Los Angeles Clippers vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | November 13 | 2019-20 NBA Season

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Los Angeles Clippers vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | November 13, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • Adrian Zion
    Adrian Zion 8 days ago

    This camera angles makes me dizzy

  • D. E. White, MAM
    D. E. White, MAM 14 days ago

    Anybody notice that everytime Clippers play an opponent, the game has a playoff atmosphere and intensity to it? Clippers need to pace themselves.

  • Kikoy_
    Kikoy_ 15 days ago

    Westbrick at it again

  • Arcade mcFLY - BeatsNcomedY

    his son was dead serious too...lol

  • Kilo Guapo
    Kilo Guapo 17 days ago

    Hold on so Russell play for the clippers ? 7:19

  • Jonathan Hankieson
    Jonathan Hankieson 18 days ago

    Dad I'm going get you in trouble. For that bike you let DeeBo take.😂😂😂

  • Oscar jaure
    Oscar jaure 19 days ago

    Lakers vs Rockets wcf

  • Oscar jaure
    Oscar jaure 19 days ago

    Need this harden on my team 2k

  • Chris Make Beatz
    Chris Make Beatz 19 days ago

    That was too funny with the rivers family

  • Red King
    Red King 20 days ago

    Clippers are the most overhyped team

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu 20 days ago

    can't wait to hear this segment on UNDISPUTED!

  • sitymanpt
    sitymanpt 20 days ago

    Came back to see if PatBev really gets cooked on defense.

  • Preston Silverman
    Preston Silverman 21 day ago +1

    Who else saw the score mess up

  • Cross Current
    Cross Current 21 day ago

    anyone else notice Stephen A. Smith's facial expression at 9:40?

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu 20 days ago

      But but but the Clippers are the best team in the West. Nah the West Finals runs through Houston.

  • Gage Boutadolla
    Gage Boutadolla 21 day ago

    Khwai over rated to me

  • Vincent Runfola
    Vincent Runfola 21 day ago

    Who else noticed that at 7:24 when Westbrook hit a 3 the Clippers score went up by 3 lol?

  • Jalen
    Jalen 21 day ago

    ESPN - "Beverly actually defended Harden well in contrary of Westbrooks statement."
    That don't mean shit if he dropped 47 goofs 🤣🤣🤣

  • GoEddyGO
    GoEddyGO 21 day ago

    So many threes in this game the score keeper gave the three to the clippers

  • C God
    C God 21 day ago

    Imagine if kd had went to the rockets 🤯

  • Dfgamer Gamet
    Dfgamer Gamet 21 day ago

    Fuck you clippers hope you keep losing

  • Guitarramistica
    Guitarramistica 22 days ago

    NBA loves Leanoard but they are going to lose unless they buy all the refereess for every game..They Warriors lost due to that in several games...NO shame for the corruption of the NBA like the FIFA is all about MONEY>>>

  • Guitarramistica
    Guitarramistica 22 days ago

    Kahwi is a bad loser!! Curry always say hi and greet the others players but this guy is too serious for that ...Lol

  • J R
    J R 22 days ago

    I just released a dedication song to Russell Westbrook today. Check it out. Link in Bio. of Instagram:

  • Carmillion Thomas
    Carmillion Thomas 22 days ago

    Gsw better

  • Stanley Williams
    Stanley Williams 22 days ago

    When the rockets learn how to play defense they will win a ring.

  • John Martin
    John Martin 22 days ago

    Why didn’t they shake hands and embrace after the game?

  • Lurch954
    Lurch954 22 days ago

    Westbrook face at @ 4:03 😂🔥

  • Emanuel Frederick
    Emanuel Frederick 22 days ago

    We all watch the game and yes James Harden had a field day, but do you blame it all on Kawhi Leonard, or do you put a percent of the blame on Doc Rivers the couch, considering he is the one who makes the decisions on who plays who if you're playing man-to-man yes it's time for Quality shine but if you plan somewhere over his own and everyone that has to step up and do more than just put hands up in the air, Period!! Kawhi Leonard has been known for all-defensive player but it still takes a whole team coming together to shut down the lanes and play smarter and that has to do with the coaching, which involves more than just yelling and screaming. Doc Rivers son looked at it as a joke, nothing personal he's on another team he just wanted to win but it still wasn't cool and showed a great deal of his respect for his father because that was totally unnecessary to try to encourage the refs to make a obvious decision what do players should have done was cool. Rivers back. Overall I blame the coach Doc Rivers 12 degrees by the way he coached and who he chose to put on individual players I believe that was his decision 🤔. As embarrassing as it was for the Clippers you can almost say James Harden beat the Clippers by himself. Old school coaching would have Mets players make James Harden shoot from the file instead of shooting a lights out

  • Texas Red Nation
    Texas Red Nation 22 days ago

    But but but the Clippers are the best team in the West. Nah the West Finals runs through Houston.

  • Mae Jude
    Mae Jude 22 days ago +1

    Ok Rockets ‼️ They Melo✔️ Now it time for your team to bring in Nick Swaggyp 🙏🙏🙏 if u want to win💯Bring him in😎👍🏿👑🏀🏀🏀333333🏀🏀💯

  • Oldman Isaaac
    Oldman Isaaac 22 days ago

    Great in the regular season but what about the post season.

  • njdon89
    njdon89 22 days ago +2

    Stephen A Smith standing like an Android at the end

  • Matt Masengale
    Matt Masengale 22 days ago

    please stop labeling videos "Full Game Highlights". You are not sowing the full game, and everyone who sees the word "Highlights" assumes you will show the most important plays from the whole game

  • Anthony Valentino
    Anthony Valentino 22 days ago

    If kwahi leonard went to the rockets James harden would have his first ring. He actually might get 2 rings. Harden an leanord is much more bigger an dangerous monster than kwahi/george..... Harden an leanord would be more balance an more poweful...

  • john bertelli
    john bertelli 22 days ago

    Come and take a trip on my rocket ship

  • Replying To myself
    Replying To myself 22 days ago

    Austin aint allowed a the family thanksgiving dinner now 😂

  • Teddy Ruxpin
    Teddy Ruxpin 23 days ago +2

    The jump forward three is the hot new move this season.

  • Harrison Williams
    Harrison Williams 23 days ago

    So much for load management 🤔

  • Akayla B
    Akayla B 23 days ago

    Please go watch my video. Like comment and SUBSCRIBE ✨✨✨ ruclip.com/video/vt0OrkmWAj8/video.html

  • Shirlee Bostrom
    Shirlee Bostrom 23 days ago


  • Kenny Fox
    Kenny Fox 23 days ago

    Live and die by the 3

  • Kevin Vang
    Kevin Vang 23 days ago

    Damn rockets beat the clippers... Honestly idk who's gonna take the West coast lol...

  • sean delgado
    sean delgado 23 days ago

    Load managing = Guard PJ all night

  • Cody Thompson
    Cody Thompson 23 days ago


  • Alexander Kahl
    Alexander Kahl 23 days ago

    Austin Rivers called for the T against his dad.

  • Leo's Graphics
    Leo's Graphics 23 days ago

    “I should’ve pulled out”
    -Doc Rivers

    JETT ENT TV 23 days ago

    Houston we have a problem...

  • Irving Barreto
    Irving Barreto 23 days ago


  • G. T.
    G. T. 23 days ago

    That was too funny, why is Austin playing his dad like that? LOL!

  • Jacob C.
    Jacob C. 23 days ago

    Is it just me or does it seem like there is more European style play in the game today. You never seen floaters or heard play-by-play announcers saying "floaters" a lot.
    Lately you do.

    Luka, Dragan, Nikola, having that kind of impact in the game. Nice.

  • claudus12
    claudus12 23 days ago


  • Ashley Mays
    Ashley Mays 23 days ago

    For Those Scrolling The Comments

  • Tukool9
    Tukool9 23 days ago

    Hey Hakeem, Drexler, THE HOUSTON ROCKETS ARE BACK.

  • My Memories
    My Memories 23 days ago

    10 games in and yall crowning rockets champions lol.. Harden is a regular season MVP but disappears in playoff key moments.. westbrook too.. its just one game

  • taylor malone
    taylor malone 23 days ago

    Damn I almost feel bad that harden is gonna get sent home from playoffs by a cali team again.

  • DeAndrius Reynolds
    DeAndrius Reynolds 23 days ago

    I wanna see lbj & ad vs jh & rw

  • Herman Mickles
    Herman Mickles 23 days ago

    These niggas is not out there wit the YeeT!!! Chant!!!

  • Mario Garcia
    Mario Garcia 23 days ago

    This means the rockets can beat the Lakers 🥵

  • Business Man
    Business Man 23 days ago +1

    Harden shots should count as 4's. Very impressive 🏀🏀

  • Erick Gonzalez
    Erick Gonzalez 23 days ago

    Omg rivers son was like give him a T and he got ejected from the game this game was very intense but I want to see james Harden playing like this in the playoffs.