Binging with Babish: Crêpes from Talladega Nights

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
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    Crêpes are discussed at length, in a pretty threatening manner, in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Before his arm is snapped by the very French Jean Girard, he's coerced into admitting he likes crêpes...which he actually does. Which makes sense, because they're the perfect vessel for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  Month ago +5398

    How did I not make something with shake n’ bake?!

    • Operation Trojan Cow
      Operation Trojan Cow Month ago

      wake and bake is not for everyone we can leave that behind us new year new me riff raff x

    • Matryx
      Matryx Month ago

      Babish.... have you ever thought of trying to do a thing with Gordon Ramsay?

    • Erin
      Erin Month ago

      When you said Melange , all I can think of is Frasier when Niles and daphne ask Roz I’d she wants a melange, and she thinks they’re asking for a ménage . 🤣

  • Scanner Dorkly
    Scanner Dorkly Day ago

    HazelNUT, Not hazelNEWT... NUTella not NEWtella.

  • Casandra Lynn
    Casandra Lynn Day ago

    Crepes with an apple cheese filling was the first thing i learned in home EC in middle school and I made it daily til high school when i learned other things lmao soooo good 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • ass hole
    ass hole Day ago

    Sorry Babish. Still too thick for crepes. These are just pancakes... if a little thinner than normal European ones. (american pancakes are just cakes IMO... especially in a stack)

  • erin
    erin Day ago

    juns kitchen.. good man.

  • Don Bray
    Don Bray 4 days ago

    Not bad got a C+ in geometry!

  • Josh Prowse
    Josh Prowse 4 days ago

    @3:10 What the hell is this mushroom brick?!? I want one!

  • KiwiTM
    KiwiTM 5 days ago

    Damn didn't know you watch Jun's kitchen

  • litzi damacio
    litzi damacio 7 days ago

    Exactly how many books does this man have?
    Love this guy lots !!
    Keep it up, you’re amazing!

  • DropSh1ft
    DropSh1ft 8 days ago

    In my very European opinion, you just took a work of art and ruined it- except for the basic crepe. WHATS WITH THE CHEESE ON THE CRÊPE!

  • G-man
    G-man 8 days ago

    "the gram"

  • Shadows_Assassin
    Shadows_Assassin 9 days ago +1

    "A single clove of garlic" I mean... You can't really go wrong with garlic ;)

  • Qiller Daemon
    Qiller Daemon 12 days ago

    Couldn't get Nutella to sponsor this episode? :P

  • Grant Hagen
    Grant Hagen 13 days ago

    *pleghm* repe

  • Madam Blue
    Madam Blue 14 days ago

    I love the way you balance favor, humor, popular culture in your video's. A1 in my book, Cook on Bro 👊.

  • Amy Fei
    Amy Fei 14 days ago

    Babish watches Jun's Kitchen? *GASP*

  • oliver
    oliver 14 days ago

    gotta say that was weak come to la belle crepe in mpls ill show you

  • kairnn
    kairnn 16 days ago

    As a breton from la Bretagne, this is not a buckwheat crêpes, the traditional way to do it (and i personaly think, the best) is to pour the dough un the pan, and then add your raw egg and other ingrédients (but egg go fierst, otherwise it won't cook) then, when it's cooked, fold it in square as you did. But most important the dough is originally composed of : buckwheat flour, water and salt, that's it. Cultural fact the real name of buckwheat crêpe is "galette". Hope you liked this small cultural explanation.
    PS : glad to ear that you to, like what Jun do, you're both some great chief with superb vidéo editing 👍

  • Oh my god Becky
    Oh my god Becky 16 days ago

    I like that he told us not to do the fire trick but he knew some of us would do it anyway so he at least gave us advice for how to do it safely

  • Shaune Thomas
    Shaune Thomas 16 days ago

    The only tragedy i face is that i cannot eat a crepe suzette since i'm allergic to oranges/tangerines

  • Pussy Snatch
    Pussy Snatch 17 days ago

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  • john doe
    john doe 17 days ago

    babish please do negative mans dinner scene from doom patrol

  • Doohan Pieterse
    Doohan Pieterse 17 days ago

    These are called pancakes in South Africa.

  • Nathan Meunier
    Nathan Meunier 17 days ago +1

    as a french person, your crepes are too thick... nice tho

  • Road Weary213
    Road Weary213 17 days ago

    Alton Brown is my hero. the crepe recipe is from the “Good Eats” episode “Crepe Expectations”

  • Ryder'sCove
    Ryder'sCove 17 days ago

    I like really thin pancakes

  • Mauro De Simone
    Mauro De Simone 18 days ago

    Babish, have you ever had DULCE DE LECHE? It is a sweet delicacy from Argentina and it would go GREAT with these Crêpes (if you want them sweet).

    Also great for any kind of cakes or other sweet treats.

  • Sk Muzammil Zeeshan
    Sk Muzammil Zeeshan 19 days ago

    The savory crepe is very much your version of what we call Dosa. 😅 👍
    It would be great if you could recreate some of the Indian dishes from Bollywood movies and give it your twist ... Loads of Fun gauranteed👍

  • Rj Peterson
    Rj Peterson 20 days ago

    "These colors don't run."
    Boy, if will farrel weren't involved, I'd believe that was a go at subtle humor.

  • James Badger
    James Badger 21 day ago

    A simple way to make crepes a lot more exciting is to substitute some of the liquids in the batter with beer. My dad used to say he would use a tablespoon, but I tend to use a lot more. If you have half a can of beer left over to drink while the batter is resting/de-bubbling you're good.
    The pancakes still work for fruity/sweet and savory applications. My favorite is strawberry jam and vanilla ice cream, but a cheese, chicken, red pepper, lettuce with sour cream dressing is also excellent.

  • jeanine zalmijn
    jeanine zalmijn 22 days ago

    For us (europe) that's a regular pancake
    Its delicious
    Like it better that American pancakes
    But haven't tried them in America so maybe it's better there

  • Misty Valzania
    Misty Valzania 22 days ago

    That looked beautiful! 😍 loved it!

  • Benjamin Kühn
    Benjamin Kühn 23 days ago

    hello i am an american and i just want a crape?

  • drei greg
    drei greg 24 days ago

    As a French person and a cooking enthousiast, I was really surprised with the ingredients you chose in order to make your « pâte à crêpes ». Never have I seen someone use butter or water. Often we only use three eggs, 250 gramms of flour and 500 milliliters of milk (and some oil to make the crepe easier to take out of the pan when done). Sometime people replace milk with some beer, and we also add Rhum of course, but that is it. Also ily
    From a Baguette, Cordialement

  • A.Sterio
    A.Sterio 24 days ago

    Who knew Babish got his start at Simply Crepes😂

  • gael jehanno
    gael jehanno 25 days ago

    goat chesse/sunny eggs/ham/mushroom and you got the perfect salted buckweath crepe (like we make it in bretagne). For the sweet version, salted caramel and crème chantilly

  • the dog of hope
    the dog of hope 25 days ago

    Aziraphale would love this and force Crowley to buy them

  • Stinky Opinions
    Stinky Opinions 26 days ago

    Babish really gotta flex on us with a C on geometry

  • TheCheck
    TheCheck 26 days ago

    I am an absolute heathen and the only way I'll eat a crepe is with hershey syrup and coconut shavings.

    • Jacob P.
      Jacob P. 23 days ago

      How can you get over the texture of the coconut?

  • Hollyshit !
    Hollyshit ! 26 days ago +1

    Next time try sugar with lemon juice uhhhh childhood memories as a "filling"

  • Herm Wanderer
    Herm Wanderer 27 days ago

    I always forget that you're name is Andrew, my name is Andrew.

  • 44werewolfnomore
    44werewolfnomore 27 days ago

    They also made crepe suzette in trading places.. but it gets scraped into the garbage...

  • Inari Johnson
    Inari Johnson 27 days ago

    I love Jun’s kitchen 😭

  • riya jose
    riya jose 27 days ago

    I made the crepe Suzette damn they taste GOOD!!

  • Otis T
    Otis T 28 days ago

    Is the butter salted?

  • michel Guevara
    michel Guevara 28 days ago

    that first sarazin should have had ham laid on the cheese then the egg cooked on top in the galette.
    trad breton : galette complet, a little fresh sage or thyme salt pepper.

    TIMExBANDIT 29 days ago

    Savory crepe looks like ash. Then you bring out the nightmare mushroom.
    What happened to the nice thin pancakes??!?!

  • Eric Gilbertson
    Eric Gilbertson Month ago +29

    Babish: *does something dangerous in his home*
    Also Babish: "don't try this at home"

  • Christopher Castor
    Christopher Castor Month ago

    @FliryVorru I think you would like this channel if you have not binged w/ babish before.

  • fzben86
    fzben86 Month ago

    Never seen something like this before!! Looks yumy especially mushrooms.

  • Pyro Shep
    Pyro Shep Month ago

    I'm sitting here watching a very high end chef making these amazing meals while eating a microwave dinner

  • Akko
    Akko Month ago

    Sorry to be that asshole, but I'm French and I come from the region that invented crêpes, called Bretagne. I have been eating crêpes for as long as I can remember. Even though this was very entertaining I didn't see a single recipe in this video that would even remotely look like what I would eat in any restaurant in Bretagne. Historically, crêpes were very basic, simple, cheap, popular meal, eaten by lower income classes. Even though it as become classier in the last century, you can still eat a very good crêpe for less than 8€ in most restaurants that are not for tourists. This look like a VERY Americanised version, build on an already very posh and non-authentic Parisian version.
    Some fun facts about crêpes for those interested :
    - A restaurant that serves crêpes is called a "crêperie", and it doesn't serve any other dish. If you see a crêperie that serves other French cuisine, you are in a tourist trap.
    -A crêpe with buckwheat flour is actually called a galette. A galette is almost always salty. We never use wheat flour with salty toppings. Wheat flour is only for deserts.
    - crêpes and galettes are always cooked in salted butter.
    - the most common galette is called a “complete" (means full) and ass ham, one egg and Gruyère cheese. Sometimes you add sauteed mushrooms or oignons. It is served by itself or with a bit of salad if you are in a posher crêperie.
    -the egg is always cooked ON the crêpe, not in a separate pan. I have never seen that before in my life. Pro tip : the server will ask you how you want it. "miroir" means unbroken (I think you say sunny side up) and "brouillé" means broken (it will mix with the over toppings)
    - the most common crêpe is salted butter and sugar, and it is bloody delicious. Another classic is cooked apples with salted caramel.
    -It is very difficult to find authentic crêperies in Paris, witch is why most tourists have a very flawed view of what a crêpe should taste and look like. I live in Paris now, and I miss them very much. Thankfully they are also pretty easy to make if you know the recipe.
    Voilà :) hope I didn't come out as too vindictive, but this is a rare instance were I actually feel like I know my stuff.

  • little Madd
    little Madd Month ago


  • Shez Savo
    Shez Savo Month ago

    Make a good burger or good burger sauce

  • MegaloIntellectual
    MegaloIntellectual Month ago

    Collab with Jun’sKitchen when?

  • sootyquill
    sootyquill Month ago

    Are these the same crepes that moe got fried in on that simpsons halloween episode?

  • Corey Thompson
    Corey Thompson Month ago

    Should do an episode on Ployes. Very popular here in Maine. Like crepes but thicker and hardier.

  • Riley Ito
    Riley Ito Month ago

    Dude did you put donkey milk on the strawberry crepes 😂 why you tryna hide the label 😂😂😂

  • George Salisbury
    George Salisbury Month ago

    Maybe you could pour the booze over the crepes on the plate and then light it up like a Christmas pudding!