HUGE SUMMER TRY ON CLOTHING HAUL! brandy melville, forever 21 + more

  • Published on Jul 24, 2019
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    hi guys!! in today's video i show you guys all the clothes i got on my recent trips!
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  • Honey__bear •
    Honey__bear • 18 days ago

    What’s the purple shirt called

  • Morgana
    Morgana 21 day ago

    anyone notice she said "like" way waaaaaay too much? 😂

  • Erin Docherty
    Erin Docherty 29 days ago

    i need to know where your wallpaper is from !!❤️

  • NUKA R
    NUKA R Month ago +1

    Who else is not really in crop tops bit in boyish shirts✋🏻💯

  • Vakare P
    Vakare P Month ago


  • Chip Herwegh
    Chip Herwegh Month ago

    Well yeah that’s true

  • Chip Herwegh
    Chip Herwegh Month ago

    My grandma lives in Santa Monica

  • Madeleine
    Madeleine Month ago

    I got so sad while watching this. All of the shirts are soooooooo cute. I love T-shirts and I can’t even wear em.

    Sorry for the tiny vent

  • Morgan Ruby
    Morgan Ruby Month ago

    cowgirl boots 👢

  • Patrice Preston
    Patrice Preston Month ago

    She’s so adorable. I’m such a big supporter of her.

  • True Charming23
    True Charming23 Month ago

    Aww. Sending genuine love and compliments Kenna!🌹
    Very pretty and in love with the accent. Look quite good in sweatpants!!!!
    Cute lil'butt.😉
    You have a nice casual and relaxed fashion statement from this haul. 💃 #zexy
    Enjoy the remaining of 2019 and make many memories and enjoy the holidays!😚

  • wren grace
    wren grace Month ago +1

    ugh she’s so aesthetic

  • Arihanna Carr
    Arihanna Carr Month ago

    what is the green sweater called PLEASEEEE ANSWERRRR😂🥺

  • Samantha Brooks
    Samantha Brooks 2 months ago

    The FRIENDS reference!! YES!!!

  • Alexander Gonzalez
    Alexander Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Your truly a inspirational figure in my life🥺😭. I just wish I can meet you in person

  • κωνστατινα δεληγιαννη

    What size did you buy the sweatpants?

  • cool_ shianna_
    cool_ shianna_ 2 months ago

    Oml k wish i had brandy melville clothes;0

  • spooky
    spooky 2 months ago

    can I just say you look great in dark green, there's something about your hair color that just looks so pretty with that color, especially the green tank top with flowers on

  • casabella smith
    casabella smith 2 months ago

    do a room tour !!

  • May Susanne
    May Susanne 2 months ago

    This just made me realize that I badly need to go shopping. Please tell me I’m not the only one😂

  • Anthony Santorini
    Anthony Santorini 2 months ago

    You´re Beautiful.

  • Aggeliki K
    Aggeliki K 2 months ago


  • Léonie D'Haene
    Léonie D'Haene 2 months ago

    Youre sooooo beautiful and nice 😘

  • Charlotte Mills
    Charlotte Mills 2 months ago +1

    I know I have a dirty mind but really so do a lot of people so do you really want ROUGH RIDER on you just think

  • Kiana H
    Kiana H 2 months ago

    How old is she? If anyone knows, out of curiosity

  • Mikar Chor
    Mikar Chor 2 months ago


  • Sara Manero
    Sara Manero 2 months ago

    In another video “I’m not a VSCO girl or anything” literally all her clothes are from Brandy Melville and wears big shirts.

  • Ella Powell
    Ella Powell 2 months ago

    Where is your shirt from? It’s really cute

  • Reyna Love
    Reyna Love 2 months ago


  • vicsic vlogs
    vicsic vlogs 2 months ago

    i want to have a friendship like u have with amanda :)

  • Reese Taylor
    Reese Taylor 2 months ago

    how much did you spend?? i am going to santa monica in December. i am going shopping and i dont know how much money to take.

  • Kendall Tuck
    Kendall Tuck 2 months ago


  • Dasha Crean
    Dasha Crean 3 months ago

    she looks so good in army green

  • Jessie Underwood Prescott

    cowgirl boots

  • runaway tunes
    runaway tunes 3 months ago


  • Grace Abigail
    Grace Abigail 3 months ago

    😎😎😎 also, I loved ur outro! It's so freaking cute😘

  • Grace Abigail
    Grace Abigail 3 months ago

    soo cute!! love it girly and omg ur almost a 200k loll go off!! :))

  • Francesca Blasi
    Francesca Blasi 3 months ago

    What camera did you use?😍

  • karina awesome
    karina awesome 3 months ago

    Her room is so aesthetic like I wish I had that room😂. And her style is so pretty

  • Sunflower Slimes
    Sunflower Slimes 3 months ago

    I’m 12 turning 13 and idk if I would be able to wear Brandy Melville cuz I’m quite small. Does anyone think I’ll be able to wear them?

  • abby w
    abby w 3 months ago


  • Gia Gia
    Gia Gia 3 months ago

    I love her vibes 🌸

  • Sunburn Bikini
    Sunburn Bikini 3 months ago


  • Courtney Noble
    Courtney Noble 3 months ago

    I love your shorts btw

  • Pola Wepsiec
    Pola Wepsiec 3 months ago

    you are my favorite youtuber 💞💞💞

  • Pola Wepsiec
    Pola Wepsiec 3 months ago

    this haul is soo cute 💙💙

  • Acadia Reece
    Acadia Reece 3 months ago

    Those are so so cute. You make everything look good!😍

  • rozzelyn ballard
    rozzelyn ballard 3 months ago


  • Karla Juarez
    Karla Juarez 3 months ago

    Cowgirl boots

  • chloe dempsey
    chloe dempsey 3 months ago

    jade thirwall?

  • Jazmin Garcia
    Jazmin Garcia 3 months ago

    Cowgirl boots✨✨✨

  • erin
    erin 3 months ago

    i loveeeee brandy melville :)

  • summer stacey
    summer stacey 3 months ago

    Hey girl, Where did u get your shirt from? The one that says take a hike to the Rockies...

  • Glory Iyiade
    Glory Iyiade 3 months ago +1

    Yasss I just posted this video too💕

  • Precious Nworah
    Precious Nworah 3 months ago

    cowgirl boooots🤠🤠

  • Daniella Falletta
    Daniella Falletta 3 months ago


  • Ava Spear
    Ava Spear 3 months ago

    PLZ do a back to school clothing haul ILYSM 💓💖

  • Iassic
    Iassic 3 months ago

    Those distressed jeans are adorable!! 😎

  • Ginger Elizabeth
    Ginger Elizabeth 3 months ago

    Sorta annoying everyone has same backround music, same fashion style, same bedroom style, they all shop at the same place.. and so do I 😬😂

  • Wilma Svensson
    Wilma Svensson 3 months ago