Experiment Shredding Giant Octopus And Toys

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Today we put to our shredding machine a giant octopus and some very interesting toys. Enjoy our new satisfying shredding video.
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Comments • 8 313

  • The Crusher
    The Crusher  4 months ago +1856

    *what we should shred next* ??

  • Hiphop09 xx
    Hiphop09 xx 2 minutes ago

    Is that real octopus

    SHENG-HUNG HSIAO 21 minute ago

    McDonald's Bubble beef hamburger
    #麥當勞 珍珠漢堡

  • QLS FunnyGame
    QLS FunnyGame 42 minutes ago

    Thanks me later

  • Josivan Santos
    Josivan Santos 3 hours ago

    Povo de borracha affs

  • Zuhaida Sulaiman
    Zuhaida Sulaiman 5 hours ago

    The octopus still alive or already death?

  • Soapmaster6
    Soapmaster6 6 hours ago

    Don’t tell peta

  • Kiki derry
    Kiki derry 6 hours ago

    that first item that got shreded i said make it RAIN!!!

  • X7LO I Channel
    X7LO I Channel 10 hours ago


  • Haungaih Dim
    Haungaih Dim 10 hours ago

    Why you do octopus

  • keintz hung
    keintz hung 15 hours ago

    Why outopus

  • Oumou Sogodogo
    Oumou Sogodogo 16 hours ago

    Rip Squidward

  • Mobile Legends
    Mobile Legends 17 hours ago

    Shred your hand next

  • Dawaye Jawson
    Dawaye Jawson 18 hours ago

    Why are you disrespecting the octopuses body

  • Sarah Aparecida
    Sarah Aparecida 20 hours ago

    Coitada da Lula vc foi muito mal

  • {• Markus UwU •}
    {• Markus UwU •} 20 hours ago


  • Khoi Nguyen
    Khoi Nguyen 21 hour ago

    Stop killing a animals damn

  • Альбина Скиба

    Ты круче всех я незнаю как опесать

  • Mauro Pug
    Mauro Pug Day ago

    Wtf is wrong with you PSYCHOPATH

    jk but damn son

  • Ксюха Гузун

    Зачем издеваться на животном

  • Alex Vause rocks

    you're a piece of shit for this, wtf is wrong with you? wish it was you being shredded

  • Amanda Hatfield
    Amanda Hatfield Day ago +1

    Belle Delphine would not approve of this with her best friend squid

  • Eilish O'Connell


  • mader chray.
    mader chray. Day ago

    21thousand octopus dislike this video....

  • GWL Gaming
    GWL Gaming Day ago

    Pod a p******a

  • 지젤LifeWithGiselle

    these fricking idiots lmao

  • WereWolf• GAMIπG

    Btw the octupos is 7:41 for the people who wants to see

  • WereWolf• GAMIπG

    Poor octupos
    1 like=1 way to save octupos

  • 박현재
    박현재 Day ago

    Kalo tangan yg di masukin ke situ kyanya enak:v

  • Tactical Ace
    Tactical Ace Day ago

    Hell yea, sushi.

  • I am kamila Kamila

    What of you were that octopus 🐙

  • Toga Himko
    Toga Himko Day ago

    Poor octoling I'ma Splatoon fan

  • Johanna Lawrence

    R. I. P octopus. You whould have been delicious for food

  • Diesel Novas
    Diesel Novas Day ago

    This guy is a monster!

  • GothBoi 05
    GothBoi 05 Day ago

    The octopus was meant to be food, that’s why it was killed, but for it to just go through a shredder is just stupid. I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but I think it’s kinda shitty for an octopus to die for entertainment.

  • Makaela Buchko
    Makaela Buchko Day ago

    That's why you dont eat a real life octopus it will stick to your insides and not come off people are idiots and why a real octopus XD and I know this octopus isn't alive and how is that satisfying that octopus looks like a horror movie lol

  • I'm not telling you.

    How do I report this video

    • J C
      J C Day ago

      @imnottelkingyou I'm not telling you

  • 《《 That one youtuber 》》

    yall really pressed about a dead octopus?

  • periott ziya
    periott ziya 2 days ago +1

    1 like= life for da octopus 🐙😢

  • Due October
    Due October 2 days ago

    Where do they buy the shredders?

  • periott ziya
    periott ziya 2 days ago


    • J C
      J C Day ago

      Calm down it was dead it's for egacation perpouse only u know how smart they are if it was alive it would of got AWAY quicker than a blink of an eye

  • Doaa
    Doaa 2 days ago

    You relise your wasting money right

    • J C
      J C Day ago

      He makes a lot of money doing this

  • David Teodorescu
    David Teodorescu 2 days ago

    Im noob

  • DailyBro LOL
    DailyBro LOL 2 days ago

    I'm look dizzy of that octopus 🤢

  • MAS Ganteng
    MAS Ganteng 2 days ago


  • Explosion fish
    Explosion fish 2 days ago

    *Squid ward left the chat*

  • Shannon Crosby
    Shannon Crosby 2 days ago

    When you see a gaint octpuse oh mabe i sould see what it would do in the seder
    Sorry for my spelling

  • HistoryOfRoblox1 YT
    HistoryOfRoblox1 YT 2 days ago

    Revenge on those eating live octupus Asmr failes

  • Emaili Prayer
    Emaili Prayer 2 days ago

    Shread A Dildo

  • Liza Lindayao
    Liza Lindayao 2 days ago

    You are so crazy what is. Wrong in your mind

    MY HUSTLE 2 days ago

    PETA has left the chat.

  • Chris Sandoval
    Chris Sandoval 2 days ago +1

    Rose's are
    Violets are blue
    The part your looking for is

  • Gacha Sisters
    Gacha Sisters 2 days ago

    *When I hear my alarm clock at 7 AM*

    *Takes clock and throws it in shredder*

    SABINE WILLIAM 2 days ago

    Murderer you dead but you still crashing could I eat it not waste it

  • ᗪAMoήrỮ ➈➆
    ᗪAMoήrỮ ➈➆ 2 days ago

    For all you sensitive fucks
    *The Octopus is already dead*

  • Anthony Marino
    Anthony Marino 2 days ago

    Fai leggermente schifo ma leggermente sai

  • Kia
    Kia 2 days ago

    U getting to exited with this shredding . Next minute u be shredding ur Mom.. Watch out dude ..!!!!

  • Mayatswin Girl
    Mayatswin Girl 3 days ago

    7:42 it's real ? You are serious ?

  • goof pop
    goof pop 3 days ago

    Shred a XBox

  • goof pop
    goof pop 3 days ago

    Yay no more helmats