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Автор Infired Beach ( назад)

Автор Lemon Child ( назад)
i love your choker

Автор SaanRGB ( назад)
Is nobody going to talk about Sanji in the thumbnail? Also that sweater looks great on you Megan😁

Автор DannieGurl1995 ( назад)
Wow I thought you were so much younger!

Автор Michele Sheridan ( назад)
Like like like like like like like like like like like like like like. How 'bout stop say LIKE?

Автор mrpetersonandsnappyturtle ( назад)
what is that thing you do in the beginning?

Автор John Smith ( назад)
Lol sounds like there's no love in Korea

Автор brianna brown ( назад)
Woah she kinda looks like Bella hadid with that color of lenses

Автор Johnny Williams ( назад)
yo where did you get that chair?? so cool!

Автор Gemini Girl623 ( назад)
Why did guy move to Korea?

Автор Jonathan Gomez ( назад)
Im that person who got a J walking ticket. 🤦‍♂️ Los Angeles Popo 👮 don't play.

Автор aegy00 ( назад)
Vegan AND a pole dancer! Me too!

Автор MiuNya ( назад)
Jay walking isnt even a thing in Ireland, im so glad coz im way tooo lazy to walk to that cross road when I need to cross over here where my house is or some example.

Автор Henric Emdenborg ( назад)
how is it possible for you not to speak korean with a decent accent after 5 years???

Автор Joan Edessey ( назад)
i feel like almost all asian countries are the same based on what u said. lol. and btw megan, girl u look good~!

Автор Neo Theatre ( назад)
Person A: Does this dress make me look fat?
Person B: Oh sure, blame it on the dress.

Автор K8LIN H ( назад)

Автор Lo Bro ( назад)
Who else was only watching the kitten in the back?

Автор Brittney ( назад)
I really love how blunt you are! Your amazing and I love you so much!!!❤

Автор Marina RS ( назад)
If I don't cross the street is cause I don¡t want to die hahahahha

Автор bambi brate 사십구 ( назад)
nobody follows traffic signals hahahahah

Автор Saya562 ( назад)
I love your videos, Megan! You are so funny XD also your cat is really cute

Автор BTS-INFIRES-ME! ( назад)
And I just noticed how everything you say about Koreans vs what Americans do - you're always saying the positive things mostly about Koreans and it feels a bit fake like maybe since you haven't been in the U.S much for the past years - some things you say sound very judgmental and not really how it is

Автор BTS-INFIRES-ME! ( назад)
I prefer how Americans talk about those random things easily to others when they see them - idk I personally have that relationship with many people that are acquaintances or even to people I just meet.

Автор Hmandi Meriam ( назад)
i want to know if you can speak only English there ?

Автор Angie Mizaki ( назад)
I watch so many videos about Korea. But I study in Russia and noticed that those two cultures have sooo many things in common. I think I would adapt so easily in Korea.

Автор Bella Z33 ( назад)
lol, 10 now I need u at a -2😂😂

Автор Kris A. ( назад)
I dont think complete assimilation is the best when you move to a new country :) I think retaining some of your culture from where you came from is also good! I've been living in the Czech Republic, and by no means would I say I'm assimilated into Czech culture despite me trying!

Автор BriEva13 ( назад)
I want that sweater!!!

Автор Kit Bina ( назад)
Ha I compliment people all the time if I see something I like I'm like. Omg I think you are soo pretty!!!

Автор Iain Brown ( назад)
i doubt you'll see this, but what where or are the hardest things for you to wrap your head around when it comes to korean culture?

Автор WakeupGrandOwl ( назад)
That schedule thing sounds like exactly what would make me flip my lid, I am Canadian but we're the same. It's funny because I am not the best at keeping schedules, but I have to HAVE the information, I selfishly need to KNOW what's going on so I can mentally prepare for it.

Автор Celine ABCD ( назад)
around 4:10 I stopped look ause I was scared that the kitten behind you get electric shock while playing with the electric cables :D sorry i'm just a coward :p

Автор Hannah Garner ( назад)
How do you make friends in Korea if your super introverted

Автор ghsfilet ( назад)
If you ask your pharmacist they will tell you which is which and they sometimes even tell you that you can omit the pain killers if need be, or you can ask her to pack the pain meds in a different 봉지 and they usually will :)

Автор April Morton ( назад)
Can we be friends? I want to pick your brain about life in Korea!

Автор wasky ( назад)
I think that eye make up looks reaaaaally good on Megan!!! pretty as always

Автор Mia Perlman ( назад)
I wouldn't call it assimilating, because that's when you completely lose your original culture which you clearly haven't. Love your videos though!

Автор essennagerry ( назад)
Dude, I've never even been to Korea or any East Asian country, yet I keep bowing to people, lol, just slightly though! I guess I like it? I don't know why I'm doing it, I guess I just assimilated it even though it's not a thing in my European habitat, lol.

Автор Jessie Puok ( назад)
Rules are just suggestions with the traffic stuff, so like. ..i was watching BTD American hustle, and the light was red. jimin was so tempted to cross because he as so used to it, and then at a time they did cross when car were still coming and i am like, you are going to get killed, but now i know why...i love your videos you definitely earned a subscriber!

Автор Dunlei 16 ( назад)
Korean culture is just hostile and toxic to live in. some parts of it are amazing but i'm glad i left

Автор gaiadove ( назад)
Mesmerized by the kitty...

Автор Alicia Lespin ( назад)
I love this girl she's awesome

Автор Elizabeth Haze ( назад)
Omg yasss asking all them questions video shoutout ❤

Автор Carsen Carter ( назад)
U have one of those personalities that I know for fact is good on and off camera it's radiating

Автор Tulop ( назад)
What do you do aside from youtube?

Автор Once you Jimin you can't Jimout! ( назад)
WHAAAAAT? your never this old! I thought your just 23-24

Автор M Solo ( назад)

Автор Nina Yeun ( назад)
Can i just ask you what breed is your cat?

Автор H J ( назад)
It's like my 8th year living in Korea and I still cant get used to the blunt frankness here. And i still couldnt ever tell a friend that they look like they gained weight, even if it's super obvious.

Автор Annie Bacon ( назад)
Where did you get that shirt from it looks soo good on you

Автор Danielle Danibabe ( назад)
I am always upfront when ppl ask me things like does this make me look like such and such. The key is to have a helpful suggestion that will allow them to get the look they are looking for and not leave them hi and dry out there on a negative comment. also that sucks about the medicine I'm sorry but I need to know. After experiencing that for the first time the next time I would find out from the doctor what it is and why it's suggested. At least then you can type it in your phone and look it up on the internet!!! ^_~

Автор Astrid K ( назад)
"Come on girl! We're gonna cross the street" Why do I find this so funny? 😂

Автор Juanelle Green ( назад)
hardcore fan 💕

Автор Mob ( назад)
Sanji lmaooo

Автор friendly witch ( назад)
I hate how I always had no idea what pills I was taking in korea D: I also have problem of swallowing pills so they would give me the pill schedule package thing in powder form (normally given to children) and it tasted like death xD Also I hate how I always have to say to the doctor that I don't want antibiotics because they prescribe them left and right and it's not good to take so many..

Автор theBeautyIsOutThere ( назад)
I love your videos, you're actually hilarious 😂

Автор Kevin Pope ( назад)
HAAA! You stopped flirting, couldn't be "pretty" was that due to having "resting bitch face"? I totally know what you mean. I'm a big guy and people tell me a joke, I even think shits funny and I'm still just all poker faced. I might like do a chuckle or something, but I probably don't even smile. I have like a permanent "McKayla's not impressed" face. I guess maybe because I'm 38 now and I'm just kinda beyond the point of even giving a flying squirrel's nut about stuff.

Автор Elisha Duffy ( назад)
the crossing the road thing is so odd! we literally just cross the road wherever, whenever in England

Автор アディー Shibasaki ( назад)
You get books for medication in US? That's a bit fancy Init?

Автор Sandy Beach ( назад)
ur 27?!!!!! u look like your 20 ! GURL u got GAME

Автор Shiro Surfer ( назад)
i like you r make up

Автор Ericat ( назад)
Korea: Ask forgiveness not permission (*i like it), Japan: Ask permission!!! ASK PERMISSION! ASK DAMN IT! XD

Автор BigLizMac ( назад)
Out of all the other youtubers in Korea I relate to you the absolute most when it comes to talking about cultural differences. Some of the shit others say is just like, ummm, nope?! But you pay actual attention and have a sharp mind about adapting, etc. Loved this vid especially, too funny and rill.

Автор 03Kaseylee Pretty Gamer ( назад)
In Korea do u get (bad or good) looks if u have a tan? (Just in general)? Cause a lot of people in Korea have really pale skin...

Автор Iulia Lia ( назад)
Your skin looks amazing omg

Автор RT GUNN ( назад)
Love the Video!
Great Information!
Miss the Brown Eyes though...:>)
I'm just saying...:>)

Автор Declartive Enterprise ( назад)
She kinda looks like Anjelaha Johnson,the comedian

Автор Maren H ( назад)
I like that in America we make small talk with strangers and give compliments

Автор Floppygirl9107 ( назад)
i live in the uk and we don't really talk to strangers either, it doesn't happen in any other country i've been to except the united states, i was really weirded out when people would speak to me and i'd never met them, i was worried it was someone i knew and i just didn't recognise them haha

Автор Barbara Guiot ( назад)
sanjiiii hahahaha

Автор Some Kid ( назад)
Her room looks so nice

Автор Scrimbo ( назад)
korea sounds scary.

Автор Mike Jones ( назад)
I've been here for 4yrs and have not changed. Maybe its because I been here on business instead of being a vlogger or teacher.

Автор Troyler Mellet ( назад)
What's a military base?

Автор Mars !!! ( назад)
Sounds similar to England

Автор Gabriela Gudino ( назад)
Can you do a makeup tutorial video from this video?? Pleaseeee!!!

Автор ItzKavya ( назад)
I m disgustingly quiet such awkward human being its crazy!!

Автор Kim Berley ( назад)
It's also strange in Melbourne, Australia to talk to strangers and compliment, was creepy for me when I visited the US, lol. I think it may be a British thing.

Автор Zeruda Densetsu ( назад)
In the Netherlands we are blunt as well, seems like English based countries are less blunt/more sensitive.

Автор 周穎晞 ( назад)
Literally sounds like every east asian country. There was this one time I had to jaywalk in Hong Kong, and I literally died because cars donut give two craps if your crossing or not, so basically, you have to like race across the street without getting run over, or stand like in the middle of the car road.

Автор Shmaples ( назад)
OH god..that schedule planning thing would drive me insane.. I DO NOT "go with the flow" when it comes to that. I used to work at a part time job and if I was scheduled until 8pm then I BETTER be leaving the store at 8pm.. It's fine if you need me to stay later than 8 but I need to know that ahead of time! lol.. I know it sounds bitchy and I actually do "go with the flow" when I need to but inside I am PISSED about it. If they need me to stay past 8 then I'll stay but I won't enjoy it.. not at all.

Автор leirisceliboon ( назад)
not related to the video but i love your lipstick! what lipstick are you wearing?

Автор alejandra quiroz ( назад)
I went to Korea with my sister for a month I'm 19 she's 26 not sure if that made a difference but actually most of our friends that we made in Korea came up to us and started conversations in the train or just different regular places. And yes Koreans we made a lot of foreign friends but most were Korean and usually they would come up to us asking about our ethnicity and if we were teachers.. bam! We gave each other our kakao info

Автор abbiexcalladine ( назад)
omgg you look amazing gurlll

Автор Sugatsu ( назад)
i memorized all you said, but i think its useless cause i don't think i have a chance to go to korea besides i don't have money cause im still a student, and if ever i got a money i think i still can't go cause my friend told me in korea there's no subtitles only in kdramas.

Автор chillipepper ( назад)
it's so weird that korea is so similar to my country from many aspects, even though we're so far away and have completly different historical backgrounds!

Автор Diana Martinez ( назад)
It seems that you were a very structured and level headed person. That's not a bad thing at all, in fact, not very many people are like that. I can only imagine how you would fare in Japan instead of living in Korea first. 😊

Автор Priscilla Grace ( назад)

Автор Michelle McKinney ( назад)
Pole dance?! Oh snap! I wanna do burlesque! So sexy! Outta all the YouTube channels of us Americans living overseas, you're my favorite! It's your aura, your spunky, natural personality! I love so many Kpop, Kdrama, and Kmovie stars but you! You! I wanna meet you!

Автор Tasha Cope ( назад)
As an English person, we don't really hug people that much upon greeting, more when saying good bye. Strangers don't really talk to each other either, unless it's the "weirdo on the bus" type. Sometimes I look at how someone is dressed and want to compliment them, but decide against it for the same reason they do in Korea, it's seen as kind of weird. I'd also much rather someone told me the truth than let me go out looking awful, and I always tell people the truth. If they ask my honest opinion, I'm going to tell them my honest opinion. If they don't like my answer then they didn't really want my opinion in the first place aha

Автор B- Great ( назад)
YOu look like Seo In Young

Автор Juaniita2 ( назад)
Why do you go to the military base?

Автор Elle ( назад)
But where is tht choker from!!

Автор Danielle ( назад)
OMG YES THE FREAKING JAY WALKING IT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING 😭😭 I live in SE Houston and the area I live in has a large amount of Koreans with Korean things like Markets, restaurants, laundry mats and liquor stores. The street I live on has a Korean church and the apartments right in front is all basically occupied by, Koreans. Well I've had to break multiple times because people coming from the Church and the apt just WALK INTO THE STREET even though they see you coming 😭😩

I guess I won't get as upset anymore because apparently that's just how they are lol

Автор ExoAmiK ( назад)
your 25 in American age right?

Автор Kovar Coley ( назад)
In Jamaica strangers talk to you like you've know them for years people are really friendly and love to hug idk it would be so hard to survive without hugging plus we are very talkative people

Автор Anikka Stewart ( назад)
Ok but where can I get her earrings

Автор Arianna M. ( назад)
if you dont flirt how do you know if someone is interested in you? any one who lives in Korea pleas answer

Автор Eric Coleman ( назад)
I can't believe that you have stopped following rules... I remember the time you came over to me in the computer lab and asked me to be quiet when I came in to talk to one of my students at UCF

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