The Struggle of Wearing Glasses

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who else wears trusty spectacles


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Автор MiniTerror 152 ( назад)
Glasses Squad Assemble!!!

Автор SirLambSauce Theron Gaurd ( назад)
( *_•)👌When he breaks his glasses n screams. NNRRG! BTW nice acting skillz.

Автор GucciTae ( назад)

Автор GucciTae ( назад)

Автор RayquazaKing04 ( назад)
just to help out you can get a thing that can hold onto your glasses from the back of your head : )

Автор zel gaming ( назад)
I have 20/20 vision😂

Автор i love marshmallows ( назад)
IF YOU HAVE GLASSES SAY I! I actually got glasses from being an introvert weird huh my vision is not much higher than about a foot so do that and I CANNOT see it neat huh?

Автор Gerald The Seal ( назад)
I relate to this too well!!!

Автор MooARm ( назад)
i relate to this damn

Автор Derp Nugget ( назад)
One piece!!

Автор Kasim Ahmed ( назад)
Me:watches whole video in 144p

Автор FirstClassGamer ( назад)
i change everyone to have your youtube at 144p

Автор Ellie J ( назад)
2:13 XD
My boy crush would ask to try my glasses

Автор IDKmyname _75 ( назад)
Like the only good thing about wearing glasses is that you look like 5% better than usual at all times.

Автор Pixelated Grace ( назад)
I understand you

Автор AwesomeLucy 121 ( назад)
Bats have good eyes

Автор AwesomeLucy 121 ( назад)
Bats have amazing eyes

Автор buster the crazy canine ( назад)
i can relate to this 😂😂😂

Автор Conner Beierle ( назад)
wait you got cute girls touching your face because of glasses. Man I have glasses and I'm in 5th grade . LUCKY SON OF A BITCH

Автор Vermillion 01 ( назад)
One time my glasses fell off I P.E. and I yelled 'I CAN'T SEE SHIT!!!' At least the teachers were in the other gym.

Автор Sprinkle Love ( назад)
My vision is getting worse as i am waiting for my glasses😑

Автор Melisa Silva ( назад)
I once sneezed my glasses of

Автор Random Playlists ( назад)
Heh, one of my eyes has 15/20 vision while the other one has, for some reason 20/20 vision

Автор bomb animations ( назад)
i feel ya bruh i got glasses

Автор Moon Sans ( назад)
my glasses stick onto my face so they dont catapult off mah face

Автор Greyson LaGarde' ( назад)

Автор Greyson LaGarde' ( назад)

Автор Greyson LaGarde' ( назад)

Автор Greyson LaGarde' ( назад)
"I just now realized that this isn't really a problem for people who live in hot places" Me: what those people that he drew when he said that looked like the odd 1's out... NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Автор Lundon Shorrock ( назад)
I wear glasses

Автор Adrian Cruz ( назад)
Just get contacts

Автор just another undertale fan ( назад)
oml i hate it when they ask to put on put gasses and there like "hah how do you even see with these things"

Автор Shona Whitfield ( назад)
I have eye glasses I lov'em(please help me)

Автор colorful notes21 ( назад)
This is probably my favorite video on YouTube 😂

Автор farting rainbows ( назад)
you can get kind of get this thing were they would peal the outer part of your eye and put like eye drops and they put your eye peal back in and it doesn't hurt and then you can see way better it's all most like magic

Автор Isabella Cooper ( назад)
I just got glasses a week ago because I was short sighted although everyone in my family were short sighted except for the younger people/kids
And my grade just saw me with glasses today so I was like why are you looking at meh!!!😳
Not a very good day because it was cold and my glasses were not clear

Автор julle _ ( назад)
I see blurry so soon I think I'm gonna get glasses.

Автор umatiel o3o ( назад)
*Sees jungkook in the damn half beggining*
Me:i have heard my death calling see you in heaven

Автор heyimbigj ( назад)
when my glasses are all smudgey I might as well not even be wearing them bc it's literally the same w/o them at that point...this made no sense but you get what I'm saying

Автор TheGamingZo ( назад)
I hade 6 pairs of glasses in 7 years

Автор Ultra TigerGirl ( назад)
Erold forgot to talk about when you shower and forget to take them off so you have to see with wet glasses

Автор CRAZY KASI ( назад)
yeah my vision is bad to like the eye docter was screaming😐

Автор Mia The Gummy ( назад)
When I first realized my vision was messing up, it was halfway through 5th grade. I told my aunt, who I was living with at the time because my mom was deployed. She told my mom, but my mom thought I was just saying that because I had always wanted glasses (and braces) since I was really little. My vision now isn't as bad as most, but at the time it was getting really annoyed. I ended up getting glasses in the summer between 5th and 6th grade.

Towards the beginning of 7th grade, I started complaining about my vision again. My mom didn't take me in because it had seemed too soon for my vision to worsen.

My vision was so messed up when she finally took me in, my exam took nearly half an hour because I couldn't focus on anything.


Автор Danisnotonchairs /Never will be\ ( назад)
When i wear glasses i need to literally scream in their face that its hard for them to see because its not their prescription ;-;

Автор Jaclyn Leask ( назад)
i like scarves too there very fashionable and some of them are cute

Автор DZrache ( назад)
1:03 Where is that "That's not funny" sample from? I think I've heard it somewhere before

Автор Anime Girl ( назад)
omg same don't worry :( I have bad eye site to

Автор Ryan Simmons ( назад)
Id would break mine and say I ran into a pole when there was a subject I didn't want to do.

Автор Repurify 11 ( назад)
Erold and Tony gone?

Автор Ryan Hwang ( назад)
This is exactly like me with the interaction I had -5 vision

Автор derpdoge29 ( назад)
hey. get contacts...

Автор Jaxon Boozer ( назад)
2:12 - ... ... ...


(2:35 + 2:52 is struggle all the time for me...)

Автор Mr_666 Gaming ( назад)
omg.... why did he sound like harru potter at 4:18?

Автор Edward-Jan Hottenga ( назад)
Bats have 60 vision...

Автор Apocalyptic Artist ( назад)
okay but I were glasses and I can relate to this, even more so of a struggle when you're a cosplayer and the character you're co playing doesn't wear glasses and I can't afford to get contacts T^T

Автор SamDoesStuff:P ( назад)
one time I fell asleep in class and my teacher confiscated my glasses and said I could only get them back once I finished all my work. I spent the whole lunch time squinting at my book trying too read the stuff and when I handed in my work you couldn't even read my hand writing because I can't read or write without my glasses

Автор Semii ( назад)
I decided to watch this entire video in 144p just to know how Erold's vision is. Much wow very dedication

Автор Tiny Run ( назад)
How to explain my vision get a YouTube video and put it into 144p

Автор Ace animates ( назад)
can u give me advice about animation thx

Автор Infamous Otaku ( назад)
I started wearing glasses this year i can see without them but i get headaches when i do it for too long and it's kind of cool because when i'm in a sunny place (since i'm living in Sénégal it's like 94% of the time) they turn black like sunglasses.

And also correct my mistakes i want to improve english, french sucks.

Автор Lilly Huang ( назад)

Автор Mortal Soulz09 ( назад)
am I the only one who put it on 144P after he said that his vision was bad? XD

Автор Charity Rich ( назад)
The worst thing for me was when you go on a rollercoaster ride. and have to hold yo glasses so they won't fall off....Shit the struggle be real tho xD

Автор Pauline Hyuga ( назад)
I wear classes since I was 7 and I do karate.
When you have to protect your glasses or else you can't see while trying to beat the person before you .. the struggle is real ;-;

Автор Jed Robin ( назад)
why not just wear contacts 😂

Автор Aymanac 7 ( назад)
That acting bit was hilarious

Teacher I've broken me glasses

Sounds so British and not the FUCKING STUPID KIND

Автор Rahmo Abdi ( назад)

Автор sipp succ ( назад)
my glasses are just painful but I can't see a thing without them?

Автор cats are cool ( назад)
I just got glasses today, I understand alkt

Автор stephen johnson ( назад)
or when you poke your self in the eye when youre tying to put them on

Автор fairy tailer ( назад)
That is me all the time but I have two TWO different eyes

Автор SourGummyBearzzz ( назад)

Автор Kim Hoang ( назад)
The struggle of having glasses......

Автор That Freaking Duff Outcast ( назад)
erold is like domics on crack😂

Автор Mega Duster ( назад)
Why did you have to make me remember about the naruto series ending

Автор Julian Ferreira ( назад)
You should get contactes

Автор Estelle The Weird ( назад)
... Okay! So never watched your videos before (totally going to binge watch though) but literally, as soon as I saw One Piece, Jungkook, Mama Jin and Momo, I pressed that subscribe button as fast as humanly possible!!!

Автор Chara ( назад)
my vision suckssss...but my dad is I.T Worker....he works with wifi...he can fix my wifi connection........

Автор Amamiya Karin33 :3 ( назад)
The only test I've ever failed horribly: The Eye Test
;-; I've had glasses since 1st grade (I'm in 6th grade, so I'll probably have them for the reset of my life)

Автор llamacornsrock llama unicorns rock ( назад)
I was watching the whole video at 144p to feel your pain

Автор Pasta Hobo ( назад)
I don't know about the fogging and water

But for sports, get glasses straps

Автор Scoop Scrump ( назад)

Автор ShiziMiki ( назад)
Wait, why would someone need to go to the main office to fix their glasses?

Автор Kiki the animal tamer ( назад)

Автор Kiki the animal tamer ( назад)

Автор Quinlan Lillis ( назад)
I was playing catch with some of my friends, and my glasses kinda got murdered by a basketball. That's why you always buy two or more pairs of glasses. R.I.P. Quinlan's Glasses. 20 something - 2017

Автор Joseph ODonoghue ( назад)
Who else switched to 144p after hearing he sees 140p?

Автор Saccillia ( назад)
Nearsighted with Glasses:
Can't lay on my side (bending frame)
Nothing is scratch proof (only scratch resistant)
Rain will make you blind, also fog and snow
smears or bits of dust are distracting (OCD: MUST CLEAN THEM!)
Had to put goggles over glasses for science lab
Can't see with regular snorkeling goggles. Insurance won't cover these (only 1 pair of glasse or sports goggles, not both, not waterproof!).
Adjusting them is so important, they can dig into your nose and behind your ears if they aren't bent right.
Pray you have eyes that can accept contacts (mine cannot. My aperture is too small, requiring me to pay extra if i did).
In your early days, you will go for the smallest pair of glasses in hopes you won't be called a nerd (Did not know that it didn't matter as a kid).
When you are without your glasses, your world becomes scary, frightening, and dangerous. People are no longer recognizable.
Hallways and roads are blury and hard to make out.
You start to accept your glasses as a necessary part of your body, like your fingers or lungs.
If you loose or break/bend your glasses, you loose not only your sight but also a piece of your identity.

Автор Stina Myhre ( назад)
I can so relate to this lol

Автор alzzzzz ( назад)
relatable af ×100000

Автор Esther Cho ( назад)
my eyesight is -75

Автор RepleteOdin40 ( назад)
DUDE SAME i wear glasses but one eye has a diff prescription than the other so when other people wear my glasses there like "Dude! i feel bad for you man how can you see with these on?!"

Автор Mmm Sweet Potaterzzz ( назад)
4:33 don't try to hide that lesser dog from me...

Автор karttofelschuh :D ( назад)
*le gasp* #STRUGGLE

Автор Scur ( назад)
People called me Harry Potter.

Автор Fernando Garfias ( назад)
i know ur pain

Автор Beau Ac ( назад)
hopefully i wont have them

Автор Napstablook22 ( назад)
I loved the shot of Jaiden and James frying eggs on the pavement. XD REFERENCEEEEESSSSS!!!

Автор Inky Owl ( назад)
I'm so blind I can relate so much

Автор Samuel_tp 369 ( назад)
my vison is 20/20

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