Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

  • Published on Sep 18, 2018
  • Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.
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Comments • 158 981

  • Mary Edwards
    Mary Edwards Day ago


  • Rocky balboa
    Rocky balboa Day ago

    Is this a personal attack or something

  • Lucy Benson
    Lucy Benson Day ago

    after we have seen thanos, let’s be honest, all the other villains are just jokes

  • Star Wars Dude 2710
    Star Wars Dude 2710 2 days ago

    Brie Larson is apparently both sexist and racist to white men because she doesn't want them to see this film.
    I really want to watch this film, but my parents say Brie is a horrible person because of what she said.

  • Kris
    Kris 2 days ago

    I want my money back.

  • Owen Mueller
    Owen Mueller 3 days ago

    Can someone please explain to me why so many people hate captain marvel?

  • honey badger call centre

    should i watch this movie?

  • Niki B
    Niki B 4 days ago +2

    Since the bus scene in The Sixth Sense I've wanted so badly to see a somebody punching grandma right in her face

  • Megan C
    Megan C 4 days ago

    The trailer is better than the movie.

  • HoneyChai
    HoneyChai 4 days ago

    I've never seen 1 million likes before. And yes, I have been hiding under a rock. My name is Antman.

  • MilolongPaws
    MilolongPaws 4 days ago +1

    This movie was just another joke "strong feminin role" type movie

  • sfighter00
    sfighter00 4 days ago

    Funny how the upcoming "Batwoman" series is trying a similar approach to its marketing with the "The Hero"..."Is Here" and then fades into "Her". Looking at it first used here, it really doesn't bother me much, because it fades from "Her" to "A Hero", so it doesn't feel too political in a way. "Batwoman" is just pushing the female political agenda to new heights with its marketing imo.

  • Ice Riego
    Ice Riego 5 days ago

    is this a personal attac?

  • Isakki muthu
    Isakki muthu 5 days ago

    She is amazing i want to marry u babyyyyyy 😍😘😍

  • Dr.Ross geller
    Dr.Ross geller 6 days ago +2

    Captain Carol 🔥

  • Kaga
    Kaga 6 days ago

    I hated the film but I find it really nice that youtube comments are filled with more and more positive people. Restores faith in humanity a bit.

  • King Kimber
    King Kimber 6 days ago +2

    Hey guys, remember when people thought this movie was going to be bad, and then the trailer for the new Batwoman show got released?

    Good times.

  • Johnny Cheddk
    Johnny Cheddk 7 days ago


    • Arnold Patterson
      Arnold Patterson 6 days ago

      +Johnny Cheddk That's a strange way of thought processing.
      When you say "Marvel sucks", are you referring to the entire brand? Pretty sure there's at least a few things everybody loves about BOTH Marvel and DC......and I think both Captain Marvel and Shazam are good movies but Shazam's better overall.

    • Johnny Cheddk
      Johnny Cheddk 6 days ago

      +Arnold Patterson lol you wish. Somebody said this in the comments section of Shazam video, googled it and repeating it over here. Coz Marvel sucks 😂😂

    • Arnold Patterson
      Arnold Patterson 6 days ago

      I've seen you in comment sections before. I had no idea you were Indian.

  • GamingWith Cloud
    GamingWith Cloud 7 days ago

    Why 100 k dislikes though?

  • Rasta Fonz
    Rasta Fonz 7 days ago

    Capt Marvel: i'm not what you think i am
    Me: cues *SISLOVESME*

  • Iconian 1
    Iconian 1 7 days ago +3

    Huh. I just watched the new Batwoman trailer. That was ridiculous looking, but it got me wondering about Captain Marvel. I don't think I'd seen the Captain Marvel trailer, but I have to say it actually looks pretty good. Seems to me the difference is that this new Batwoman is pretty much characterized by her womanhood. Captain Marvel on the other hand is more about her being a superhero, rather than being a woman. Captain Marvel may have done well, but I'm thinking Batwoman won't be nearly as successful.

  • TooRandom
    TooRandom 7 days ago +2

    I lllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvveee captain marvel!!!!!

    • Rick Pelovsky
      Rick Pelovsky 6 days ago

      I hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Captain Marvel!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Son Asil
    Son Asil 7 days ago +1

    Ehh idare eder izliyim bare ya

  • Yuya Sakaki
    Yuya Sakaki 8 days ago +2

    I really liked this movie. While I can’t go so far as to say it’s a perfect movie, It’s not the feminist movie everyone says it is.

    • Arnold Patterson
      Arnold Patterson 6 days ago

      Very far from perfect but still a fine movie. Doesn't deserve the hate.

  • Lena Garcon
    Lena Garcon 8 days ago +1

    Captain America:Winter Soldier:“Last time I trusted someone I lost an eye.”
    Captain Marvel:A cat scratched his eye

    • Arnold Patterson
      Arnold Patterson 6 days ago

      It's not a cat. It's a flerken, a pretty dangerous alien.

  • Sideshow 44
    Sideshow 44 8 days ago


  • none of your business

    Such a useless character.

    DONG JOOMAN 9 days ago +5

    I watched this movie the actual movie and I loved it. The movie was well made and I also love Brie being Cap Marvel

  • Nour Natasha
    Nour Natasha 9 days ago

    Which movie after captain marvel

  • Ellie Dost
    Ellie Dost 9 days ago

    Who will be in charge?
    Captain America or Captain Marvel🤔🤔

  • Joe Perkins
    Joe Perkins 10 days ago

    Not a big fan of the whole switch to a female Captain Marvel thing. Breaks from a long tradition of Captain Marvel being a man!Tired of the political correctness and everyone deserves a trophy mentality as it's not real world! That being said it was better than Dead Pool and Black

  • Sherlock BONES
    Sherlock BONES 11 days ago +6

    Loved this movie going to buy it.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 11 days ago

    Her girl power comes from her toe fungus.

  • DaBigOne
    DaBigOne 12 days ago

    Captain marvel is the strongest

    They got that wrong

  • David Smith
    David Smith 12 days ago

    Captain Misandrist. Not even worth making popcorn for.

  • forestnerd
    forestnerd 12 days ago +1

    avatar state yip yip 1:49

  • Esther Yan
    Esther Yan 12 days ago

    so why did she punch a grandma

  • Aysten-Rio Bunn
    Aysten-Rio Bunn 12 days ago

    I saw it in IMAX

  • Spicy Cat
    Spicy Cat 12 days ago +1

    I just hope that she isn’t a Mary Sue.

  • tomiargonz
    tomiargonz 12 days ago


  • TT L
    TT L 12 days ago

    Hilarious parody of this film: @_quc

  • Reinhart Alvaro
    Reinhart Alvaro 12 days ago

    Bad movie, bad character. Side characters carried the movie

  • Star Videos
    Star Videos 12 days ago

    Its awsome

  • NoName
    NoName 13 days ago +4

    Spoiler alert

    Negan dies at the end of season 9

    Jk lol

    • Ghosteriz
      Ghosteriz 10 days ago

      we are in the endgame now.

  • Mr Freeman
    Mr Freeman 13 days ago

    The film - feminist nonsense.
    Heroes - hollywood imbeciles.
    Aliens - hollywood imbeciles with elf ears.

  • Prodromos Peios
    Prodromos Peios 13 days ago

    Come on, are you for real in the comments??

  • Prodromos Peios
    Prodromos Peios 13 days ago

    Screw you Larson

  • Review Asian Movies
    Review Asian Movies 13 days ago

    I wish they dubbed her over because she looks the part but she doesn’t sound the part.

  • tammyrossa
    tammyrossa 14 days ago +1

    I was expected nothing with this trailer before, because never heard this character. But actually the movie itself is pretty. The characters are strong enough. Not like the Homecoming that very dependent to Avengers's success.

  • its ya boi me
    its ya boi me 14 days ago

    1:30 wait... did she punch an old lady!?

  • Khushi Dk
    Khushi Dk 14 days ago

    "Last time i trusted someone i lost an eye"
    When i first heard this line i was like "Woah, who broke your heart Fury?? This seems serious"
    After watching Captain Marvel: FURY YOU DRAME QUEEN!!!

  • ZD_ ART
    ZD_ ART 15 days ago +2

    Top 1:endgame
    2:infinity war
    3:captain marvel

    • Arnold Patterson
      Arnold Patterson 6 days ago

      I like Captain Marvel but it's ranked 16th on the MCU movies list for me.

    • kErMiT
      kErMiT 12 days ago

      lmfao no. The CGI sucked and she's so arrogant and awful, they could've made her character better.

  • Infinite Warlock
    Infinite Warlock 15 days ago

    How any of y’all seen a guy(a small youruber) who came here to say that captain marvel is great and aquaman sucks. He made videos about it.

  • ChivalrousFinch
    ChivalrousFinch 15 days ago

    The idea is cool, but the feminist side isn't.

  • Bond Cama
    Bond Cama 15 days ago

    What a boring, dumbed down movie.

  • Paul_20 G
    Paul_20 G 16 days ago +8

    she's badass! i think i have a crush on her😅 is it just me or theres anyone else who feels the same😅

    • Paul_20 G
      Paul_20 G 7 days ago

      wtf! she cold 😂😂

    • Zero_Meercat
      Zero_Meercat 15 days ago +1

      Watch an interview on her and you’ll think otherwise

  • Nowelia Blake
    Nowelia Blake 16 days ago +4


    • Clara Goeretthie
      Clara Goeretthie 10 days ago

      yess!! Jesus loves you. ❤

    • Daniel Joffrin
      Daniel Joffrin 15 days ago +2

      Jesus is the only way the truth and the life💓💓💓💓💓

  • Andrew Alekseev
    Andrew Alekseev 16 days ago


  • famous incredible
    famous incredible 16 days ago +1


  • David Nolan
    David Nolan 16 days ago +1

    She seems very bland and unlikeable

  • Jacob Green
    Jacob Green 17 days ago +2

    Brie Larson...looks like the fourth Hanson brother. Definitely doesn’t look like a beautiful, physically attractive real woman.

  • Sean Quezada
    Sean Quezada 17 days ago +1

    One question: which movie should I watch first? Captain Marvel or Endgame?

    • Sean Quezada
      Sean Quezada 16 days ago

      Adam GSWM ooooh, too late. I already planned on watching Endgame this weekend 😅

    • Adam GSWM
      Adam GSWM 16 days ago

      Sean Quezada watch everything before endgame pal

  • Matt Chapman
    Matt Chapman 17 days ago

    not that great but still better than avengers crap of ultron and tony stark & his third movie

  • viralshield
    viralshield 17 days ago

    We should start supporting other companies, non-hollywood and non-US . I avoid hollywood for many reasons, two of them are: 1) it teaches my children that is is cool to be a homosexual (the faking startrek teaches that thease days! How the fak should I let my children watch the New Star trek? Offcorss, I will always put them to watch the "Picard" series, that is SF, not FICTION), 2) it teaches my children that they should mate with other races like is an obligation in their perverted and evil minds. Why is that ? I like my nation, I like people more like me. Why hollywood tries to destroy my family and my family values ? It makes me (and many many others) so sick, that I started to watch any non-US movies (but still in english), and, I reached the conclusion that us-movies are not that hot, not that important.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 17 days ago

    This is the feminist that caused _________________ death in Endgame. Say no to feminist propaganda promoting women's supremacy and misandry.

    • David Smith
      David Smith 17 days ago

      +Matt Chapman By Disney deciding it was time to replace Tony with a feminist as the face of the MCU.

    • Matt Chapman
      Matt Chapman 17 days ago

      ok but how did she cause tony's death in endgame?

    • David Smith
      David Smith 17 days ago

      +Matt Chapman Didn't want to spoil it for anyone.

    • Matt Chapman
      Matt Chapman 17 days ago +1

      u talking about stark?

  • Shlok Kumar
    Shlok Kumar 17 days ago +1

    She's unavailable...

  • Rose Reyes
    Rose Reyes 18 days ago +1

    Captain marvel was not from here she came from the 'Room' 😁

  • chimchimochi_1
    chimchimochi_1 18 days ago +1

    This was posted on my bday. Am i a parr of the avengers? 😂🤔😱😱

  • Shruti Satish
    Shruti Satish 18 days ago

    The movie was so lame

  • Ziad Lehra
    Ziad Lehra 18 days ago +1

    This movie sucks.

  • Rizky Fakhri
    Rizky Fakhri 18 days ago

    who's here who thinks the captain marvel killed Thanos after endgame

  • Mark smart220
    Mark smart220 19 days ago +1

    I like this one

  • Spontaneous Alice
    Spontaneous Alice 19 days ago

    Me who haven’t watched this movie: *oh my GOSH she punched an elder lady*

  • BlissLikeThis
    BlissLikeThis 19 days ago +2

    Too much.. 'yaaay girl power' for me and I'm female. Most people actually think woman are great and don't need it forced down our throats. It's actually patronising. Wonder woman did it best.

  • Cobra Action1
    Cobra Action1 19 days ago +2

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Its too much to take the number of over the top positive reviews on RUclip. Seems like a lot of people are either being paid or feminists supporting anything with a woman in it. Off line its a different story as the opinions range from poor to abysmal. There will be major changes to the character if its not dropped altogether trust me

  • David Smith
    David Smith 19 days ago +1


  • David Smith
    David Smith 19 days ago +1

    Feminist propaganda promoting intersectional feminism and U.S. Air Force recruitment propaganda targeting women so they can be raped next.

  • Sam Samson
    Sam Samson 19 days ago

    *Brie, please react to the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon. Season 2 is out!*

  • maya •
    maya • 20 days ago

    forgot to watch this one before endgame :/ should i still watch it?

    • Squigeon
      Squigeon 18 days ago +1

      No, waste of time and money. She's barely in it.

  • kemi Koku
    kemi Koku 20 days ago +2

    Trailer: 6/10
    Movie: 4/10
    *my opinion*

  • Kashyap Katariya
    Kashyap Katariya 20 days ago +4

    Trailer sucks..but movie is way better...brie larson is perfect as captain marvel..

  • Hariom Kumar Sharma
    Hariom Kumar Sharma 20 days ago +2

    I enjoyed

  • Love CharlesRosanes
    Love CharlesRosanes 21 day ago +4

    I've actually loved Brie Larson after watching this movie!!! SO AMAZING!!!

  • Landroverdude101
    Landroverdude101 21 day ago +2

    Save your money. Go to a second hand store and find a Nine inch Nails shirt. Bring it home and stare at it for 45 mins. That's pretty much what I did in the movie....

  • Prosteks
    Prosteks 21 day ago +3

    İleride Captain DC diye bir karakter çıkıp Captain MARVEl in baş düşmanı olmassa iyi

  • Jarrydh Iona
    Jarrydh Iona 21 day ago +2

    Wow she punched grandma

  • Ms Jazmin
    Ms Jazmin 21 day ago

    como descargo el audio ? JEJejej

  • viralshield
    viralshield 21 day ago +2

    I have a question: The white blonde males are out of stock in hollywood ? I observed, like many others, that you put forward in any movie: a blonde women, a black guy and two homosexuals. Why is that ?

  • 3232myke
    3232myke 21 day ago +1

    I dont understand, wasnt captain marvel a man? The original captain marvel was a man but now its a girl? Well its right for the times I guess since ppl are changing genders nowadays

      IZ*ONE MINJOO 21 day ago

      3232myke well dc is the original maker of captain marvel (shazam) but when DC stop to make another comic for it, Stan lee create a girl (Captain Marvel) character that originally a black girl. the rest idk

    NATURAL GAMING 21 day ago

    She played softball!!

  • Toby Lythgoe
    Toby Lythgoe 21 day ago +5

    Before I watched the movie I thought that the trailers were bad and then I watched the movie and it became my favourite marvel movie ever and then I rewatched the trailers and I’m just reminded of being blown away by the movie!!!

    • Squigeon
      Squigeon 18 days ago

      Guys look I found a bot.

  • Vick Bal96
    Vick Bal96 22 days ago +6

    I loved the movie. I was dissappointed that her role was super short in endgame.

    • Vick Bal96
      Vick Bal96 19 days ago

      +Kartik Punna well i dont care about that nobody even if it everybody. I would have liked few more minutes.

    • Kartik Punna
      Kartik Punna 21 day ago +1

      Vick Bal96 Nah, she doesn’t need any more screen time. Nobody likes her on screen anyway.

  • Afnan Saif
    Afnan Saif 22 days ago

    I thought Captain Marvel was going to kill Thanos.

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 22 days ago +2

    I'm here after endgame cause she didn't have much participation. Kinda disappointed cause she's one of my favorites characters but, anyway Endgame was really good movie

  • Tye Rex
    Tye Rex 22 days ago +6

    Seen the movie, it was okay. It's a girl power movie, I have no problem with that it's just when the "All Men Will Disappoint You" montage played for the 3rd time even my girlfriend was like okay we get it. Also we really liked Wonder Woman, probably the best DC movie imo. And they did it without the in your face girl power.

    • Kaidoh
      Kaidoh 18 days ago

      "All men will disappoint you"? Which scenes? Not saying you're wrong, but I didn't reflect over it. Personally I'm tired of adults arguing over feminism/girl power etc. It's troublesome to hear about. But I'm glad if a superhero exist that a young girl can relate to! Like I did with spider-man as a kid :P
      !!!!!SPOILER!!!!! I didn't feel like anything was forced with captain marvel. However... endgame is another story. During one part of the movie I lost focus of the actual story and thought "ok, this part is only to make a point". !!!!!SPOILER!!!!!

  • Nemesis Dylan
    Nemesis Dylan 22 days ago

    Fury: Last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye
    Cap: Oh yeah...hehe...I heard about the cat...
    Fury: Shut the hell up

  • Wolf pack Queen
    Wolf pack Queen 22 days ago +3

    I’m sure she not the right person to play this role the movie will flop lol 😂 sorry 😐

    • Phantom
      Phantom 21 day ago +1

      True, she's terrible at her job. Sidekicks act better than her

  • David Smith
    David Smith 22 days ago +1

    Feminist Brie Larson worked for Harvey Weinstein, yet Brie Larson says she stands for women.
    Brie Larson promotes U.S. Air Force recruitment propaganda targeting women even though women are increasingly being raped in the U.S. military.

  • Kit Rocks
    Kit Rocks 22 days ago +1

    My favorite part of this movie was not going to see this dumpster fire

  • POL
    POL 22 days ago +13

    The trailer did not give justice to the whole movie itself. Captain Marvel movie is so awesome!!!