• Hey friends, today I've got a first impression video for 3 fragrances - Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Aviator, L'Homme Rochas and Boss Bottled Absolute. I'll try to get a review out on these in the near future but for now this will give you a little bit of an idea for how good they are. As always, thanks for watching!
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Comments • 68

  • Shaikh Avesh
    Shaikh Avesh Month ago

    Rochas one is exact like barber shop fragrance

  • Junmo Reijonen
    Junmo Reijonen Month ago

    Loved when he said "this is for the one of you" now I know how to open a can 😂

  • Ab C. Def
    Ab C. Def Month ago

    I would have been the one guy.

  • Connor Richardson
    Connor Richardson Month ago


  • Jeremy Higgins
    Jeremy Higgins Month ago

    Thank you sir!!!

  • ATL Triumph AMV
    ATL Triumph AMV Month ago

    Where do you find Aviator?

  • Jean Valjean
    Jean Valjean Month ago

    JPG Aviator on my list! ✈🪂

  • silver_ fox40
    silver_ fox40 Month ago

    I like the Rochas bottle

  • Bear Claws
    Bear Claws Month ago

    How are they able to ship this from Europe, most places I have checked dont ship to US

  • Everest thirteenth
    Everest thirteenth Month ago +1

    What discounters are "safe" to buy from in Europe?
    More countries the better :)

    • Sadjad Alikhani
      Sadjad Alikhani Month ago

      Everest thirteenth i have only ordered from retailers till now except for once from notino and i was content with the package i received

  • Follow the howl
    Follow the howl Month ago +1


  • Lucky
    Lucky Month ago

    2:56 H M M M

    GOD FIRST Month ago

    2:55 he had me Laughing lol

  • Tanner M
    Tanner M Month ago +5

    I’m so worn out on blue fragrances that I sold my truck because it’s blue as well.

  • Boofa _93
    Boofa _93 Month ago +1

    Ash the main man! 👌👌🤘

  • The Fragrance Decant Boutique

    Awesome Review!

  • Jon Ritchey
    Jon Ritchey Month ago +1

    i didnt know someone could do a bad owen wilson impression... wow... im impressed

  • Fabrício Antônio Molon

    I’m waiting your review of Acqua di Gio Profondo.

  • Mathew Hastings
    Mathew Hastings Month ago +1

    What website did you go to to get these fragrances?

  • Mr. Beacher
    Mr. Beacher Month ago

    I spy Proxima Centauri!!!

  • Mark Poma
    Mark Poma Month ago +1

    I've tested most of the crowd-pleasing blue fragrances, but the only one that has earned a permanent spot on my shelf is the classic Versace Pour Homme. How does L'Homme Rochas compare to that one?

  • Eric Nelson
    Eric Nelson Month ago +2

    For an awseome cheapie fall/spring fragrance with plum check out Pre de Provence - no. 63.. its a plum, cedar, tobacco, fragrance really nice smelling and masculine, only about $30 on Amazon, and about 5-6 longevity.. it smells like plum "juicy" woods, with a hint of tobacco

  • E-Z
    E-Z Month ago +3

    I bought Boss Bottled Absolute based on George's review, turned out to be a pretty bad choice for me. It doesn't project off my skin much at all and up close it smells quite weird, instead of it being apple pie, it's more like a wood pie or a strange synthetic cinnamon. From a distance (if I can manage to get a whiff of it), I can smell the Bottled DNA but it's very hard to achieve that unless I drench myself in it.

    • R.A. Angelichio
      R.A. Angelichio Month ago

      Same here, George was overly carried away with it, can't figure why.

  • Roderick Moppins
    Roderick Moppins Month ago

    Just for one review can you do the retro intro

  • Digital-Scratch
    Digital-Scratch Month ago +1

    Leedle leedle leedle

  • dtroit_playa313
    dtroit_playa313 Month ago +1

    I love unboxing videos

  • Bruno Panizo
    Bruno Panizo Month ago +2

    @gentscents where would you rate Aviator compared to Le Male, ultra male and in the Navy?

  • Joseph Corral
    Joseph Corral Month ago +1

    That new Le Male is going to slap watch.

  • Mirel
    Mirel Month ago +4

    JPG has just one edp... they should create more edp fragrances or flankers...

    • Just a User
      Just a User Month ago +2

      For what JPG Ultramale is veeery long lansting and projecting as EDT so no need to make things stronger

  • Antonio Flores
    Antonio Flores Month ago +1

    Thanks man 👍👍

    RONIN TV Month ago

    What shop did you get the JPG from

  • Francisco Lopez
    Francisco Lopez Month ago +1

    Your on fire with all the new frangrances 👊👊👊👊🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Ernest Gallo
    Ernest Gallo Month ago +3

    As always, excellent review of all three. 👏🏻👏🏻🌟

  • df2dot
    df2dot Month ago +3

    i'm that one guy ! thanks Ash !!

  • valuta42
    valuta42 Month ago +1

    Because is a French perfume,go to Google translator choose the French and English and use the voice to find out first how to pronounce Rochas.🙂

  • Radek Londin
    Radek Londin Month ago

    How to pronounce Rochas? How about just listening to the end of ad for that new fragrance? ;)

  • J W
    J W Month ago

    Thanks for another awesome first impressions video Ash! That new Rochas sounds intriguing with the given notes. Sort of saddened by your first take on it. Thanks Ash!

  • Ralph Sanchez
    Ralph Sanchez Month ago +1

    Bought D&G the one grey , Very impressed on all aspects.. Thanks Ash..

  • Peter
    Peter Month ago +1

    Congratulations you weren't tempted to open these 😂

  • CaLi Reviews
    CaLi Reviews Month ago +3

    Never tried that Rocha's line but probably the more interesting out of the 3 for me

  • Privé J
    Privé J Month ago

    Why do you say mall instead of male

  • Just Add Light
    Just Add Light Month ago

    George will be crushed 😭 🤣 And do mine eyes spot Proxima on the shelf?

  • Jake Luis
    Jake Luis Month ago +10

    What website did you use to order from Le France?

    • Just a User
      Just a User Month ago


    • Hassan F
      Hassan F Month ago +1

      Jake Luis
      I was about to ask the same Lol

  • Shinobi905
    Shinobi905 Month ago

    Let it be known - Ash is partial to old man/mature/business office smells - so the way he describes Aviator is EXACTLY what you should look for in a cologne when trying to appeal to females and get to the endgame level in the sack and level up. While i wouldn't call it a seduction cologne, its exactly what you would want if you're looking to flirt and run your game planting the seed and keep a girl smiling. Although scents like this ARE to be wary of because they usually play out VERY quickly when people catch onto them just like the original Le Male and 1 Million where EVERYONE had it.

  • hunter Green
    hunter Green Month ago +2

    Which JPG fragrance do you fine people recommend for a first time JPG buyer? Going to get one today.

    • Cataleya Pyro
      Cataleya Pyro Month ago

      Ultra Male

    • Shinobi905
      Shinobi905 Month ago +3

      Tell me what you want to accomplish with the fragrance. I am a huge JPG fan and own several - although each of them have its purpose in my arsenal.

    • Achuma Soviti
      Achuma Soviti Month ago

      @Jeff Ensley definitely

    • hunter Green
      hunter Green Month ago

      Jeff Ensley 👌🏻

    • Jeff Ensley
      Jeff Ensley Month ago +1

      Ultra Male or the Original. Maybe both. Both are essential winners.

  • Oleg Petrov
    Oleg Petrov Month ago

    It's pronounced ROSHA!!!

    • DarlingNikki2
      DarlingNikki2 Month ago +1

      I followed your link and I love that little rolling R sound LOL

    • Luiz Figo
      Luiz Figo Month ago +2

      Its pronounced Russia 🙃

    • Talgat
      Talgat Month ago

      Wrong. In French it's pronounced roh-shass. Je ne suis pas français, mais je sais prononcer.

  • Green Monkeyz
    Green Monkeyz Month ago +1

    Hi Ash, when are u gonna announce the Max Aroma giveaway winner? Cheers

  • Heinz Entertainments
    Heinz Entertainments Month ago +2

    What do you think about Nikos Sculpture

  • Robert G McNulty
    Robert G McNulty Month ago +6

    Ha I am that one guy 😂😂

  • agosto15
    agosto15 Month ago +4

    My never ending quest for the Boss the scent parfume review is almost halfway through, hopefully some day will happen along with the huge boss wife rating, hope is the only fuel I have.

    • Pie Lucas
      Pie Lucas Month ago +1

      Keep it up, almost there!!!👍

  • Michael Bullock
    Michael Bullock Month ago +1

    Great first impressions and can't wait to see full reviews on these fragrances and have a blessed day

  • Delucavr
    Delucavr Month ago +17

    Definitely want to check this le male flanker out

    • 06rockdj
      06rockdj Month ago

      Delucavr me too, really interested Le Male Aviator.

  • Paolo Reysoma
    Paolo Reysoma Month ago +12


  • les moore
    les moore Month ago +1

    hahahaha....Boss Bottled Absolute....could it grow on me??? Absolutely.....funny...

  • Ryan Ramirez
    Ryan Ramirez Month ago +11

    Ash, do a first impressions on Hugo Now and Azzaro chrome extreme. I know, more blue fragrances, right? Lol

    • Ryan Ramirez
      Ryan Ramirez Month ago

      @Kenneth Daniel I have it and to me it smells more like Bvlgari Acqua Marine.

    • Kenneth Daniel
      Kenneth Daniel Month ago

      Hugo now is a copy of dolce and gabbanna light blue edp and chrome extreme is decent.

  • mounir bl
    mounir bl Month ago +5


    • Paolo Reysoma
      Paolo Reysoma Month ago +1

      I recommend watching GENT SCENTS instead of Jeremy if you guys want full unbiased review of a fragrance

    • Paolo Reysoma
      Paolo Reysoma Month ago

      @mounir bl that's why i u subscribed to his channel. He's overated. Giving people some hope that its like invictus aqua 2016.

    • Follow the howl
      Follow the howl Month ago +8

      @mounir bl Jeremy also did about 10 lines of powder before that video, sooooo....

    • mounir bl
      mounir bl Month ago +3

      @Paolo Reysoma jeremy said it's fresher and z bit similar to aqua 2016

    • Paolo Reysoma
      Paolo Reysoma Month ago +6

      its just a limited bottle edition of the original INVICTUS. same fragrance.

  • Jason Vegan
    Jason Vegan Month ago +5

    Ash wearing the proper uniform for a frag channel: Ralph Lauren Polo shirt

  • The Only Fun In Town
    The Only Fun In Town Month ago +2

    Rochas is pronounced Row (as in rowing a boat) and shah rowshah.

    • Talgat
      Talgat Month ago +1

      @The Only Fun In Town Si tu parlais français, tu saurais le prononcer. Il se prononce roh-shass. Clique sur le lien que je te donne ci-dessus pour en savoir plus.

    • Talgat
      Talgat Month ago +2

      @The Only Fun In Town

    • The Only Fun In Town
      The Only Fun In Town Month ago

      Talgat I’ve just done a search online, and found that the people with a French accent (those who pronounce the r in the back of the throat) say it pretty much how I’ve approximated it here, with the silent s.

    • Talgat
      Talgat Month ago +2

      Wrong. It's pronounced roh-shass. The last s tends to be pronounced in modern French. Just like it's pronounced in lutens. Lew-tass

  • Serapio Silva
    Serapio Silva Month ago +2

    Le Male Aviator = BORING!!!!
    Did I do OK, Master Ash?

    • Serapio Silva
      Serapio Silva Month ago

      Thank you @Jean Valjean. Hey, I couldn't find you in the Gents Scents Facebook group so we can talk about this, frag bro.

    • Jean Valjean
      Jean Valjean Month ago +1

      😡 Get out troll,you didn't even smell it. No haters in this community!

  • Elian Razvan
    Elian Razvan Month ago +1

    Rochas moustache 2018 eau de parfum???

  • Meek Rodriguez
    Meek Rodriguez Month ago +1


  • Meek Rodriguez
    Meek Rodriguez Month ago +1

    Awesome videos

  • mo sahal
    mo sahal Month ago +5

    Oh you've got Peter's proxima I can see that when are you gonna review?

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz Month ago +26

    Hey Ash since festival season is about to start with Miami Ultra next month can we get a top 5/10 fragrances to wear at music festivals/raves? 🙏🏽

    • Sadjad Alikhani
      Sadjad Alikhani Month ago

      Jose Cruz invictus legend is very heavy projecting on my skin.

    • Digital-Scratch
      Digital-Scratch Month ago +1

      Pretty much the club ones, I'd say

    • Jay Rosario
      Jay Rosario Month ago +1

      You want another list of the same fragrances?... Thats a redundant topic.

    • Joshua Aguilar
      Joshua Aguilar Month ago +1

      Would love a video like this! Some of my picks would be Rasasi Hawas, Invictus Aqua 2016, and Date for Men. Just a few that have given me AMAZING reactions every time I've worn them to a festival/rave.

    • Mike Brown's Mother
      Mike Brown's Mother Month ago +13

      Deodorant please

  • never back down
    never back down Month ago +6

    La male Navy is the best smelling one out of ALL the la males

  • Angel Fabián Segura
    Angel Fabián Segura Month ago +1

    Jpg aviator very similar to CH Men

  • Robert Quinlan
    Robert Quinlan Month ago +39

    Le male has more flankers than most houses have releases, insane 😵

    • Ethan Ferguson
      Ethan Ferguson Month ago +1

      Issey miyake XD

    • 06rockdj
      06rockdj Month ago +1

      Robert Quinlan have you seen CH 212 flankers... there are countless 😂

  • Kevin Rice
    Kevin Rice Month ago +5

    I am AD Air Force and I desperately want aviator!

    • Tibi _Forta
      Tibi _Forta Month ago

      I work in a warehouse

    • Kevin Rice
      Kevin Rice Month ago +3

      @Clay Chandler 1N8

    • Clay Chandler
      Clay Chandler Month ago +2

      What afsc? I'm 1c151 (air traffic control) active duty. I want this jpg frag too.