one from school

  • Bleh122602
    Bleh122602 3 months ago

    My school has been threatened about 2-3 times, and it was scary. I just want certain guns banned and I want laws that make it harder for certain people, such as children, people with history of violence, etc, to get guns

  • Satoru Kuroshiro
    Satoru Kuroshiro 3 months ago

    Solution to gun violence, and the homeless populous of veterans: more background checks, mental stability checks, gun safety inspections, banned civilian use of ARs, and hire veterans to be security. Most veterans signed on with the intention of keeping Americans safe (something that is a major fallacy by US military propaganda), so they are likely the most willing to take on a job where they are, guess what, protecting people.

  • Ben Kerr
    Ben Kerr 4 months ago +1

    5:15 his ears are half the size of his face

  • Zaraki Kon
    Zaraki Kon 4 months ago

    And I Really wanna applaud these young people for their courage. You have to keep shouting and bother Polititions in order to get things changed. Well done you guys 😁👍. Please keep at it.

  • Zaraki Kon
    Zaraki Kon 4 months ago

    I find it quite bewildering (and Stupid) that many people in America think that the way to stop more shootings is More guns ??! And why on Earth does a private person need an automatic rifle to protect themselves ?!! America, Please wake up and stop listening to the NRA and it's lobbyists. The Only way forward is LESS guns or even better; No guns.

  • Yash Bajpai
    Yash Bajpai 4 months ago

    No schools, best solution🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • molly cruz
    molly cruz 4 months ago

    What would a WALL around MaraLago cost?

  • The History Critic Guy
    The History Critic Guy 4 months ago

    Alright let’s go with this fortress idea. Should we also put artillery, tanks, and even landing strips for planes. Uh and each could should be at,Ed with M 16’s and each have 150 rounds and machine guns with pill boxes in each classroom and....
    Or we can just make guns harder to get to avoid this problem

  • Meena Shetty
    Meena Shetty 4 months ago

    If there could be a second amendment there can be an amendment to that second amendment. But even the child who was in the shootout said he didn't want to disarm America. Why don't you want to disarm America?

    • Dirt Diver
      Dirt Diver 4 months ago

      Because this is America and we have a right to own firearms. What made Trevor so against metal detectors in school? They're all over the place that students go. Concerts, amusement parks, court houses, etc. Why not schools? Look at Chicago's inner city schools. They have a very comprehensive weapons screening program and virtually no weapons are ever brought into the schools there. Why punish a large portions of Americans for the actions of a very few number of mentally ill people?

  • king of games and anime
    king of games and anime 4 months ago +5

    3:45 To quote American Dad
    “There’s only one thing you need to know about Karate. Guns beat karate, every time.”

  • Delicia Stevenson
    Delicia Stevenson 4 months ago

    My silly willy 😃😃😃😃

  • ARON
    ARON 4 months ago

    Faux news and their syco conservetives are not just liars but too stupid as well

  • Jacob McBride
    Jacob McBride 4 months ago

    Aborted babies, precious babies die by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS a year. I dont see kids (or anyone else in protest of that). I'm sorry all of you people care more about shootings (as terrible and tragic as they are) than you do HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF BABIES WITH NO VOICE YET. TRY FIXING THAT PROBLEM FIRST!🧐

    • Skulldetta
      Skulldetta 4 months ago

      You're right. The lives of fetuses who in 99% of cases at the time of abortion are so underdeveloped that they have no conscience of their own and wouldn't survive a minute outside of the womb are more important than the lives of living, breathing children with actual personalities who are loved by their friends and family and have to suffer the last minutes of their lives in fear and agony because NRA supporters think that common sense gun laws are "unconstitutional".

  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan 4 months ago

    Anyone remember when ppl in some weird part of PA armed there teachers w/ rocks

  • KozPop
    KozPop 4 months ago +3

    “Get rid of the schools. Problem solved.”

  • lil_leo
    lil_leo 4 months ago

    This is how ima defend my self without a gun when someone breaks into my house

  • Fatma Said
    Fatma Said 4 months ago


  • April Harper
    April Harper 4 months ago

    Parkland kids I hope you are still sticking with this Love you!!!

  • Riot FiftyThousand
    Riot FiftyThousand 4 months ago

    Fox is armed with RETARDS and CONCRETE FILLED SKULLS.
    Overpaid DumbAsses

  • Tsumi_the_ hapa
    Tsumi_the_ hapa 5 months ago

    Sad so many people lack empathy in this country and a lack of empathy is a lack of humanity

  • Bryan DeCluette
    Bryan DeCluette 5 months ago +1

    Fuck those kids if they weren't bulling the kid they would not have gotten shot. Every time... we find out later the shooter was being bullied and the adults did nothing, then you have the stop the bullying campaign taking about fucking emoji, fuck emoji. How bout you punk ass kids stop being shitty to people and it might just save your worthless lives.

    • Skulldetta
      Skulldetta 4 months ago

      Oh yes, because every single child that was killed in the attack must obviously have been bullying the shooter. I mean, there's no proof of that whatsoever and it's about as likely as winning the lottery, but let's not get facts in the way.

  • almond potato
    almond potato 5 months ago +2

    Yeah, that's right people, our generation made it cool to eat Tide Pods!!

  • Devesh Rao
    Devesh Rao 5 months ago

    Bro I'm not from America and the whole world makes fun and disagree with Americans obsession with guns at least your youth is doing something about that

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 4 months ago

      Yeah, they're lobbying to put themselves and everyone else in the next concentration camps, oh but they're counting on being the kapos that get to oversee all the other prisoners so they think they'll be safe.

  • Helen Newell
    Helen Newell 5 months ago

    Yes to all of this, but our generation was not the ones eating Tide pods? I've never heard of anyone over the age of 12 trying that? Besides influencers with young audiences?

  • Mugdha Sonawane
    Mugdha Sonawane 5 months ago

    I brought hands to a gun fight😕

  • one tome plz
    one tome plz 5 months ago

    Bro you think a that a gun laws will stop like Timmy from getting his ak na man like if he want that so he getting that ak like it ain’t that hard with all the dealers

  • one tome plz
    one tome plz 5 months ago

    In Soviet Russia you don’t shoot school school shot you

  • one tome plz
    one tome plz 5 months ago

    Get rid of school you can’t shoot up school with out school 500 fucking IQ

  • one tome plz
    one tome plz 5 months ago

    Yea cus 60 year old ms Allen is going to beat up my school shooters

  • one tome plz
    one tome plz 5 months ago

    Guns are just as harmless as anything they can’t hurt you it the ppl that doing it

  • EliteLenny
    EliteLenny 5 months ago +1

    Brah... Liking the solution of home school. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shubh Shukla
    Shubh Shukla 5 months ago

    Americans are going to shit!! Gun control by guns. Stupid stuuuuupid. Immigrants are saving their country untill now.

  • Hekate
    Hekate 5 months ago

    Well, the second a group they don't like does something, those same Conservatives don't care at all about using the dead.
    Yes, I am looking at you Mr. Ben Liberals-are-immoral-monsters-for-using-those-victims-oh-look-an-immigrant-killed-a-girl!-Shapiro.

  • Hana Phelps
    Hana Phelps 5 months ago

    We have laws on drugs. People still get drugs but the laws are there in place still. Why? Because drugs are dangerous. Sooo why do we not have gun laws? Yes people might still get guns but they will be caught and go to prison. The fact that people are legally getting these guns of mass distraction is the problem. But they don’t get in trouble for having them just for using them.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 4 months ago

      We DO have gun laws, there are literally thousands of them on the books, why aren't the criminals magically following them?

  • Anushi The Sushii
    Anushi The Sushii 5 months ago

    It’s strange to watch this when just a few months ago one of our schools got a gun threat...

  • Daniel. R Carter
    Daniel. R Carter 5 months ago

    This is fucking hilarious.😂

  • Urbandeity
    Urbandeity 5 months ago

    I live ten mins from stoneman and although u didn’t go there my life is changed forever. This is the generation of change and all the old hags in office are just going to have to manage and put on their big boy pants

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 4 months ago

      Hmmmm, no, the whiny little tantrum BS punks can put on their big boy diapers first and grow up and realize the whole world is not going to be unicorns and rainbows because they demand everybody to get rid of guns. Evil will still exist, and it will pounce on the surge of unarmed people.

  • Jerry Y
    Jerry Y 6 months ago

    These kids were great. Except for the WMD thing. IK that was a mistake but still cringy.

  • MarbleSwan666
    MarbleSwan666 6 months ago +1

    When aomeone eventually shoots up an anti school rally, the politicians are going to make it illegal to rally against gun violence

  • Gloria Kirabo
    Gloria Kirabo 6 months ago +1

    Trevor is everything I’ve ever needed!he gets me into emotions which end in laughter 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tooleigh Cele
    Tooleigh Cele 6 months ago

    America should concentrate on bullying and mental health... right after Tougher gun laws

    • Tooleigh Cele
      Tooleigh Cele 5 months ago

      Lizzie Allen I’ll ask you again... did you read my initial comment? Because I didn’t say.. control gun laws and your problem is fixed? I SAID they need to look into mental health and bullying... right after gun laws.
      You’ve got a problem of selective acceptance. You choose half of a statement that you can attack on. It’s funny.
      Here’s a piece of advice...take your passion and use it to help the situation in the best way you can . Because it seems to me that you are a bully yourself . Take some time out and consider that you are apart of the problem .
      Cyber bully. That’s what you are.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 5 months ago

      @Tooleigh Cele It would be easier to cause a massacre with a truck, France proved it, 85 dead from 1 truck, more than any mass shooting. And do you say people with mental health shouldn't have a driver's license?

    • Tooleigh Cele
      Tooleigh Cele 5 months ago

      Lizzie Allen you do realize that eradicating/limiting / treating mental health is not a job of one person overnight, right?
      But....! Taking away access to guns will do a hell of a lot for the body count from such situations.
      1 person with mental health killing dozens of people . Taking LIVES , is damn serious ... first thing to think of are the number of innocent people that are at risk. I don’t think it would be as easy to cause a massacre with a machete.
      Another thing is that mental health is not written on the forehead of the sufferer .in most cases it’s only discovered after the incidences.
      Guns might not be the problem per se...but the accessibility of them and the damage done USING them in such situations is undeniable.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 5 months ago

      ​@Tooleigh Cele 'Bullied kids killing themselves and mentally ill people killing random people for no reason aren't as important as guns'. Tell us how what you wrote doesn't equate to that.

    • Tooleigh Cele
      Tooleigh Cele 5 months ago

      Lizzie Allen can you actually read? Or is it understanding English that Is the problem. Perhaps it’s the need to start drama and beef online which is clouding your vision?
      Re-read my comment and then give me your opinion . Don’t come at me

  • FlAt EaRtH iS 4 ReAl
    FlAt EaRtH iS 4 ReAl 6 months ago +1

    Btw look in Chicago where they have the toughest gun laws and still gun violence hasn’t went down

  • FlAt EaRtH iS 4 ReAl
    FlAt EaRtH iS 4 ReAl 6 months ago

    I don’t really find this funny, And ik im kinda late on this video but 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Giancarlo Gambetta
    Giancarlo Gambetta 6 months ago +1

    Liberty>safety. The government has no business telling us what we can and can't own

    • Terrence Ganasen
      Terrence Ganasen 16 days ago

      Govt has no business telling Iran what they can and can't own..... I can get a nuclear bomb and call it a reactor is I want......

  • Fresco gedime
    Fresco gedime 6 months ago

    Who Hire people in FOX news

  • Sooki Yakima
    Sooki Yakima 6 months ago

    I believe in the next generation

  • Dan Jamed
    Dan Jamed 6 months ago

    I love gen Z😭🥰❤️

  • Irene Garcia Tores
    Irene Garcia Tores 6 months ago

    Love him!

  • Ashley Greene
    Ashley Greene 6 months ago +1

    People Kil people not guns I love how everyone blames the gun and not the killer