BREAKING NEWS: Clashes outside the Gupta family house

  • Опубликовано: 7 апр 2017
  • A large group of protesters are demonstrating outside the Gupta family's mansion in Saxonworld, Johannesburg. The protesters have had clashes with police, and it is alleged that rubber bullets were fired on the crowd to disperse them.
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  • miguel castelo
    miguel castelo 4 месяца назад

    you struggling with sound then why are we paying Tv licence

  • Patrick M Mabena
    Patrick M Mabena 4 месяца назад +1

    What kind of news station is this? What an amateur quality reporting.

  • Helen R. Miller
    Helen R. Miller 8 месяцев назад +1

    Crappy Journalism !!!

  • Wendy Ferguson
    Wendy Ferguson Год назад +1

    Clever businessmen Guptas, they saw a WEAK CORRUPT LEADER AND A FAILED GOVERNMENT so they came and bought favour by making the zoooma family shareholders in their small companies and wined and dined them and gave them money so that the zoomers wEre in debt to them THEN DEMANDED EITHER THEIR MONEY BACK or FAVOURS AND BECAUSE THE WHOLE FAT OBESE ZOOMER FAMILY are broke they said yeeessssss whatever you want INDIAN GUPTAS. GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY AND GO AND CORRUPT YOU OWN COUNTRY INDIA. I WONDER WHAT THE INDIAN PEOPLE WOULD HAVE DONE TO YOU IF YOU DID THIS IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN HUNG FROM TREES!

  • Werner Lategan
    Werner Lategan Год назад +1

    SABC is kak.

  • talk2me9ja
    talk2me9ja Год назад +1

    White people are behind this fake protest. Black people need not protest with white people as these white people are the children of apartheid operator who should not be allowed to return to power any time in the history of South Africa again. As a matter of fact South Africa name needs to be changed and so are all of the name slave trader British and the slave trader Netherland gave monuments and places in South Africa.

  • talk2me9ja
    talk2me9ja Год назад +1

    Black people needs to leave India and other indigenous Africans alone. The real people whom they need to focus on are the British and the Dutch who are planning on returning the country to white rule and apartheid. The Gupta and Zuma are not the problem.

  • Daytona dream
    Daytona dream Год назад

    these curry munchers have ate enough of our money,take ur bunny chows n piss off.

  • Thomas Alberts
    Thomas Alberts Год назад +2

    Why must taxpayers pay for the police to protect the Guptas?

  • chris molebatsi
    chris molebatsi Год назад

    How much did the police benefit from the loot, we cannot have a police department that is incapable of defending the rule of law annd sovereignity of the state. Let the Gupta's go they have messed up and shown their crookedness.

  • Resistance SouthernCameroon
    Resistance SouthernCameroon Год назад +1

    I would advice the Guptas to take a vacation or emmigrate. It would be good if they could take Zuma and his 7 wives with them except they have some women for Zuma bc the guy cannot live without.... without a wife, take care of your girl children around.

    • Christopher Gwala
      Christopher Gwala 4 месяца назад

      It would be great but Zuma still has to face the music. 783 cases still need to be attended to with Zuma present and then sent to jail.

    • talk2me9ja
      talk2me9ja Год назад

      Fake resistance Southern Cameroon Ayamiri biafraud Igbos shut up about other people business. Mind your own business.

  • Makhehl
    Makhehl Год назад

    Shoot the bastards who are harassing your and you family

  • rocklyn gous
    rocklyn gous Год назад +3

    extremely poor reporting. disgraceful SABC

  • Siphesihle Tshabalala
    Siphesihle Tshabalala Год назад +1

    your sound is bad

  • Matt911
    Matt911 Год назад +3

    deliberate audio cut.....once again .....typical SABC pathetic news station! ........ what you scared and afraid of!!!!!? The world knows....already how corrupt the Gupta's are and Zuma is ....the police should not be firing rubber bullets at protesters they should be helping them get out....and Zuma ....... The ANC is finished!get them out!

    • Werner Lategan
      Werner Lategan Год назад +1

      talk2me9ja White pride, white power!!!

    • Matt911
      Matt911 Год назад +4

      Firstly you don't know nothing about South African history, why? no wait the Africans burnt there own schools down...suppressed there own people , and the history deleted, left with no blame the whites, the Africans never built south Africa the whites did and the whites gave it back........ what descendants are you from ....the young brain washed youth....uneducated African in a shack.... and still so bitter that you have nothing...and after 25 years the ANC and the poor and uneducated Africans an poverty riddled Nation still blame so few whites left in south Africa and blame apart'''''' wake up .....and you pull..the racism card! The whites will never govern south Africa....ever again nor do they want to....its too broken..... they want what all south Africans want is...peace....and to live side by side...... how long do you think the rest of the world is gonna sit back and let the africans continue the white genocide an...killing are waking a sleeping giant and all of us in Europe can see the cracks forming, the battle of Blood River will be a pond in comparison on what will happen if they don't stop.... thing you were right need to pay attention to who the real criminals are.....our news here in Europe is not suppressed here no like yours, we see all..... there is white and black criminals in all governments, countries...i'm sure of that....

    • talk2me9ja
      talk2me9ja Год назад

      Get them out so White criminal descendants of slave traders can take over the country again. No. Gupta, Zuma are not the problems. Caucasia who steal hoard the South Africa money are the ones that need focus. The entire South Africa black people needs to pay attention to who the real criminals are in their country.

  • Yaghiyah Brenner
    Yaghiyah Brenner Год назад +2

    deliberate audio cut.

  • Kenny GeeWhizz
    Kenny GeeWhizz Год назад

    Re kaptcha!!!!

  • Onkemetse Dikgole
    Onkemetse Dikgole Год назад

    too bad...

  • Allan Tshuma
    Allan Tshuma Год назад +2

    that is a national key point stay away from that place