I WENT TO THE WORST REVIEWED NAIL SALON in COMPTON *scammed me + longest nails ever*

  • Hi!! For today’s video, i went to the worst reviewed salon in COMPTON 😂 if you want to see what $70 nails looks like in Compton go ahead and watch this video!!!
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  • Emma Woodard
    Emma Woodard 6 hours ago

    The first few seconds I literally screamed

  • jasmine
    jasmine 18 hours ago

    Wtf lmao
    Nothing like the picture
    He literally did whatever he wanted on them 💀

  • Madelyne Reyna
    Madelyne Reyna Day ago

    Cardi b who

  • rujuta deshpande

    Do you love to change your nails

  • Savane Kone
    Savane Kone 2 days ago

    U ask them to make it long. Oh what . 😑🔫

  • MGJ
    MGJ 2 days ago

    70 is a deal for this they long af that’s like 120 in nyc

  • Kayla Ragugini
    Kayla Ragugini 2 days ago

    2:58 .... WHAT TF DID HE JUST SAY ?

  • Angel L,J
    Angel L,J 2 days ago

    How are they even close

  • 丂爪ㄖㄥ 乃乇卂几

    Every ghetto hot Cheetos girl at school

  • Ashley Gallardo
    Ashley Gallardo 3 days ago

    I live in compton

  • Emya Anderson
    Emya Anderson 3 days ago

    3:54 : me when I get my nails done

  • Mina Nikolic
    Mina Nikolic 4 days ago +1


  • Casandra Henry
    Casandra Henry 4 days ago

    Why were they not cut or shaped how you wanted

  • Lucifer Morning Star

    Y’all really in the comments saying “oh he probably just wanted to be quick about” or “he needed to get to other customers” no, that isn’t the problem, the problem is that he said that he would give her the nails, said it was a do able design, and then did not give anything close to the nails she asked for. He told her he could give her the design, then didn’t, and did whatever he wanted instead. There’s a reason it’s not well rated.

  • Nora Cristina Cevallos Villamar


  • Yasmin Valerie
    Yasmin Valerie 4 days ago

    Compton isn’t even a bad place like idk why ppl be over exaggerating 🙄

  • happy charlie world
    happy charlie world 4 days ago +1

    Those nails remind me of Freddy Kreuger... I-

  • Amy Dsc
    Amy Dsc 5 days ago

    Umm I think the desing is way to hard, even for a good salón... 😂😂

  • babygirl makayla
    babygirl makayla 5 days ago

    you guys made me laugh the whole time 🤣❤️❤️

  • Caterina Saxton
    Caterina Saxton 5 days ago

    Who lets the customer walk out with these frick'n longggg nails
    ,how you supposed to live!!

  • Red Robbyn
    Red Robbyn 6 days ago

    “Textin yo man”🤣🤣😂😂OMG took me out !

  • Xx_ari_xX 2019
    Xx_ari_xX 2019 6 days ago

    Having long nails was always my dream 🤣🤣

  • Emily Hernandez
    Emily Hernandez 7 days ago

    My mom also went to the same nail salon and they did the same thing. She asked for French tip in pink and they gave her a whole another thing

  • x aut lil van x
    x aut lil van x 8 days ago

    I would’ve complained tf

  • Vina Patricia Letada Morales

    It doesn't matter you can still get your nose cake's out,it has a purpose though 😁😁

  • Kaii Vibes
    Kaii Vibes 9 days ago

    Imagine typing- how

  • Lamar Hill
    Lamar Hill 10 days ago


  • my logic life
    my logic life 10 days ago

    He is very rude and keeps screaming at her

  • LizzyCardd
    LizzyCardd 11 days ago

    You're awesome with that nails, girl! :D

  • Emma Soto
    Emma Soto 11 days ago +1


  • Jazmin Perez
    Jazmin Perez 11 days ago

    This video was randomly in my home page but I am glad I clicked 😹

  • weeb god
    weeb god 12 days ago +2

    Her finger nail are like fucking SCARY LOOKING THO lmao

  • ロールキャベツ男子好きな人


  • Franshan Johnson
    Franshan Johnson 14 days ago +1

    They don’t look that bad Edward Scissor Hands😭.

  • Suzanne Bril
    Suzanne Bril 16 days ago

    Why did you just say ‘ok’ thooo 😭 people always think it’s rude to say something ( its not omg ) but you could have told the truth if you didnt like it

  • Madison rose
    Madison rose 17 days ago +1

    so how you gonna ... wipe yo.. wipe yo as

  • Damilola. S
    Damilola. S 17 days ago

    OMG this nice worst review nail salon!! It was quick tho and funny!! I'm definitely going do that this summer 2020 and get them that same length😂😂😭😭

  • PuroKuni :3
    PuroKuni :3 17 days ago +1

    Well at least u can somewhat use them for Halloween

  • Dora Clement
    Dora Clement 18 days ago

    I wouldn’t have paid for that

  • R Mack
    R Mack 18 days ago +1

    I grew up there and, yup that's Compton for you. 🤷‍♀️

  • Prissy rudy
    Prissy rudy 19 days ago

    Follow me a talented black dope nail tech in nyc. Instagram: Nailsbyprissy 💕😘

  • Ombré Blue
    Ombré Blue 19 days ago

    I would’ve been so mad like bitch I did not asked for anything like this shit 😑😑

  • Charlie eh Puth
    Charlie eh Puth 19 days ago

    I kinda like her nails tho💀💀🤣🤣🤣

  • Moriah Calloway
    Moriah Calloway 20 days ago

    They still cute

  • neonskii ღ
    neonskii ღ 21 day ago

    Are those blue crab claws?

  • Ish _ DIYs
    Ish _ DIYs 21 day ago

    Anyone else notice the nails are different lengths for the same finger. Both her ring fingers were different lengths

  • A Royal
    A Royal 21 day ago

    I love your nails 😇

  • CupcakeLove
    CupcakeLove 22 days ago

    When he pulled out that cloudy colored tip, I *KNEW* ... it was all downhill from there 😭😭💀

  • joanna freedom
    joanna freedom 23 days ago

    That's was crazy. Did he cut shape or form the nails? Or did he just put nail forms on you? Also that design needs clear acrylic. He doesn't know ehat he's doing.

  • Michael Alexander
    Michael Alexander 23 days ago

    I would ask for a full refund

  • Jamia Edoo
    Jamia Edoo 24 days ago

    I think she did that on purpose just to get them a bad review

  • Ohheyanastasia
    Ohheyanastasia 25 days ago

    Lmao “ooppps my card fell”

  • Dimitri Tyner
    Dimitri Tyner 25 days ago

    Those are some ratchet ass nails 😂

  • Sophie Louise Roberts
    Sophie Louise Roberts 25 days ago

    The length of those nails made me uncomfortable 😭

  • Angela Espinoza
    Angela Espinoza 26 days ago

    this video has me fucking dead

  • amy ramirez
    amy ramirez 26 days ago

    The only thing that bothered me was the camera quality😂

  • mae's vloggs
    mae's vloggs 26 days ago

    kinda made me mad when he told you he doesn’t do designs AFTER he did your nails.

  • Huy Vu
    Huy Vu 27 days ago

    He is Asian......like me😣

  • mohammed hossain
    mohammed hossain 28 days ago


  • Ayla J
    Ayla J 28 days ago +1

    At least it’s real

  • Amanda Roman
    Amanda Roman 29 days ago

    You can get extremely long “blank” nails at the dollar tree. (Smaller or average sizes as well or even some preprinted w designs you can paint over to make blank if need be) .... Large count for one buck: ( trim down to your size if needed... grab a set of clippers right there for a buck !) files a buck dot tools a buck nail tape a buck .... also for a buck - many different bottles of polish (usually many special ones too with glitter or metallic etc etc ) top coats etc etc ......
    also for a buck--- nail glue --
    also for a buck -- Nice nail art products such as faux diamonds...stickers/decals etc ( you can even find nice items in craft section and even toy section to use - glitter... beads.... sequins....small dried flowers...you name it girl.
    So you could have LITERALLY got some bomb nails for what 5$ or less!
    Such a snake. I wonder if he knew it was for a utube video? Maybe that’s the attitude.....or is he really that crabby and untalented !??
    I’m trying to convince my mind that there has to be some reason why this pos has a good job doing nails and can’t do simple clouds.... when I can make bomb nails on my friends/self that are neat, attractive, semi permanent and professional looking and can’t get a job to save my behind and usually only get 15 to 20 per set I do.
    Yes. I’m jealous

  • Amanda Roman
    Amanda Roman 29 days ago

    ”Oooos I dropped my card!” So so scandalous!” Anyway... can we talk about the rating. For real. Yo.
    3? Can I have what your smoking? Cuz that 3 is about 18 higher than they should get. o.O
    .... not like you asked for something complex. He didn’t even try. That’s ridiculous and it’s not ok when you get something totally different than you wanted... even if it’s worse reviewed and we kinda knew it would be low quality but ..... ya know..........Like if you go to McDONALDS and order a burger then get a dead rat between da buns instead. So you kinda expect it but still not what you ordered. Ya know? Xxx

  • Noah Bensi
    Noah Bensi Month ago +1

    Sloth nails 😫🤣

  • Morenita Mia H.
    Morenita Mia H. Month ago

    She’s funny 😂😂😂

  • Chanel Jimenez
    Chanel Jimenez Month ago

    As a nail tech once saw the tips he was using i knew it was down hill..... the pic has clear tips which mean you need to use clear tips!!! This is sad.... there are so many things wrong with this experience yall recieved! I am truly sorry!

  • Michaelo Mckoy
    Michaelo Mckoy Month ago

    Girl how are you going to wipe you butt with them long nei 🤣

  • Keely Royer
    Keely Royer Month ago

    He’s like “yeah they’re dry, no they’re not dry” dude make up your mind.

  • Sabina Rose
    Sabina Rose Month ago

    I would not pay hin

  • Leg-Fashion-Model
    Leg-Fashion-Model Month ago


  • Yaindhy Muniz
    Yaindhy Muniz Month ago

    My mom does nails and she would never do that...

  • Anna Tyler
    Anna Tyler Month ago

    the guy is so rude

  • Alana Yeet
    Alana Yeet Month ago

    Those lookin' like cardi b length

  • Xannny Bri
    Xannny Bri Month ago

    on behalf of this bein ma city, I am ashamed.😔

  • Naomi Agba
    Naomi Agba Month ago

    Now you know how cardib lives with her nails

  • Barmy Ash
    Barmy Ash Month ago

    You can tell that he didn’t fade the glue on with the nail and that he just painted over it. I can see the brush strokes

  • Hallie Rae
    Hallie Rae Month ago

    No fucking way I’m crying there so long 😂😂😂

  • wow amber
    wow amber Month ago

    They look awfull

  • Sabb
    Sabb Month ago


  • Sabb
    Sabb Month ago +1

    I just stumbled on your channel, and you kinda look like the actress that plays Spencer in PLL. You’re so gorgeous! You both 😊

  • Austin Lawwill
    Austin Lawwill Month ago

    u could have just cut them down some and filed them