• Published on Sep 17, 2019
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Comments • 1 634

  • Shreya Das
    Shreya Das Day ago

    Where is Flora, Tecna, Trix & other specialists

  • merakj
    merakj 2 days ago

    how is it winx when there’s no tecna or flora and musa isn’t even asian

  • Leaf
    Leaf 7 days ago

    Why would anyone leave out Tecna and Flora and why wouldn't Musa be played by an asian actress? It's not the actress' fault so I'm not hating on her, but... the idea in general is just bonkers.

    • That One
      That One 4 days ago

      She is not half Asian so I need you to stop your bullshit and do your fucking research
      And even if she was half Asian the fact that you and no one else could see that just by looking at her and have to go look at some vague site about it tells me that she is still whitewashed

    • FBI
      FBI 6 days ago +1

      Are you stupid, The actress for Musa is half Asian, and is mixed with Australian and Russian, don’t give me that “iSn’t sHe suPPoSED tO bE aSiaN” bullshit, do your fucking research.

  • Fate: The Winx saga
    Fate: The Winx saga 10 days ago

    It seems really interesting, am I the only one who didn’t quickly react and actually did research?

    • That One
      That One 4 days ago

      I did too praying it isnt what it seems
      Sadly it is

  • Valanto Pap
    Valanto Pap 10 days ago +1

    If u want to create something that is going to give u profits listen to the fans for once AND STICK TO THE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS AND PLOT. If not, be prepared to see the money you gave for the production of the series be wasted.

  • Pav Gill
    Pav Gill 13 days ago +1

    As an extra on the show, I can say without a doubt that its gonna be interesting, keep an eye out for it

    • Fate: The Winx saga
      Fate: The Winx saga 10 days ago

      Can you tell us if they are going to release anything or if they’re going to wrap up the film?

    • Pav Gill
      Pav Gill 11 days ago

      @Andres Parra Rodríguez nah lad. Not from what I've seen

    • Andres Parra Rodríguez
      Andres Parra Rodríguez 11 days ago

      Do you know if the girls will have wings like the cartoon?

  • Steven Universe Fanboy
    Steven Universe Fanboy 14 days ago +1

    Leave Roxy out of this mess if it goes wrong.

  • Sofie Wintershield
    Sofie Wintershield 14 days ago

    I’m not sure if this is even real...

    • GachaCherry 12
      GachaCherry 12 4 days ago

      it is real if you have instagram go to the winx club page and scroll down its there.

  • art stuff
    art stuff 15 days ago +1


  • DemZ
    DemZ 17 days ago


  • Maria Damk
    Maria Damk 17 days ago +1

    *Flora, tecna and musa's ethnicity have left the chat*
    (Also Trix and the most specialists left the chat)
    (That Beatrix person should play flora)

  • A Cosplay Mess
    A Cosplay Mess 17 days ago +1

    But Musa is obviously an Asian.....

  • Tak Leung
    Tak Leung 18 days ago +1

    after seeing this video,I don't want to watch winx anymore and how about the trix

  • come vlog with me
    come vlog with me 18 days ago

    Where are the trix and Where is flora and tecna and where is Daphne blooms bigger sisster and Where is Nabu Aisha's boyfriend that died so many characters are missing where is
    Helia Flora's boyfriend and isn't the actor for Musa aspose to be Asian?! And where is ROXY OMG SO MANY PEOPLE ARE MISSING

  • Penguin Tamer
    Penguin Tamer 19 days ago

    Hold on they have Layla but not tecna and flora who are two of the original winx

  • Julie Rouge
    Julie Rouge 21 day ago

    I'm Italian and...i'm disappointed and ashamed

    • That One
      That One 16 days ago

      Much of the comments seem to do

    • FBI
      FBI 20 days ago

      Julie Rouge No one cares

  • Samantha Malone
    Samantha Malone 21 day ago

    idk who half these "characters" are.

  • Amghar Amayas
    Amghar Amayas 21 day ago

    Aisha should be Arab / Middle Eastern, not Black...

    • Amghar Amayas
      Amghar Amayas 2 days ago

      @Fa Mulan didn't know that she was based on Beyonce but so she should be mixed, not black. Sorry but Beyonce does not look black and have mixed origins. Aisha nor Beyonce do not look as black as the girl choosed

    • FBI
      FBI 20 days ago

      She is black

    • Fa Mulan
      Fa Mulan 20 days ago

      Aisha in the show is black, as she is based on Beyoncé.

  • SiBeZi Z
    SiBeZi Z 22 days ago

    Ummmm no flora and tecna? Musa is white? What is this

  • Keeping up with Teviell
    Keeping up with Teviell 22 days ago +1

    This better not be real

  • lauser aw
    lauser aw 23 days ago

    I have to agree with the other opinions. Where ist Tecna and Flora. And I am disappointed with the casts too. That's not winx. I haven't any anticaption. Hope that you will change it.

  • Danielles Diys
    Danielles Diys 23 days ago

    I'm sorry the graphics of the new winx and now this wit no flora techna nd brandon and the others I gotta unsubscribe I'm mad but keep doing wat y'all do I'm out nd I used to love this show but now I can't stand it

  • Katie Stevenson
    Katie Stevenson 23 days ago

    0:19 5 unlikely friends
    1. Bloom
    2. Stella
    3. Flora
    4. Techna
    5. Musa
    6. Aisha
    Their 6 and is not really that unlikely is it...
    For them to be friends it not like they have any one trying to stop their friendship?
    I confused someone plz help?
    Wait where Flora and Tecna at?

  • priya fernando
    priya fernando 23 days ago

    Is this even real?

  • asyikinary
    asyikinary 24 days ago

    what happened to my childhood.. 😔

  • Itz._.Måŷå Kira
    Itz._.Måŷå Kira 24 days ago

    Why did u end winx club?

  • enoch james
    enoch james 25 days ago

    Where the rest of the team??

  • Galaxy girl
    Galaxy girl 26 days ago

    why Musa is not played by asian girl.???
    where is my Flora??!!!!!😭😭😭😭

    • That One
      That One 25 days ago

      @GachaCherry 12
      Even if she was half Asian did you know that just by looking at her face?
      If not, why should people be happy that they chose white looking actress to play Asian characters?

    • That One
      That One 25 days ago

      @GachaCherry 12
      You do know that she made a mistake and was only listening to another fan who didnt know the correct information right?

    • GachaCherry 12
      GachaCherry 12 25 days ago

      That One another RUclipr made a video about fate the Winx Club saga and in one of the comments they said she was part Asian.

    • That One
      That One 25 days ago

      @GachaCherry 12
      And where did you get that information

    • GachaCherry 12
      GachaCherry 12 25 days ago

      That One actually yes she is!

  • FBI
    FBI 26 days ago +1

    You people are so ignorant, don’t even call yourselves fans of the winx franchise.

    • FBI
      FBI 16 days ago

      That One Go to hell you fucking abomination

    • FBI
      FBI 20 days ago

      That One yes I do you little fucker, do you? Because obviously you won’t stop stalking me,

    • That One
      That One 25 days ago

      Do you even know what ignorant means?

  • Yujuchi GF
    Yujuchi GF 27 days ago

    A lot looks so different and has a different vibe from the character and Musa isn't Asian!? Nope. Netflix, u not doin' great

  • Elizabeth Lange
    Elizabeth Lange 28 days ago +1

    I saw the teaser and it is not very good. And has nothing to do with The Winx Club! I really hope they make this worth seeing! And will it be in English?

    • Elizabeth Lange
      Elizabeth Lange 20 days ago

      FBI maybe you should look. Because there is. It is just hard for some people to accept the truth. Good luck in life. Your gonna need it. FYI It is not nice to be rude and call someone a liar before you even know the facts! Especially when you don’t know them!

    • FBI
      FBI 20 days ago

      Irmak Yılmaz true

    • FBI
      FBI 20 days ago

      GachaCherry 12 she’s lying though there was no trailer

    • FBI
      FBI 20 days ago

      Elizabeth Lange no it didn’t

    • FBI
      FBI 20 days ago

      You did not see the teaser stop lying

  • Slytherin's heir
    Slytherin's heir 28 days ago +1

    It’s not going to be the same without Flora and Techna!

  • Jasmine Tran
    Jasmine Tran 29 days ago

    literally bye musa and riven are both asian... good job lmao

    • That One
      That One 28 days ago

      Stop getting worked up by people's disappointments of whitewashing

    • FBI
      FBI 28 days ago

      Riven isn’t Asian...stop getting so worked up over a show

  • Eliz Flair
    Eliz Flair 29 days ago

    Ебаный пиздец нахуй они таких взяли то господи

  • whore clown
    whore clown 29 days ago

    this is already such a disappointment

  • Shumafoodlover 101
    Shumafoodlover 101 Month ago

    No Flora but why? like she can speak to nature where Beatrix is?
    No Tecna but why like she a EXPERT SHE CAN EVEN HELP THE WINX!
    Beatrix? Why can’t the whole trix be there like Icy,Darcy,Stormy?
    Only Riven and Sky but why there Stella and Aisha too? Like Dane can be Aisha boyfriend even tho if Nabu was still alive... and Sam can be Brandon?

  • Demonia03
    Demonia03 Month ago

    All actors are perfect yet!😍😍😍😍😍 I cannot believe that this isn't fanfiction but Netflix original series!😭😭😱😍

  • David Galán
    David Galán Month ago +3

    For christ sake, first you complain about the little mermaid being black and now Musa not being asian. Stop. A live action characters doesn't have to be identical to the original. Move on.

    • That One
      That One 4 days ago

      @GachaCherry 12
      She is not half Asian, stop spreading that lie around just to coddle your racism. And if I had a problem with every whitewashing that has ever happened I would not enjoy my life.
      And the fact I and many people have been expressing why this bothered us for months tells me that the reason you don't understand why we are "complaining" is simply because you never bothered to listen in the first place. You only look at comments and information that support your opinion w/o actually taking others into consideration
      So why don't you take your own advice and just simply not look at my comments if you do not like it

    • GachaCherry 12
      GachaCherry 12 4 days ago

      @That One if you have a problem with musa's actress then just don't watch it, it's not that hard. and idk why your complaining her actress is half asian. :/

    • That One
      That One 4 days ago

      @David Galán
      It wasn't integral to her character later on in seasons but in the first she is shown wearing Chinese clothing and playing chinese inspired instruments with her mother who plays in chinese inspired stage plays
      But either way we aren't talking about white people. How does this help Asian actors?
      And think about what you just said. Now the only reason you have to include Asian people is only when its "integral" to the story. Does that sound fair?

    • David Galán
      David Galán 4 days ago

      @That One I'm not gonna deny that asians have been whitewashed, because that's true. However Musa (as far as I'm concerned) simply had asian facial features and it was never an integral part of herself. I was comparing it to Ariel's situation because being white was never a part of Ariel's character, so there's no point in complaining about it, but there's that.
      And no of course I haven't "checked facts" since then since I'm probably never gonna watch this show tbh

    • That One
      That One 4 days ago

      @GachaCherry 12
      And you haven't looked at any facts since this announcement

  • Vanilla Moon
    Vanilla Moon Month ago

    Is it really that hard to make this right? I’m sorry, but it makes me want to do it myself 😭 If only I had the money and connections that Netflix probably has... 💔 I hope at least the script and the acting sticks to the original... meanwhile I’ll try not to cry ;-;
    Also, they should watch the fanmade trailer (by Omer Menashe) for inspiration, just saying...

  • Hikari Nagasumi
    Hikari Nagasumi Month ago

    Saw Bloom: yeah, that's a good casting
    Saw Stella: hmmm... not my preferable choice but I can see it work
    Saw Aisha: eh ok ... doesn't look like Aisha to me, but hey at least she's black and not white-washed like in the season 8
    Saw Musa: ... I'm so done ...
    *Flora and Tecna not included*
    Why the hell are they even trying to ruin my childhood with this abomination?
    . .

    • That One
      That One 29 days ago

      GachaCherry 12
      So idk why you even brought that up

    • That One
      That One 29 days ago

      GachaCherry 12
      Because you literally cannot tell unless you see her bio and even then it’s vague as hell

    • GachaCherry 12
      GachaCherry 12 Month ago

      her actress is part asian idk why your getting mad about it!

  • Shiro -chan
    Shiro -chan Month ago

    I really hoped this is a fake, but than I noticed this video is on official Winx channel :(

  • anime love
    anime love Month ago

    What the 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Gacha Rania
    Gacha Rania Month ago


  • Zainab ali
    Zainab ali Month ago

    I’m kinda annoyed at how the main characters names have been changed for example the original winx girls were bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Layla or Aisha. It’s only bloom and Stella who have their name but the girls have changed plus we only have sky and Riven what had happened to Brandon, Timmy, Helia and Nabu???? This is sooo frustrating I was excited to see this but now not soo interested well done Netflix

  • xXNothing_SpecialXx

    So, half if the GOOD characters are gone like the Trix as villains and Flora as a freaking Winx member are gone. You've fricked up Netflix...

  • Parisa Karimi
    Parisa Karimi Month ago

    Tecna or flora???🤐🤐🤐🤐

  • Vhloe loré
    Vhloe loré Month ago +1

    Are they gonna completely switch up the show, just like sebrena but actually just worse ?

  • Maryam salah
    Maryam salah Month ago +1

    I'm disappointed with some of the casting but I do have hopes that the show will make up for some of the cast considering Rainbow ruined Winx thanks to season 8 and let's hope there bringing tecna in season 2 because of it will help satisfy us and if we're lucky they might change terra back to Flora or maybe there was a reason for the name change but they better explain it to us. As for Musa not being Asian, it could be because no one wanted the role or they lack the ability to portray Musa and let's remember that she's a music fairy so she must be a good singer and has experience with music because that's the only way they could make up for it. And I'm excited it's gonna be a young adult show because like I mentioned Rainbow ruined Winx because they basically de-aged the characters and made them younger than they should be with that in mind I hope they will some darker elements into the show for it will keep it real and not make a mistake, as Rainbow did.

    • That One
      That One 29 days ago

      And that comment of yours just shows you know nothing about Asian culture either cause what the hell do you think Asian culture is?
      Are we talking Indian? Korean? Chinese? Laotian? Are you seriously grouping us together like that? Our cultures our completely different
      Also being discriminated is not a damn culture. Shut up

    • That One
      That One 29 days ago

      I grew up in a Korean household

    • FBI
      FBI 29 days ago

      That One No, you know nothing about Asian culture, so you have no say.

    • FBI
      FBI 29 days ago

      Of course Tecna will show up and Flora

  • doremikan22
    doremikan22 Month ago

    Oh great. Ireland. Here. In the middle of no where. Where you either get H+ or no internet signal at all. Good luck to the crew.

  • Chrissle
    Chrissle Month ago

    Is Terra a mix of Tecna and Flora or what?

  • Mio Vh
    Mio Vh Month ago

    If you are gonna do this netflix do it properly then... such a disappointment so far

  • Bunny Fluff
    Bunny Fluff Month ago

    both of my fave Winx club girls are not there!

  • brianna rose
    brianna rose Month ago

    is this real? because if so this is SO disappointing

  • Stella Tomlinson
    Stella Tomlinson Month ago +1

    I'm with yall opinions thst they should have given musa an Asian actor and that brandon tecna and flora should be included but yall I think this series is inspired by the winx and won't be exactly the same so we all need to chill don't get me wrong I'm mad too that they don't include flora and tecna but maybe they are just still searching for actors :)

  • Yasmin-Marie Pirzada
    Yasmin-Marie Pirzada Month ago +1

    I’m not watching this shit

  • Gpod Joe
    Gpod Joe Month ago

    Should’ve casted Agatha, Dorcas’ sister as Musa here...

  • faith katjimune
    faith katjimune Month ago

    Plz ): that will be wonderful ):

  • faith katjimune
    faith katjimune Month ago

    Can you get the old wings movie back on Netflix I really really miss it

  • Naro Jamir
    Naro Jamir Month ago

    My childhood fav cartoon making it into live action made me so excited but then no flora and tecna happened and musa was supposed to be asain. 😑 Wow I'm not annoyed. Congratulations Netflix for ruining it. I'm not watching.

  • ʚLil'ɞ
    ʚLil'ɞ Month ago +1

    Let’s be real. This is not winx this is not what we’ve sign up for since we’re young

    • FBI
      FBI 29 days ago

      this is what we signed up for though, you don’t know what it’s like to be an older Winx fan so