Experts take on Yogi Adityanath as CM of UP

  • Опубликовано: 18 мар 2017
  • Experts take on Yogi Adityanath as CM of UP. Watch the full segment for more details.
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Комментарии • 268

  • link2y
    link2y Год назад

    Is Gadhe Rajiv tyagi ko kyo bulate ho ... Kisi ki sun hi nahi raha hai... Isko bulana hi nahi chahiye... Ek dum paagal banda hai

  • Yantp Singhp
    Yantp Singhp Год назад

    Rajeev Tayagi eak chutiya, chor aur bharasht congerssi hain sala chutiya.

  • Arjun
    Arjun Год назад

    Rajiv sale kutte madarchod soowar ki nasal harami

  • netanyahu
    netanyahu Год назад

    PLS PAY ATTENTION ALL INDIAN MUSLIMS!!! agar ye log bahut zada kaminapanti kre toh humein vi Kashmiris ka sath dena chaiye me,,fatt jaegi inki. Marenge toh Kashmir pe zurm dur krke mrenge. Shaan se.
    Aaj tak Indian Muslims Kashmiris ko ignore kiya. Humein koi aazadi nhi chaiye lekin waha pe zurm nhi hone denge bas.,,chahe isme jaan hi kyu naa chali jaye

  • badmass company
    badmass company Год назад

    jai ho hindu rastra

  • #Mr. 3.14
    #Mr. 3.14 Год назад

    rajiv ke maa ke ankh

    KUNDAN VIVEK Год назад

    zee news is paid media ye sirf bjp kaa news kee alawa inko kuch news nii milta h

  • Souvik Mondal
    Souvik Mondal Год назад

    are anchor to kutti hain

  • Souvik Mondal
    Souvik Mondal Год назад

    z news...sabse khus...sala kutta yogi

  • yasir khan
    yasir khan Год назад

    dekha zee news congress waalne ko bolne nahi de rhi.. behen ki laudi .. saalo sb bike huye hai dallo ki tarah bas baithe hai

  • yasir khan
    yasir khan Год назад

    is bhadwd channel ko bahut khushi hai.. madarchod bhadwa zee news

  • Faraz Khan
    Faraz Khan Год назад

    Muslims should make their own political party or else they will be slave in india

  • Faraz Khan
    Faraz Khan Год назад

    Double faced hindus showed their real colors by voting for bjp

  • Deepak Pradhan
    Deepak Pradhan Год назад

    nupur madam rocks......

  • Deepak Pradhan
    Deepak Pradhan Год назад

    ye congressi rajeev bhadwa sunta nahi hai sirf bak bak karta hai .....dusro ko v sun lo bhai tyagi.

  • Paresh Banerjee
    Paresh Banerjee Год назад

    Jai Jai MODI... Jai Yogi Aditya Nath...... !!!!

  • Paresh Banerjee
    Paresh Banerjee Год назад

    Kuch Hindu hi hain jo Hindutwa ko badnam kar rahe hain. Unhe samajh nahi aaraha ke hindustan mein hi rehke hinduwon ki kya halat hai. Jake dekhe West Bengal mein... Yahan badi badi bate karte hain secularism ki. Pradhan Mantri agar Mandir jate hain to wo bilkul thik hai aur hum garv se kehte hain ke hum hindu hain. Ye jo humare RAM DUTT TRIPATHI G hain unki ya to umr ho chuki hai ya unmein kuch jyada hi Muslim prem hai. Unhone kabhi West Bengal mein bahot jagah Hinduwon ki halat nahi dekhi hogi aur chale hain badi badi baatein karne.

  • Shuja Waseem
    Shuja Waseem Год назад +1

    anchor to mithai khane ki baat ker rahi h
    what a chiil news affiliated by bjp &rss

  • Khanjan Mehta
    Khanjan Mehta Год назад

    Monsanto Seeds by these congress fuckers have led farmers to commit suicide..Bayer pesticides by these congress bastards..wall street stooges in our country like p.chidambaram & sons....Anglo with indian & italian dual citizenship can't even speak hindi properly..fucking bastards are fooling indians.

  • অরুণ বাঙালি হিন্দু

    पंकज सिंह का कण्ठ स्वर उनके पिता राजनाथ सिंह जैसा है।

  • অরুণ বাঙালি হিন্দু

    योगी आदित्यनाथ के मुख्यमन्त्री बनने पर संवाद माध्यम आँसू बहा रहे हैं। 😄

  • Prabodhani Barber
    Prabodhani Barber Год назад

    the pressitutes of western owned media are so unintelligent - so stupid - cant believe people watch these guys - aft minute or two when i listen to interrupting/dumb panelists - i move on

  • Open Mind
    Open Mind Год назад

    Fantastic cm for up.. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙋🙋🙋🙋

  • Open Mind
    Open Mind Год назад

    So called secular congress, disgusting

  • Sameer Kumar Patro
    Sameer Kumar Patro Год назад

    winning is the beginning in politics to play a long inning and score well showing overall performance by the team selected. It's like there are so many ppl to see the team selected but no one there to watch the actual match and make a judgment.

  • Open Mind
    Open Mind Год назад +2

    It's a great decision by bjp. For choosing cm for aditya yogi nath.

  • Open Mind
    Open Mind Год назад

    It's a great decision by bjp. For choosing cm for aditya yogi nath.

  • sachin bangwal
    sachin bangwal Год назад

    i dont know what to say , only hindu is suppose to be sacular, this is the truth that mainly hindus are secular otherwise there could have been more riots if we were not secular,if muslims can support islam why dont we hindus support hindutva, we should be proud that we belongs to sanatam dharm, yogi adityanath is good candidate for up cm, what muslim want only they can promote or support islam, we 80% hindus cant, so according to indian law every person can support their relgion so do yogi adityanath.

  • Nadir Baghani
    Nadir Baghani Год назад

    e debit me kute jisha fogta kiu hi

  • Arvind Mandar Gujjar
    Arvind Mandar Gujjar Год назад

    bhot badat


    jai shree ram..

  • Tripurarinath mishra
    Tripurarinath mishra Год назад +2

    जय जय योगी हर हर मोदी
    जय श्रीराम

  • VezyTech
    VezyTech Год назад +1

    I was a neutral BJP supporter but this proved that bjp is also a dirty, communal, chair greedy party
    .. bye bjp very sad and disappointed

  • sid sharma
    sid sharma Год назад


  • Prince Mathur
    Prince Mathur Год назад

    jai hidutva

  • 20shourya
    20shourya Год назад

    Doggy adityanath

  • Sid Saktawat
    Sid Saktawat Год назад

    Congress spokesperson make himself lyk an fullish person . they can't even talk abt facts .

  • L.D. Agarwal
    L.D. Agarwal Год назад

    Muslim brethern in India are equally patriotic like other citizens. It is the secular brand politics which kept them away from mainstream by creating divide on the basis of religion. I am confident that every citizen of India will be receiving same previliges under BJP.

  • L.D. Agarwal
    L.D. Agarwal Год назад

    Congress brand politics will become a dirty word.

  • L.D. Agarwal
    L.D. Agarwal Год назад

    Like Narendra Modi election in 2014 selection of Yogi Adityanath is a turning point into Indian politics. The policy of parties using divisions of Hindu society as shortcut to power may become history. Parties of secular brand politics will have to redraw their political strategies as it will now become a liability. Muslims of India have no cause to worry as Hindus and Indians strongly believe in sarva dharm sadbhavana and secularism is embodied in Hindu thoughts for generations. We respect not only human but all creations of god. Artificial secularism has harmed India for centuries.

  • L.D. Agarwal
    L.D. Agarwal Год назад

    Rajiv Tyagi,s party could remain in power by using the divisions of Hindu society and creating Muslim and Dalit vote bank for short cut to politics. Prior to Congress Md Gori used Jaychands to loot India and British to rule India. In case RSS can bridge the caste divisions in a phased manner and make Hindu think above caste no power on earth can stop India to be a super world power in next ten years.

    • ravi ranjan
      ravi ranjan Год назад

      if Muslim cut there dick then u too cut it and eat it in your breakfast

  • L.D. Agarwal
    L.D. Agarwal Год назад

    Yogi Adityanath is not a normal politician . His selection is a double edged weapon. It can work as a wonderful unity amongst Hindus as being a Sadhu he is above caste politics and can bring greater cohesion amongst Hindu populace not only of Uttar Pradesh but whole of world wherever Hindus reside. Greatest misfortune of Hindus has been its caste system which kept Hindus disunited and allowing foreign invaders to rule India in collusion with some local rajwadas. RSS has been working to bring Hindu unity by overcoming this inherent contradictions of Hindu society and selection of Yogi can be a major step towards the same. However governance is a issue which is must for making India into world power and it is here BJP has to be careful.

  • Priti Ranjan Rath
    Priti Ranjan Rath Год назад +1

    abe rajiv chup hoke beth MC sale...Itna.mat vuk...

  • रेण्डम गाय
    रेण्डम गाय Год назад +11

    hindi Hindu Hindustan mulla bhago Pakistan

    • badmass company
      badmass company Год назад

      kaunsa chutiya arab tha wo. batao to gand na fad dein to batana
      hindu humara khud ka diya hua naam hai

    • Kashif
      Kashif Год назад

      hindu is name given by arab.

  • Saroj Kumar
    Saroj Kumar Год назад +2

    sala ye cgres bahut hala karta hai

  • Balbirsingh Rathoer
    Balbirsingh Rathoer Год назад

    congrees maderchod

  • Bilal Khan
    Bilal Khan Год назад

    Thank God We live in independent state Pakistan otherwise we also have to live in the rule of RSS & BJP killer of Gandhi Jee also. This is big slap on face of those who says India is secular state.

    • Manish Kumar Singh
      Manish Kumar Singh Год назад

      seriously ?
      at least people try follow constitutions, and we have democratic elections.
      don't even compare Taliban with RSS and think it is OK.
      muslims are treated better in gorakhpur both socially and economically than Shias in Pakistan

    • Ravi Shankar
      Ravi Shankar Год назад

      Bilal Khan Hinduism is itself a secular one.
      dig deeper in your mind you will know.

  • Ashim Dey
    Ashim Dey Год назад

    fuck gandhiji................................

  • Vandan Patel
    Vandan Patel Год назад

    Nupur Sharma is really smart and crystal clear with her opinions.

  • Raghav Singh
    Raghav Singh Год назад

    rajeev bhadve sun bhi lia kr kisi ki

  • Mohanraj Dive
    Mohanraj Dive Год назад

    योगी बने मुख्यमंत्री, UP के नौकरशाह हुए हैरान
    करना पड़ेगा काम,आराम के दिन हुए हराम

  • Raghav Singh
    Raghav Singh Год назад +1

    rajeev tyagi ki maa ki chut bhadwa h bkl mc bc gaddar

  • Ravi Pratap
    Ravi Pratap Год назад

    Rubika ji ab dekhna hai ki Ram mabdir banta hai ki nahi yahi o samay hai

  • Lakshya kapila
    Lakshya kapila Год назад +5

    first time in life, i am proud to be a HINDU...

    DHARAMVEER DAS Год назад

    Rajeev dogla inshan hai jahil

  • Richa Mishra
    Richa Mishra Год назад +1

    He's not anti Muslim! Please keep some sense in your minds!

    • Rohit Dwivedi
      Rohit Dwivedi Год назад +1

      Richa Mishra Yes. I agree with you. We Hindus needs to save this Unity for stopping the Conversion of India into an Islamic country by so called Seculars and Muslims.

    • Richa Mishra
      Richa Mishra Год назад +3

      With the congress SP and BSP it almost felt like being a Hindu is a paap. Not to mention manmohan Singh's speech said that Muslims had the first right to get the resources of India??? Wtf?? I am not against Islam or Muslims but against discrimination! Thankfully now we can think that he will not descriminate us! Let's all Hindus be united so that these political parties will be forced to shift their agenda from Muslim Dalit vote bank to development which will be good for every one

    • Rohit Dwivedi
      Rohit Dwivedi Год назад

      Richa Mishra He is only Pro-Hindu and pro-development. He has done good development in his area. He is good overall for UP

      MY FUNNY CHANNEL Год назад

      ya he is not , he always look for betterment of people

  • Raoul Magic
    Raoul Magic Год назад

    Leading discussion is not easy, more input is needed to get everyone to put his point..

  • Alok Thakur
    Alok Thakur Год назад


  • calcutta university
    calcutta university Год назад +5

    ab ek terrorist, state ka chief minister banega.!!!

    • Khanjan Mehta
      Khanjan Mehta Год назад +1

      unlike Bengali whore like mamata banerjee who is islamist convert from hindu.. he is a yogi..

    • Pawan D
      Pawan D Год назад +2

      calcutta university ....joke of the year. n pls if u mind don't give bad name of any university, or at least change your name till you be educated enough to type accordingly.

    • calcutta university
      calcutta university Год назад +1

      Pawan Deep , to aap log vi to rss terrorist group ho.

    • calcutta university
      calcutta university Год назад

      Atanu Biswas , zee news(terrorist channel) channel ne aap logo ka brain wash kar dia he. aap log, media ke bat mante ho. islie aap logo ko samjhana matlab, mera time waste karna he.

    • Pawan D
      Pawan D Год назад

      calcutta university ..... na ji na miya ji, illegal bangladeshi jihadi hona chagiye CM jaise waha jihadi didi ke state mai hai ;p

  • calcutta university
    calcutta university Год назад +2

    shame on this channel.!!!

    • Pawan D
      Pawan D Год назад +2

      hindustani indian .... bhosdike anpd jihadi likhna seekh pehle, teri okat gali dene tak ki hi hai. ab tyar reh tu or jihadiyo ki or teri jihadi didi ki gaand pe laat lagne wali hai

    • sweety s
      sweety s Год назад +3

      calcutta university shame on you Porki!

    • hindustani indian
      hindustani indian Год назад

      pawan dep gandu nalle luli legal atnkwadi harami suar kis kis ko chup kraega sb ne teri mata sheri cho dali kia gandu khalistan jindabadddddd

    • Pawan D
      Pawan D Год назад +2

      calcutta university ....chup sala illegal jihadi

  • Rahul Deo Sekhawat
    Rahul Deo Sekhawat Год назад +1

    bhaag madarchod rajiv tyagi congresi

  • Rahul Deo Sekhawat
    Rahul Deo Sekhawat Год назад

    bhaag madarchod rajiv tyagi congresi

    ANANTH NARAYAN Год назад

    Great choice. Modi in center and Yogi in UP.

  • sagar soni
    sagar soni Год назад

    haarne ke baad bhi bhokte aacha hai

  • Drewtocrew offense
    Drewtocrew offense Год назад

    @13.25 - 14.36 ..... Nupur completely owned the debate .....cudos ...

  • dhananjoy dhali
    dhananjoy dhali Год назад +1

    yogiji jindabad.....

  • Drewtocrew offense
    Drewtocrew offense Год назад +1

    Congress has nothing left except for screaming at the top of their voice in pain .... they are facing anal destruction on daily basis ...

  • Rakeshh N Dorwal
    Rakeshh N Dorwal Год назад +1

    Rajiv Tyagi _ u r a hopeless lunatic and moron. Bloody congressi. Hinduon ki baat karne me sharm aati hai is gadhe ko.

  • Rajeev Mehta
    Rajeev Mehta Год назад +2

    yogi hai sabpar bhari

  • Jitendra Sharma
    Jitendra Sharma Год назад +5

    I am a hardcore BJP supporter , but I don't know what to expect from him, he is to hardcore for my liking...but let's see what he does and how he work for the betterment of U.P...and plz no riots ...coz its not good for any one.........Jai Shree Ram

  • Ashika Raut
    Ashika Raut Год назад +27

    1990s: ABV is secular, Advani communal
    2014 : Advani is secular, Modi communal
    2017: Modi is secular, Yogi is communal
    Rofl secularism😂😂😂

    • Kashif
      Kashif Год назад

      secularism is in danger

    • Neo Theone
      Neo Theone Год назад

      Ashika Raut hahaha nice comment bharat mata ki jay

    • Alex Mateso
      Alex Mateso Год назад +5

      Impressed with the fact that a young Indian woman (if you are one) has observed Indian politics so closely. Brilliant ! keep it up! you are a rare gem... hard to find a youth (specially a girl) who talk sense(based on logic and facts) when it comes to politics..

    • Rajesh Chaudhari
      Rajesh Chaudhari Год назад +1 logo ki soch hein only...nothing reality

  • Kusum Shing
    Kusum Shing Год назад

    jai shree ram yogi ji

  • Santhosh Shetty
    Santhosh Shetty Год назад +1

    Aabh Ayodya pe Ram mandir banega!!!!!

  • Asheesh Chaudhary
    Asheesh Chaudhary Год назад +2

    kaise kaise log studio me bula lete hai jo kisi ka baat hi nahi sunte apne aage

  • ram jangid
    ram jangid Год назад

    rajiv tu Sun to le ch##tiye

  • Saurabh Raj
    Saurabh Raj Год назад +1

    we support Yogi Ji.........

  • deepak mahlawat
    deepak mahlawat Год назад +2

    up me rhna h to #yogi yogi khna h

  • Raaj k
    Raaj k Год назад +2

    ye takla Tripathi ko kitni sharm aati hai mandir jaane me ...saala Ch***

  • Raaj k
    Raaj k Год назад

    jab bhi koi Congressi bolta hai mujhe mere gali ke kutton ki yaad aa jati hai wo bhi aise hi shor machate hai

  • maha bharat
    maha bharat Год назад

    Rambhumi me ramraj aayega aur mulla mulayam se pyar karte hai o ab bangal ya bihar ja sakte hai. Jay shree ram.

  • Tarun Kumar
    Tarun Kumar Год назад +1

    jai yogi

  • sitaramfarroda20 farroda
    sitaramfarroda20 farroda Год назад +2

    kagress KBE nhi sudrgh.1 chor h

  • Janardan Patel
    Janardan Patel Год назад

    ye ramdat tripathi boa tha modi ko Varanasi me ek seat nhi melegi..8 seat jiti bjp ne. sala tripathi selective ptrakar

  • maha bharat
    maha bharat Год назад +2

    Best candidate ever UP got. Jay shree ram.

  • technology guru
    technology guru Год назад

    yogi yogi

  • Manu Kwt
    Manu Kwt Год назад +4

    Muslim log sab Hindu ban jao Jay ho yogi joy ho modi bolo

    • Anand Singh
      Anand Singh Год назад

      +hindustani indian Bhai tumhari baato se ye clear hai ki tum sikh nhi ho(katuwa ho)........aur band karo bakchodi

    • hindustani indian
      hindustani indian Год назад

      manu kwt nalle luli tu hindu rahe dosron ko kyun banra sale mai sikh hoon kahlistan ban te jande fer vekh kida 84 da bdla lende fer vekh kida nepal bhej de tainu budn mar k khalistan jindabadddddd bhonk ja hun kute vango nalle luli gandu ravan aaun wale ae chup ja gandu luli

  • Ravinder Kumar Nishad
    Ravinder Kumar Nishad Год назад +2

    badhai ho manniy yogi aditynath ji mahraj ko up ke cm bannepar

    ASHVANI SINGH Год назад +1

    rajiv tumhari ma ki chut bhosdik k chup ho ja

  • Amit Mali
    Amit Mali Год назад +9

    'Har Har Yogi'

    RAHUL PANDEY Год назад +3

    yogi is a best option for cm ,jai ho

      ASHVANI SINGH Год назад

      PM modi ji hi hai wo hi rhenge ...

    • rafe Ahmad
      rafe Ahmad Год назад +1

      RAHUL PANDEY ji 2019 m pm banno yogi ko

  • kishore malik
    kishore malik Год назад +14

    He deserve PM for 2024

    • himanshub2
      himanshub2 Год назад

      Not until modiji retires in 2030 may b..

      ASHVANI SINGH Год назад +6

      no bro yogi ji is best in state and modi ji in center

  • slmsinghania
    slmsinghania Год назад +2

    Congress ko abhi bhi akal nahin araha hai, abhi bhi secularism k i baat kar raha hai.

    I am Happy that UP Hindus are united and voted unitedly for BJP.

  • kishore malik
    kishore malik Год назад

    He is the CM....

  • Rajesh Pandey
    Rajesh Pandey Год назад +1

    Congress is asshole

  • Zafar Iqbal
    Zafar Iqbal Год назад +5

    yogi to haraami hai

    • sweety s
      sweety s Год назад +2

      Zafar Iqbal harami toh tu hai invaders ki nazayaz aulad! 🐷

    • Sumit Kumar
      Sumit Kumar Год назад +8

      Zafar Iqbal
      तेरा बाप हैं हरामी और तू हैं हरामी की औलाद

    • Krishnan Raman
      Krishnan Raman Год назад +4

      Do you have a proof?

  • akib mondal
    akib mondal Год назад +3

    modi na kaya bolatha ak saf sotra cm chaiya but yogi konci angal sa saf ha

  • sandeep kumar
    sandeep kumar Год назад +3

    hindu muslim bas bc aur kuch ni aata inko

  • sandeep kumar
    sandeep kumar Год назад +1

    congressi madarchod hindu congress hi karti rahegi