J-Hope "Isn't that my part? You have to do well!" [UNDER NINETEEN Ep 10]

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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Comments • 4 030

  • Jin is Angel.
    Jin is Angel. 2 days ago

    I want jhope as my professor so bad if he is my professor, my grades will be higher than the sky.

  • Elie Lopez
    Elie Lopez 13 days ago

    1:03 my reaction when my crush holds my hand lol

  • Ethar Adel
    Ethar Adel 13 days ago

    I love j hope alot he is a lovely person I wish to see him

  • Karem Cristina
    Karem Cristina 14 days ago +1

    Legal esses meninos gosta do j-hope e tal, mais sério q precisa disso parece q eles estão na frente de um Deus, acho isso errado ele é uma pessoa normal como a gente . Só nasceu com a incrível habilidade de dançar bem 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂...

  • Subhani Tamang
    Subhani Tamang 14 days ago

    All would be me if i get to meet bts or just one member💜💜💜

  • Preetha Arul
    Preetha Arul 14 days ago

    Did sangmin debut?

  • OhMyGaHobi
    OhMyGaHobi 15 days ago

    This is all? there's no next?

  • Neng Ipah
    Neng Ipah 15 days ago

    Name idol? I don't know name idol. Please tell me :)

  • Charlotte Bartier
    Charlotte Bartier 15 days ago +1

    Sang min at Hobi is the definition of 'you could hit me with a car and I would thank you'

  • James Kurker
    James Kurker 15 days ago

    I have decided. JHope is my favorite BTS member.

  • Noelle Forever12
    Noelle Forever12 15 days ago

    Hobi is so sweet istg this video is too adorable 🥺😍

  • Cry Baby •
    Cry Baby • 16 days ago

    Because of that video im watching my id is gangnam beauty

  • Sweet Pebbles
    Sweet Pebbles 16 days ago

    J-hope speaks the truth! That is why he's the main dancer in BTS.

  • BTS somali army forever

    Finish🖐🖐 i will go korea and be apart of kpop unit 😁and wish it will be bts unit like this😉😉 so i can see bts 😊they will come and support us like this 😂😂
    Isssshhhh 😆😆

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade 16 days ago

    Imagine walking into a random dance class, only to realize that J-Hope is your instructor.

  • honey espinosa
    honey espinosa 17 days ago

    Que lindo me encanta 😍😍

  • Divine Melrose Barradas

    He's so respected but WHEN BTS FUCK WTH HAPPENED?😂

  • YoonMoon
    YoonMoon 18 days ago

    Sang Min lost his way after jhope hold his hand

  • Vivi Tran
    Vivi Tran 19 days ago

    i'm just wondering how the trainees even saw his movements over the fact that jung hoseok is standing in front of them. and also the fricken trench coat.

  • work hard every day
    work hard every day 19 days ago

    I think sang min Will be good if he audition bighit hip-hop

  • Kiki Mihailidou
    Kiki Mihailidou 20 days ago

    He is the best teacher ever

  • crappy potatoes
    crappy potatoes 20 days ago

    Hobi is like a KING to them it's so cute i'M-

  • Naija Reactor
    Naija Reactor 21 day ago

    that dude looks like he will never wash his hands again

  • Faridatul Islamiyah
    Faridatul Islamiyah 21 day ago

    I can’t get enough with JHope as a sunbae. ❤️😆

  • The Random
    The Random 21 day ago

    sometimes i think bts is beautiful just because of makeup , but j-hope is beautiful even without makeup.

  • Dream Big
    Dream Big 21 day ago

    Awww this was so cute lol 😂 they were so nervous 😝

  • yoo-rih choi
    yoo-rih choi 21 day ago

    i can hear those staff behind the camera laughing their ass off bcuz of sangmin hahah 1:48

  • Nana Jaena
    Nana Jaena 21 day ago


  • Galilea 4Harambe
    Galilea 4Harambe 22 days ago

    He’s so loud and sometimes childish in a good way and likes to have fun lmao😂 But in here he’s so mature 😭

  • 爱loveyourselfkth
    爱loveyourselfkth 23 days ago

    lee sangmin has now turned gAY cjsdjcnksdjvnkl

  • J-Dope
    J-Dope 23 days ago +1

    That is soo freakin cute😍😍
    If I was Sang Min, I would never wash my hand😂😂
    And if Hobi was my dance teacher, I would never leave the dance lessons😂😂😂

  • بابو الكورية
    بابو الكورية 23 days ago +1

    0:53 this is me 😂

  • min sugar
    min sugar 23 days ago

    Jhope without BTS look like the adult jung hoseok
    oooh i felt that fancyy vibe from him in this videoo
    god ! Jhope is a legend

  • min sugar
    min sugar 23 days ago

    ooomg soooooo proud of jhope aaaaaaaaaa

  • Bangpink_ Stans
    Bangpink_ Stans 23 days ago +2

    Hobi being Hoseok for some time

  • Marilyn E
    Marilyn E 23 days ago

    This outfit & just the way he is as a person. No wonder he made me fall for him. I love you sm hobi. 💛

  • namjoons rejected handshakes

    Why does jhope look like he is gonna need yoongi

  • Mai Vang
    Mai Vang 24 days ago

    J Hope the BOSS

  • Awesome Dino
    Awesome Dino 24 days ago +2

    J-Hope without BTS:
    Gordon Ramsey in Master Chef Kids
    J-Hope with BTS:
    *Gordan Ramsey Hell's Kitchen ver.*

  • A.R.M.Y e ONCE
    A.R.M.Y e ONCE 25 days ago

    Esses meninos são tão fofos kkkkkk

  • Darlin Aracely
    Darlin Aracely 25 days ago

    So relatable 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • nicole kyoko
    nicole kyoko 25 days ago +1

    It's nice to see someone get so happy because of a BTS member. It just makes me sad thinking back when ppl were making fun of them saying that they will become nothing.

  • Suprxmetae
    Suprxmetae 25 days ago

    He’s like a less intense Gordon Ramsay 🤣
    Without bts: You’re doing great, it looks really good just hit with a little more force that’s it. You’re doing amazing

  • Leah Fisher
    Leah Fisher 26 days ago +4

    When j-hope shakes your hand

  • stylinson -
    stylinson - 26 days ago +1

    daddy hoseok so handsome omg

  • Xiao Xinyi
    Xiao Xinyi 26 days ago

    You know when like jhope monitors bts when they dance is totally different when he monitors others... Like 😂😂😂

  • Hayley Low
    Hayley Low 26 days ago

    Hobi’s lil giggles 😩

  • i LOVE BTS
    i LOVE BTS 27 days ago

    I love dance teacher Jung Hoseok ♥️♥️♥️

  • Flappiest Cat
    Flappiest Cat 27 days ago


    BTS KINGS 27 days ago

    Legend says Sang Min never washed his hand ever again

  • Shenique Bourre-Bou
    Shenique Bourre-Bou 28 days ago +2

    Sang Min- hyung is every ARMY and he's so cute. I stan

  • Kookiejar
    Kookiejar 28 days ago +2

    I love these smol boys all heart eyes mesmerized by our J-Hope😍😍😭

  • Laura Is Temporary
    Laura Is Temporary 29 days ago

    i think SOMEONE has a crush.

  • Mr.Wonwoo Taehyung Baekhyun is my husband

    Is that hobi that I know ? Seriously 😂🤣
    trust me he’s not like this when he’s with BTS right my beloved fandom 😏😂😂

  • Min Cassy
    Min Cassy 29 days ago +1

    He's very Hoseok in this clip. So chill. 😍

  • Army With Luv
    Army With Luv 29 days ago +1

    The amount of absolute respect that these guys have for him is amazing and adorable.

  • Назгуль Шабданова

    Подскажите пожалуйста что за песня 1: 21 минуте?

  • Kook Bop
    Kook Bop Month ago +29

    Hoseok with trainees: Ah, you can make that better, but I know you’ll do good
    Hoseok with bts: *pissed, teeth clenching*

  • Mustafa Haider
    Mustafa Haider Month ago

    I think jhope didn't said it to be rude i think he said that I can't teach u other member's parts really well but I can teach u my part very well
    But BTS our baby angels are never rude to their fans to their staff and to other band and they even respect their haters

  • Sugar & kookie
    Sugar & kookie Month ago

    Never knew that serious jhope is that HOTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zahra Uci
    Zahra Uci Month ago +1

    Ah Army, look, our Hope, now became a senior .. a great senior

  • aditikookiewifeu
    aditikookiewifeu Month ago +1

    Come be my teacher ~~♡

  • mochi & dango
    mochi & dango Month ago +1

    Someone plssss tell me this groups name :'(

    • mochi & dango
      mochi & dango 29 days ago +1

      Thank youuuu💜

    • Bts Forever
      Bts Forever 29 days ago +1

      They are from the survival show undernineteen, the debut group is called 1the9

  • jimin's smol hands
    jimin's smol hands Month ago

    0:45 that laugh tho

  • jay
    jay Month ago +1


  • bear bear
    bear bear Month ago

    wAit they used my id ost

  • yuliana ds.
    yuliana ds. Month ago


  • alex hadid
    alex hadid Month ago

    J-hope is looking so handsome

  • Hobi's sunshine child
    Hobi's sunshine child Month ago +6

    Is it me or is he so damn hot with his hair pulled back.
    P.s. He's hot in general 😉

  • victoria.lucyy
    victoria.lucyy Month ago +1

    Jhope's laugh is sooooooo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍