Parkland Shooting Survivors School Congress on Gun Violence: The Daily Show

  • Published on Feb 21, 2018
  • While Fox News and Marco Rubio dodge the topic of gun control after a school shooting in Parkland, FL, teen survivors stage protests to call for common sense legislation.
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  • 75th Teaster
    75th Teaster 10 hours ago

    At least the homeschooled kids are still alive I guess

  • Xolani Dzanibe
    Xolani Dzanibe 16 hours ago

    Fucked Counrty

  • Infinite Being
    Infinite Being 5 days ago

    Thank God M not Living there

  • Nick Bringman
    Nick Bringman 5 days ago

    Omg your hilarious

  • Shayori Halder
    Shayori Halder 6 days ago

    I've watched almost every video about the marjory stoneman school shooting and its just so tragic to think that the most developed country in the world is so insecure that they refuse to believe that not every single citizen needs access to guns.
    In my country only civil servants snd defense personnels are allowed to keep duty weapons snd only on very special circumstances civilians are allowed to have access to a gun license. Assault rifles are something most people have never laid eyes on and we're doing just fine. Two words, GUN CONTROL.

  • Miggz JLV
    Miggz JLV 8 days ago

    Magnets 🤔🤔

  • brandon robinson
    brandon robinson 15 days ago

    When are we actually gonna address the real issue? When are we gonna take a step back and really accept what the real problem is?

  • I am Batman
    I am Batman 19 days ago +1

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

    • I am Batman
      I am Batman 15 days ago

      Anssi_Ilari my point is, you shouldn’t blame law abiding gun owners by confiscating guns with gun control when some random asshat shoots up a school. My solution in my opinion is to place armed veterans and psychologists in schools, so we can easily protect children and get homeless veterans off the streets, and get psychologists to detect shooters before they snap. One school in Florida is already doing this.

    • Anssi_Ilari
      Anssi_Ilari 17 days ago

      And people with guns kill more people than people without guns, what's your point?

  • Andrew Makashoff
    Andrew Makashoff 20 days ago +1

    And Russia has started to import garbage from Turkey.

  • Pranay Chaturvedi
    Pranay Chaturvedi 24 days ago +2

    What if one day a student shoots bunch of congressmen, I wonder what ll they say!

  • gaming director
    gaming director 25 days ago

    His idea was still better than fox news's idea

    BALD CAT 27 days ago

    simple ban guns why do you need them for what purpose

  • Lenny Lynch
    Lenny Lynch 27 days ago +1

    "Why stop the shootings from happening in the first place when we could just train people to fight the shooters and slightly reduce the number of dead?"

  • moises dorantes
    moises dorantes 28 days ago

    Gun violence is related to money

  • Nathan Jj2
    Nathan Jj2 28 days ago

    wait why don't we just give students guns.they already play 18 hours of PvP and shooting games

  • Soloer Love
    Soloer Love Month ago

    Good idea no school I love it.😂

  • Roaring Beast
    Roaring Beast Month ago

    3:00 how is that a better idea then the ones they come up with on Fox News or Fox News in general

  • Madhavendra Singh
    Madhavendra Singh Month ago


  • syed uzair
    syed uzair Month ago

    Number one tip for these Americans: Go to other countries to study!

  • jason lee
    jason lee Month ago

    Just ban gun........ Gg NRA have too much money

  • Kayleigh Weldon
    Kayleigh Weldon Month ago +1

    Just gotta worry about the guns in circulation that are unaccounted for.

  • fred flintstoner
    fred flintstoner Month ago

    Arm each kid, not just the teachers

  • fred flintstoner
    fred flintstoner Month ago

    A lot of guns are bought illegally.

  • the creator
    the creator Month ago +1

    Fucking morons hating on guns as if tighter gun laws will help. These shootings aren't done legally so what will stricter laws do? "Take away the availability of the gun so the shooters can't get them". This would honestly just force shooters to craft makeshift guns to go ape shit with( which really isn't that hard to a person with RUclip and the materials). The mass murders are still illegal in the US so even if guns were outlawed and somehow forgotten, I'm quite sure someone would invent some other creative way to kill. Why? because you idiot libtards don't realize the people are the issue not the weapons used. Sadly that's not and issue you can fix. The thing these killers are chasing is typically fame by any means, not to be forgotten, or sometimes vengeance on the asshole at school. You can't fix that, you can prevent it but thats it. Want to know how? Stop making then famous and stop being fucking dickheads to one another.

  • Peyton Hill
    Peyton Hill Month ago +1

    Imagine if they armed a Colored teacher . The police charge the class during a shooting how do you think they are going to shoot the colored teacher or the most likely white kid

  • Cubs Dude
    Cubs Dude Month ago +2

    That shut up and dribble comment got me

  • Mohammad javed Ikram
    Mohammad javed Ikram Month ago +1

    Real criminals is dagulas school bloody students and inncoent is nikolas cruz

  • Mohammad javed Ikram
    Mohammad javed Ikram Month ago +1

    My name is huzaifa

  • Mohammad javed Ikram
    Mohammad javed Ikram Month ago +1

    Gun volince is only fake drama real story is bloody school ragging and harismant violence not gun violence and nikolas cruz is inncoent boy and dagulas school bloody students is real criminals

  • larry zan
    larry zan Month ago +1

    No body wants to say but we all know the only way to stop gun violence is to take away gun rights and make it illegal to own one and leave it to those who really need it like the military . How often do u use your gun ?...never . And since civilian got no guns then cops won't need it too because none will be armed . There are other means of protection like pepper spray taser ,knifes & swords.or adopt the Japanese system of owning a gun

    • larry zan
      larry zan Month ago

      Robin Gomez well we gonna have a recession anyway so this will help come faster

    • Robin Gomez
      Robin Gomez Month ago

      larry zan and u say for a full refund, let me explain how does American economy works with guns ok bud, there is more than 300 million people in the US, 7/10 have at least ONE weapon, the US spends more than Russia, Japan, China, and India together in one year just in military, we sell those guns to make MORE money, we sell it in and outside the US, do you realize how bad that would be for the US economy??

    • Robin Gomez
      Robin Gomez Month ago

      larry zan to the news??? Do u even read any article about guns?? Like I said, taking guns away it’s gonna make the problem worst, leaving the criminals to the police?? What if an armed robber gets in your house?? You’re gonna have a civilized talk with him until the police arrives?? The same thing happened to Venezuela, once guns were banned, criminality increased because criminals obtain ILEGAL weapons?? Ask Chicago, the stare with higher gun restrictions, and it’s still considered one of America’s most dangerous cities, or even go to the south, go to mexico and their strict gun laws, where you can just own a gun if you were part of the military, and for what we know, it’s not one of the safest place in Latin America, because criminals have ILEGAL weapons, how arrogant u have to be to not see the obvious dude...

    • larry zan
      larry zan Month ago

      Don't worry guys they always wait until things get really bad and out of hand before right to own gun is taken away if it can be done I say do it ! Gun ownership is illegal in some countries and they are doing just fine .

    • larry zan
      larry zan Month ago

      Jay like I said take guns away from civilians for a full refund and make it illegal

  • Reagan Li
    Reagan Li Month ago

    These school shootings are not enough to change the minds of the American people. Unfortunately, there needs to be something even bigger or tragic to occur before people will turn their opinions around.

    • ahmad faizal
      ahmad faizal Month ago

      @Jay i hope your family or even yourself get to experience what the victim and their family went through

    • Reagan Li
      Reagan Li Month ago

      @Jay If you are pro gun, would you not agree that proper background checks and more strict control are necessary? Its not a punishment, no one is taking away guns..

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago

      Reagan Li the majority shouldn’t be punished because of the minority

  • Echo Ace
    Echo Ace Month ago

    Oh god, at this rate I’m going to die of laughter

  • H H
    H H Month ago

    What if a teacher, gets mad. With a gun.

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago

      H H you better be teachers pet

  • Spino2Earth
    Spino2Earth Month ago +1

    Guns should only be for those outside of cities where they need protection from dangerous animals not at schools! How stupid are these Americans? Even Mexicans are smarter!

    • Robin Gomez
      Robin Gomez Month ago

      Spino2Earth yeah right, because criminals don’t have ILEGAL guns, haha, yeah let’s go to Venezuela, they have no guns, they’re fighting a dictatorship with sticks and rocks, let’s go to chicago, the city with more gun laws in America and it’s still one of the deadliest ones, or even Mexico that has super restrictive gun laws and for what we know it’s not the safest place in Latin America since criminals STILL have guns, the reality is that you know shit and still feel that you have some to say

  • TsukigamiNinja
    TsukigamiNinja Month ago

    This will start Purge

  • Fred M
    Fred M Month ago +2

    Americans love their guns more than their kids.

  • Fred M
    Fred M Month ago +1

    I hate Trump.

    JESSEN FERNANDO Month ago +1

    I dont want to go to school

  • Mfundo Mayila
    Mfundo Mayila Month ago

    Johannesburg, South Africa - Trevor's just on another level people.

  • Mostfa Al-Jarah
    Mostfa Al-Jarah Month ago

    *it has to be more difficult to somebody who is mentally ill like him to a querie weapon of mass..

  • Jonathan Arthur
    Jonathan Arthur Month ago

    Senator Marco Rubio had a really good point Noah they'll still find a way to do it guns are bought privately everyday the only people who would not have a gun is the good guys at that point the bad guys will find a way meanwhile the good guys don't have any protection or means of protecting themselves but you roasted him anyway

    • ahmad faizal
      ahmad faizal Month ago

      And those good guy not a fucking jason bourne which they didn't know when will the shooting happens.

    • Reagan Li
      Reagan Li Month ago

      No you are missing the point. The good guys will still be able to acquire guns, just have to go through additional training and checks. No one ever mentioned or uttered the words of banning guns.

  • Zaid Khan
    Zaid Khan Month ago

    This Shooting Reminded me of Pakistan School Shooting Wtf. Cant we just live in Peace.

    SAGAR SETH Month ago

    An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind ! ... It's funny to see people trying to start Arms race inside US itself 😂

    SUPER STARVINES Month ago +2

    And also dont vote a piece of shit like trump if you want america great

    SUPER STARVINES Month ago +2

    You americans are fucking stupid look at the other countries we dont have violence and mass shootings like that because we are not aloud to have guns fix that shit and it will get much better its way to easy to get a gun in america

  • zamochit1989
    zamochit1989 Month ago

    Their generation found a way to make eating cleaning chemicals cool. Priceless.

  • Carsten Sevier
    Carsten Sevier Month ago

    I as a highschool student, would stop going to highschool the day they arm teachers

  • Khaos Inoculation
    Khaos Inoculation Month ago

    Cigs kill 521 thousand Americans a year @ a rate of 1,300 Americans a day, and we can see zero hypes for ban with more than 5 times total gun deaths which are majority gangs. Yet most people claiming we should ban guns claim its because they care about peoples lives, and while demanding no technologies to defend vulnerable places over generalizing people to attack their rights. Just ignore what criminals would do when they know their targets are unarmed.
    If you people really cared, you would demand technologies like Raytheon boomerang 3 to be everywhere to pin point exact locations of shots fired on a network, and actually pay attention to defenses. Many that are used to protect banks and govt buildings. You would demand foreign aid money be used to adapt in order to prevent ignorance from putting us in position to not be able to help anybody because of being overwhelmed with crime.
    Its ^ simple to point out extreme flaws in their care.. Every time people talk about banning guns, gun sales skyrocket, and that's them KNOWING they would be deemed criminals the moment those guns are banned until handed in. This suggests a RISK of a war of rights.. This could cause many Americans to be hurt or killed, and put us in position to fear AID like we do other people if our system loses control.
    You people are mainly running on pure emotion and jumping on what ever piece of data the media spits. Instead of looking at the TOTALS.. Taking something simple, and making it more complex. A strategy used on? The stupid.

  • Lance Smith
    Lance Smith 2 months ago

    And of course this non-American douche bag has to weigh in. Noah, pls stfu already.

    • ahmad faizal
      ahmad faizal Month ago

      @Lance Smith you did give a fuck with the reply. Idiotic

    • Lance Smith
      Lance Smith Month ago

      @Reagan Li ask me if I give a fuck. Bc I DON'T!

    • Reagan Li
      Reagan Li Month ago

      Typical, instead of debating the issue, you attack the person.. Just like Trump.

  • CCW Noob
    CCW Noob 2 months ago

    "The solution is in more laws, more government employees, and more spending." Read A Peace Plan for a Safer America which just got presented under the Parkland name brand.

  • Markus Massey
    Markus Massey 2 months ago +4

    Omg people! Obviously guns don't cause gun violence, that's like trying to say that drugs cause drug related deaths. That's why we have the choice to buy drugs legally,

  • Oober Goober
    Oober Goober 2 months ago

    Just remember that drugs are illegal too. And yet they're still a problem.

    • Reagan Li
      Reagan Li Month ago

      @Jay The deeper problem is a people issue, I agree. Violence will never go away as long as humans are living on this planet. But easy access to guns is a problem also.

    • Oober Goober
      Oober Goober Month ago

      @Jay or a moral issue.

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago

      Reagan Li but by age 18 60% of teenagers have had atleast 1 drink.... guns aren’t the issue it’s a cultural issue

    • Reagan Li
      Reagan Li Month ago

      @Oober Goober Exactly, thats why there are laws around drinking too young or too much. So why aren't there more control laws with guns?

    • Oober Goober
      Oober Goober Month ago

      @Reagan Li drinking too much can have health can cause health issues. Which is why people under 21 cant buy alcohol.

  • Mory Mory
    Mory Mory 2 months ago

    I used to think we needed more gun control until I saw Neil DeGrasse Tyson's tweet on the recent mass shootings. It puts crime in perspective and shows why more gun laws are not the solution.

    • ahmad faizal
      ahmad faizal Month ago +1

      Look at switzerland where the civilian really respect thr guns and even kids could hande their gun better than most americans. Their law very strict and no mass shootings for centuries

  • G T
    G T 2 months ago

    You should watch Assassination class room ( Anime) and do the same thing, teach the kids to become assassins so they can defend themselves.
    Stupid governments, you only care about money and not lives.

    • PaPa JeRRy yy
      PaPa JeRRy yy 2 months ago

      @G T actually that's true the fov is giving stupid ideas like "give teachers guns"

    • G T
      G T 2 months ago

      PaPPy Pewds yy I know its a stupid idea. I said that because the American government is giving a lot of stupid ideas about this issue.

    • PaPa JeRRy yy
      PaPa JeRRy yy 2 months ago

      Not accurate and stupid idea

  • Joninfiction
    Joninfiction 2 months ago

    Guns aren’t the problem, it’s people. People are the problem. People treat people like crap. People walk by homeless people and hold their Children closer while they walk by “don’t look”. People buy and sell underage girls to rich people. People put people down for having weird hair cuts. People beat people up for being gay. People force people to get jobs they have no passion in. People take advantage of others. The problem is people. People kill people.

    • ahmad faizal
      ahmad faizal Month ago

      You're not wrong when you said "the people are the problem", when the mass shooting happens the gun are their weapon and you'll never know when the shooting will happen.

  • ButtOnAStick
    ButtOnAStick 2 months ago

    Lol they'll probably end up shooting their own homes

  • Beetle
    Beetle 2 months ago

    This dude is the first person to make me laugh at school shootings

  • ck187
    ck187 2 months ago

    Seems gun companies are pushing this agenda....

    • Reagan Li
      Reagan Li Month ago +1

      Just look at who much influence the NRA has in the congress and senate. Its no surprise.

  • Bablu Yogindre
    Bablu Yogindre 2 months ago

    19 years and no alcohol?

  • Lil Ambivert
    Lil Ambivert 2 months ago +1

    3:00 facts