6 Simple Soda Can Hacks

  • Published on Oct 8, 2016
  • Hack your Soda Can! Make something completely new and fun in just a few minutes! Do you have some Soda Hacks of your own? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 1 419

  • HawaiianKong
    HawaiianKong 18 days ago

    Pretty much all these hacks could qualify for an overly complicated hack.

  • Anoyingant League of legends

    Because I’m an intellectual I give them back to the recycling companies and get my 20 cents

  • R. Wong
    R. Wong 2 months ago

    Who never uses these?
    But watch’s because it’s satisfying.. I do

  • logtec1977
    logtec1977 2 months ago

    All that work to peel an apple.. just eat the apple.

  • Letian Wang
    Letian Wang 3 months ago

    or you could step on the can

  • Cade Micheal
    Cade Micheal 5 months ago

    If you have something small like an egg to fry, you can make a can into a tiny frying pan. All you have to do is cut it in half, save the bottom half, use a thumbtack or something to poke holes in the sides to oxygen can get inside, light a hot- burning candle and put the can upside down over it. Not really ideal, but if there's absolutely no other way and you're desperate for your fried egg fix, just crack an egg into the little indentation and flip when needed. It can't really fry much other than eggs and other similarly small things, but will work in a pinch.

  • Lady TekNo
    Lady TekNo 5 months ago

    I live in Michigan... we get .10 cents back per can.
    Of course we pay for it when buying it...
    The most I've cashed in was 169$ dollars back from cans.

  • ilajoie3
    ilajoie3 6 months ago

    I'm pretty sure the holes in the tab are meant to save on resources and or costs

  • Thelegend 319
    Thelegend 319 7 months ago

    Life hack, stop reusing hacks to avoid looking lazy!

  • awe397
    awe397 8 months ago

    "In need of a vegetable peeler" peels a fruit....

  • Aleksander Kysiak
    Aleksander Kysiak 9 months ago

    Almost a million!

  • Gulshan Kumar
    Gulshan Kumar 9 months ago


  • Vriska Serket
    Vriska Serket 9 months ago

    Yeah that wood can crusher was nice but like why crush cans with wood when I can crush my cans with my thighs

  • Doughnut’s Trucking
    Doughnut’s Trucking 9 months ago

    Eat them. Eat the cans

  • SkiMason
    SkiMason 10 months ago

    apples aren’t vegetables. next video 10 Things you didn’t know and put a red arrow and ⭕️.

  • Charlotte May
    Charlotte May 10 months ago

    The can opener on the can is made to hold straws?? I thought it was made to open the can....

  • Hentai Body pillow
    Hentai Body pillow 10 months ago

    2:58 why don’t sea turtles use this hack?

  • Centaursixtysix
    Centaursixtysix 11 months ago

    Well I don’t have anything to peel vegetables with so.... I’ll just cut open this can with my collection of kitchen knives.

  • imtheolder1 002
    imtheolder1 002 Year ago

    That life secret u got from Matthew Santoro

  • Wald O
    Wald O Year ago

    What if some little kid is in the comments is like where do you get elbow grease?

  • Air dawg Animations

    The cheapest can crusher : your feet

    Or ur a maniac and use your skull

  • Captain Controller

    For the can crusher you can use wood.. or a f@$&ing hammer

  • ChristianTRP
    ChristianTRP Year ago

    I crush my cans by stomping them with my foot

  • Sans #3899
    Sans #3899 Year ago

    That pun was very *corny* HAAAAA

  • Kakuly Khanom
    Kakuly Khanom Year ago

    POPular hax

  • YouTube Guy
    YouTube Guy Year ago

    I made the popcorn one it did not work

  • Astro Laura
    Astro Laura Year ago

    Me: i have too a "crush" machine😂

  • Dark1 Legend2
    Dark1 Legend2 Year ago

    Basic can crusher your foot

  • Dino Puppet
    Dino Puppet Year ago

    This video is for alcoholics apparently

  • Todail Isaac
    Todail Isaac Year ago

    I’m watching this while drinking sprite

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Year ago

    I wanna try the popcorn one

  • Satan W.
    Satan W. Year ago

    When I came home from a vacation I had a few cans and locked my house key in my car and lost my car key in the seat of the chair in the spa so I melted a can to act as a lock pick by using a blow torch in my garage

  • Chris Nator 2000
    Chris Nator 2000 Year ago

    I love la croix too

  • Josiah Storrie
    Josiah Storrie Year ago

    We had a can opener built in to our house but we never used it we just always stomp on them and even if not just grab a mallet or hammer

  • Switch The Ghost
    Switch The Ghost Year ago

    Straws don't actually protect your teeth unless you don't even allow the soda to touch your tongue.

  • Shell Lee
    Shell Lee Year ago

    Omg! DON'T DO THIS! you can't heat up an aluminum can! You are poisoning yourself! Holy shit! This is so dumb!

  • uk _ agriculture 123

    Put olive oil in the bottom of a can then add a length of string through the ripple then light the string and you have an oil lamp

  • Possessed Penguin
    Possessed Penguin Year ago +1

    *This might be your POPular choice*

  • Lightning 1
    Lightning 1 Year ago

    Hulk smashing

  • Paula Mais
    Paula Mais Year ago

    A-La-Min-Yam not A-Loo-Min-Am

  • Justin Pickles!
    Justin Pickles! Year ago

    Why on earth cut the top of the can when you can use what you used to cut it?

  • Ethan Sanders
    Ethan Sanders Year ago

    3:14 why don’t you just use you’re foot that saves time and money

  • Typhany Ky
    Typhany Ky Year ago

    I collect soda can tabs

  • Richard Samuelson

    1:29 Popcorn? Really?
    That disgusting, stinky mess? The stench alone makes me ill, thanks to my high school canteen having microwaves for student use that people always put their popcorn in, which resulted in a stubborn repulsive odour around them, and thus near the entryways (which is where the microwaves were placed).
    High school permanently ruined popcorn for me.

  • Shibe Gameing
    Shibe Gameing Year ago

    Jeez this guy can through cans in a box like a boss.

  • nazrul Nazrul
    nazrul Nazrul Year ago


  • nazrul Nazrul
    nazrul Nazrul Year ago

    bro I am very happy

  • Vincy Mais
    Vincy Mais 2 years ago

    Read More

  • Vincy Mais
    Vincy Mais 2 years ago

    Read more

  • Cøld øv Wintër
    Cøld øv Wintër 2 years ago

    That's a waste of 5¢ a can here

  • Denver Hower
    Denver Hower 2 years ago

    My favorite hack for soda is to drink it

  • Novo Ime
    Novo Ime 2 years ago

    If you dont have apple peeler, or knife how would you cut the soda to make peeler? doesnt make sense

    THE HATED GUY 2 years ago

    The popcorn maker

  • Lauren Nina
    Lauren Nina 2 years ago +1

    200 billion?! But.. I thought there are only 7 billion people in this world?😬😳

  • swag bros64
    swag bros64 2 years ago

    "Build yourself a can crusher"
    Me:Ok 😀
    (Builds steam roller)

  • OscarIsambard
    OscarIsambard 2 years ago

    the popcorn maker doesnt work, trust me i tried it

  • Silvershotprop
    Silvershotprop 2 years ago

    I like shooting coke cans with a bb gun!

  • Please Call Me Weird El

    I like to panta my cans.

  • Cvo777
    Cvo777 2 years ago

    Actually, the soda tab is meant to provide a way of opening the can, not to hold a straw, dumbass

  • Clara Li
    Clara Li 2 years ago

    What you use for a can crusher I use my foot