Daenerys Destroys Euron's Fleet | Drogon vs Euron's Fleet Scene (GOT S8X05) (HD)

  • Published on May 13, 2019
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    Daenerys destroys Euron's Fleet Scene.
    Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5.
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    Fantasy Verse  7 days ago +1

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  • jdsol1938
    jdsol1938 5 days ago +1

    before cannons the command was something like "loose"

  • tommyp
    tommyp 6 days ago

    The stupidest scorpions' operators ever.

  • Joseck Otieno
    Joseck Otieno 7 days ago

    This was epic.... 💯

  • su3zannewilson
    su3zannewilson 7 days ago

    Wow, literally drogon was way faster than his 2 brothers his flames could just burned ships straight away!. Drogon and dany ahould have destroyed ships, qyburn scorpions & The kings landing castle . Thats all she had to do she should have told tyrion "YOU ARE TO GET THOSE PEOPLE OUT OF KINGS LANDING NOW!" Also after she destorys the tower (If she thinks cersei is dead) they can rebuiled kings landing (If shes alive) Sansa can do the execution. And Daenerys will make some changes

  • The Woman
    The Woman 8 days ago

    With all respect to the actor, Euron in the show is a silly ghost of the book one.

  • Bluedayswithian
    Bluedayswithian 8 days ago

    I have one of those Music Boxes, I have Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Can't Help Falling InLove.

  • Mirko Salvo
    Mirko Salvo 10 days ago

    Ovviamente la compagnia dorata che contava 20mila uomini e stata annientata da 4 mura che cadevano mentre quei dothraki saltati fuori dal nulla perche quasi ttt erano morti nell'assedio di winterfell insieme a ttt gli immacolati , sono ttt qua e vincono per giunta la guerra
    Cioe mi fermo qua xk veramente nella 8 S solo il cleganebowl si salva

  • jakeworld
    jakeworld 10 days ago

    @2:20 such major BS. drogon should have ben a pincushion.

    • Robert Baird
      Robert Baird 4 days ago

      You're a dip shit. You clearly know nothing about physics or aerodynamics.

  • Chad Coley
    Chad Coley 11 days ago

    The writers will go down as the most hated writers in History.

    That’s what happens when you ruin the greatest show in History.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    • Agent
      Agent 9 days ago

      It’s not just D&D’s fault. If there’s someone to really blame it’s GRRM himself! If he wasn’t so stubborn & finished the novel then none of these complains would occur. He kept on promising to finish the book in the last 5 years but he never did! And yet, he didn’t want to cooperate with D&D with the story just because he wanted to prolong the royalties that he would earn from the show. And now people are still waiting & anticipating that unfinished book, which only him knows when it will be finished & released.

  • Bj Hardigan
    Bj Hardigan 13 days ago

    DACARY ! Kings Landing...

  • Mikala Hodge
    Mikala Hodge 13 days ago +1

    This was literally the most satisfying scene of all the seasons

    • Kas ESO
      Kas ESO 8 days ago

      Mikala Hodge indeed. Watching eurons entire armada go up in smoke by Drogon left a smile on my face. :D

  • Shitboy Shah
    Shitboy Shah 13 days ago

    Lol most fucked up raped ending in the HISTORY of cinema

  • Harley’s Adventures
    Harley’s Adventures 15 days ago +1

    I have one question.
    If Dany is mad what was Aegon?
    I believe Aegon most likely made Dany look like a pacifist with his three dragons and using all three with a sister on each one. (I believe his sisters rode the other 2)
    What’s the difference of Daenerys re conquering Westeros?

  • Adult Film Star
    Adult Film Star 16 days ago

    my vids are better quality

  • Epic Og Minecraft boii

    Well Euron kind of forgot how to aim and dani certainly didn't

  • AMAB Charat
    AMAB Charat 17 days ago

    Imaginense 3 dragones, Danny era magnifica

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael 17 days ago

    I won

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael 17 days ago

    Jokes on dragons lady

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael 17 days ago

    I'm still alive

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael 17 days ago

    I won

  • IronManXXX
    IronManXXX 17 days ago

    Hell trying to sight one of those contraptions on a moving target...LOL

  • Lambie Lily
    Lambie Lily 17 days ago

    I fucking LOVED this part. Drogon and Danny meant business motherfuckers!!

  • MTCoblivsicas12345
    MTCoblivsicas12345 18 days ago

    Remember it took 3 dragons to burn one ship in slavers bay. Now they just fall apart...

  • mrlopez2681
    mrlopez2681 19 days ago +1

    Dragons music is ripped straight out of Wagner's opera "Die Valkyrie".

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C 19 days ago

    Jamie looking like C-3P0

  • Hiker
    Hiker 19 days ago

    Burn them all Drogon

  • Northzyy
    Northzyy 19 days ago

    The camera work was insane

  • Akul __
    Akul __ 21 day ago

    Just one Scorpion this time? The last time I saw the Iron Fleet fight the dragons they had many Scorpions. Shit writing

  • Tomato
    Tomato 21 day ago +1

    Plot armour is crazy this season

  • Tim Randall
    Tim Randall 22 days ago

    Why the hell does he shout fire? They don't have gunpowder. Just one more gaffe in this train wreck of a final season.

  • Fabrizio Riva
    Fabrizio Riva 23 days ago

    Beautiful scene, horrible season

  • jorge espinha
    jorge espinha 23 days ago +2

    If it was this easy with one dragon why did it failed with two? Great writing !

  • Neds dark
    Neds dark 24 days ago +1

    In the words of comic book guy "worst episode ever"

  • Marcio Anastacio
    Marcio Anastacio 25 days ago +1

    olha q o final nao foi o q achei! deixou muito a desejar, nada a haver c q o c se esperava

  • Belio Trednar
    Belio Trednar 25 days ago

    1 dragon won the war. That's it.

  • Agent
    Agent 25 days ago

    Scorpions: Fire!!!!!!
    Drogon: Sure!!!

  • Jorge Ortega
    Jorge Ortega 28 days ago +1

    Estúpido guión mal hecho.
    Cómo treinta barcos y ni uno alcanzó herirlo.
    Y peor lacompañía dorada.
    Lo dije en español porque estoy encabronado

    • Elizabeth Alonso
      Elizabeth Alonso 27 days ago

      Jorge Ortega saves q dany fue la hizo la jugada !! Lol

  • stormbreaker 125
    stormbreaker 125 29 days ago


  • Danny
    Danny 29 days ago +3

    Drogon be like “THAT’S FOR RHAEGAL, BITCH!”

  • Kenny Li
    Kenny Li Month ago +2

    its so bs that she kills the entire fleet but 1 of her dragon dies point blank before by a arrow

  • S M P
    S M P Month ago +2

    I could see this scene even 1000 times!

  • James Gower
    James Gower Month ago +1

    Much more effective with the sound track of the blue dance waltz as accompaniment.

  • obiflan
    obiflan Month ago

    drogon should've roasted urine, hate that mofo

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago

    Euron greyjoy wins

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago

    Dragon die

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago

    This never happens

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago


  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago

    Kraken is back

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago

    Euron is back

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago

    Euron greyjoy is back

  • dfctomm
    dfctomm Month ago +1

    You mean the same fleet she had to flee from just the episode before, and she had two dragons then. That is before Euron's fleet killed one of them, but this episode that fleet didn't stand a chance.

  • Jamie Lucas
    Jamie Lucas Month ago

    What this scene showed us is the true unleashed power of dragons...the Night King showed us that too in episode 3...it’s a shame Dany didn’t do this straight away with 3 dragons or her and Jon didn’t do this during the Long Night...Dragons have unmatched speed and fire power

  • listedtwisted
    listedtwisted Month ago

    You can get the guts of that music box on wish.com for like two pounds.

  • Ann Sanchez
    Ann Sanchez Month ago +2

    has anyone see that drogons fire range is much bigger now

  • Ernesto Lupercio
    Ernesto Lupercio Month ago +1

    Sure this season sucked but we got some good artistic scenes. Individually there was bad ass scenes. Storyline ehhh

  • Bryan Suiam
    Bryan Suiam Month ago +5

    Why didn't she just go from the back of the city?

  • Mr Wdpkr
    Mr Wdpkr Month ago +1

    Euron trouble now !

  • Guillaume Malo
    Guillaume Malo Month ago

    Kiff daenarys

  • Sergio Cohen
    Sergio Cohen Month ago +2

    One ship throwing arrows and the other ones just watching...give me a break!!

  • ᄆᄆ TEMPEST
    ᄆᄆ TEMPEST Month ago +1

    Sorry for the golden army i forgot the name sorry

  • Lutteo Forever
    Lutteo Forever Month ago +3

    It's weird how they keep yelling fire 🔥

  • Kim jong Un
    Kim jong Un Month ago

    Anyone question why the only boat shooting at the dragon was Eurons ship...

  • russell antwi
    russell antwi Month ago +5

    I've literally watched Euron's scene like 20x. Great show.

  • Sergio Blanco
    Sergio Blanco Month ago +1

    D and D kinda forgot Euron had 1,000 ships not 100

  • Timothé Boucher
    Timothé Boucher Month ago

    Saison 8 :(

  • salvadoroars
    salvadoroars Month ago +2

    The only plot armor this season that I liked

  • CrImSoN1708
    CrImSoN1708 Month ago +1

    Visually appealing but logically retarded. Just like the rest of the season.

  • ASF KdF
    ASF KdF Month ago

    As cenas cinematográficas foram incríveis

  • Views From NYC
    Views From NYC Month ago

    The fleet forgot that more than one ship could fire arrows.