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    The Murder mystery riddles are always popular, but have you cracked any crime riddles which has thieves, criminals etc. Many people are always eager to accept the challenge of figuring out tricky logical puzzles.
    When faced with a question or problem, the kids and sometimes adults tend to use a logical and methodological approach to solve these popular riddles, and, while this works well for many circumstances, it does little to help solve a murder mystery riddles. The best puzzles take an everyday object or idea, and asks us to look at it in a way we've probably never thought of before.
    Many of us like tricky riddles that use intense logic and language play to tease the brain and intrigue the solver.
    If you happen to be one of those who think that brain teasers can be fun, the funny riddles given below are meant for you.
    Before you move on, we would like to warn you that your high IQ will not help you solve these tricky riddles. What you need is the ability to think out of the box. Whether you have that in you, or not, will be proved eventually. Beware though, you might just end up pulling off your hair trying to find their answer
    Lets see how Smart Are You to solve the UNSOLVED POPULAR MYSTERY RIDDLES
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  • Cheryl Pittman
    Cheryl Pittman Год назад +1

    Another reason why Stan killed John If The other woman got there before how could Stan be there calling the cops

    Good Reason?

  • Ensar Cmega
    Ensar Cmega Год назад

    Wow,dude.That was cold of you,Peter.What if they actually dared to shoot.100 men would die just because of you.

  • Rakhi Dewanjee
    Rakhi Dewanjee Год назад

    Both of them

  • Rakhi Dewanjee
    Rakhi Dewanjee Год назад


  • Sonal Rai
    Sonal Rai Год назад

    1 st one

  • Vivian Cabardo
    Vivian Cabardo Год назад


  • The OG beat and Music
    The OG beat and Music Год назад

    solved bof biotch

  • Joyce Ann Brotonel
    Joyce Ann Brotonel Год назад

    I only solved 1 mysteries

  • Nehir Taş
    Nehir Taş Год назад




  • Rekha Bansal
    Rekha Bansal Год назад +1

    lovely mistress

  • Gabriel Cappelli
    Gabriel Cappelli Год назад

    1 was easy

  • Amy Cucumber
    Amy Cucumber Год назад

    The first one was easy but for the second one I thought he told them to be just underneath him in an underground room

  • Ryen Nii
    Ryen Nii Год назад +1

    I dont know

  • Julie Skye
    Julie Skye Год назад

    My friend and I solved both before they were even finished explaining them...

  • The Reposter
    The Reposter Год назад

    love riddles

  • The Reposter
    The Reposter Год назад

    love riddles

  • Truptimayee Samantaray
    Truptimayee Samantaray Год назад


  • Silver skull pals
    Silver skull pals Год назад

    I solved all of them it's ok

  • alyssa sanchez
    alyssa sanchez Год назад


  • Evimena Rosette Pie
    Evimena Rosette Pie Год назад

    I got the first one right

  • gauri shnkar
    gauri shnkar Год назад

    who killed jhon

  • Ayesha Mushtaq
    Ayesha Mushtaq Год назад

    i got the first but i could not understand the second one

  • Dennis Rogers
    Dennis Rogers Год назад

    I don't know

  • Kumud Dakhole
    Kumud Dakhole Год назад

    who kill the jone

  • Ramesh Paulose
    Ramesh Paulose Год назад


  • Gacha Lil
    Gacha Lil Год назад

    am I the only one who was getting a bit confused with the words 😅😅

  • suhas saxena
    suhas saxena Год назад


  • Cute Anime
    Cute Anime Год назад

    I get correct for the john one

  • Retro'sQuickFlicks 2
    Retro'sQuickFlicks 2 Год назад

    1 out of 2

  • TC Thirteen
    TC Thirteen Год назад

    I only solved the first one

  • Is_ThePiggylover888
    Is_ThePiggylover888 Год назад

    Stan bc the window can only be opened from the inside?
    AHA NEW IT!!

  • Alyssa Powell
    Alyssa Powell Год назад

    Who killed John's

  • Naomi Moore
    Naomi Moore Год назад

    got the one with Peter correct

  • yuhuiing
    yuhuiing Год назад

    One (John)

  • icendies
    icendies Год назад

    sweet, I'm right again, seems like it's the first method.

  • icendies
    icendies Год назад

    second question l, okay I got this, so I'm guessing he made them circle so they shoot each other or he made them line up parallel to each other, both of the setups make it so he can survive easily since the team of shooters have the worse aim, am I right?

  • icendies
    icendies Год назад

    yess, I am right, NEXT!

  • icendies
    icendies Год назад

    that open from the inside

  • icendies
    icendies Год назад +1

    I think Stan killed John because he opened a window from the outside even though at the beginning of who killed John they said Windows

    LOL WUT Год назад

    I got 1 out of 2 bc the first one is so easy

  • Tyler Cary AKA Dimer
    Tyler Cary AKA Dimer Год назад

    I got one careckt.

  • Annie Leonhardt Forever
    Annie Leonhardt Forever Год назад

    john was bigger than the house

  • 2salah2
    2salah2 Год назад


  • GG ki vines
    GG ki vines Год назад

    I solved both in 2sec

  • Randypoh
    Randypoh Год назад

    one only

  • S Embrey
    S Embrey Год назад

    1. Stan. He open the door through the out side. But they could only open through the inside
    2. He put the men behind him. Since he was tied to a pole

  • RyCobra
    RyCobra Год назад

    and why was it stan cus helen could also have broke the window
    it makes no sence. what about that last friend? it could have possibly be him
    or anyone

  • PS3 GAMERS garv chandra videos
    PS3 GAMERS garv chandra videos Год назад


  • darkhorse0404
    darkhorse0404 Год назад

    peter told them to go in a line

  • Rajan Singh
    Rajan Singh Год назад

    I like it

    • Vin Win
      Vin Win  Год назад +1

      +Rajan Singh Thanks. Do try my other videos and share with your friends

  • Trasurks GD
    Trasurks GD Год назад +1

    I bet this will waste your time pressing Read More.

    Whatever, just give me some likes.

  • Braden Sloan
    Braden Sloan Год назад

    I got 1

  • Subhan Sheraz
    Subhan Sheraz Год назад

    I answered 1 correctly

  • Callumc2004
    Callumc2004 Год назад

    I got it right

  • Random Cuteness
    Random Cuteness Год назад

    I solved both. Yay!!

  • Random Cuteness
    Random Cuteness Год назад

    what I said for the last riddle was because there because they are terrible Shooters they are probably going to end up hiting each other and they're all probably going to die, hey at least the shooting part was right.

  • XZAVideosFun exist
    XZAVideosFun exist Год назад +1


    What was the problem?

  • I'm that guy you love to hate
    I'm that guy you love to hate Год назад

    a 2 year old could have gotten both right. sure glad I have the brain capacity of a 2 year old

  • attique khan
    attique khan Год назад

    i got the first one but i didn,t got got second it was preety bars

  • ElectricShadow 45
    ElectricShadow 45 Год назад


  • Dima Sutyagin
    Dima Sutyagin Год назад


  • Bandana Kumar
    Bandana Kumar Год назад

    only 1/2

  • Ronan Tam
    Ronan Tam Год назад


  • Alivia Ulrich
    Alivia Ulrich Год назад

    Late at night I heard my phone go "ding" and all of the sudden A COMMENT INVASION!

  • Sydney Gonzaga
    Sydney Gonzaga Год назад

    rt 2 first becausei memories the all Details And make a review
    Second They form a circle duhhit obvious men they can probably hit There Team

  • Mateo Breazeale
    Mateo Breazeale Год назад


  • QDawg40
    QDawg40 Год назад

    That's the go in a be Mannamy and make

  • Baby Cakes
    Baby Cakes Год назад

    I got both right!!!😋😋😉😀😀



  • Watts
    Watts Год назад +2

    The first one was too easy

  • Mansi Bansod
    Mansi Bansod Год назад

    one murder mystery correct

  • G&M channel
    G&M channel Год назад +1

    I solved 1

  • Vini Koshale
    Vini Koshale Год назад

    I solved both of them

  • cj gaming
    cj gaming Год назад


  • CookieSean 1223005
    CookieSean 1223005 Год назад

    at the first one

  • Liliana Garza
    Liliana Garza Год назад +1


  • Bri The Guy
    Bri The Guy Год назад

    I did

  • Genos One
    Genos One Год назад

    i only solved 1 the question no.1

  • The awesomeMSD
    The awesomeMSD Год назад


  • yeet
    yeet Год назад

    Who liked John? A British soldier

  • Gopal Vastar
    Gopal Vastar Год назад

    where is d 3 friend

  • Diplal Prasad
    Diplal Prasad Год назад

    I did 2 correct

  • Jalvinio Linz
    Jalvinio Linz Год назад

    Who killed John

  • Freja Reinfelds
    Freja Reinfelds Год назад

    Riddle 1 is easy if you just read what it said carefully

  • Derp
    Derp Год назад

    Both questions answered by derp

  • Saurabh Vohra
    Saurabh Vohra Год назад

    riddle was not correct
    the time behind stan and helen didnt match when they satn called helen

  • Ty Cochran
    Ty Cochran Год назад

    John is huge...

  • ourWorld Lucy
    ourWorld Lucy Год назад

    1. The windows DON'T open from outside, sorry Stan!
    2. In a circle?! Wow

  • Kooki Jooni
    Kooki Jooni Год назад

    only 1 mystery i solved🙁

  • Kyriakos Avlonitis
    Kyriakos Avlonitis Год назад

    I found the first one

  • Pritika Agarwal
    Pritika Agarwal Год назад

    Woooo hooo I got the answers right
    Yay 😊


  • beqa gabroshvili
    beqa gabroshvili Год назад

    I solved first mistery

  • Drawing sets
    Drawing sets Год назад

    1. Stan killed John. All the windows opened from the inside.
    2. All soldiers were in a circle. They knew that they would have shot the person across from them.
    Detective Lapira passed this with flying colors.

  • Taxey Cat
    Taxey Cat Год назад

    %100 CORRECT

    • Vin Win
      Vin Win  Год назад

      +Taxey Cat superb. Do try my other videos as well

  • Blue T-shirt
    Blue T-shirt Год назад

    I solved The Who killed john mystery and it was easy.but the second one was so hard it seemed inposible

    • Vin Win
      Vin Win  Год назад

      +Blue T-shirt good attempt. Do try my other videos as well

  • Ronda Bonds
    Ronda Bonds Год назад


    • Vin Win
      Vin Win  Год назад

      +Ronda Bonds good attempt. Do try my other videos as well 😎

  • SmithOnMe
    SmithOnMe Год назад

    Anyone else ace this

  • Team Neat
    Team Neat Год назад

    Peter escaped healthy and free... how is that possible?


  • Molly Taylor
    Molly Taylor Год назад

    I solved the first one but for the second one I couldn't get it