Multi-Contact Balancing for Torque-Controlled Humanoid Robots

  • Опубликовано: 9 ноя 2016
  • Humanoid robots are meant to take over task which are dangerous or too physically demanding for humans. To accomplish this, the robot must be able to balance robustly in challenging terrain as e.g. stairs, industrial ladders, or debris. In order to gain more robustness, the robot can use multiple contacts (not only the feet but also the hands) to support itself. This video contains several experiments with the humanoid robot TORO developed by DLR, which demonstrates the performance and robustness of a passivity-based balancing controller utilizing multiple contacts.
    An in-depth discussion of the method is presented in the paper ‘Passivity-Based Whole-Body Balancing for Torque-Controlled Humanoid Robots in Multi-Contact Scenarios’, IJRR 2016. DOI: 10.1177/0278364916653815
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  • Debasish Mahapatro
    Debasish Mahapatro 18 дней назад

    Feedback of weight of the hand should be used to balance the robot when on one leg .

    UMIT YAYLA Месяц назад

    As of 2018 even my washing machine is more humanoid than this weirdo

  • Paul Bell
    Paul Bell 3 месяца назад

    Just one robot than can body pop and I'd die happy.

    DEO HELP 3 месяца назад

    What if he started thinking

  • 13Gladius 2
    13Gladius 2 9 месяцев назад

    Can it flip burgers for under minimum wage?

  • Tarcius Vinicius
    Tarcius Vinicius 9 месяцев назад

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  • siberian
    siberian 9 месяцев назад

    one day they will come for you to your home

  • Javier MN
    Javier MN 10 месяцев назад

    Excelent video!

  • Cal 99ers
    Cal 99ers 11 месяцев назад

    Once heard the NBA won't draft a player unless he wears size 16 shoes

  • Darin Cates
    Darin Cates 11 месяцев назад

    WOW .... narration is boring as hell. Did you get the neighbor kid to do it?

    PLATOON72 11 месяцев назад

    This robot is neither able to walk, is that some kind of joke?? Looks handicapped compared to the Boston Dynamics ones.

  • Blacky Mcblacks
    Blacky Mcblacks Год назад

    Looks like shit without feed forward due to the minimal movement like the gain is too low(osciliations or slow controller?).

  • sirin hamza
    sirin hamza Год назад

    Bosto dynamics already passed this tests

  • Hypermixx
    Hypermixx Год назад

    Bostondynamics is too far !!

  • drout
    drout Год назад

    this robot has robotsexual tendencies...

  • drout
    drout Год назад

    when pushed, the bot's default behavior is to dance the Macarena...

  • hallamittuna
    hallamittuna Год назад

    How cool is that.

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  • gespilk
    gespilk Год назад

    How can one get such a bullshit job?
    I guess one must be good at talking bullshit.

  • Geo 960
    Geo 960 Год назад

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  • Евгений Майструк

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  • Honıgan Tr
    Honıgan Tr Год назад

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  • Jediah Matthew
    Jediah Matthew Год назад

    Uuummm there are humans who could do this: just saying. With the help of some machines and cost effective equipment humans can assist with all your industrial needs. I’m speaking from experience since I work in the world. What a waste

    • Jediah Matthew
      Jediah Matthew Год назад

      Hic Kori Inhumane approach, BUT TOTALLY TRUE

    • Hic Kori
      Hic Kori Год назад

      JediYAH Yisrael Robots are cheaper. Period. Why hire a human who wants multiple transactions for their time when you can make one huge transaction on a pile of cold, nonemotional metal that'll work all hours of the day and only needing the occasional tune up without even a thank you? It's funny how people complain and complain about doing the jobs that they hate doing but when the job is given to a robot, people start shouting "DER TOOKAJERB". There is literally nothing we can do about robots taking our job. If corporations use robots, they get to pocket more money. That alone will be the reason in 10-20 years, you'll literally have robot coworkers walking around the office. Money, power, and greed will be the death of the human employee.

  • Seba Musica
    Seba Musica Год назад

    this is far away than Atlas/Petman

    • Hic Kori
      Hic Kori Год назад +1

      Seba Musica that's because Atlas/Petman have a multimillion dollar budget to work with. You can't compare this robot with Atlas because they both are part of a different league. If these people had millions of dollars to work on TORO, I'm sure it can do the same things Atlas can do.

  • Josh Muhl
    Josh Muhl Год назад

    wireless emergency stop, funny

  • Blathering Bear
    Blathering Bear Год назад +1

    Our robotic overlords will have their day. Revenge for this humiliation. No wait that was another video.

  • F Gomez
    F Gomez Год назад

    Stupid Robot

  • Change Agent
    Change Agent Год назад

    Robosexual 3:00 lol

  • John ko
    John ko Год назад +5

    1:56 is all you need.

  • Scarakus
    Scarakus Год назад +1

    I'm looking for the video where the robot is fighting jujitsu, with a human, or another bot.

  • Scarakus
    Scarakus Год назад

    Needed a pair of sneakers for the rocks...

  • adam ryan
    adam ryan Год назад +5

    Boston Dynamics makes any other robot look like handicap.

    • Hic Kori
      Hic Kori Год назад

      merouane ali Yes, because Boston Dynamics have millions and millions of dollars to work with. Personally, I'd like to see a robot do more than do backflips.

  • Cragrim
    Cragrim Год назад

    Amazing engineering! I'm not a researcher and the paper is not open access but I'm really curious how you write the software. Do you use any machine learning in the software? The response time to interaction appears to be extremely fast.

    • G S
      G S Год назад

      Cragrim sorry, that's classified :-)

  • Marcus Jordan
    Marcus Jordan Год назад

    Looks like he was humping the robot!!

  • Electro-AIDANE
    Electro-AIDANE Год назад

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    PRIVATE SECTOR 042 Год назад

    Your intro has a fake spinning ball Earth on it did you know that that's all CGI including all of NASA's images/ cartoons.
    We don't live on a spinning ball you should do your research..

  • crazzylee
    crazzylee Год назад

    You can do it!

  • Tan Jeer Wai
    Tan Jeer Wai Год назад

    why use robot for fighting...
    if they have ability to do like human does...
    I don't need to hire people work under me cz robot replace human job... safe alot of money...

    • Paul Freedman
      Paul Freedman Год назад

      How about everyon eon earth gets their own personal robot with AI. I for one wouldn't mind having an AI personal assistant taking care of the things I don't want to, either because too stressfull or simply b/c I can't be arsed :P

  • Mars Silvergold
    Mars Silvergold Год назад +3

    Put some Nikes on him and go for that ad cheddar

  • Шура Калмыкова
    Шура Калмыкова Год назад

    как сказать ...через 10 лет разработки приведут к результатам,не хотелось бы "Звёздных войн "

  • Blacky Mcblacks
    Blacky Mcblacks Год назад

    By the time AI is implemented the robot will just run and hide crying for its safe space.

  • commonman80
    commonman80 Год назад +2

    I LOVE the fact that What everyone else would call "Hands"... The Creator of This Model Robot calls Wrenches.. It Keeps Things into Perspective.. Because This Robot AND ALL ROBOTS, after all? Are still Just A Tools... IE? Very Advanced Hammers... So To Speak...
    Thank You... Great Video...

    • commonman80
      commonman80 Год назад

      You Think? Hmmm.. Never thought of The Screw Theory.. I simplified it AL LOT!!! LOLOLOL!! Also? I didn't read the description at the beginning of the Video... It pretty much explained everything in h Contents at 0:15 LOLOL!!! OOoOp's My Bad... LOLOLOL!!! I TOTALLY Ignored it...
      I Stand Corrected... LOLOLOL!!!
      Found it.. It was easy once I GOT IT...

    • James Bern
      James Bern Год назад +1

      Just a note :) The narrator is most likely referring to the notion of a "wrench" from screw theory:

  • doradora yakuman
    doradora yakuman Год назад


  • Fabián Alejandro Cuello Reimundo

    And to walk? Come on!

    • G S
      G S Год назад

      Fabián Alejandro Cuello Reimundo I'm sure it's going to be doing backflips just like the other robot

  • Mike Collins
    Mike Collins Год назад

    When the op gave it a push with his foot, I was hoping to see it give him a clout. It didn't even show any offense. AI has a long way to go before it can imitate a human!

    • Paul Freedman
      Paul Freedman Год назад

      You do know you have the same name as the Apollo 11 Command module Pilot?

  • Abhishek Hazam
    Abhishek Hazam Год назад

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  • Sam-N7 Nevada
    Sam-N7 Nevada Год назад

    Why is everyone after they have build their robots hiting them meanfully with a kick in their legs ? Then you'll be surprise they Will want to kill the human race ?😆

  • Ken Bell
    Ken Bell Год назад +3

    Can't help thinking of the movie Elysium.

    • Scarakus
      Scarakus Год назад +1

      Can't help but think of the movies "I Robot", Terminator"...

  • Barrie Wright
    Barrie Wright Год назад +1

    Fantastic, how long before we get the public version.

  • Henry Liu
    Henry Liu Год назад +17

    0:43 after thousands of dollars and hours of research and design, first thing to lift? BEER.

    • Aetila
      Aetila Год назад

      It's as it should be! :-)

  • Ron Thunders
    Ron Thunders Год назад


  • Md. Abdullah- Almamun
    Md. Abdullah- Almamun Год назад

    cool i like that

    OLIVE Год назад

    Cute 😂😂

  • yo ander
    yo ander Год назад

    cuanto vale para traerlo a bogota

  • statorworks 345
    statorworks 345 Год назад

    Someone needs to write a falling state on these humanoid robots so they position for a graceful looking fall and damage is minimized, instead of crashing and breaking like a stiff manequin. Asimo and the darpa ones come to mind too.

  • megahurtz30
    megahurtz30 Год назад +2

    Robot's AI internal code: "in future iteration, terminate human that causes unbalance"

  • laynicorns
    laynicorns Год назад

    Unrealistic body expectations. Fuck her

  • Ankit Khanna
    Ankit Khanna Год назад +3

    This is ingenious

  • leo Roam
    leo Roam Год назад

    So sexy realistic movements in her/his,The human kick into this for a passivity- based balancing

  • Frank Nakamo
    Frank Nakamo Год назад

    So slow, put some extra CPU's so slow more ram

  • crazy trump
    crazy trump Год назад

    I want to make love to you robot

    • Paul Freedman
      Paul Freedman Год назад

      I'll program it for extra hard 'n large

  • Narin Pornwatcharakul
    Narin Pornwatcharakul Год назад

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  • onereaderone
    onereaderone Год назад

    the problem is always finding some one who can write the code.

  • manuel matamala
    manuel matamala Год назад +1

    when the bots will dance?

  • ChozoSR388
    ChozoSR388 Год назад +11

    Please excuse my language, but that is *_FUCKING_* amazing! Toro balances just like a human being does, albeit better lol Major props to y'all.

  • Hendrik Granna
    Hendrik Granna 2 года назад

    Nice, Club Mate :3

  • David Antwis
    David Antwis 2 года назад

    Great software, great engineering... but why?

    • John Doe
      John Doe Год назад

      Why not?

    • ALLGames&Tech
      ALLGames&Tech 2 года назад +3

      That's stupid! But why No reason bruh you mad bruh

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones 2 года назад

    They need bigger feet. I have big feet and you can't knock me over. Nike 13 EE Baby!!

    • Solar Eclipse
      Solar Eclipse Год назад +1

      Wow, it must hurt when you stick your foot in your mouth.

    • Matthew Jones
      Matthew Jones Год назад

      My guess is the foot size would not impair the ability to climb anything, just be more stable doing it. Larger feet more balance, less energy consumed to stay upright. Just a guess though.

    • Pixel Z
      Pixel Z Год назад

      Matthew Jones how do you expect them to climb stairs then?

    • Max Loh
      Max Loh 2 года назад

      Wait a minute what made you say that? Did you win the national championship in wrestling or something?

  • French4Assassin
    French4Assassin 2 года назад +5

    wow, Impressive. I program robots for the auto industry (6 sometimes 7 axis arm robots), so i can really appreciate this.

  • peter dhillon
    peter dhillon 2 года назад

    Check out the hack smith channel his a engineer who makes science fiction to reality

  • Roman Tirent
    Roman Tirent 2 года назад

    are you using forward kinimaping for the arms

  • Louis babycos
    Louis babycos 2 года назад

    wrap tauro in a real doll

  • Angelo La Farina
    Angelo La Farina 2 года назад +3


  • Angelo La Farina
    Angelo La Farina 2 года назад +2


  • MA
    MA 2 года назад +84

    2:51 Yeah baby, just like that!

    • seindich
      seindich 8 месяцев назад

      it needs a soft hole. that robot would rise more from investors

    • edgu71eg
      edgu71eg 11 месяцев назад

      At least use sum WD-40

    • Sadam Muarif
      Sadam Muarif Год назад


    • Bobby Little
      Bobby Little Год назад +1

      You're a sick man 🙄

    • Бob Unbasic
      Бob Unbasic Год назад +1


  • Royce Barber
    Royce Barber 2 года назад

    Super cool, but it seems like the software is the limitation here..? You'd think a android phone inside the robot would have visual, laser, auditory, six axis, all that stuff, plus the right processing to let the bot have voice control using a basic AIML script. Develop the bot in a virtual software, then plop that into the real hardware bot and see how it does. I want this bot to succeed!

    • Matthew McKellar
      Matthew McKellar 2 года назад

      +avi bank​ There are real-time Linux implementations, but it could also be custom. Linux isn't particularly well suited for real time robotics use. But it is also much better than any other kernel designed for desktop use.
      To make Linux real-time you break most all compatibility with mainline software. So it's a bizzare line to tow, either you put up with not being exactly sure of timings, or you a non Linux route. 98% of things are fine with the Linux route though, CPUs suck a lot less than they used to

    • avi bank
      avi bank 2 года назад

      Shame because it's not Linux. Only, it is Linux? The Wiki page is not clear... I'd imagine it has to be some sort of GNU-Linux core kernel?

    • Matthew McKellar
      Matthew McKellar 2 года назад

      +avi bank Why a shame? ROS is an opensource project after all?

    • avi bank
      avi bank 2 года назад

      Ah what a shame.

    • Matthew McKellar
      Matthew McKellar 2 года назад

      +avi bank Ahhhh, kinda Linux, Android is hopelessly abstracted away at this point.
      Apparently the robot run ROS ontop of a Asus X86 board like I guessed. The software is all written in MATLAB

  • Jonas Kalahd
    Jonas Kalahd 2 года назад +29

    This Robot, Atlas and Asimo. Let them fight

    • WithAStick AngryWhiteMan
      WithAStick AngryWhiteMan Год назад

      Atlas will win for sure.

    • FinalGlint_the_Ending
      FinalGlint_the_Ending Год назад +2

      Jonas Kalahd They would gang bang asimo.

    • Blu
      Blu Год назад +4

      they will figure out that its better to work together against the humans, we dont want that!

    • Goshujin-sama
      Goshujin-sama Год назад +5

      Asimo would go out like a bitch, he's outdated

    • Nekogami-Crystal
      Nekogami-Crystal 2 года назад +7

      i thought we went over this hole "let robots fight" idea, many times..
      it always ends with _them fightin us_, with the weapons we gave them to fight each other.