Poland Travel | 10 Best Places to Visit in Poland

10 Best Places to Visit in Poland

Life has not been easy for Poland, an eastern European country that has been invaded and destroyed many times over the centuries. The country suffered mightily in World War II when many of its citizens, including its large Jewish population, were hustled off to Nazi concentration camps. The Polish spirit, however, refused to die and today the country combines medieval architecture with lively cultural activities to meet the needs of modern tourists. An overview of the best places to visit in Poland:
10. Malbork
9. Lublin
8. Bialowieza Forest
7. Torun
6. Tatra National Park
5. Poznan
4. Wroclaw
3. Gdansk
2. Warsaw
1. Krakow

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Автор Gerard Gruszczynski ( назад)
Jak można pokazać TPN i nie pokazać piękna naszych Polskich gór. A poza tym co krok podkreślanie że to niemieckie ale że wcześniej przed zaborami czy okupacją było polskie to cicho sza!

Автор co by tu napisać ? ( назад)
nazi is super race that came from Mars, took over fucking germans and started second world war

just in case you were wondering

Автор Doge DogeDoge ( назад)
why u sound like google translate

Автор mountainhobo ( назад)
To all those complaining bitterly in comments that it should be "Central Europe", not "Eastern Europe", I can tell you that no one gives a flying f# about Central Europe, no one even knows what the heck that is. Try to sell "Central European food" somewhere in the US. Good luck. On the other hand, "Eastern Europe" sounds romantic and exciting. Being located in Eastern Europe is good and could be used to attract tourists.

Автор radioactiveXP ( назад)
Is castrato speaking this ?

Автор Andy Reasoner ( назад)
Let me correct: "Danzig" - it's German name of very old Polish city Gdańsk. The only correct name is Gdańsk! It would be rather strange if in the middle of Poland (strictly - middle of Polish Baltic coast) was 1 German city! It's relict of German historic policy and wars against Poland.

Автор Andy Reasoner ( назад)
I would add, Wrocław in its beginning was strictly Polish city, being part of Great Duchy of Silesia, conquered by Prussia in XIX century during partitioning of Poland by Prussia, Russia and Austria at the same time - each of them was to weak to defeat Polish Kingdom Commonwealth - at that time large and rich country, although not so military powerful as during Golden Ages of Poland (e.g. winged hussars, 1683 Sobieski's Vienna Victory etc.). The ancient Polish territories reach even up to Berlin and eastern part of today' Germany - the proofs, beside artefact is DNA - haplogroup R1a1 typical for Poles/Sarmats/Aryans so Poland has close genetic connection with ancient Persia and part of India. Before Baptism (about 966) Poland was called Lechia having - as genetics proovs - about 7000 years. Until now there are some artefacts from the ancient history of Poland/Lechia, e.g. in Cracow I saw mounds of Wanda and Krak - probably thombs of ancient Queen and King of Lechia/Poland and some archeological researches tell that they have over 2500 years, so long before Baptism. The mounds are available for tourists.

Автор Andy Reasoner ( назад)
In fact, as I've read the Malbork was ready when Teutonic Knights settled it - they wouldn't be able to build it so quickly in even 1 year being able to use it in reasonable time. So it was earlier Polish gothic castle only temporarily inhabited by the Teutonic Knights until the great battle between the Teutonic Order and the Kingdom of Polish in 1410. Teutonic Knights were defeated and Poland set free from them.

Автор Janina Marte ( назад)
Horrible comments, not knowledge about Poland and its history, many mistakes. I saw in Poland much better places. Many shots are not necessary and not good. I wanted to share it on FB to show my friends how beautiful is Poland but not. I will try to find a better video. Go, go Poland! We should be proud of our country, its history, and beauty.

Автор andrzej w. ( назад)
spieprzaj dziadu

Автор Budyń ( назад)
Shitty pronunciation
Shitty voice
Shitty list
Shitty music

Shitty video

Dislike :)

Автор janusz Czaplicki ( назад)

Автор areees100 ( назад)
I like Gdansk & Wroclaw

Автор Adventure Videos 360 ( назад)
LOL the pronunciation is terrible!!

Автор Clitoris ( назад)
Best cites in Poland
Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Torun, Poznan
Best places
Karkonosze montain, Tatra Mountain, Bialowieza National Park, Mazury National Park

Автор Martin Olczak ( назад)
awesome i am pland! one sa  prawdziwe

Автор Arturgg Banysgg ( назад)
polish people are not Jewis :I know that cause I was born in Poland and I am from poland

Автор Maria de Lourdes da Silva ( назад)
Amei. São lindíssimas cidades. Os Castelos são muito bonitos e com cultura preservada. Belo documentário.

Автор Sara .-. ( назад)
I was born in Toruń ❤️

Автор Sara .-. ( назад)
I was born in Toruń ❤️

Автор Eryk Siegień ( назад)
Allways nazis. Not Nazis from Mars, German Nazis !!!

Автор jakepi jakepi ( назад)
Why would a tourist wish to spend good money to see any of the ovens at a prison camp? Polish travel leaders would do much better if they were to deemphasize these sites and direct the travelers to much better and much more interesting places within POLAND!

Автор Lukasz Janisz ( назад)
Wroclaw City was always Polish not only from 1945 idiots... and Warsaw was not destroyed (pretty much). Warsaw city was destroyed in more then 95% dumbass...

Автор Anna ( назад)
horrible musik :-(

Автор mejdzer77 ( назад)

Автор mejdzer77 ( назад)
NAZI IS GERMANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GERMANS

Автор mejdzer77 ( назад)

Автор Florida*ARMY*VET ( назад)
Best thing about Poland,no rapefugees

Автор mountainhobo ( назад)
Advice -- if you want to attract tourists, stop talking about concentration camps.

Автор jonpgh ( назад)
The voice over sucks with poor pronunciation.

Автор Karen Lee Marzak ( назад)
The computer voiceover has got to go. It wrecked everything. So lame.

Автор Wiktoria Bochniak ( назад)
Remember every vote counts!!! Sign up and vote daily for my project! The world needs change in action and only YOU can change that! All votes for my project would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Автор SureFor ( назад)
Proszę Nas Polaków nie utożsamiać z Żydami !

Автор Kavita Redkar ( назад)
Amazing,Beautiful video with effective commentary.Thanks.
BEST Wishes from India.

Автор Jorkan 22 ( назад)
It's not Bialowieza Forest, but BIAŁOWIEŻA. [I'm PL]

Автор Tomasz Toczek ( назад)
9:58 My Street :_:

Автор varvor22 ( назад)
Nazi concentration camp?! Who was nazi? Martians? Eskimo? NO! Germans! Full name of camp is: Germans nazi concentration camp!

Автор Bartek K ( назад)
POLAND isn't equal JEWS !!! past,without any sense at present

Автор Leo Cozijn ( назад)
Thanks for the effort, but you move maddeningly slow, so I gave up at nr.3.

Автор nune krishna ( назад)
can any body tell me..how is job opportunity in Poland ?

Автор Cristobal ( назад)
Who are the idiots that think these computer voices are tolerable?

Автор lucypathius ( назад)
"BIESZCZADY" is the best part of POLand:)

Автор konji san ( назад)
not nazi camps its german camps

Автор Marcin Erdmann ( назад)
Best places to visit in Poland
1. Toruń/Thorn/Thornensia
2. Gdańsk
3. Jelenia Góra
4. Poznań
6. Tarnów
7. Grudziądz
8. Kołobrzeg
9. Inowrocław
10. Gdynia

Автор Luke Moniush ( назад)
No Polska jest piekna, i tak się zastanawiam co ja robię w Norwegii

Автор Gixxer1000Rider ( назад)

Автор Slav ( назад)
List is not to bad but it doesn't show any of beautiful parts of cities! Some shots from know one knows where! No Mazury lakes and ruchome wydmy should be on that list

Автор The.Hussar.1683 ( назад)
Firs of all its a central European country and second why do you have to keep mentioning history and the Jews all the time, if your going to mention history people want to know the good parts.

Автор Arek Zawadzki ( назад)
Pictures nice but commentary so terrible. Loads of historical errors and lies.

Автор Piotr Pacula ( назад)
this is very nice video , but you ( if u cant speak) SHOULD FIND SOMEONE who can speak English and read comment .Using speech synthesizer isn't good idea , not only in this vid but in all of yours vid with "fake" voice you loosing a lot , but you want it

Автор GdzieJestNemo ( назад)
The pronunciation, ughhh

Автор Ice Hockey Jobs Recruitment Agency ( назад)
It's not Eastern European it's actually central Europe but a lot of people get that mixed up with Poland being a part of Eastern block of countries which once upon a time were under a Soviet Union regime.

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