The Struggle of Wearing Glasses

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who else wears trusty spectacles


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I'm just your average kid that's into a bunch of different stuff!
Anime, kpop, parties, reading, food, bboying, volleyball, basketball, etc. We probably have atleast one thing in common, haha.


Intro Music: Don't have one this vid! Wondering if I should keep the old one!
Outro Music: Nujabes Guitar Medley by Sabyu on YouTube.


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Автор MiniTerror 152 ( назад)
Glasses Squad Assemble!!!

Автор Gia septiceye fan ( назад)
same problem

Автор amirul iman ( назад)
I feel you man

Автор Lynn Gaspar ( назад)
some of my firends have glasses so when they spin in a computer chair I say "take of your glasses their br- and there they go.what we learn"

Автор Rosie V.s ( назад)
fun story in my science class I have to sit at the back next to this annyoing boy sooooo one day I told my teacher that I forgot my glasses and asked if I could sit in the front row (Where my friend also sat) so I could get away from the annoying boy and sit next to my friend! GENIUS !!

Автор Selma Selma ( назад)
at 0.55 waz that kookie ♡_♡

Автор Kaitlynd Sauriol ( назад)

Автор #SWAG fred ( назад)

Автор Rocio Ruiz ( назад)
XD OMG 4:37

Автор PrincessTearDrop ( назад)


Автор noodleknows ( назад)
My friend broke his nose playing sport... the sport was chess

Автор Asita ( назад)
I live in a place with extreme weather. Winters aren't as bad as summer. My glasses always fall off due to the high amount of sweating. Fogging up isn't that bad. It happens only when you enter a hot building or something similar.

Автор KiSea Katikka ( назад)
I have 20/10 vision and I still need glasses cause my eyes are noT frEAKInF BOthERed to do their jobs... Agggg I don't even get it ... But it's been 10 years and I'm attached so I don't really mind

Автор Cometspirit ( назад)
I can feel your pain. Most of this things happens all the time for me

Автор Gretchen Riley ( назад)
at p.e. I take my glasses off because I can't see with them when I'm sweatie so I have find my friends by are they wearing leggings or are they wearing a bow (etc) ( by their style and skin color and hair color ) it is easy

Автор Armless ( назад)
DOMICS COPY!1!1!1!!!!1111!!1!11

Автор AkoSi Gait ( назад)
u can use use rope on the glass XD

Автор kaurth0 ( назад)
well, he is a domics watcher....

Автор Moist Nugget ( назад)
*puts on 144p and takes off glasses*

Автор Dominic Patterson ( назад)
He described my struggle completely

Автор Moist Nugget ( назад)
Once a friend took my glasses, she wore them for about 3 class periods. It sucked

Автор dank dank dank dank dankdank dank dank ( назад)
*That moment when you put the video quality to 144p to see how erold sees.*

Автор Toulouse200 videos ( назад)
I play voley 5 times a week, i have glasses and all is good

Автор BroFist ( назад)
3:02 you can see jaiden and theodd1sout

Автор Hai Its Honey ( назад)
I have glasses too and I know the scarf struggle... 😐😂

Автор YELL Lol ( назад)

Автор Cool Guy ( назад)
My tv is like 3 times biger than a old looking tv. And i sit really close to the tv and i havemreally good eyes

Автор the leeviler ( назад)
Maybe you should get better internet connection

Автор EMMA HARGRAVE ( назад)
I can relate to all of these!!!! I wear glasses

Автор the leeviler ( назад)
In a few days I'm getting glasses

Автор TheGapleguy ( назад)
I still laughed at the eye wifi joke 😆

Автор PandaHoodz ( назад)
I am so similar to Erold xD ( Except I don't need scarfs cuz I am living in South East Asia )

Автор ARMY 4life ( назад)
I got glasses when I was 10 too, I've had 4 pairs... I'm 12.... I'm good at losing stuff...

Автор XxFuzzy PandaxX ( назад)
People kept making me the goalie because I had "protection for my eyes" yah they broke once

Автор Toxiic Pf ( назад)
Dude I thought I was the only one who had the struggle with the scarves man

Автор Angie Soccer ( назад)
This stuff is so truuuuuuuu😂

Автор Kawaii Wolfy ( назад)
I also wear glasses and every problem you said always happens to me
(I also live in Canada)

Автор Abx2 ( назад)
anime glasses thing is tru af

Автор leon musial ( назад)
all you gave to do to avoid fog is go in and out

Автор leon musial ( назад)
seeing is a pretty good perk.

Автор TheKidOnTheInternet ( назад)
my eyes must have bad wifi connection. quote of the century

Автор Helen Animated ( назад)
dude you realize that any thing below 20/20 is really good and anything above 20/20 is bad right?

Автор Sushicat109 ( назад)
dafuq you gust had 90,700 and now you have 91,027 and it hasn't even been a hour

Автор PEBBLE- Pigeon ( назад)
Its funny cuz my friend is phillipino and he need glasses.

Автор -timberkook ( назад)
been wearing glasses since I was 7 yrs old. one eyes vision is -5/20 and the other is -4.50/20 😂😂

Автор ListenK ( назад)
My glasses alwYs fall to my nose it just slides down to my nose *cri*

Автор yoitsflamewhisker ( назад)
I live in a hot place. I still know these problems. You don't suffer alone.

Автор George Mouratoff ( назад)
btw why didn't you get contacts?

Автор Rahna Babula ( назад)
#realadable story's

Автор Marlene K ( назад)
your not alone I have bad vision

Автор Kei ( назад)
i lost my glasses. the same day you made this video. you cursed me. why.
and i can agree that kageyama tobio is indeed, beautiful.

Автор Pinecone the Elf Owl ( назад)
ive had glasses since 2nd grade and i friggin hate themm i cant go to a waterpark or beach without being blind and helpless for the entire trip #plzhelpmeeeeee

Автор V-paw Markov ( назад)
I loved that subtle shoutout to Theodd1sout and Jaiden ❤️

Автор Pencil Queen ( назад)
2:43 Yeah... I hate when my scarfs (or when it's SUPER cooled and I put on the winter jacket piece over my mouth) fogs up my glasses and then I can't see shizzle and then I look like a clumsy piece of shizzle and flop over on the ground and freak out like an idiot LOL! XD >♡<

Автор Super Xtream ( назад)
I have glasses. Meh eyesight is a bad 20/30

I'll never see the true beauty of this world..
*jungkook appears*
*dogs appear*
*kageyama appears*

Автор iiDarkFoxxx1 1 ( назад)
Guess I'm the only one who's hair gets stuck in them... #Lonley ;-;

Автор Kayla M Fassett ( назад)
#Abletorelate amirite my peeps?

Автор C Toast ( назад)
I wear giant glasses........... and play volleyball. I also....uh...JUNGKOOK, MOMO

Автор Just A Fangirl ( назад)
Kpop lol

Автор Snivy ( назад)
I'm pretty sure I have 20/20 sight.

Автор María Paula ( назад)

Автор Grace Quinn ( назад)
The worst thing is when you just wanna lie down and go on your phone or read a book but glasses are so uncomfortable to wear when resting your head :(

Автор Jaxx ( назад)
3:02 Jade and theoddonesout xD

Автор IsabelaKiraVlogs ( назад)
Mine is -75 and the other is -50

Автор TRIGGERED WAN WAN ( назад)

Автор Master chef Papyrus ( назад)
If you don't like rain then... You won't like ireland

Автор Samuru ( назад)
Finland... almost the same as Kanada

Автор 247-Null ( назад)
i have 175 - 175 power for my glasses and i complain its too dizzy to wear it all day so the optometrists brought it down to 75 - 75.

its way better that way but i can never get used to wearing them even though i cant read signs outside.

glasses experts any advice?

Автор Alois Trancy ( назад)
bring close to the tv only strains your eyes not makes you blind

Автор Mythical Lyna ( назад)
When people ask to try on my glasses I tell them their vision will be the exact SAME I just have a low prescription so to anybody else they might seem a little clear. However I am up to switching glasses with a person who owns glasses. It's fun :)

Автор Cutie Dino ( назад)
Im Australia (where i live) it gets really hot and my glasses fog up and i cant see. This is y in scared of playing Handball and Basketball.

Автор Jelly Belly ( назад)
the ending omg 😂😂

Автор Jelly Belly ( назад)
I just found this channel omg!! OMG THIS IS GREAT

Автор Kookies AndCream ( назад)
I see some army's up in here 0:55 (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Anjie S ( назад)
[sees Momo and Jungkook in the video]
... subscribed.

Автор Chesca D ( назад)

Автор GoldPandasGame ( назад)
I understand. My vision is -14/20.

Автор Kylie Jimenez ( назад)
mine is terrible lol I'm 10 and my prescription is like 500. #struggle

Автор Tia Reese ( назад)
this is my first time watching one of your animations, and within the first ten seconds, i'd already subscribed!
awesome job, dude, and god, i can totally relate to some (majority) of this stuff xD

Автор dawnriddler ( назад)
2:01 haaha every time! :DDD

Автор Cupcakecrazy42 ( назад)
Contacts bro

Автор Leo Vlaze ( назад)
Ummm it goes hire not lower the worse your vision is so you are more like 200 200 instead of 20/20

Автор Blair Willows ( назад)

Автор Dank Dank ( назад)
a blind ashen boi with danknes like my

Автор Abdullahi Aden ( назад)
Sooooo much anime

Автор #1 One Piece Fan ( назад)
i shall absorb ALL the One Piece content in this video

Автор Md Productions ( назад)

Автор Md Productions ( назад)

Автор HOMIE DAT BOI ( назад)
Quick moment of silence for the people who watch videos with bad Wi-Fi connection

Автор karlis melveris ( назад)
way did you not place a string behind so it cant fall?

Автор Karen Daniel ( назад)
That Haikyuu ref tho

Автор Sabrina Agustin ( назад)

Автор Sabrina Agustin ( назад)

Автор Blooming Heart ( назад)

Автор Grace ( назад)
when he shows jungkook as the beautiful things in life #myhearteu

Автор rebekah arnett ( назад)
Subscribed mate.
Thanks for the smiles.

Автор David J Lindsey ( назад)
I live in Florida. Yeah, glasses fog up from the ac inside to the hot outside. Its like your problem but reversed.

Автор Slime Plays ( назад)
I am the same

Автор WildGamer ( назад)
I relate to this video so much xD 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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