Hearthstone: Plantlock - Trump's First Un'Goro Games (Standard)

  • Опубликовано: 6 апр 2017
  • Ranked Play Season April 2017
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    01:33 - vs Quest Rogue
    06:12 - vs Pirate Warrior
    10:29 - vs Quest Warrior
    17:39 - vs Pirate Warrior
    21:29 - vs Plant Lock
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    ‣ Contact: jnzanehd@gmail.com
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Комментарии • 888

  • prdprdprdprdprdel
    prdprdprdprdprdel 5 месяцев назад

    he actually almost hit it... But instead of one star, quest rogue and war were tier one... :D

  • metalicrenegade
    metalicrenegade 5 месяцев назад

    WIll this work in KFT expansion?

  • Awful Falafel
    Awful Falafel 6 месяцев назад

    Haha crystal cores bad. Haha... ha...

  • Benji Games 2.0
    Benji Games 2.0 6 месяцев назад

    Little did anyone know, that first guy had the right idea

  • The ArticPhantom
    The ArticPhantom 9 месяцев назад +2

    If only he knew quest rogue would become a tier one deck.

  • elliott hansen
    elliott hansen 9 месяцев назад

    "Best card in Un'goro" - Man who made "haha Warlock" a thing

  • vanwinklestein
    vanwinklestein 9 месяцев назад +5

    Trump crapping on quest rogue at the beginning and playing handlock LUL

    • prdprdprdprdprdel
      prdprdprdprdprdel 5 месяцев назад

      Because he didn't finish and prep the quest turn 4 like in most of my games pre-nerf.. :D

  • Sup Bitch
    Sup Bitch 10 месяцев назад

    trump stop being so happy that you rated the rogue quest one star. the quest is better then one star. :(

  • Caleb Davis
    Caleb Davis 10 месяцев назад

    I love how trump is saying that Cavern's won't work when it's completely dominating right now. Still tho, these videos are high quality. Keep em coming plz.

  • Escape_Artist
    Escape_Artist 11 месяцев назад

    Yet now.... every single Warlock deck is trashtier, while Quest Rogue is tier1. How ironic.

  • J k7
    J k7 11 месяцев назад

    can i omit elise?

  • specialrino kripperino
    specialrino kripperino Год назад

    aslo dude at 26:30 you missed lethal:
    you attack the taunt shamble, heal yourself, the hell fire and go face

  • specialrino kripperino
    specialrino kripperino Год назад

    25:13 feels good man

  • Perath
    Perath Год назад

    Warrior? This unbeatable class?

  • Skye B
    Skye B Год назад +1

    "Feels good to beat the scumbags" lol.
    Dont forget its a 2 way street your just as bad sometimes as well.

  • soukous25
    soukous25 Год назад +1

    lol this guy is a RETARD, not only he cant review cards proprely he also likes to be arogant. dumb fuck.

    • Joshua Martinez
      Joshua Martinez 5 месяцев назад +1

      soukous25 You can't call someone a dumb fuck when you spell PROPERLY wrong and have terrible grammar. I'd like to see you perfectly review cards, go watch Minecraft or some shit you 10 year old

  • Jason Foxfire
    Jason Foxfire Год назад +1

    "Maybe he would've saved himself 1600 dust"
    1 week later that 1600 dust investment becomes part of one most busted decks of the expansion.

  • Albi Losha
    Albi Losha Год назад

    20 minutes into un goro ''i rated this 1 star'' im awesome i was so right :D
    2 days later ''what the fuck did i rated 1 star that's even more humiliating than saying Dr.Boom will never see constructed play''

    • \myprogram /
      \myprogram / 10 месяцев назад

      He is just a braindead arrogant noob. Knows nothing about Hearthstone. Claims he has 'instincts' and rates cards accordingly. What a joke of a guy lmao. Pretty sure he lives a desperately sad life

  • grr12345678910
    grr12345678910 Год назад

    Is it wrong to say that mountain giants may be too slow in this deck?

    • Jordan Albee
      Jordan Albee 10 месяцев назад

      grr12345678910 handlock is not a fast deck tbh

    • grr12345678910
      grr12345678910 Год назад

      Phat but at the cost of not doing anything until then

    • Phat
      Phat Год назад

      grr12345678910 actually can drop an 8/8 on turn four... it's quite decent

  • Ben Mason
    Ben Mason Год назад

    "Pirate Warriors HATE this plant!"
    Sad that Crystal Core Rogues are running train now tho

  • donvanclark
    donvanclark Год назад

    I don't have Jaraxxus and Elise. What cards to replace them?

  • NovemberRain
    NovemberRain Год назад

    I quit hearthstone, still watch videos but I don't play anymore

  • nandersen6611
    nandersen6611 Год назад

    Hey Trump, I just wonder, How do you play this deck against the Murloc quest? Ps, love your videos!

  • Dont-be Evil
    Dont-be Evil Год назад

    Kripp has made a Vegan Rogue deck. I think it works better than warlock.
    BTW, this ain't a plant deck. Two razorleaf isn't enough

  • WiO
    WiO Год назад

    Happy new year! NOOOO xD

  • KotoLive Kotolive
    KotoLive Kotolive Год назад

    What tracker is he using?

  • Brett Pierce
    Brett Pierce Год назад

    Trump so sure of himself that the Rogue quest is bad lol

  • Scorpyon
    Scorpyon Год назад

    So Trumpy old boy! Care to make a reassessment on the value of the Rogue Quest deck now its sitting pretty as one of the strongest and unstoppable decks of all time? Hehe! :-P
    In fairness though, few saw that coming just like a recent election result I might add! Lol
    Love your plantlock deck. Will definitely be trying that one out!

  • ucdlin
    ucdlin Год назад

    so does the elise trailblazer pack, just give you 5 random cards from the new expansion? i just wanna see it in action ughh he never drew the pack

  • LrsLzk
    LrsLzk Год назад

    Trump being a smug fuck about the Rogue Quest when it's clearly Tier 1 and extremely BrokeBack

  • Cory Burmahl
    Cory Burmahl Год назад

    "This rogue quest will never be good" ends up being one of the best

  • qaib thai
    qaib thai Год назад

    i have subscribed to trump.

  • thotstrangler
    thotstrangler Год назад

    lol trump thought the Rogue quest was bad.

  • Oridan1
    Oridan1 Год назад

    I got the rogue quest on my pack and it works amazingly

  • aidan governale
    aidan governale Год назад

    What should I use to replace Elise?

  • Emrowskii
    Emrowskii Год назад

    That plant 3 mana card is so shit

  • B B
    B B Год назад

    That first rogue has such a slow fucking start

  • Antex Gaming
    Antex Gaming Год назад

    Hi random person scrolling through the comments,
    I hope you have a great day/night
    Love fron youtuber whos goal is 100 subs💜

  • Mitus
    Mitus Год назад

    Oh man... that deck looks fun!

  • Vemp
    Vemp Год назад


  • Wouter Kanters
    Wouter Kanters Год назад

    are we going to see a f2p ungoro serie ?

  • Mad mister moodle
    Mad mister moodle Год назад +2

    The rogue quest is actually broken, it's 95% of my losses in ungoro

  • Fritz Louise Wagas
    Fritz Louise Wagas Год назад

    Why did you bomb syria?

  • Kreios Error
    Kreios Error Год назад

    So, at my ranks the rouge quest has about 90% Winrate (Rank 15 - 10) it reks everything

  • Forest Bertrand
    Forest Bertrand Год назад +2

    trump has never been more wrong about rogue than ever before.

  • Wardable Music
    Wardable Music Год назад +1

    Such an underestimation of the Rogue Quest

  • JankyDice
    JankyDice Год назад +1

    In the first match trump show how much he doesn't know nothing about hs...rogue is now tier 1, idiot...

  • Tom Cavanagh
    Tom Cavanagh Год назад

    What's with the Forsen jabs?

  • Sulee Kin
    Sulee Kin Год назад

    Made this deck , can someone explain how to beat rouge quest please I can't win against it and therefore I can't win at all

    • Jake Dubiel
      Jake Dubiel Год назад

      Dude just play control warrior it destroys quest rogue

  • Daniel Tyrsing
    Daniel Tyrsing Год назад

    Wth, why didnt Trump put a doomsayer down on turn 3 to deny the enemy warlock's turn 4 when hes obviously a handlock? :S

  • Dörti Conquerör
    Dörti Conquerör Год назад


  • Wayne Kerr
    Wayne Kerr Год назад

    What should i use instead of Elise ?

  • dr balanced
    dr balanced Год назад

    el retorno de hanlock >:D

  • Asubatsu
    Asubatsu Год назад

    I wonder how Trump would have reacted if that first rogue game ended how it usually does: all return cards on starting hand and quest done by turn 4.

  • Panupong Oat
    Panupong Oat Год назад

    lol happy new year!

  • Grant Wilson
    Grant Wilson Год назад

    How do you create a standard deck in un'oro? I think I've done it but it doesn't save or something.

  • LRAStartFox
    LRAStartFox Год назад

    Last season, I was playing hand lock on the wild ladder, and it was doing pretty good. It had a pretty good aggro matchup. With the only deck I never won against being anyfin pally, and my next worst matchup being egg Druid

  • PetNation
    PetNation Год назад

    26:30 missed lethal. You had Hellfire.

    • Caleb Yip
      Caleb Yip Год назад

      Not with the heal from the mistress of mixtures

  • Billy Hatzi
    Billy Hatzi Год назад +1

    Experts agree: 9/9 pirate warrior mains are bronze in league of legends

  • Bruce Young
    Bruce Young Год назад

    we need to build a wall!! seeing this deck again makes my soul happy

  • Connor Liddicott
    Connor Liddicott Год назад

    I like the look of this deck. It harkens back to old school handlock.

  • Karl Macatangay
    Karl Macatangay Год назад

    Awesome deck

  • Ma Mesa
    Ma Mesa Год назад

    quest rogue is actually really good

  • zampano 006
    zampano 006 Год назад

    missed lethal 26:30

  • Tore Shimada
    Tore Shimada Год назад

    See how this man made legend with one SIMPLE plant. Pirates HATE it.

  • Vobiscus σοφός
    Vobiscus σοφός Год назад

    You have to play moroes in your quest rogue deck it's terrible to look at such decks

  • игорь павлов
    игорь павлов Год назад

    sad. 30 min and so little new cards animations. i want to see that un goro pack for 5 mana

  • BeEJayLetsPlay
    BeEJayLetsPlay Год назад

    I was playing a version of this before the expansion and got to rank 8, and now people are playing real handlock again, with the Humongous, this was exactly what I hoped would happen :D Nice to see Trump trying other things than just the quests.

  • Tamás Kiss
    Tamás Kiss Год назад

    elise replacement?

  • Geekin' With Zeak
    Geekin' With Zeak Год назад

    "I theory crafted Quest Rogue, and it never worked out in my mind"... Said 2 days ago.
    Now, the deck is fuckin' everywhere, and is an infection. Best meta deck IMHO, and I really hope Quest decks aren't the only way to go these days.

  • Boot.
    Boot. Год назад


  • Wotamellun
    Wotamellun Год назад

    "Warlock, use razor leaf!"

  • Bubbl3Bubbl3gum
    Bubbl3Bubbl3gum Год назад

    -"What's your name"

  • Rasmus Börjesson
    Rasmus Börjesson Год назад

    Humoungous WOT?

  • James Barnes
    James Barnes Год назад

    crystal core is actually quite good against a lot of decks

  • Anthony Cundari
    Anthony Cundari Год назад

    what can you replace elise with

  • Ryan Ianaro
    Ryan Ianaro Год назад

    Says rogue quest is bad.... Lmao Trump....

    • Ryan Ianaro
      Ryan Ianaro Год назад

      +Alberto Encinar Velayos I got to rank ten with token druid. Now I'm. Close to rank 5 with quest warrior.

    • Necron Lord
      Necron Lord Год назад

      I say the same or better i say i don't know how the deck will be ,now i feel fear. Just cant play anything , if it isn't aggro ,then the other decks crush me i don't know what i might play i just want to reach rank 10 :(

  • TrolledWolf
    TrolledWolf Год назад

    Trump still trash-talking Quest Rogue when it's basically the one deck that is dominating at higher rank, dude lost only because he went all in too soon.

  • Jr Mikulec
    Jr Mikulec Год назад

    He was sooooo wrong about the rogue quest

  • alexander linderson
    alexander linderson Год назад

    3 out of 4 times vs rogue so far said rogue has activated the quest at exactly turn 5. I think it's MUCH stronger than it seems.

  • NeithanYodel
    NeithanYodel Год назад

    So... A lot of new cards, a lot of new combos to make, and the first you make is a Handlock. 0.0 really...

  • tenspeedbeliever
    tenspeedbeliever Год назад

    Can you make this without the Shamblers and Elise?

    • tenspeedbeliever
      tenspeedbeliever Год назад

      Yeah, I was about to craft my missing stuff for this deck, when I realized I've got ~1800 dust and don't own Jaraxxus or Shamblers. I'd easily just drop elise for something else that's "good stuff" but I can't afford the shamblers right now.

    • Necron Lord
      Necron Lord Год назад

      Elise yes the samblers no or maybe yes but will be so difficult to take the advantage of your giant great healt minions you can try , also more important is jaraxxus for example is your savior sometimes and the qin condition against controor midrange

  • Painful Hardship
    Painful Hardship Год назад

    Taunt warrior doesn't even suck especially against this agro heavy meta.

  • Kajubi
    Kajubi Год назад

    As I thought new expansion but shjtties playing their pirates still dominate the ladder XD

  • Juliusgameplayer
    Juliusgameplayer Год назад

    15:11 Trump Ragnaros is in the Hall of Fame in wild. He can't play it!

  • Anju Maaka
    Anju Maaka Год назад +1

    4 hours into the expansion I netdecked this deck XD

  • kajacx
    kajacx Год назад +1

    Hughmungus what?

  • Daniel Osmun
    Daniel Osmun Год назад

    Rogue's very good right now, it simply has no outs against the new Freeze Mage Variant. I have never seen so much viable deck variety though with this set. They removed almost all the toxic cards that needed to go in rotation. I'm excited.

    • Necron Lord
      Necron Lord Год назад

      Yep but they add a new one , the rogue quest

  • Katagros
    Katagros Год назад

    Srsly the rogue quest is broken as fuck. It's easy to achieve, and you can still play agro decks, but instead of 2 1 you have 5 5.

  • Bjswac
    Bjswac Год назад

    Trump was actually right about many cards, but the rogue quest. He, and many, were SO wrong about that

  • Meitti
    Meitti Год назад

    I do enjoy seeing Pirate warriors getting wrecked by at least one new Un'goro deck.

  • Frederik List
    Frederik List Год назад

    Was it right after this you got beaten up by Amaz (again)?

  • Brian Charles
    Brian Charles Год назад

    0-6 with this deck is it too slow for the current meta?

  • Donzoao VI
    Donzoao VI Год назад

    so...quests suck?

    • Jordan Albee
      Jordan Albee 10 месяцев назад

      quest exodia mage bois

    • Necron Lord
      Necron Lord Год назад

      The rogue quest is broken as fuck xP the shaman quest is brutal the other i don,t know

  • Martial Apologist
    Martial Apologist Год назад

    Meh, the rogue in the first match either had a terrible deck or a bad draw. Built well, there's no reason not to have everything a 5/5 by turn 7

    • Martial Apologist
      Martial Apologist Год назад

      Though with that board clear, it would have been hard to win even with a crazy fast start.

  • Athanatov
    Athanatov Год назад

    "I rated this one star"

  • MrDaCoD
    MrDaCoD Год назад

    Anyone have any good replacements for elise trailblazer?

  • Black Fox Gaming
    Black Fox Gaming Год назад

    The Rogue Quest is actually terrifying, built correctly the deck can be churning out 5/5s from as early as t3/4

  • pennehoesje
    pennehoesje Год назад

    Trump please I implore you to not do business with G2A as it is a deplorable company.

  • Gaby Blue
    Gaby Blue Год назад

    The trump wall !