Lisa and Greg Debate the Viability of Tablets

  • Published on Sep 2, 2019
  • We had fun with this one! Not meant to be a professional video, obviously, but I hope you enjoyed our debate! If you'd like to see more of this style video (with better audio/video), let us know! Thanks for watching.
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Comments • 410

  • Ditya Alamsyah
    Ditya Alamsyah 13 days ago

    i'd say tablets are more convenient for lots of uses, but not all. the same can be said for laptop. if "light carrying" is the theme for you, then tablets, but if what you're doing needs a little bit more oomph, then laptops.

    also, if you're an ipad pro power user, light productivity-video-photo works are far more convenient on it. and what i think happened here is just greg unable to see the huge numbers of content people that prefers specific use cases in tablets rather than flexibility

  • RainMan52
    RainMan52 Month ago

    Yo Greg, your wife is French?

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  Month ago

      German citizen (was). But full blood Italian.

  • Tricky Rat
    Tricky Rat 2 months ago

    Tablet wins. Surface Pro. Best of both worlds. Love mine.

    Go Lisa! :)

  • noneed4me2
    noneed4me2 3 months ago

    I’m with your wife for everyday casual shit I love my iPad Pro but when I get serious I go to my Acer Predator. I can see either product being situational and job specific as far productivity goes.

  • Marshmello229
    Marshmello229 3 months ago

    Where is Lisa from Greg? She has a cool accent!

  • Iosono I.
    Iosono I. 4 months ago

    I feel like you should already have a computer before you by a tablet. Unless your old. In that case get a tablet.

  • TimeSnake
    TimeSnake 5 months ago

    It depends on if you want to do work on the device or just watch videos and stuff like that. A laptop is much more suited for actual work, whilst a tablet is better for entertainment and overall media consumption, except for gaming of course.
    Also, RuneScape is playable on mobile devices.

  • BengolRaven
    BengolRaven 5 months ago

    Lisa wins shes pretty. u and ur laptop suck

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi 6 months ago +1

    Tablet for home use
    Phone for everything else
    Tablets are not for work

  • Raymond Dages
    Raymond Dages 6 months ago

    I need this confirmed for science reasons. Do you actually play OSRS?

  • Preet Sekhon
    Preet Sekhon 6 months ago +3

    Man I left your for a while and came to know that you had a wife annddd shess pregnant!!!! Dude u living life

  • Elmer Ureña
    Elmer Ureña 6 months ago

    Congrats to you both! Ayeeee 🎉🎊 GLHF!!

  • matt18152 E-Games owner

    If you have $50-$150 and you just wanna watch movies and maybe do some small work a tablet is a viable option Chrome books usually have interior screens and most cheaper laptops do to but if you’re spending as much is a iPad Pro I think a two in one would be a better option
    A cheap tablet is also good for a child

  • J Rivas
    J Rivas 6 months ago

    That's a beautiful water melon, Greg, you lucky and congrats

  • PhilfreezeCH
    PhilfreezeCH 6 months ago

    Most laptops are big and loud (at least after a year or two) and they run the (in my experience) least stable, most insecure and just flat out worst to use OS on the market, Windows.

  • PhilfreezeCH
    PhilfreezeCH 6 months ago

    I am a student at a fairly big university and I would say about 1/3 of all people in the room use some sort of tablet (mostly iPads) to take notes.
    I am sure that all of us the our tablets more than we use any other piece of tech, even our phones!
    If that isn‘t viable I don‘t know what is.

  • Ennyway
    Ennyway 6 months ago

    I own an iPad Pro for art. Beats out the Cintiq I owned beforehand in the convenience-factor, has a better display, and the Apple Pencil, while taking a lot of getting used to, has been really useable. Better drawing experience than the Surface too, guess it'd just be if you need a specific windows app that you couldn't manage with the iPad. Wouldn't trade it for pretty much anything after using it for a while though, lmao.

  • Timothy Emery
    Timothy Emery 6 months ago

    Tablets being useful depends on what your work is: I'd never use my tablet for my video/photo work. But they're awesome for stage use: I use it for mixing my in ear monitors and instead of a traditional music stand.

  • cardsfanbj
    cardsfanbj 6 months ago

    Definitely laptop. Can't play RuneScape on a tablet. (I'm playing RuneScape 3, not old school)

  • carlos111897
    carlos111897 6 months ago

    A surface pro anyone?

  • Larry Plympton
    Larry Plympton 6 months ago

    Take her for a nice walk on the beach, dinner at Spinnaker, watch a beautiful sunset and please keep these videos up. They are so much fun to watch. I'm not taking sides, but you both have good points and it really depends on the use case. If you need to "create" then a laptop is the way to go, but if you just need something for media consumption a tablet is more convenient.

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig1987 6 months ago

    Good luck with the baby. Lisa wins for facial expressions department. Only reason i want a tablet is so that i can do those consecutive battles for my mobile games on that lol. The moment i can do it on my desktop or laptop in some way i have no reason why i need 1 lol

  • Michael Simmons
    Michael Simmons 6 months ago

    1000% Agree with Lisa on this one. I have a Surface Pro 6 the I use as my daily driver and with it's 4 core 8 thread CPU and 8 GB of ram it is usually more than enough for my daily computing/coding needs. I have even done some light video editing on it and it works well enough in a pinch. The biggest advantages are weight, bag space, and noise. It's light and doesn't take up a lot of room which is nice because I take it literally every where I go. It's silent because it is fan-less so I never disturb others with it. The biggest advantage is that I basically have a great portable drawing tablet for digital art where ever I go. Plus if I ever need more power I can just use my super beefy desktop at home. Can even remote into it from my tablet if I need the extra computing power right away.

  • RJTech
    RJTech 6 months ago

    LumaFusion, edit video on iPad finish on fcp....Adobe Rush, start Edit on iPad finish if needed on premier pro on Mac or pc. ...that’s all I’m going to say. While you have 400k subs you don’t know the entire spectrum of tech. It shows in this vid. Was going to sub but you but you hate the iPad Pro .. so..ciao. ..(I love all tech..only company I hate is EA) also most ppl are like your wife...casual. Listen to her your channel might grow even more if you do. PS saw your lawsuit vid...good luck man.

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  6 months ago

      LOL. I don't want your sub if it's contingent on me liking the iPad Pro. I'm very familiar with the tech. I still prefer a laptop for these tasks. It's subjective and that was the point - to have fun. Bu-bye.

  • CrossXaberS
    CrossXaberS 6 months ago

    The iPad Pro is the BEST drawing tablet.
    PROCREATE is also a major factor.
    The 2018 iteration is more POWERFUL than most laptops in more portable form factor.
    **Don't get the Apple original keyboard case, tho. That thing is a total rip-off. You can get the knock-off one @ 1/10 of the apple price.

  • Jabid21
    Jabid21 6 months ago

    Appreciate the vlog. Both of you are cute together. I personally am content with my smartphone for my needs on the go.

  • Jean-Luc Devon
    Jean-Luc Devon 6 months ago

    She’s kinda right the convince of tablets beats every out because it’s more enjoyable to consume media with the lager screen not to mention it’s super portable my most used electronic is my iPad Pro second my gaming pc and third is my note 8 can’t knock it until you try

  • Aorus - Jeffrey The Great

    tablet is still good for media consumption. but since big phones called ''phablets" are here i dont see any point anymore to get an tablet to see videos for example.
    but can help for work.

  • xpgx1
    xpgx1 6 months ago

    Omg! Why are you guys walking down a german street? *G* Ok this is probably a silly question cuz eeeverybody knows.... but I didnt ;D

  • sillyness3456
    sillyness3456 6 months ago

    I own both a laptop and an iPad... The iPad is my university daily and the laptop is more of a desktop replacement, that I only take with me occasionally. Still most gets done on the laptop and sometimes I carry but don‘t use the iPad for weeks on end...

  • jokamutta
    jokamutta 6 months ago

    You can actually get Old School Runescape on the iPad :D

  • Miguel Ortiz
    Miguel Ortiz 6 months ago

    Y'all are so cute together!

  • James Stokes
    James Stokes 6 months ago

    Great video! I really liked being able to see Lisa in a video, congrats on the baby!

    I think that a tablet makes a certain amount of sense as a convenient portable media device. If I was traveling and wanted a device to watch movies on or read an ebook I would definitely not choose a laptop since I feel that is too bulky. That leaves a phone and a tablet. If I had to choose between the two I would pick a tablet since I would rather watch the video on a device with a bigger screen, it would also be a better choice for reading a book since I would be able to see more text at a time.

    If I was planning on doing more than reading or playing videos I would rather pick a laptop (although if I was going to buy a laptop I would prefer to get one that is selling for about $1,500 instead of $900) since that would be a much better choice in being able to edit videos or other more processor intensive projects. Another downside for a tablet is that I feel like it would be annoying to type on a screen for anything beyond a quick google search (I would likely resort to using the microphone instead if I needed to type much) Another reason I prefer a laptop is the windows environment which lets me open any normal EXE files. Another of a laptops major strengths is the ability to have multiple windows open. Plus Windows 10 has the ability to create virtual desktops which I find to be very useful for multitasking. As an example I would prefer a laptop if I was doing a lot of browsing since I usually have a few dozen tabs open spread over 4-5 windows. That is not an option on a tablet.

    So to conclude I would pick a tablet if I was doing something simple like reading, watching videos or playing a simple game.

    I would rather use a laptop if I was planning on doing in-depth research on a browser, or if I needed more substantial processing power for productivity or games. Plus a laptop has support for a mouse and a tactile keyboard.

  • Vynncent Murphy
    Vynncent Murphy 6 months ago

    I have a 17" laptop. Taking my Surface with me places is much more convenient

  • SLHD
    SLHD 6 months ago

    Lisa is so gorgeous you lucky bastard

  • Rodrigo Gatica
    Rodrigo Gatica 6 months ago

    Tablets are for specific case scenarios, I can give you two:

    1)Field work: they are super portable and in the place I work, they are used to access map aplications using our platform to add new data or to access our information on the go, tablets are practical in this way. You have a small device that can use wifi or mobile data to acces your work plataform and get access all the data you need for field work. You can do this on a phone as well but a bigger screen is more useful in this case, at least for the platform we use.

    2)Media consumption: mobile gaming, movies and music. All this can be done with this small device. You have a big screen and portability to enjoy all of this so its a win for me, plus they are much more thiner than a laptop.

    Now, if you have a laptop with detachable screen that is also tactile, then I supose you don't need a tablet to do the above.

  • Gen Rai
    Gen Rai 6 months ago

    Nexus 7 2013, nuff said

  • Antonio Lambranca
    Antonio Lambranca 6 months ago

    I'm with Lisa on this one Greg. You can do lots with tablets. Granted, I would never buy one that expensive but for the most part a tablet is handy if you want to do some light browsing or shopping for a present on the Internet (hint) or stream RUclip or national tv in the background as you clean the house (hint, hint) or even as an alternative to using a cookbook while you cook a meal for the wife (even more hints... 😂 😂 😂 ) . They'll never replace a laptop for overall use and portability but if you just stream or browse the Internet then a tablet will do.
    Plus, she's cute. 😂 😂 😂

  • Daycube
    Daycube 6 months ago

    Only tablet I'd get is the 9.7" iPad that is 239.00 at best buy and it would be mostly for photo editing on the go. After that I'd only get a 2 in 1 because j have a full on desktop at home.

  • HEXiT
    HEXiT 6 months ago

    wow dude i made a spelling mistake in my tweet so deleted it only to have you block me on twitter... ok cheers.
    i was actually a fan. and wast trying to be a dick... but your choice...

  • r e d
    r e d 6 months ago

    I think we deserve more Lisa and Greg videos.

  • Otto Ernst
    Otto Ernst 6 months ago

    Eww laptops I need my beefy desktop for da vidio games😂

  • Tech Guru
    Tech Guru 6 months ago

    cheap tablets are very useful...but I don't spend more then 250$ on one ...

  • over clocker
    over clocker 6 months ago

    congratulations on the baby, god bless you both.

  • Vernon Hampton
    Vernon Hampton 6 months ago

    Enjoyed every minute of this...including the "Runescape" quip!

  • Lynn Deel
    Lynn Deel 6 months ago

    For every time I love my laptop, when I sit in bed 90% of the time I’m using my iPad Air 2 to watch RUclip or stream cable tv. I love using my iPad for that. It’s so convenient. If I use my laptop I have to worry about cooling, the charger, the mouse. My iPad is so handy I couldn’t be without it. I love my 3 Ryzen rigs, my old Lenovo i7 3630q and my tiny Dell 13” laptop but for just being handy the iPad wins every time. I bought the iPad over two years awhile back under TMobile. It has more than paid for itself in the amount of times I use it. I personally couldn’t justify paying more than I did for the Air 2-I think the cheaper iPads are just fine vs the Pro. Mine has a sim if I ever wanted to put it on a cell plan. For streaming cable tv it’s perfect-i watched a lot of Game of Thrones on it!

  • BlackSmokeDMax
    BlackSmokeDMax 6 months ago +1

    Desktop and tablet are the best combo. I don't need my tablet to do ANYTHING productive. It is for consuming only. That makes a laptop, for me, to be an overweight, bulky, inconvenient mess. Just don't fall into the trap of upgrading tablets often!

  • Konstantinos Chronopoulos

    You didn't mention Ultrabooks and generally well specced smaller laptops. Like, an XPS 13 or a 13-inch Macbook Pro can even do video editing and their portability is very close to a large tablet. Even cheaper options with an 8th or 9th gen i5 or above (anything quad core or more), with 8 or 16 GB of RAM and an MX150 or something similarly powerful are so much more powerful and versatile than a tablet that, at best will have a flagship phone SOC. That fact, to me, makes a thin and light laptop that costs 850-1100 usd a MUCH better option than a similarly priced tablet (cough cough Apple), no matter what the use case is.

  • lilman227
    lilman227 6 months ago

    I'm watching this on a tablet right now. But it's an iPad mini. Like it was $200 at target.
    Primary use for it is RUclip, drone video, and having customers sign documents.
    I keep my laptop on me for real people stuff, but honestly, it doesn't get nearly as much use as the iPad or any of my dedicated rigs.
    For more reference, I have 8 PCs that I've built in the last year and a half, so there's always more powerful hardware to remote into if need be as well.

  • Ruthven78
    Ruthven78 6 months ago

    BTW, there are many things in germany considered "toys" that you could shoot, just ask jorg sprave (the slingshot channel), he even lives in germany

  • Ruthven78
    Ruthven78 6 months ago

    cant play world of warcraft on a tablet while sitting in the arm charm relaxing

  • Joseph Heinen
    Joseph Heinen 6 months ago

    Tablets have no place in the market¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Amikas117
    Amikas117 6 months ago

    I'm with Greg on this one. Anything a tablet can do can be done with a phone. And phones have a much faster upgrade cycle. Desktops and laptops not only have the horsepower for heavier loads, but have a more widely supported OS.
    Now, I would love a tablet as a secondary device to my desktop. I honestly see them as more a secondary device, but a damn good one when it comes to media consumption and convenience.
    Trying to DM a DND game is alot easier with a 10+ inch screen than on my phone.

  • mamamia88
    mamamia88 6 months ago

    What's the difference between a surface pro and a iPad with a dock/kb and mouse. Not saying you should pay alot of money for one. Just saying the line between them is getting blurred. Honestly I guess I can say I just don't see the point of expensive tablets. But give me a 10" hd display and enough horse power for chrome and hd RUclip and sell it about $100-200? Pretty compellingly for say if you are going to be sitting in a car for 5 hours and want to watch movies

  • mamamia88
    mamamia88 6 months ago

    Tablets are nice for watching videos TBH. Wouldn't pay $900 but, $100 for a hd10 with fhd display, expandable storage,and Plex is a very compelling argument to keep one around for travel. Works better in confined space and doesn't take up much space in the carry-on

  • Robert T
    Robert T 6 months ago

    There's always room for rigid uniformed opinions.

  • Martin Turney
    Martin Turney 6 months ago

    Great video you two. I do know who is right, but learned many years ago not to get in between couples. Let just say Pepsi is right. 🤰

  • US
    US 6 months ago

    Meanwhile I’m watching this on a tablet with Discord open in a side window.
    As for Tablets:
    Value= Cost/ Time Used.

  • Alex Knight
    Alex Knight 6 months ago

    The problem with just a laptop that does all that .... will it integrate with Apple ecosphere?

  • Robert McElfresh
    Robert McElfresh 6 months ago

    A tablet - CONSUMES content created by people with more powerful machines. It is a great consumer device, but not a CREATOR device. Its like a very cool portable & personal television.

    • mamamia88
      mamamia88 6 months ago

      Depends what you're creating. Photo editing might be easier on a tablet. Drawing definitely is. Plus there is no reason that you couldn't do something like Microsoft did with the surface pro where don't need to chose.

  • Robert McElfresh
    Robert McElfresh 6 months ago

    Pregnant!?! Congratulations. Best wishes for a healthy baby.

  • Mr. JAM
    Mr. JAM 6 months ago

    No matter what subject is, your wife is always correct.

  • ratchet256
    ratchet256 6 months ago

    *DADDY* Studio ;)

  • sean thomas
    sean thomas 6 months ago

    Yeah I love my tablet convenient easy to use. My phone is much more powerful and does more but my tablet is good to watch your channel and go through mail etc. For me Tablet works. Laptop nah desktop yes yes. Top topic mate and congratulations to the both of you xx

  • smylese
    smylese 6 months ago

    As a power user she killed your entire argument with Runescape. If you need a dedicated gaming rig you are not the average tablet user anyway. Something being not for you is not the same as their not being a valid market for that thing. Also CONGRATS!

  • Night Raptor
    Night Raptor 6 months ago

    Devil's Advocate: Tablet (specifically an iPad) can be used for sheet music (talking about Forscore which is an apple-only application)

  • Pusatici
    Pusatici 6 months ago

    You two are very cute together. :)

  • Marcus
    Marcus 6 months ago

    I use my tablet for watching video in bed at night, streaming music to my receiver and casting video to my nvidia shield. I use it less than i thought i would but it was well worth the price anyways
    Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus

  • siddhant churoria
    siddhant churoria 6 months ago

    it just depends

  • Laxen - LΛΧΞΠ
    Laxen - LΛΧΞΠ 6 months ago +4

    oof that German-Accent... I can here it all the way over here,...

    in Germany :D

  • Slobodan Cvetkovic
    Slobodan Cvetkovic 6 months ago

    Idk Greg, Lisa had pretty good arguments.

    Even tho I don't own any Apple products I just gotta say that their iPads starting this year are really showing some good use cases. Like its really starting to get viable to pick a tablet over a laptop, of course depending on what you do. But even for video editing, it is possible to do it on a iPad. The reason I am considering a iPad is for drawing, and whats a really great thing is that I don't even need the pro version for it because the cheapest one ( the iPad 6, I think) has Apple Pencil support and people do say that its pretty solid for drawing.

  • babungaCTR
    babungaCTR 6 months ago

    I don't get people who reccomend tablets, I bought one and the sold it after like a year. Whatever I can do with a tablel I can do it with a smartphone, sure the screen is way smaller but I must have a phone anyway. A notebook is way easier to use, will cost usually less and some part can be replaced/upgraded (see wam, ssd etc)

  • Nguyễn Trần Anh Nguyên

    i think tablets have their places on the market, i saw a gamer/artist/musician streamer use a it to draw while she's streaming

  • MACDRU421
    MACDRU421 6 months ago

    Sorry Greg, Lisa has my vote. I have a desktop and iPad Pro. I haven't owned a laptop since college. Yes, good tablets are overpriced and even in my opinion, not a good value product. But they do what I want them to do in a small form factor.

  • ChazzerB31491
    ChazzerB31491 6 months ago

    I've had tablets and I'm with Greg on this one. Laptops are way more versatile. Even better if you don't need the full laptop I think Chromebooks are the way to go. I have a Chromebook that folds completely over into a tablet with a touchscreen. Best of both worlds, keyboard, lightweight, good for media, can still be used for work. Not rendering videos, but I wouldn't do that on a laptop probably anyways
    $250 for a good Chromebook vs $900 iPad.

  • Flush Royal
    Flush Royal 6 months ago

    Buy Ipad If u are not into tech . Ipad is big bright screen, looks nish , might usefull for someone the ppl, powerfull but ios ...
    Buy a normal Laptop if u are into tech. Laptop is lil bit heavy but wanna play Tomb Rider on the go ? wanna do real video editing ? Wanna tRansFeR FiLeS? Wanna do what ever you want...

  • Chomusuke
    Chomusuke 6 months ago

    Tablets omegalul

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones 6 months ago

    A 7 to 10 inch tablet is about media consumption. Reading books, watching videos, and web browsing. They are just large enough to take into waiting rooms, or public transport. If Like me, you have elderly parents that you have to take to doctors appointments most weeks, a small tablet is the best way to kill time without burning through your phone battery. I agree that any thing larger than 10 inches is not truly portable. Any serious work should be done on desktop and smart tv's are for relaxing on the couch. Laptops are for extended traveling, not home use. You are both right and wrong.

  • Zdawg Dawgdawg
    Zdawg Dawgdawg 6 months ago

    Wholesome video, love it. Thin laptop better smh. Just kidding, great vid!

  • mytube001
    mytube001 6 months ago

    This looks very European. Germany? Surely not N Florida?

    • mytube001
      mytube001 6 months ago

      Note to self: don't post until the video has finished... Saw the German text and plates on the van like 10 seconds after, haha!