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  • karycooper1
    karycooper1 3 days ago

    Clinton was one of the most intelligent president

  • Jess Carnes
    Jess Carnes 3 days ago +2

    I still get chills watching this. KAG 2020 God Bless America!!

  • Mia
    Mia 3 days ago

    still watching TRUMP2020!!!

  • lan nguyen
    lan nguyen 4 days ago

    I hope you are our president forever.

  • lan nguyen
    lan nguyen 4 days ago

    Mr. President, you are the best president. I always with you and love you a lot. God bless you and your family.

  • Chiên con Sonny
    Chiên con Sonny 4 days ago

    Chúa phù hộ nước Mỹ

  • 我是川普
    我是川普 5 days ago

    Why Donald Trump dont handshake Clinton

  • Dave Sumwalt
    Dave Sumwalt 7 days ago +1

    That speech was short and right to the point, he stuck his finger right up the establishments A.., good for him and our country, long overdue.

  • Tayfur Toprak
    Tayfur Toprak 7 days ago


    • Tayfur Toprak
      Tayfur Toprak 7 days ago


    • Tayfur Toprak
      Tayfur Toprak 7 days ago

      Clinten.Liebe.Uns.! Schnukel.Gruss.Immer.

    • Tayfur Toprak
      Tayfur Toprak 7 days ago


  • Cristian Ruvalcaba
    Cristian Ruvalcaba 9 days ago +1

    #wwg1wga came back to see the inauguration of the greatest president of all time!

  • prima shady
    prima shady 9 days ago


  • Yung Gunshine
    Yung Gunshine 9 days ago

    America has had 45 Presidents.

  • Deborah Kala
    Deborah Kala 10 days ago +6

    Who’s watching it in 2020 and can’t wait for the second edition of TRUMP 💃

  • ElautX
    ElautX 11 days ago +1

    Worst day for America

  • Jonathan DR
    Jonathan DR 12 days ago

    now they dont laugh anymore

  • 강주효
    강주효 13 days ago

    12진법국가통치 시스템ㅡok

    SSD HEM 14 days ago

    Isnt it an illuminati hand sign of Michelle Obama and one of Trump's sons at 59:57~ ?

  • Andrei Silva
    Andrei Silva 14 days ago

    Endios endios glória good

  • Amit V
    Amit V 16 days ago

    Best speech ever by President

  • SSp232
    SSp232 16 days ago +5

    "His approval ratings are low"
    As this is being said he hasnt been president for even one hour.

  • SSp232
    SSp232 16 days ago +5

    Its clear from listening to the commentary that the journalists are antiTrump and proobama.

  • SSp232
    SSp232 16 days ago +7

    Finally, a president with balls.
    Thank you President Trump for saving our nation.

  • SSp232
    SSp232 16 days ago +6

    I misssed this one but I swear to God I will be attending Trumps next inauguration.

  • SSp232
    SSp232 16 days ago +3

    God is Melania a sight for sore eyes.

    • SSp232
      SSp232 16 days ago +2

      @ko stromqvist She is multi-lingual, poised, educated and a trend setter too.

    • ko stromqvist
      ko stromqvist 16 days ago +2

      Agreed. She is so feminine and elegant and refined.

  • SSp232
    SSp232 16 days ago +1

    Every time the camera pans to Hillary I think ~ you Bi+ch.
    She knew what she had done concerning spying on his campaign and hatching a Russian hoax against Trump.
    Yet her two faced nature smiled and waved and clapped. God damn her.

  • Leader Of The Free World
    Leader Of The Free World 16 days ago +17

    17:19 is the moment Bill Clinton biting his lips and says "Ivanka"

  • de losangeles
    de losangeles 16 days ago

    my facebook lite

  • Gene Kelly
    Gene Kelly 17 days ago

    History like that never repeats hey

  • 강주효
    강주효 17 days ago

    Barron 12,진법 ㅡok

  • Film Lovin' American
    Film Lovin' American 18 days ago +4

    Can't wait for part II next year

  • 강주효
    강주효 19 days ago

    12지국 차세대 지도자 WG leader ok

  • pak 79
    pak 79 19 days ago

    michel looks sour..

  • R D
    R D 20 days ago

    What a great moment from 1:26:08 to 1:26:17 showing Our Flag to the Capitol while the beautiful soprano voice of Jackie Evancho hits that octave jump on the word 'Free'.

  • spatz19620 spatz
    spatz19620 spatz 20 days ago

    Ist das da nicht Michael Obimbo, the Transgender❗ 😁

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 22 days ago

    ❤️ TRUMP 2020! ❤️ WE LOVE YOU! ❤️

  • sfj sfj
    sfj sfj 22 days ago +6

    CBS Lying as usual .. Shocked to the core .. Fake News started on this day .. SHAME on you CBS & other MSM who are still working against the President ..

  • dannii paul
    dannii paul 23 days ago


  • K D
    K D 23 days ago

    There are two nancy pelosi ?

  • acha kim
    acha kim 23 days ago

    트럼프는 보호받아야한다 여러 위험 속에서 꼭 지켜지길 바란다

  • Cleary Moeder
    Cleary Moeder 24 days ago

    Bey bey...Obama,Now its time to make america great.

  • Sanjiv
    Sanjiv 24 days ago

    Trump modi

  • Pius X
    Pius X 25 days ago +1

    Look at the face on that......Michael Obama!! He/she is one nasty individual

  • 강주효
    강주효 26 days ago

    12지국 ㅡok air line oksy

    KON FAYMAN 27 days ago +1

    Clunky speech, not written in his usual voice.

    KON FAYMAN 27 days ago

    The prayers are too much.

  • Heath Fitzgerald
    Heath Fitzgerald 27 days ago +2

    Trump is married to one of the most beautiful women in the world and Obama is married to one that looks like a man. Trump wins again lol

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 18 days ago

      @Jesse Bedolla Because most Presidents are Illuminati. They are part of the Cabal, which means they are working against the common man and part of a global crime ring. The world has been controlled by satanic pedophiles for eons and now Trump is leading the charge to rid the world of these scourge. Whether it's in the organized religions with all the child sexual abuse or in Washington DC, at the border where they steal illegal children for their sick rituals, and promoted by academia, the CIA Mockingbird mainstream media, etc. the public has been brainwashed. I do believe that Obomba was not eligible to be POTUS. I think his mama was CIA and he was raised in foreign countries growing up. The reason Trump brought up that bit about the birth certificate was because he knew that Obomba was a fraud. Just because the Cabal was able to fake it doesn't mean that Obomba was legit.

    • Jesse Bedolla
      Jesse Bedolla 24 days ago

      why is it hard for us to accept both sides and have respect for every president? you know we are all fighting for the same cause but yet we are blind to see that this job isn't easy but everyone cant seem to see that every president does what they think is right. well... besides Nixon but still, i don't want to start an argument but want to see your reasoning, much love.

  • Timothy Morant
    Timothy Morant 28 days ago

    I'm not honoring the Custer film be taking my membership

  • Andrew Smeragulio
    Andrew Smeragulio 29 days ago

    2020 and all the Trumps pulled off the biggest upset in history. And end's up doing the best job as our president ever. 3-1-2020
    I'll be back in a few years to give more update about what a great guy Trump is and has been!

  • Jonathan Bussu
    Jonathan Bussu Month ago

    While he is the president I sleep assured that there are no infiltrators

  • Eric Desequelle
    Eric Desequelle Month ago

    C est bête k on na pas Donald Trump

  • Лорд 1
    Лорд 1 Month ago

    At 1.28 did the bodyguard just kissed Obama’s wife ??? Did I see,what I just saw ???

  • jacquelyn bauer
    jacquelyn bauer Month ago

    2020 now and still loving it.
    Someone who had never held a political office just beat all the Republicans, all the Democrats including the Clinton Machine and all the Media, oh yeah, and all of Hollywood. too. That says a lot. TRUMP 2020 K A G

  • ket kflash
    ket kflash Month ago +2

    from Bali ---love president Trump

  • Rajbahadur Verma
    Rajbahadur Verma Month ago

    Very Nice Trump Family

  • Rajbahadur Verma
    Rajbahadur Verma Month ago

    Super Trump 2020

  • Wwe Fanatic
    Wwe Fanatic Month ago

    🎙️Mr Donald j Trump we the Puerto Rican people are sick and tired of this colonialism regime is Time to end it.🇮🇱🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇵🇷.2020 is the perfect momentum.🇺🇸🌠🇵🇷

  • Mike Gesy
    Mike Gesy Month ago

    Trump the big baby

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 18 days ago

      And yet you're the betacuck after all these years...

  • Jorge Cabrera
    Jorge Cabrera Month ago

    Im so happy that my aunt came in legally and ready a resident. She wants trump to win again. She had to wait for 1 year to get her papers. Thank you President Trump to make legall immigration quicker for people to come in quick legally.

  • Jorge Cabrera
    Jorge Cabrera Month ago +3

    I dont get tired watching this

    • Jimmy Sammy
      Jimmy Sammy 5 days ago

      Impeachment fails ?
      "Launch the virus"

  • KAHOOTS 69
    KAHOOTS 69 Month ago


  • pandi ta
    pandi ta Month ago

    I love younger son. only one way.

  • Hakimu Malunda
    Hakimu Malunda Month ago +1

    I feel like wanna come to the US the great country in the world

    • TheSpiderApex
      TheSpiderApex Month ago

      Hakimu Malunda you may, if you come in legally.

  • Marlon hutabarat
    Marlon hutabarat Month ago +1


  • Marlon hutabarat
    Marlon hutabarat Month ago


  • Marlon hutabarat
    Marlon hutabarat Month ago

    @Donald John is true..president United of State..

  • 鄭子祈
    鄭子祈 Month ago


  • Mark Knight
    Mark Knight Month ago +49

    Can’t wait to hear the salty voices on the MSM once again in November

  • Autumn Stevens
    Autumn Stevens Month ago

    Greatest President in History!!

  • Tarf Tatf
    Tarf Tatf Month ago

    و الملحقيات الدينية و الدولية

  • Tarf Tatf
    Tarf Tatf Month ago

    رحلات مجيدة لشعب الله المختار بكامل طاقاتهم

  • Tarf Tatf
    Tarf Tatf Month ago +1

    بزبهم خثعم أتو بحذاء موضوع
    في الطفل من طفل الرياض الذي
    موضوع أخر ... وأكلنا للعلم والوطن . ورعينا في طفل طفل و انتفخت كروش
    لتكن ببطن بطون طفل من بطن .
    في لنا قصص و مواضيع مدرسية.
    وفي اليماني منا انتم خثعم زهران الطفلة
    في . ونحن من مكة
    من سعار القبائل خلدو الدماء و الدين و الحياة بالحياة والنسل بالنسل في من فناءا
    على أمسالك وعلى أموالك وعلى بطون أمم من مكة وعلى أنسالك و الطفل بالطفل وعلى حياتك

  • Tarf Tatf
    Tarf Tatf Month ago +1

    هم أخون خان فخلد ربة. فالخائن أعظم
    البدو و المسلمينا و غيرهم.
    ف عبدالعزيز خلد الأب منا لأن الحمير علما.
    مثلا .عبد لربة عبدالعزيز فأسم
    عبدالله عبدالعزيز بالأب عبدالعزيز . بعزيز غالي عظم في بإسم عبدالعزيز. ابونا
    عبد أبونا .أسود رجلة في عبد عبد أبونا
    أبو عبد .
    عبد عبدة.
    عجت عجوت

  • Vishnoo Ramdin
    Vishnoo Ramdin Month ago

    I did witnessed the inauguration ceremony of Donald Trump when it actually happened.i was glad to see mr.jimmy Carter there too.His fondation and his presence in our country of Guyana was for the first time saw fair and free election in1992.(Toronto)

  • J.
    J. Month ago +2

    I can't believe how much Barron has grown since.

    SHARON WEBER Month ago

    Good. GOD HELP US I PRAY !

    SHARON WEBER Month ago

    Little did we know then that this coward. This “Commander and Chief of the Armed Services”. Would betray us all. And bring others into his cult to make America a global embarrassment. ( as opposed to “ great” ? Again? ). He is a disgrace to this country. He said that his Russian assisted presidency would be a government run by and for ALL the people of the USA . And if you have only one brain cell you have to see his goal is to initiate a Trump Family dictatorship for generations to come. And he and V. Putin laugh at all of us today. Especially Trumps base who are being most hurt by this sick twisted narcissistic poor excuse for a man.
    SATCO IN NEW YORK. PS. I HOPE HE HAS CUFFS ON ONE DAY AND LIVES LONG ENOUGH TO SEE THE INSIDE OF A PRISON . If not by Washington politicians. But perhaps by NEW YORK officials. The man who is a traitor to all we have fought to preserve. The RICH 1% must be stopped. They’re no better than ISIS. THEY JUST TERRORIZE WITH SMOKE AND MIRRORS. GODD HELP US ALL. WE MUST BE IN THE END TIMES. ,! Google this : Is Trump the anti Christ ..... you’ll be shocked

  • Aoo Wolves
    Aoo Wolves Month ago +2

    What a great Nation.

  • Ben Ghist
    Ben Ghist Month ago

    26:52 is that Ron pratt I hear out there lmao

  • Jonas Pianomusic
    Jonas Pianomusic Month ago +1

    God bless america, Trump 2020!! I am swiss and I love this guy lol