Why Our Brains Love Junk Food

Hank explains the scientific reasons behind why we humans generally prefer to eat donut hamburgers to carrots.

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Diet & the evolution of the earliest human ancestors - http://www.pnas.org/content/97/25/13506.full
Australopithecus: Diet - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australopithicus#Diet
Did cooking make us human? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf_OWun4Y04

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Автор ShadowTheSoulless ( назад)
I'm not fond of raw carrots but if it was 'broccoli or fries' i'd eat the broccoli , only if it was steamed. or a banana, im nto a big fry person sry. now if it was Chesse cake or broccoli... id pick cheese cake.

Автор 2Awesome ( назад)
So much for not talking with your mouth full...

Автор Grace Madeline ( назад)
@all vegans/vegetarians who insist humans are supposed to be herbivores (and I'm vegetarian, but I hate this misinformation)

Автор Benjamin Malave ( назад)
Carrots vs. French Fries is not a fair comparison, as the latter is a prepared food. What about carrots vs. potatoes?

Автор Michael Hartman ( назад)
Why do we prefer some foods hot, and some foods cold?

Автор i hate gmail ( назад)
gimme both dude, theyre both delicious

Автор Podigy Video ( назад)
How about sweet potato fries
They are healthy and tasty

Автор green tea ( назад)
we're not omnivores

Автор arrozblanco7 ( назад)
Carrots over Frenchfries? Why you always lying..

Автор BonziBuddy ( назад)
Proof that vegans are dumb as shit.

Автор Herobrine 37 ( назад)
I´m for fries (Note: I´m not eating fries frequently) :D

Автор random mcr fan Lgbtq ( назад)
I don't like hugs

Автор Natroya Powell ( назад)
who tf still believes that we evolved from apes

Автор BlueberryBumblebees ( назад)
I find this video as I'm eating ramen made with garlic powder and cayenne, drained, with a tab of butter...

Автор Savannah Raines ( назад)

Автор TheBoltMaster ( назад)
I eat nothing but fast food for 15 days straight,doesn't even gain a pound...STOP MAKING FUN OF ME OK! I'M JUST SHORT AND SKINNY THIS WAY! XD

Автор Michael Maxime ( назад)
so that's why L eats all those sweets!

Автор Lizica Dumitru ( назад)
but fries are nutritious...for my brain...evidently

Автор Ito Ri ( назад)
"I swear this is going to be the last SciShow video of today..."
*finishes video*
*clicks on another SciShow video*
There are so much videos like tf help me

Автор Lerd Nerdaderd ( назад)
Hank: and our brains are like YEAH!

Автор Aubu Atmora ( назад)
I love Carrots....
French fries ... meh....

Автор Rishab Manral ( назад)
do you ever blink bro

Автор greg furtiere ( назад)
i like carrots in my bum,

Автор Rata Touille ( назад)
2:56 You should say " Whats up doc?"

Автор Federico Olivares ( назад)
do not talk with your mouth full...

Автор भारतीय ( назад)

Автор Bhaalspawn84 ( назад)
Honestly i'd eat half of a carrot then fries then carrots to the fridge until forgotten&moldy.

Автор Andrei Joaca Gaming ( назад)
I love French fries.....


Автор The Leaving Goose ( назад)
I'd go with potato, baked potato that is.

Автор Rylee Matthew ( назад)
The brain demands fat foods because it loves it, the rest of the body screams in pain with every bite. Not literally, though.

Автор Inkly ( назад)
I love carrots....

Автор Jazzy ( назад)
the fries are prepared, the carrots are not. I would much rather eat roasted carrots with seasonings than fries. don't get me wrong, I love fries, I'd choose them over the raw carrot any day. but it's not quite a fair fight to pit a food that's already cooked and ready to eat against raw food that doesn't even look washed yet.

Автор R Tex ( назад)
That is one hairy grandma Hank! (Mind blowing hint: Not human and not a human ancestor.)

Автор 啊啊啊 ( назад)
not gonna lie to myself, i would always chose the fries

Автор Thexsillyxzone ( назад)

Автор BetsyBlue ( назад)
Yasssssss. in fact going to grab a doughnut .

Автор Ray ( назад)
I was eating a snickers bar while watching this 😁

Автор Bobby ( назад)
"Which would you rather eat?"


Автор Lenny Is A Carrot ( назад)
I'd rather eat carrots. Honestly, I love them. I'm not a very big fan of French fries.

Автор youtube fan ( назад)
What about no oil unsalted baked sweet potato fries?

Автор youtube fan ( назад)
We're herbivores...

Автор Dalek ShitPoster ( назад)
At The Start
Why Not Both?

Автор Ow! My Eye! ( назад)
Carrots are just too unpredictable. You never know if you're going to get something sweet and delicious or if you're going to get something nasty and bitter. Usually, you just end up with pure blandness.

Автор L0b5terlick ( назад)
Why did my mouth taste like carrot when I heard that sound?

Автор josey428 ( назад)

Автор Hall Kids ( назад)
meat is better

Автор Seqouya Trae ( назад)
can i just have a bottle of ketchep instead

Автор Christian Cecere ( назад)
hank, don't talk with your mouth full. lol

Автор MiyuxxKankuro ( назад)
People keep saying they wants carrots over fries and I'm just like...

🎶 Why the fuck you lyiin'?
🎶Why you always lyin'?
🎶 Mmmm Oh my God!
🎶Stop fuckin' lyin'!

Автор MiyuxxKankuro ( назад)
People keep saying they wants carrots over fries and I'm just like...

🎶 Why the fuck you lyiin'?
🎶Why you always lyin'?
🎶 Mmmm Oh my God!
🎶Stop fuckin' lyin'!

Автор JJ _The_Ent ( назад)

Автор Nuclearsheep 53 ( назад)
hank reminds me of my english teacher keith thompsen.

Автор AlmightyCarrot ( назад)
Don't you dare eat those carrots!

Автор GeekGirl2K ( назад)
Give me the carrot please!

Автор Deniz Kara ( назад)
Than fry the carrots. Julienne cut them, than fry with your choice of oil. On a separate cup prepare some yogurt sauce by whipping some yogurt, 2-3 cloves of grated garlic, olive oil and salt. pour over your fried carrots. Bon appetite. Much tastier than french fries, and still carrots. (you can do the same with eggplants, zucchinis, whatever vegetable you see fit)

Автор Tina Hanken ( назад)
On the vaery first question, both

Автор dweezel theyounger ( назад)
Ah yes! It makes perfect sense! Our brains "evolve" toward what we really need and what furthers our evolution and will ensure our existence! That's why we love junk food, and pot, and heroin, and alcohol, and....wait, that doesn't make sense. Evolution favors our destruction? What a silly video indeed!

The truth is there are no scientific explanations as to why we love junk food other than a cheeseburger tastes way better than a carrot. FAT TASTES GOOD! It tastes good not because our brains know we need carbs, but because fat induces different responses chemically on the tongue and in our systems than other foods. We're also induce chemically by processed food manufactures to love their foods artificially. No big mystery here, and it has nothing to do with evolution at all. We get videos like this when we try to fit real life into fantasy.

Автор 0NeonCreeper0 ( назад)
our brain prefers more of a good taste so when the brain sees broccoli noooo

Автор Jasper Turck ( назад)

Автор Griffin A. Curtis ( назад)
I chose the fries because I don't like carrots... If it was broccoli instead, screw fries!

-the only broccoli loving twelve year old in earth.

Автор Zachary Stephan ( назад)
hank seems mildly intoxicated in this episode...

Автор Winston Toskavich ( назад)
"we're kings of the freaking earth"~Hank 2012

Автор FrozenTvDinner ( назад)

Автор Matt Jensen ( назад)
How does the body know to induce the feeling that you can't breathe when you're running out of oxygen?

Автор Albannie Parris ( назад)
You know how we get urges for certain foods? Do you think that would be caused by lack of minerals contained in the certain food ? And if so, how would that account for the fact that we don't like some foods at all? Do we have enough of it in our bodies that we don't need the minerals and therefore our body rejects the thought of that food or is it just the design of our taste buds?

Автор ( назад)
Your brain is like YEASSH. Your body is like NOO

Автор Al Radi ( назад)
hanks is too awesome!!

Автор Sad Adioz ( назад)
The carrot looks and french look like they have stayed out in a month

Автор 马方杨 ( назад)
I always ask for one more lettuce in my burger, keeping healthy! ^^

Автор Arielis zapata ( назад)
i love mcdonald chicken nuggets

Автор Dávid Kertész ( назад)
I would totally go for the carrots. I love carrots.

Автор Misha Wu ( назад)
after shooting this video... "gimme the fries" 😂😂

Автор TheOskar09 ( назад)
can you do a video about low-carb vs high-carb?. from the research i've done i have come to the conclusion that a high carb low fat diet is better for the human body and brain than LCHF.

Автор Black Magic ( назад)
you re full of shit geek

Автор Light 1988 ( назад)
What specie were the genius homos?

Автор Wayne Lu ( назад)
FRIES!!! CARROTS!!! Oh my... Why don't you just make carrot fries?

Автор Morfeus (1217 лет назад)
What? I answered carrots!

Автор princessbinas ( назад)
Give me the carrot! I was eying the carrot more...

Автор Bob Jones ( назад)
Yes, yes, junk food is actually good for you, among the most essential in fact. Just that too much of anything will kill you. Unless you're talking about artificial junk food ingredients that were designed to only replicate the pleasure effect.

Автор D. Travel ( назад)
2:36! it is the same with junk books and movies. when your body adapt to it. it becomes your everyday need . potato is not bad for you. what is done from it is bad

Автор Robert Farquhar ( назад)
I like vegetables, meat etc even junk food like chips stuff like that but no sweets I don't like them except fruits

Автор That Sheep ( назад)
Anyone else get a carrot after watching this?

Автор FEATH DUCK ( назад)
And our brains are like... YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор me me ( назад)
French fries or carrots?

I rarely ever get eat some carrots! Lemme take those.
Wait- There were French fries?
Oh well, I'm done withy the carrots, take your plate back.

Автор Oni ( назад)
why would you eat a carrot without peeling it first?!

Автор blacksheep837 ( назад)
Amazing how you have the nerve or the guts whichever one you want to admit to thinking that your ancestor was a monkey! I find that fascinating, I really don't know how you get up in the morning knowing that all you are or should I say thinking that all you are, is an Ape. How sad.

Автор Voult Boiy ( назад)
Is it weird that when I go to the shop with some money I will always by a carrot?

Автор matthew mann ( назад)
Sadly Ironically generally speaking it is usually the stuff that is bad for you that tastes better and more of the opposite for the stuff that is good for you maybe there is some middle ground though I mean Vegan and Soy foods I am sure can produce pretty good healthy stuff as well as protein maybe with smaller calories of fat.

Автор Science whiz kid ( назад)
I would take them both

Автор Ariphael ( назад)
These french fries look shit, I'm going for carrot.

Автор ( назад)
I don't believe in anything. Not even evolution or God or Islam or whatever. Its my freaking life im not changing it to some stupid god.

Автор GalaxyOfWaffles # ( назад)
Carrots or Frenchfries? Why not both! :D

Автор Jordan Washko ( назад)
Carrots I am a health nut

Автор ( Έρις ) ( назад)
Is this the guy from "it's ok to be smart" ??? O.o

Автор Ten Sixty-Six ( назад)
Is it weird that I was eating salad while watching this and I ate a donut and potato chips while watching chefs make vegetarian food?

Автор Stelpan Gaming ( назад)
i hate that my parents are always that i should eat mpore veggie instead of meat eating wtf were not herbivores

Автор K1ttensausage ( назад)
carrots or fries....why not both?

Автор Syukri R.Robert (750 лет назад)
CARRROTTTSS!!!!! Taste like candy but crunchy and stuffy at the same time!!!!!!!!!

Автор Mrs Garzo ( назад)

Автор funkyman909 ( назад)
haha what a load of crap x'D i even came up with this idea in my head its astoundingly false 

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