Obama Lord of the Rings Walkthrough/Solución

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  • mia
    mia 4 года назад +4

    CAN'T FIND a splinter...where is it?

  • Hector Evo
    Hector Evo 4 года назад

    I will marry the video

  • Atticus France
    Atticus France 4 года назад

    no it isnt dufus

  • Pei Ying
    Pei Ying 4 года назад


  • Totally Not A SpyScout
    Totally Not A SpyScout 5 лет назад

    lol at the end obama:wait snow
    obama:where am i

  • Jules mcKenzie
    Jules mcKenzie 5 лет назад

    yes you can

  • BiancaG Swagnificant
    BiancaG Swagnificant 5 лет назад

    its so interesting XD

  • isa bela
    isa bela 5 лет назад

    cant make the sun appear without the splinter. BUG!!

  • patrick mori reyes
    patrick mori reyes 5 лет назад


  • MultiElisa31
    MultiElisa31 5 лет назад

    Laa verdaad a mii no me guusta mucho ese juego , o mejor diicho la pelicula de ese juego, pero me guustan los demas juegos de INKAGAMES! :DD

  • zaagzelkop
    zaagzelkop  5 лет назад

    In the room on 09:46

  • Gravity Wars
    Gravity Wars 5 лет назад

    where is the spinter

  • zaagzelkop
    zaagzelkop  5 лет назад

    The splinter is now in the room on 09:46

  • venzamaia
    venzamaia 5 лет назад

    Hola!! En la parte 04:53 yo no encuentro esa cosa afilada como la consigo??

  • NutinBtr2Do
    NutinBtr2Do 5 лет назад

    Thanks nice and slow so we can see what to do.
    I love it how BO uses everyone and gets the glory. Sounds like the past 3 1/2 years LOL
    and when he looked into the well, they should have shown a clown instead of an elf. hahaha
    Fun game tho

  • מתן אמיתי
    מתן אמיתי 5 лет назад

    nice game :)

  • charlotte lam
    charlotte lam 5 лет назад

    For Narnia!!!!!

  • Inka Kle
    Inka Kle 5 лет назад

    como se llama el vídeo que grabaste sale mejor !!!!!!!!

  • angel winder
    angel winder 5 лет назад

    i will plz help me it is hard as it go spo sow be good at times plz