Hearthstone: Plantlock - Trump's First Un'Goro Games (Standard)

Ranked Play Season April 2017
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01:33 - vs Quest Rogue
06:12 - vs Pirate Warrior
10:29 - vs Quest Warrior
17:39 - vs Pirate Warrior
21:29 - vs Plant Lock


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‣ Edited by: jnZaneHD
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Длительность: 27:31
Комментарии: 864

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Автор specialrino kripperino ( назад)
aslo dude at 26:30 you missed lethal:
you attack the taunt shamble, heal yourself, the hell fire and go face

Автор specialrino kripperino ( назад)
25:13 feels good man

Автор Perath ( назад)
Warrior? This unbeatable class?

Автор Skye B ( назад)
"Feels good to beat the scumbags" lol.
Dont forget its a 2 way street your just as bad sometimes as well.

Автор soukous25 ( назад)
lol this guy is a RETARD, not only he cant review cards proprely he also likes to be arogant. dumb fuck.

Автор Jason Foxfire ( назад)
"Maybe he would've saved himself 1600 dust"
1 week later that 1600 dust investment becomes part of one most busted decks of the expansion.

Автор Albi Losha ( назад)
20 minutes into un goro ''i rated this 1 star'' im awesome i was so right :D
2 days later ''what the fuck did i rated 1 star that's even more humiliating than saying Dr.Boom will never see constructed play''

Автор grr12345678910 ( назад)
Is it wrong to say that mountain giants may be too slow in this deck?

Автор Ben Mason ( назад)
"Pirate Warriors HATE this plant!"

Sad that Crystal Core Rogues are running train now tho

Автор donvanclark ( назад)
I don't have Jaraxxus and Elise. What cards to replace them?

Автор luvspace ( назад)
I quit hearthstone, still watch videos but I don't play anymore

Автор nandersen6611 ( назад)
Hey Trump, I just wonder, How do you play this deck against the Murloc quest? Ps, love your videos!

Автор Dont-be Evil ( назад)
Kripp has made a Vegan Rogue deck. I think it works better than warlock.

BTW, this ain't a plant deck. Two razorleaf isn't enough

Автор WiO Juegos ( назад)
Happy new year! NOOOO xD

Автор KotoLive Kotolive ( назад)
What tracker is he using?

Автор Brett Pierce ( назад)
Trump so sure of himself that the Rogue quest is bad lol

Автор Scorpyon ( назад)
So Trumpy old boy! Care to make a reassessment on the value of the Rogue Quest deck now its sitting pretty as one of the strongest and unstoppable decks of all time? Hehe! :-P

In fairness though, few saw that coming just like a recent election result I might add! Lol

Love your plantlock deck. Will definitely be trying that one out!

Автор ucdlin ( назад)
so does the elise trailblazer pack, just give you 5 random cards from the new expansion? i just wanna see it in action ughh he never drew the pack

Автор LrsLzk ( назад)
Trump being a smug fuck about the Rogue Quest when it's clearly Tier 1 and extremely BrokeBack

Автор Cory Burmahl ( назад)
"This rogue quest will never be good" ends up being one of the best

Автор qaib thai ( назад)
i have subscribed to trump.

Автор Harry Vaughan ( назад)
lol trump thought the Rogue quest was bad.

Автор Oridan1 ( назад)
I got the rogue quest on my pack and it works amazingly

Автор aidan governale ( назад)
What should I use to replace Elise?

Автор Emrowskii ( назад)
That plant 3 mana card is so shit

Автор Edwin Vancleef ( назад)
That first rogue has such a slow fucking start

Автор Antex Gaming ( назад)
Hi random person scrolling through the comments,
I hope you have a great day/night
Love fron youtuber whos goal is 100 subs💜

Автор Mitus ( назад)
Oh man... that deck looks fun!

Автор Terrow ( назад)

Автор Wouter Kanters ( назад)
are we going to see a f2p ungoro serie ?

Автор Mad mister moodle ( назад)
The rogue quest is actually broken, it's 95% of my losses in ungoro

Автор Fritz Louise Wagas ( назад)
Why did you bomb syria?

Автор Kreios Error ( назад)
So, at my ranks the rouge quest has about 90% Winrate (Rank 15 - 10) it reks everything

Автор Forest Bertrand ( назад)
trump has never been more wrong about rogue than ever before.

Автор Wardable Music ( назад)
Such an underestimation of the Rogue Quest

Автор JankyDice96 ( назад)
In the first match trump show how much he doesn't know nothing about hs...rogue is now tier 1, idiot...

Автор Tom Cavanagh ( назад)
What's with the Forsen jabs?

Автор Sulee Kin ( назад)
Made this deck , can someone explain how to beat rouge quest please I can't win against it and therefore I can't win at all

Автор Daniel Tyrsing ( назад)
Wth, why didnt Trump put a doomsayer down on turn 3 to deny the enemy warlock's turn 4 when hes obviously a handlock? :S

Автор Muammar al-Gaddafi ( назад)

Автор Wayne Kerr ( назад)
What should i use instead of Elise ?

Автор dr balanced ( назад)
el retorno de hanlock >:D

Автор Asubatsu ( назад)
I wonder how Trump would have reacted if that first rogue game ended how it usually does: all return cards on starting hand and quest done by turn 4.

Автор Ruby Alone ( назад)
lol happy new year!

Автор Grant Wilson ( назад)
How do you create a standard deck in un'oro? I think I've done it but it doesn't save or something.

Автор LRAStartFox ( назад)
Last season, I was playing hand lock on the wild ladder, and it was doing pretty good. It had a pretty good aggro matchup. With the only deck I never won against being anyfin pally, and my next worst matchup being egg Druid

Автор PetNation ( назад)
26:30 missed lethal. You had Hellfire.

Автор Billy Hatzi ( назад)
Experts agree: 9/9 pirate warrior mains are bronze in league of legends

Автор Bruce Young ( назад)
we need to build a wall!! seeing this deck again makes my soul happy

Автор Connor Liddicott ( назад)
I like the look of this deck. It harkens back to old school handlock.

Автор Karl Macatangay ( назад)
Awesome deck

Автор Potato MO ( назад)
quest rogue is actually really good

Автор zampano 006 ( назад)
missed lethal 26:30

Автор Tore Shimada ( назад)
See how this man made legend with one SIMPLE plant. Pirates HATE it.

Автор yesterplay vom Dach ( назад)
You have to play moroes in your quest rogue deck it's terrible to look at such decks

Автор игорь павлов ( назад)
sad. 30 min and so little new cards animations. i want to see that un goro pack for 5 mana

Автор BeEJayLetsPlay ( назад)
I was playing a version of this before the expansion and got to rank 8, and now people are playing real handlock again, with the Humongous, this was exactly what I hoped would happen :D Nice to see Trump trying other things than just the quests.

Автор Balogh Gergő ( назад)
elise replacement?

Автор Geekin' With Zeak ( назад)
"I theory crafted Quest Rogue, and it never worked out in my mind"... Said 2 days ago.

Now, the deck is fuckin' everywhere, and is an infection. Best meta deck IMHO, and I really hope Quest decks aren't the only way to go these days.

Автор Boot. ( назад)

Автор Mr. Octopus ( назад)
"Warlock, use razor leaf!"

Автор Bubbl3Bubbl3gum ( назад)
-"What's your name"

Автор Rasmus Börjesson ( назад)
Humoungous WOT?

Автор James Barnes ( назад)
crystal core is actually quite good against a lot of decks

Автор Anthony Cundari ( назад)
what can you replace elise with

Автор Ryan Ianaro ( назад)
Says rogue quest is bad.... Lmao Trump....

Автор TrolledWolf ( назад)
Trump still trash-talking Quest Rogue when it's basically the one deck that is dominating at higher rank, dude lost only because he went all in too soon.

Автор Jr Mikulec ( назад)
He was sooooo wrong about the rogue quest

Автор alexander linderson ( назад)
3 out of 4 times vs rogue so far said rogue has activated the quest at exactly turn 5. I think it's MUCH stronger than it seems.

Автор NeithanYodel ( назад)
So... A lot of new cards, a lot of new combos to make, and the first you make is a Handlock. 0.0 really...

Автор tenspeedbeliever ( назад)
Can you make this without the Shamblers and Elise?

Автор Anthony Centerbar ( назад)
Taunt warrior doesn't even suck especially against this agro heavy meta.

Автор Kajubi ( назад)
As I thought new expansion but shjtties playing their pirates still dominate the ladder XD

Автор Juliusgameplayer ( назад)
15:11 Trump Ragnaros is in the Hall of Fame in wild. He can't play it!

Автор Anju Maaka ( назад)
4 hours into the expansion I netdecked this deck XD

Автор Patches the Pirate ( назад)
i'm in charge

Автор Patches the Pirate ( назад)

Автор Karel Hrkal ( назад)
Hughmungus what?

Автор SargeMumar ( назад)
I think the quest reward for warrior should have been like jaraxsus. Everything same but just like Jaraxsus he would replace Garrosh or something. I would love that. I mean rag is like the mascot of HS and we will miss him a lot. It would be amazing but too bad

Автор Daniel Osmun ( назад)
Rogue's very good right now, it simply has no outs against the new Freeze Mage Variant. I have never seen so much viable deck variety though with this set. They removed almost all the toxic cards that needed to go in rotation. I'm excited.

Автор Katagros ( назад)
Srsly the rogue quest is broken as fuck. It's easy to achieve, and you can still play agro decks, but instead of 2 1 you have 5 5.

Автор Bjswac ( назад)
Trump was actually right about many cards, but the rogue quest. He, and many, were SO wrong about that

Автор Meitti ( назад)
I do enjoy seeing Pirate warriors getting wrecked by at least one new Un'goro deck.

Автор Frederik List ( назад)
Was it right after this you got beaten up by Amaz (again)?

Автор Brian Charles ( назад)
0-6 with this deck is it too slow for the current meta?

Автор Donzoao VI ( назад)
so...quests suck?

Автор Martial Apologist ( назад)
Meh, the rogue in the first match either had a terrible deck or a bad draw. Built well, there's no reason not to have everything a 5/5 by turn 7

Автор Athanatov ( назад)
"I rated this one star"

Автор MrDaCoD ( назад)
Anyone have any good replacements for elise trailblazer?

Автор BlackFoxGaming ( назад)
The Rogue Quest is actually terrifying, built correctly the deck can be churning out 5/5s from as early as t3/4

Автор pennehoesje ( назад)
Trump please I implore you to not do business with G2A as it is a deplorable company.

Автор Gaby Blue ( назад)
The trump wall !

Автор TheStrongestBaka ( назад)
This deck needs bit more reactive stuff, maybe a Twitsting Nether or something. It seems so hard to stabilise post-Jaraxxus.

Автор Dick McHairyNuts ( назад)
Pirate warrior might be cancer, but handlock has been around a lot longer and is a lot more aids when it works in the meta. Rather deal with pirates than turn 4 8/8's or 4/10's with faceless followup

Автор Gold Roger ( назад)
such an idiot warrior playing pirates within 30 minutes... fucker should be banned

Автор Michael Hedrick ( назад)
lol rogue 1 star day later 5 star

Автор Bad Gammers ( назад)
I'm disgusted with the new expansion. . . The decks are insanely hard to beat unless you have OP cards. Power creep Turbo Mode GO!

Автор Master Kipper ( назад)
Love this Trump deck you need to play more of it

Автор GeorgeVL ( назад)
6:28-6:33 cringe

Автор hololo ( назад)
26:18 ?

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