The Struggle of Wearing Glasses

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    who else wears trusty spectacles


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  • MiniTerror 152
    MiniTerror 152 5 месяцев назад +13419

    Glasses Squad Assemble!!!

    • Purple Princess4555
      Purple Princess4555 6 дней назад

      MiniTerror 152 hERE

    • Beki Torrez
      Beki Torrez 23 дня назад

      Yas :P ive never had these problems XD And my glasses don't really work very well anymore and I'm the 500th reply on this comment :)

    • Tato
      Tato 23 дня назад

      MiniTerror 152 meeeeeeeeeee

    • kawaiikittygirl 1234
      kawaiikittygirl 1234 23 дня назад

      MiniTerror 152 yasssss

    • Rosa Parks
      Rosa Parks 23 дня назад

      I got 20/20 vision 👍👍

  • kitson knox killer cat studiosTM
    kitson knox killer cat studiosTM 2 часа назад

    Hello! ^_^ my glasses say hello to ur glasses!

  • Neko Meow
    Neko Meow 3 часа назад

    My sis has negative 600

  • OliveKS
    OliveKS 5 часов назад

    Most of the time when I let people try on my glasses they just say "wow you're so blind Hahahah" then they proceed to test my vision by asking me if I can read, I dunno a sign that's kinda (not really) far away

  • Sariah Arrieta
    Sariah Arrieta 5 часов назад


  • Shadow Hunter
    Shadow Hunter 5 часов назад +1

    XD It's true

  • Brandon Wells
    Brandon Wells 5 часов назад

    This is why i got contacts. Saved my life during high school sports.

  • kylee is not here
    kylee is not here 5 часов назад +1

    You mentioned senpai James I praise

  • Kevin Tran
    Kevin Tran 6 часов назад

    domics jokes

  • Coochinfirebird
    Coochinfirebird 7 часов назад

    I'm watching this because I got glasses 2 days ago :')

  • DoggyTheDragon
    DoggyTheDragon 10 часов назад

    Waittt....... cant u just wear contacts? Just me? Never mind......

  • DeviNation 1
    DeviNation 1 11 часов назад

    why is the teacher soldier 76? lol

  • Manuel Hernandez
    Manuel Hernandez 11 часов назад

    XD I was cringining

  • Oreoluwa Yakubu
    Oreoluwa Yakubu 12 часов назад

    Erold: the beautiful things of this world *shows a picture of Jungkook*
    Me: agrees

  • BACZ2007
    BACZ2007 14 часов назад

    I think u and domics would get along well if u didn't know that

  • Ian Donovan
    Ian Donovan 16 часов назад

    i can relate, people always think im a nerd since i wear glasses

  • Sally Snail
    Sally Snail 17 часов назад


  • Floam Squish
    Floam Squish 19 часов назад

    When u live in Singapore and it's weird if u don't wear specs 😂

  • minimoochs s
    minimoochs s 20 часов назад


  • BAD STEVE123
    BAD STEVE123 21 час назад


  • Chloe Faye
    Chloe Faye 21 час назад

    I have bad eyes in 10

  • Sal R
    Sal R 21 час назад

    Am I the only one with cool glasses mine turn into sunglasses in the sun and mine are glare resistant and bullet proof and make people who don't need glasses and they put on my glasses they see and say everything looks like he is on drugs

  • Kagami
    Kagami 21 час назад

    When you decide to drink a hot beverage and it just steams up your specs. Btw MOMO UNNIE~

  • Random _Person
    Random _Person 22 часа назад

    When I wear my glasses I usually just hang mechanical pencils on them, then I get yelled at because I have a sharp object near my eyes

  • Baka Senpie
    Baka Senpie 23 часа назад

    But they help fill out my face.

  • Madison McDowell
    Madison McDowell 23 часа назад

    Did you know that bats have great vision!

  • Akuna Aki
    Akuna Aki 23 часа назад

    My eye is 240p now
    My friend like my glasses because it kind of cool or something then woah eye-vision I don't like my glass at all cause when it be rain..u know

  • Will
    Will День назад

    me eyes went from -1.50 to -3.4 in a year.... i got eye protection on my new ones

  • Neviii
    Neviii День назад

    Got glassed a few months ago
    To all glasses people reading.., am I the only one that feels like it feels better wearing your glasses upside down? 😅

  • JackTheGamer
    JackTheGamer День назад

    i live in texas and my glasses steam up when i sweat

  • JackTheGamer
    JackTheGamer День назад

    since when i was 8

  • JackTheGamer
    JackTheGamer День назад

    2 pairs of glasses

  • Jorge
    Jorge День назад

    Perks of wear glasses not being blind

    HHUUHHUUHH День назад

    So I'm far sighted BUT WAIT THERES MORE I have an astigmatism (certain angles of lines are smaller or gone) but it's not that bad (right now.) I have 20:40 vision I think. I hate that STUPID MACHINE THAT BLOWS AIR IN YOUR EYES! SOMETIMES I LOOK LIKE HARRY POTTER WITHOUT A SCAR!

  • stickygum 123
    stickygum 123 День назад


  • TheWhiteWolfGames
    TheWhiteWolfGames День назад


  • Supermagichamster 33
    Supermagichamster 33 День назад

    You forgot one thing......
    THE FRIGEN SMUDGES... once there there they never leave...._.
    My friends will ask to try on my glasses(the ones that don't have glasses...most kids my age had glasses) they would take them off my face by the lends like 😑 seriously

  • Bridget
    Bridget День назад

    There is a benefit to wearing glasses! It protects your eyes for when someone or something accidentally hits your face and prevents it from harming your eyes

  • Gecko
    Gecko День назад

    It basically never drops below 99.99999% humidity where I live, so *every. /TIME/* you walk outside you immediately get drenched in sweat and your glasses fog up. Fun times...

  • Untouchable FFA
    Untouchable FFA День назад

    I've been wearing glasses and I play sports and live in upstate ny so I can relate

  • AnimeDrawer 268
    AnimeDrawer 268 День назад

    I live in North America, too.

  • Oliver Lin
    Oliver Lin День назад

    One time in school the bell rang and someone was running so quickly that he ran into me like the flash and then I started rolling down the kill because they thought that was a good idea and had no idea the lens was broken so It felt like I was spinning on a rolling chair like when I was young and it was spinning so fast the chair tipped over and realized the second I got into my classroom(I can see without my glasses it just makes things look closer

  • Lazari Monster
    Lazari Monster День назад

    Sees video 1 second after it was uploaded:I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED?!?

  • MCA the wild hippo
    MCA the wild hippo День назад

    I wear contact lenses

  • MarianThe Inkling
    MarianThe Inkling День назад

    **changes quality to 144p**
    Oh… so this is how he sees °^°

  • Amethyst Air
    Amethyst Air День назад

    Glasses are terrible. Mine recently broke and school starts tomorrow. I have to wait 4 weeks until I get them.

  • 煌めきカーネーション
    煌めきカーネーション День назад

    I was sitting next to some older guys playing football whilst playing on my 3DS on a sunny day when my friends were all... sneaking into the dinner hall. One of the guys kicked the ball and it crashed right into my glasses and they flew off. A few seconds later 2/3 of a frame and a separate arm made a clink noise as they hit the pavement.

    Then I had to walk to the office through the busy dinner hall holding two halves of my glasses against my face and an ice pack. Never before have I looked so pitiful. Hey, I got the rest of the day off though.

    (Also what do you mean I cared more about my 3DS getting broken than being concussed)

  • Rebecca Anna Constance Meyer
    Rebecca Anna Constance Meyer День назад

    Omg, I have no idea who you are EroldStory, but I recently started watching, like half an hour ago, and I love your videos so much. I can relate so much, since I wear glasses myself, and btw I just want to tell you, you quite funny and I enjoy your videos so much(also because you used ashitaka as a background in this video, and Mononoke is my fav movie.)

  • Kathryn Smoler
    Kathryn Smoler День назад

    0:9 His Shirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!

  • Ellie Perkins
    Ellie Perkins День назад

    Or, so I do tumbling and I'll be flipping and then BOOM! My glasses just fly off my face and I hope I don't step on them when I flip

  • Tail Purple
    Tail Purple День назад

    I AM EROLD (But female)

  • A wolf girl in the shadows
    A wolf girl in the shadows День назад

    Did anyone see the the BTS reference !!! I was like 0:56 !!!! Junkook !!!!!!! I see you!!! A.R.M.Y SQUAD FOR LIFE!!!!!

  • Dawn duck
    Dawn duck День назад

    Ever since I was eight I was messing with my cat, AND MY GLASSES BROKE (rest in glasses wait wat) ;3; so we had to super glue them. I have a new pair now and.. When I take them off, I admit it, I LOOK ASIAN XD rip feelinvs

  • FlyingKitties
    FlyingKitties День назад

    AAAH DUDE MA EYES 😏😎Deal with the glasses 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • DreiGalaxy
    DreiGalaxy День назад

    Have you ever met/collab with Domics? If not, please do one!! 😩😩

  • GamerGirl LuvToothless
    GamerGirl LuvToothless День назад

    Contacts? Sports glasses?

  • Elizabeth Gonzales
    Elizabeth Gonzales День назад

    Lmao. I live in Texas and I wear glasses, so I get every.. kind.. of.. weather.... Oh dear god help ;___;

  • Elizabeth Rosero
    Elizabeth Rosero День назад

    Its okay because im also negative

  • Charlotte Spencer
    Charlotte Spencer 2 дня назад

    omg you forgot people constantly saying,
    "yoU loOK sO wEIRD wItHOUT yUR glAsESS!1!1"

  • RPY
    RPY 2 дня назад

    1:39 * choking in the corner *

  • RPY
    RPY 2 дня назад

    My friend has horrible eye sight. Me, him and another friend all had glasses and we were like "LETS WEAR EACH OTHERS GLASSES!"
    So we did..

  • Grace dearing
    Grace dearing 2 дня назад +1

    I have circle shaped glasses like Harry Potter and everybody says let me try them on! I would say please not right now and they just take them right off my face and make fingerprints on them then they would shout I'm a wizard and I go to hog warts I get so embarrassed luckily I got a new pair which are square shaped but now people say I look like professor mconagall off Harry Potter are you f****ing with me or something?!

  • Jeanette Teichman
    Jeanette Teichman 2 дня назад

    I just got glasses and I'm realizing all the struggles I will have to face ...

  • Noodle
    Noodle 2 дня назад

    Ever heard of contacts?

  • XxSwagCute_GirlxX !!!!
    XxSwagCute_GirlxX !!!! 2 дня назад

    Yeah I'm from Phillippines so it's very very hot and I'm also Asian and yes people ask annoyingly sometimes everything you said is true😭😭😭

  • Anime LOVER
    Anime LOVER 2 дня назад

    I laughed a lot with this video XDXD loved it!

  • Oh SongBird
    Oh SongBird 2 дня назад

    Finally a Canadian youtuber👌

  • Abby Mallad
    Abby Mallad 2 дня назад

    OMG I so get your struggle

  • aclanerable
    aclanerable 2 дня назад

    I can relate sooooo much glasses are annoying

  • ניצן לן
    ניצן לן 2 дня назад

    i have the best vision in my family

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 2 дня назад

    So relatable! 😂

  • Umbreonyxis
    Umbreonyxis 2 дня назад

    you are a wizard erold

    *cough* sorry, you are a youtuber erold

  • Emma Homan
    Emma Homan 2 дня назад

    In my science class, we would get SCIENCE GOGGLES for projects that could hurt our eyes. Of course, the people without glasses would have no choice to use them, but us glasses wearing people didn't have to look like complete dumbasses. Of course, when I took off my glasses if I chose to wear them, people would freak out. Very Entertaining.

  • Victor Selve
    Victor Selve 2 дня назад

    Perk to wearing:
    I can take them of and people will not recognise me anymore

  • Jenn101
    Jenn101 2 дня назад +3

    0:55 Jungkook 😂😍 any Army? ❤️

  • animadraw girl
    animadraw girl 2 дня назад +4

    omg jaiden and theodd1sout easter egg

  • AgeAfterArt
    AgeAfterArt 2 дня назад

    4:28 did they get sceptical or specticle. ha ha vision pun.

    I know it was terrible BTW

  • Elias Turney
    Elias Turney 2 дня назад

    no, we have the opposite problem, walking from air-conditioned inside to hot-as-Hades outside. Or generally any situation where air conditioning is involved. if you want to avoid the problem entirely, you have to live where it's hot and dry.

  • Misty
    Misty 2 дня назад

    I live in Canada too

  • AgeAfterArt
    AgeAfterArt 2 дня назад

    my vision is like a 32K monitor. they exist you just need 8 4K monitors hooked up together.

  • Cathrine stuff
    Cathrine stuff 2 дня назад

    omg momo

  • Painzkiller
    Painzkiller 2 дня назад

    Nah, worst part is the 3D glasses in the cinema...

  • Dakmara Jones
    Dakmara Jones 2 дня назад

    Ok, so I'm going to tell you story of my life... It was just a normal day... Casual day... but not so casual. There was PE!!! (Physical Education, in case that in your country it is called somehow differently) And we've been playin' basketball. And everything was perfectly fine. But then... I dunno what happened, but I know, that I ended up with a huge ball on my face. I got quite dizzy and my face was hurting as hell. (You know, my glasses just dugged into my face!) I got myself sorted out and played 'till the end. Then we went to the changing room. I looked at my phone, and... It was there. A big, purple-blue-or-whatever coloured bruise, right under my eye. I was like "Oh man... Oh man! Why?" but then I went like "Oh... well, I may get some profits from this". I went home, turned on my computer, then called this girl with a God complex I had crush on. I told her, that I'be tried to convince my friends about that, she's a true goddes, but they said I'm mental and punched me, and this is how I got this black eye. She was kinda worried and angry, but then I went with "Nah, just joking. But I still love you, babe :* " annnnndddddd... basically, she started to laugh and said, that she loves me either. BEST PE LESSON EVERRRRR! Although, I had this bruise for about 3 weeks, and I looked quite miserable :/ But who cares, right? I made her laugh and that's all that matters for me.

  • Shawn De La Torre
    Shawn De La Torre 2 дня назад

    Me: *taking a drink*
    Video: AH GOD MY EYES
    Me: *nearly paints my office with mtn dew but painfully chokes it down* never doing that again....*continues to randomly drink while watching videos*

  • Suhana Grewal
    Suhana Grewal 2 дня назад

    Omigod I luv ur videos, it's so funny and relatable

  • Chara dreamer
    Chara dreamer 3 дня назад

    Lol i lve in a place where is about 30-25 hot

  • Overpaid trash can
    Overpaid trash can 3 дня назад

    me at 0:57 : jEON JUNGKOOOOOOOK

  • Jazmyn Villanueva
    Jazmyn Villanueva 3 дня назад +1

    I Feel the struggle.
    My grade is 575, ;-; buuttt my country has a hot weather

  • jalincaldwell
    jalincaldwell 3 дня назад

    In honor of my fellow blind person's struggle i watched it without my glasses on and completely squinting at the screen the entire time

  • Taekook Lover
    Taekook Lover 3 дня назад

    0:56 IVE WATCHED THIS VIDEO LIKE 5 TIMES AND HOW DID I NEVER NOTICE JUNGKOOK?! and yeah, glasses are a real struggle -_-

  • Guardian Turret
    Guardian Turret 3 дня назад

    That's not funny

  • Miss B
    Miss B 3 дня назад

    4:35 kermit the frog?!?!

  • mei chan
    mei chan 3 дня назад

    I know your struggle ;-; i cant even drink something hot without my glasses fogging up

  • Sarah Chacon
    Sarah Chacon 3 дня назад

    at least you can be dramatic like dis

    wait...*takes off glasses*...YOU WERE THE MURDERER

  • min suga genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong

    omg these videos are hilarious aiusfnaisfbahs

  • Nathan24-_-
    Nathan24-_- 3 дня назад

    Even in 144p, it's pretty clear

  • Aaron Price
    Aaron Price 3 дня назад

    my prescription is -10/20. one year ago is was -8.5/20. i feel like i'm dying. i have had glasses since kindergarten as well.

  • Wade J. Wilson
    Wade J. Wilson 3 дня назад

    Why dont you just get contacts

  • Holly Campbell
    Holly Campbell 3 дня назад

    Omg so true!! 😭😭

  • Döner
    Döner 3 дня назад +1

    the Naruto song tho