The Nemesis Factor

The Nemesis Factor is an old electronic puzzle with 100 sub-puzzles!
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I'm a Top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship and just released a logic puzzle game on Steam! The game is called RYB: http://store.steampowered.com/app/547050

Intro song: Tekvision - Mycoplasma
Intro template: /SDJGRedstoneDJ

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Автор Menimitz ( назад)
I got one of these as a gift when they were first released. It is still sitting on my dresser. I never did finish it. I was probably only 10 at the time though so patience probably wasn't my strong point.

Автор ABabyC ( назад)
Have you tried the revomaze yet? :)

Автор Amelia Jane ( назад)
Don't like this puzzle

Автор Keara Krause ( назад)
Just found your channel from the trending page on YouTube, and I'm so incredibly happy. Subbed and binge watching all your videos now. :D

Автор James Loggins ( назад)
This take me back to when I was a kid

Автор jelletje8 ( назад)
is that a pyramid?

Автор spring breeze ( назад)
I know a lot of combinations, but that puzzle has tons of it, and that's pretty hard

Автор Minerocks43 ( назад)
Rub them fleb juices all over that puzzle!!!!
(that sounded wrong)

Автор Lani Revera ( назад)
"If your brain had a butt. . .
This is what would be kicking it."
Me: *dead*

Автор MrBillyb0bj0e ( назад)
you should call your subs "flebbers" instead of puzzlers

Автор Ashley Watson ( назад)
Am I the only one that loved this game?

Автор J Mouch ( назад)
I played this thing a lot when I was a young child. It was quite challenging.

Автор isaac redfern ( назад)
Could you do a video of all 100 puzzles?

Автор D kiky ( назад)
This is extremely nostalgic for me. Haven't thought about this puzzle since I was 8.

Автор C. Powell ( назад)
"If your brain had a butt" wtf???

Автор Brandon Muto ( назад)
Fleb I don't know why but I love your vids. ASMR for the mind

Автор Enceladus V2 ( назад)
Great video and a great puzzle!!! Keep up the good work Fleb

Автор Lord Rahl ( назад)
Man, I still have my Nemesis Factor. (I can see it sitting on my shelf from here!) This was one of my favorite electronic toys growing up. I never did finish it, though I suppose I still could, but I certainly had a lot of fun with it.

Автор Matthew Warnick ( назад)
While I'm glad this puzzle is getting some attention, the video sadly does NOT do a good job demonstrating the complexity of Nemesis Factor. This puzzle includes audio clues, a motion sensor, and a light sensor. Many puzzles require identifying patterns in seemingly random words, numbers, or sounds; orienting the puzzle a certain way; or controlling whether the puzzle is in the light or dark. Later levels combine these elements for some pretty tricky puzzle solving...

I bought this on clearance at KB Toys for $5 about 10 years ago without knowing what it even was. Still one of the best puzzles I've ever played! :)

Автор Scribblett The Obese Stick Figure ( назад)

Автор James Biddle ( назад)
At first glance I thought this was a little stand for model canoe's.

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
Fleb lol 😂

Автор x9x9x9x9x9 ( назад)
I can't figure out where you buy half of the puzzle you cover. This one is available everywhere but the weird wood and metal ones (not the hanayama ones) are impossible to find or impossible to find info on.

Автор totlyepic ( назад)
These first five puzzles weren't very interesting at all. I feel like if the puzzle is really as good as you say that this was a bad sample to choose to demonstrate its value.

Автор Master Knot See ( назад)
this game looks dope has fuck!

Автор Nes A.C. ( назад)
I want that D:

Автор Paola Cordero ( назад)
will you continue to upload more solved puzzles on the nemesis?

Автор capnfoo ( назад)
I played the crap out of this

Автор Declan Harding ( назад)
is it just me but do the lights look like canoes

Автор Al Munoz ( назад)
Finish the rest and I will leave a like for all of your vids

Автор BradMcQuaid ( назад)
I wish you would've shown some of the more complex puzzles later in the game, rather than the first 5, which were clearly just slight variations of each other. Like some that make use of more sensors. All you really showed us was a form of Simon. :P Still, love your videos FLEB! Keep up the interesting puzzle showcases.

Автор griffin4cats ( назад)
It's amazing how much this channel has grown in the past few weeks! I came here with reddit showing off the x-box, and at the time there was around 5 or 6 thousand subscribers. It's amazing the channel has grown this fast!

Автор Devil Donkey ( назад)
maybe if you have the time, a whole video of you finishing all the puzzles

Автор michele vitarelli ( назад)
someone make this an app for your phone....

Автор The Cat Man ( назад)
The jump cuts are not as funny as you think they are.

Автор Nipun Kakarla ( назад)
Please make a video with some of the interesting and difficult levels of this.

Автор Mithras ( назад)
For some reason that thing scares me

Автор Miquel Llorca ( назад)
Have you beaten all that puzzles without hints?

Автор Anson NG ( назад)
Hello, I am your fan from Hong Kong🤣 May I ask where can I buy those puzzle you introduce?

Автор LOUIEVIL 7.62 ( назад)
for a minute there I thought it was some type full family kayak holders you know mama papa son daughter baby

Автор BigT 1418 ( назад)
-why do my world look like this? Am I being hacked??!! Plz halp!!-

Автор Twigleaf ( назад)
brute force computer puzzle

Автор realeques ( назад)
this doesnt look like a puzzle but rather trial and error to me

Автор Capital Drones ( назад)
Is his name actually Fleb? If it is that's un-fucking-believable

Автор Ashley Schaeffer ( назад)
It's just a process of elimination puzzle...hoped for more.

Автор Prophet T ( назад)
This is boring puzzle. Electronic puzzels are less intresting than mechanical puzzles in my opinion

Автор Duneslug ( назад)
I just bought RYB, great job!

Автор Mitch ismyname ( назад)
I thought it was a pile of canoes from a drone picture

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
seems like a lot of trial and error

Автор Benjamin I Meszaros ( назад)

Автор Seth Brooking ( назад)
I glanced at the thumbnail, thinking it was some sort of wierd modern art that involved multi colored and different sized canoes.

Автор Filippo Baroli ( назад)
i WANT to see all The 100 puzzles😁!

Автор Steve Leahy ( назад)
Interesting how much was this

Автор MrGrizmint ( назад)
this one is retarded

Автор MrGrizmint ( назад)
2:25 youre welcome

Автор Travis Travis ( назад)

Автор Nick Joslin ( назад)
All of the buttons look like little kayaks.

Автор Xo3 ( назад)
Beat it on camera !!!

Автор Amori Medina ( назад)
Fleb is a pleb

Автор lohphat ( назад)
It's the jump sound from Q*bert!

Автор Jace McGoobers ( назад)
nice video dude "these are used in such interesting ways" ..... never got interesting.

Автор sebe1015 ( назад)
Judging by the thumbnail, I thought this video was going to be about how to choose the right size kayak... Thought those were kayaks.

Автор Hays Dixon ( назад)
I very much enjoy your videos, and it may just be the first five puzzles, but this puzzle didn't seem as interesting as the lotus box or the puzzle at the end of this book.

Автор Rainbowskivvies ( назад)
you should do a Livestream of solving all the puzzles!

Автор Gabe Litwin ( назад)
On you birth certificate does it say FLEB?

Автор Carter Miller ( назад)
" Hey there puzzlers, I'm a fag" - FLEB

Автор Bill Pankau ( назад)
I want to see what puzzle 100 is

Автор Russell Geyer ( назад)
Honestly would love to see the rest of these puzzles solved

Автор Chargers Hackenberg ( назад)
Is his name actually fleb?

Автор Pablo Diaz ( назад)
I'm I the only one that thought those were little baby kayaks in the thumbnail

Автор fireflyserenity31 ( назад)
The sound of a monotonous robot voice fills you with DETERMINATION.

Автор GunsIndustry ( назад)
I demand part two with 40 next puzzles and so on

Автор Daniel Scott ( назад)
+FLEB can you do the puzzle box called "box one"? It's by the same guy who made the lotus puzzle you did. I have this puzzle but I can't solve it!

Автор funnyguy2019 ( назад)
I have only one question, where can you buy this from, because this device seems pretty cool!

Автор Shawn Bay ( назад)
It would be so interesting to see a full playlist showing all the puzzle solutions, each video having 5 puzzles each

Автор Kevin Episcopo ( назад)
i love all your videos, keep it up!

Автор JRamone266 ( назад)
I'm shocked there isn't an episode of Doctor Who called The Nemesis Factor

Автор Jon Leaman ( назад)
The Nemesis Factor! Nice!

Автор yabbaguy ( назад)
I hate the "powering down" voice. Startles me everytime. I ran away from it like a time bomb when I was a kid. :(

Автор MattGaming+ ( назад)
4:35 unfair to deaf people

Автор MattGaming+ ( назад)

Автор popcorn pretzel ( назад)
I would've preferred to see the best of the 100 puzzles, but the video was still great with the first five :)

Автор InviDoll ( назад)
I would watch all 100.

Автор Jaxx Zero ( назад)
To be completely honest, I'd watch you do all 100 in one video

Автор Jeff3210 ( назад)
Your audio is way too loud compared to other people's videos

Автор Great Scott ( назад)
So it's basically a slightly altered version of Simon Says..

Автор sevret313 ( назад)
I'd actually like to see a longer video of this, showing only the first 5 was a bit of a disapointment.

Автор smoothsteve ( назад)
I wonder if you could show us other puzzles from this game that use the different sensors, the first five seem pretty boring....

Автор Yak Ne Puh ( назад)
Fleb do the revomaze!

Автор FrozenSpector ( назад)
Do you have a video on the "Lights Out Cube"?

Автор trap door ( назад)
this looks like a good challenge but that voice would get on my nerves.

Автор Chris M ( назад)
Sounds like the voice from "Klax"

Автор Buster Lee ( назад)
i had one of these... wish i still had it. it was superb. i wanted to pull my hair out when it incorporated the light sensor. I got frustrated and set it down started walking out of the room and turned off the light and it chirpped! This game was way ahead of its time. Tilt, light, color, number factors, sounds, I really do miss it.

Автор John Smith ( назад)
Nowadays you can do all that with a smartphone

Автор DatBoiZo ( назад)
I love puzzles

Автор Evan Wadley ( назад)
can u do a rubiks cube?

Автор WhiteNoise ( назад)
Never seen this puzzle before, out of interest how elaborate to they get towards the end and, other than having to tilt it, what other external condition do you have to put it in?

Автор Dana Ondráčková ( назад)
I want this so badly and trust me when I get stuck I would throw it out the window :D I love your videos!

Автор Evan Nuzum ( назад)
I had one of those! loved it

Автор Tristan McNerny ( назад)
I love your videos an I watched them since the start keep it up

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