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Автор Surfer-meister ( назад)

Автор Damien Moi ( назад)
Except Challenger and Intelsat 708 It's too funny, I will have smile for the day XD
I love at 6:40 and Ariane 5 (20:40), the guy said "all factors are good, propulsion and direction too" during the explosion of Ariane, He would have to shut up LOL and after you saw him, as white as a pill I LOVE THAT
Thx for your video

Автор Luis Carlos Hernandez Cervantes ( назад)
Como se llama la musica anterior la de antes

Автор stratoleft ( назад)
Just with this collection alone, you've managed to to expose the complete fraud that is NASA, and ever so-called space program in every country in the world.

Автор stratoleft ( назад)
Do you mind if I download this? Nobody has ever been "on board" one of these things.

Автор Killian Meaney ( назад)
What's with the sad music wtf

Автор The True Color Purple ( назад)

Автор Homme de l'Ombre ( назад)
Very nice video.

Автор 風華絕代盛世元音 ( назад)
hope no human died in these accidents...🙏

Автор GoldenRacer44 ( назад)
The first rockets in the video looked like they didn't even try to build a good one that could atleast 3000 feet

Автор Włodzimierz Skonieczny ( назад)
Tremendously magnificent work. Thanks and congratulations.

Автор gazeroth ( назад)
This is a reminder that we should never give up in life. We're on our way to Mars now. Big thank you to all the generations before that got us here.

Автор Phil360 Phil ( назад)

Автор Chucky Doll ( назад)

Автор Judah Juarez ( назад)
go humans go!!

Автор My Mom ( назад)
me as a kid: I WANNA BE AN ASTRONAUT me now: oh god FUCK what was i thinking

Super sympa comme vidéo !!

Автор Hypnotic ( назад)
I wonder if they had GEICO insurance?

Автор DomiTheGamer {Gaming and Animations!} ( назад)
1st clip the rocket was like "Nope."

Автор doglovesmc ( назад)
what most rockets look like in kerbal space program

Автор Daniel Wolf ( назад)
Thanks to SpaceX you have to rename into "Rocket Launch AND LANDING Failures Compilation.

Автор Freddy Y ( назад)
There's gotta be a way to get to space without using dangerous primitive technology like rockets.

Автор Xavier Savedra ( назад)
To all the flat earthers in the comment section, why would the world governments spend billions to build rockets only to have them explode? If space didn't exist, why do they continue to waste money?

Автор Kane Bowser-Wieser ( назад)
Hahaha this is the most hilarious thing in the world!!!! Besides, I started laughing so hard at the first fail!!! That was the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life! Also go to my channel: TeeniestNose Games

Автор Jay Sanders ( назад)
yes there is

Автор s_man 16 ( назад)
smh I knew we never should have let Micheal bay be on the ground control team. such a tragic mistake

Автор Oracle13 ( назад)
Excellent background music complilation!

Автор Patrick Butler ( назад)
damn, those Atlas rockets explode like nukes 😳

Автор LunnarisLP ( назад)
How is the last one a launch failure though.. It was one of the early test landings of the engines, not a launch :D

Автор Inuyasha6594 ( назад)
The path to success is paved in failure.

Автор Josh Webb ( назад)
the song is intense

Автор christ4u2now ( назад)
Flat Earth confirmed.

No space, no Moon landings. Make a compilation of successful launches without CGI if I'm wrong, and let us see if any satellite from space have filmed they coming up.

Автор Greta Gill ( назад)
no most of the these are sattilites or probe

Автор fs2728 ( назад)
What do all these Frenchmen in Russia at 30:50?

Автор Egon Olsen ( назад)
What is the songs on the deleted video?

Автор BigBrotherMateyka ( назад)
Great compilation, lousy choice of music.

Автор Kratos Bagration ( назад)

Автор Bob Johnston ( назад)
It's always fun to watch a CATO when it's someone else's rocket/missile.

Автор 終?南恩加島1-8-11熊谷良平20040705!。 日本国大阪府大阪市大正区冤罪事件 ( назад)

Автор james smith ( назад)
Whys nobody chanting allah akbhar when they blow? Lol

Автор Damian Śledź ( назад)
25:55 WTF?

Автор Dan Simpson ( назад)
nice video ..except for that piss poor chanting ! i mean really did ya to do that through the whole thing ..just annoying

Автор CyberGolem ( назад)
At 28:00 The Russian girl was so chill about the whole thing.

Автор MCBackDraft1 ( назад)
2:07 Look at that engine gimbal. That's actually a pretty impressive control system, I don't know what year that was but it looks very primitive. I didn't know they were able to do things like that early on.

Автор vojtasjedyny ( назад)
Such beautiful explosions.

Автор Holga Auw ( назад)
wo bekommt man das Lied her und wer ist das

Автор a0cdhd ( назад)
Good collection but lose the moaning.

Автор Andreas Lankes ( назад)
never forget: we are in space because of german engineering.

Автор eventfulnonsense ( назад)
The ultimate roll of the dice.

Автор Eugene Lee ( назад)
aww cmon... the spacex failed landing isn't a rocket launch failure!

Автор All Interesthing ( назад)

Автор Ryan Fox ( назад)
Try SCE to AUX?

Автор Alex Lubbers ( назад)
the old V2 rocket fails in the beginning are oddly really funny

Автор BLUGGLES ( назад)
Russia during the cold war had a massive number of rocket failures, most of which we will never know about, no body really knows just how many cosmonauts died on those missions.

Автор Theodore W. Smith ( назад)
My scale was so off in the V2 launches!

Автор Tapirus Sbrabous ( назад)
I gotta say, this is one of the best compilations I ever saw, thanks!

Автор ⵔⵓⴽⴰⵜⴽⴰⵜ ( назад)
Le tres sad musique est too sad... :(

Автор Guillermo Barrientos ( назад)
once esta el lotro vidoe

Автор PuzzlePlayer ( назад)
Why the sad music. Watching fools' very expensive fireworks explode is supposed to be fun, not melancholic.

Автор E.B. ( назад)
that wasted money makes me cringe

Автор E.B. ( назад)
why am I crying on the inside?

Автор Dogger ( назад)
first hour on ksp be like

Автор Timy Saputra Putra ( назад)
can you find that toy?

Автор Arthur Dent ( назад)
I had a flat earther use "they never make mistakes" as an argument... HA!

Автор Silver Spoon ( назад)
first ones: well done krauts. don't cry over this.
6:36 : engine hangs, and the ejection rocket supposed to eject the capsule goes "nope"
7:02 : how do you even launch the last stage ...
7:10 : oh you gotta be kidding me.
7:25 : it won't go anywhere, but it's fancy. oh and do it again, yeah.
9:38 : Michael Bay fapped to this.
12:30 : feel are bad, not moving to moon.
13:37 : RIP.
28:34 : Sony Cybershot's cute startup noise disturbed all of that Proton's equipments.
32:40 : hm. one of the boosters is clearly dead and leaking since the beginning, but just before it crash, all of the six engines are clearly on.

i just don't even... just don't go to space this day.

Автор matt697845 ( назад)
What was the music used on the original removed video?

Автор deathbypowerpoint ( назад)
Very respectful of you to cut the music for Challenger.

Автор Michael McDonald ( назад)
11:00 Everything is fine. Nothing to see here.

Автор musicaman68 ( назад)
I didn't know there were so many failures.

Автор but2star ( назад)
This is what happened when all the top Chinese and Indian engineers decided to go home.

Автор D Quack ( назад)
reminds me of playing kerbal space

Автор Yui Mikoto ( назад)
is there people inside of those rockets?

Автор Aliyah Z ( назад)
Makes for great fireworks. Just strap some people into one of these, sit back from afar, and watch the entertainment. That's about how it looks.

Автор Ronald Burgandie ( назад)
Oh Fabio, ya blew it!!! This video would be 1000x better if you had Yakety Sax blaring in the background instead of that depressing ass funeral music.

Автор Cubyte // DoctorTeeVee ( назад)
My dream job is an astronaut, soon I'll be higher than the planes, and wet my pants! SO INSPIRING........

Автор Cubyte // DoctorTeeVee ( назад)
From Nostalgia to Interesting...........

Автор Joseph P ( назад)
I liked the old music

Автор Tom Erwin ( назад)
This video shows probably billions of dollars burned to the ground

Автор MadPaperPeople ( назад)
mute on.... prefer the sounds thanks...

Автор oldgysgt ( назад)
Don't the Russians believe in "Self Destruct" modes?

Автор jayc2469 ( назад)
If only they'd had moar struts

Автор MusketeerinFlorida ( назад)
Once while sitting in my environmental sciences class at uni, we were discussing alternative fuels sources, in this case, atomic energy. The problem posed by the professor, a former nuclear reactor scientist, was what to do with the spent fuel? Several ideas were batted about, and the student consensus was to launch the radioactive waste into space towards the Sun where it would be vaporized.

The professor asked the class if mankind had ever failed to get a rocket out of Earth's atmosphere? Oops. The class sat silently.

Автор Command Man Commando ( назад)
whoa i did not thought they begin made rocket in the 19's

Автор Kevin Kettell ( назад)
checko out proton rocket crash nuclear missiles exploding neat stuff.

Автор worlock1422 ( назад)
The Mercury-Redstone 1 was a simple mistake of them getting the staging order wrong. They needed to drag the Tower to slot 4 or 5 and the main engine to slot 1. I get that all the time..

Автор Eric Cardona ( назад)
1:50 this video is brought to you by crayola

Автор Aditya Pathania ( назад)

Автор Aditya Pathania ( назад)
Rocket is ntr than a missile

Автор Guitarfollower22 ( назад)
How do some of these close-up cameras survive the heat of the rockets?

Автор Miguel Ramirez ( назад)
beautiful compilation great archive! greetings and Godspeed from Manila ;)

Автор t0nito ( назад)
31:48 Holy shit!

Автор t0nito ( назад)
Looks like 1986 was a bad year

Автор Venkata Lakshmikanth ( назад)
Million dollars of common man tax going in to smoke

Автор Kirby Tron 4,000 ( назад)
Poor poor humans

Автор None Ya ( назад)
Sickening music.

Автор SpacePod9 ( назад)
12:14 Laughs uncontrollably


Автор Jiaqi Yang ( назад)
feel sad。

Автор WiseIsWise ( назад)
Man the Nazis sucked at rocketry.

Автор Apollyon Grefix ( назад)
I thought this was another video, would you happen to know the music from the original video?

Автор Peter :D ( назад)
15:28 Kim K

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