A Picture a Day: Year One

  • Опубликовано: 26 сен 2014
  • I was having so much trouble with this project.
    Today, I decided to finally put it all together to make the first year of this project in a video.
    This is from August 24th 2012 to August 25th, 2013.
    There are 362 pictures in this video (some days I forgot to take one, or I might have been too depressed to get out of bed, oh well.)
    This first year includes my red hair while I was finishing my school program, then my three internships (the last one had me put a scarf over my hair because they didn't want me to have bright red hair, so that's why), then the day I shaved my hair for Leucan's Shaved Head Challenge and then some growing back.
    The few crazy looks I have throughout this video might have been for Halloween, some photoshoots or just me fucking around with makeup, as I like to do so :3
    To this day, I am still doing this project. I have forgotten to take pictures a lot lately, but I'm getting back on tracks. I intend to continue this project for a long time and I have no plan whatsoever to stop right now.
    It's not perfect, I'm no Photoshop wizard, and I know jack shit about video editing software. But at least, it is something that I did, and I did put a lot of effort and countless hours in it so far.
    Hope you enjoy : )

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  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 3 месяца назад

    You look unfuckable when you shaved your head. Not that is was much worse than you with long hair.

    • That One Guy
      That One Guy 3 месяца назад

      Kathulhu you’re welcome. :)

    • Kathulhu
      Kathulhu  3 месяца назад

      That One Guy thank you for this lovely comment ♥️

  • Nicole Cristhine
    Nicole Cristhine 4 месяца назад


  • Louis Leslie
    Louis Leslie 8 месяцев назад


  • Izza Mood
    Izza Mood Год назад

    Omg ur so pretty

  • DesolationYT {} DSL Pfannk - Glix
    DesolationYT {} DSL Pfannk - Glix Год назад +2

    You're so pretty!

  • Crystal Dsani
    Crystal Dsani Год назад +23

    Wow she's soo beautiful

    • Lou Skunt
      Lou Skunt Год назад

      Kathulhu you did indeed rock it. I just really liked the red hair. Didn't mean to be a dick. Way to be beautiful with or without hair!

    • Kathulhu
      Kathulhu  Год назад +5

      Jim Dangle The length of my hair doesn't take anything away, lol. You're too caught up in your own vision of what's beautiful that you forget that.. your opinion isn't asked for (because it does not matter).
      I rocked that shaved head + short hair looks and I'm glad I did. I hope anyone that wants to do it does and doesn't feel pressured by assholes like you who think they know better.

    • Lou Skunt
      Lou Skunt Год назад

      Crystal Dsani she was...

  • 백장미
    백장미 Год назад +1

    I love this!

  • Kyla Woodfolk
    Kyla Woodfolk Год назад +5

    she so incredibly beautiful! omg

  • Mari Memon
    Mari Memon Год назад +1


  • Toys Eggs and Fun
    Toys Eggs and Fun 2 года назад +4

    Pretty girl!

  • Kirk
    Kirk 2 года назад +36

    you rock that shaved look tho

    ALEXANDER STRTLT 2 года назад +3

    you are beautiful!

  • Nana Chat
    Nana Chat 3 года назад

    tu es magnifique, cheveux longs et encore plus cheveux rasés :) je vais raser les miens dans 3 jours donc ça me rassure de voir que ça repousse aussi vite :) tu vas bientôt poster une nouvelle vidéo de ce genre ?

    • Kathulhu
      Kathulhu  2 года назад

      J'ai des problèmes avec mon ordi depuis plusieurs années, donc le projet est vraiment en retard : (

    • Simply Felicia
      Simply Felicia 2 года назад

      +Kathulhu à quand la vidéo ! :D trop hâte . j'ai rasé mes cheveux aussi

    • Simply Felicia
      Simply Felicia 2 года назад

      +Kathulhu à quand la vidéo ! :D trop hâte . j'ai rasé mes cheveux aussi

    • Kathulhu
      Kathulhu  3 года назад

      +Nana Chat Jeeee prends encore les photos, j'ai beaucoup de retard sur l'ajustement de chaque photo. J'ai l'intention de poster un vidéo pour chaque année complétée, je sais juste pas quand je vais le faire, haha!
      Ça repousse si vite, j'ai l'impression que c'était encore hier!

  • Hailey Krysto
    Hailey Krysto 3 года назад +2

    What camera did you use! PLEASE RELL ME!!!!!!!!!

    • Kathulhu
      Kathulhu  3 года назад +3

      +Hailey Krysto Hm, hi! No need to yell : O
      I used a Canon T2i for this, but what's mostly important is the lighting and a good lens (which I don't have -__-), so that the eyes are very in focus.

  • Alaska Young
    Alaska Young 3 года назад +5

    You're so pretty :)

    • Kathulhu
      Kathulhu  3 года назад +1

      You're too kind! ^.^

  • rafab0
    rafab0 3 года назад

    I used the same technique to create a similar video. If you like, go on my channel to see! :)

  • Not The Stasi
    Not The Stasi 3 года назад

    Who's the artist? Sounds a bit like Godspeed You! Black Emperor

    • Not The Stasi
      Not The Stasi 3 года назад

      Ah like on the creator part of youtube! I will have to look it up. its very nice :)

    • Kathulhu
      Kathulhu  3 года назад +1

      It's just a royalty free song provided by RUclip :3 It's called "Court and Page"

  • Karla Tot
    Karla Tot 3 года назад +6

    You're beautiful :)

  • Yasamyn Brown
    Yasamyn Brown 3 года назад +1


    • Samantha JK
      Samantha JK 3 года назад +2

      Read the description..

  • summsumm02
    summsumm02 3 года назад +14

    Oh my goodness you're so beautiful, like you're flawless without makeup, either way you look amazing I love this video

  • AlyandSavannah
    AlyandSavannah 3 года назад +1

    I love it, and your hair grows back really fast!!

  • Helghan Cosmos
    Helghan Cosmos 4 года назад

    It's really soothing/mesmerizing listening to the music and staring dead center at the screen while all the images zip by. Almost puts you in a trance lol

    • Helghan Cosmos
      Helghan Cosmos 4 года назад

      No problem! Remember…with great mesmerizing power comes great immature fun :D haha

    • Kathulhu
      Kathulhu  4 года назад +1

      Thank you so much for this. I was hoping it would give that feeling, since I have the same feeling when watching the same kind of video : )

  • Samantha Calligan
    Samantha Calligan 4 года назад

    your short hair looks so cute too! Pretty admirable what you did :)

  • Shanabananab
    Shanabananab 4 года назад +1

    Wow se nota tu cambio positivo mediante la ropa y los gestos faciales

  • EricB256
    EricB256 4 года назад +9

    It's kind of funny when the skeleton makeup suddenly pops up, and then another time as if to confirm yes, you really did see this just a moment ago. And watching the hair grow is like a documentary movie. You have done a great job at centering all those pictures with your face in the same space for each one of them.

    • Kathulhu
      Kathulhu  4 года назад +5

      Thank you so much! It is quite hard centering them all.
      And yes twice with the skeleton/zombie boy makeup, I had two Halloween parties to attend to and I didn't have another costume idea (or no budget for another one :P)

  • Jonathan Dudos
    Jonathan Dudos 4 года назад +1

    Yooooo! GREAT job sur le photoshop!