► Underwater Suite at The Atlantis, The Palm Dubai! $10,000 a Night Room Tour!!!!! # TheSuiteLife #MTVDaily

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Автор Gamer ( назад)

Автор NiazkilamVEVO ( назад)
These guys are basically rich Omghosh

Автор Jessica Gamez ( назад)
can i live with u

Автор Chloe Callis ( назад)
I have been there

Автор Claudia Wilhide ( назад)
How much is this???????

Автор Amanda and Doris Family Sisters ( назад)
It looks like the drowned city

Автор Jedimaryt ( назад)
That's a suite suite

Автор Russ Pilapil-Bermiso ( назад)
Wow very very very nice clean sea water beutiful fishes amazing view i really really love it

Автор BbyLynnLauj ( назад)
That is amazing.

Автор Rina Taylor ( назад)
*stares at beautiful aquarium view*

*shark eats a fish right in front of you*

yep it was a very relaxing view.

That's so nice 😍❤️

Автор Diy Crafts maker ( назад)
she is so rich😍😍😍

Автор Will wwe Esho ( назад)
How nice

Автор Aisling O Donovan ( назад)

Автор Liyah French ( назад)
I'm so jealous 😒

Автор kitson knox killer cat studiosTM ( назад)
$10,000?!!? dam wish i had that money -_- ;-; #impoor its really nice tho

Автор Andrew Smith ( назад)
Great tour, you have a very nice way about you

Автор Mariqit Natividad ( назад)
I could totally build this in Minecraft

Автор Philip Roberts ( назад)
Where is the hotel

Автор Mohammed Fakhrul Islam Sattar Bin Aziz ( назад)
Same like British English.....I love ya .....Sony.

Автор Calum Meechan ( назад)
I've stayed in that one

Автор Wawilyne Hjartnes ( назад)
there are scuba divers

Автор HappyDippy 22 ( назад)
u are so rich

Автор EmojiSky YT ( назад)
um 10,000 is cheap in my country

Автор MadAlex22 ( назад)
You'd think a 10000 dollar suite would be decorated better, not hating; just noticing a pattern between multiple expensive suites. The little things make it better.

Автор lps flowergirl399 AJ ( назад)

Автор PG LC Spax ( назад)
I'm going to film people showering when I'm diving there

Автор Minnie Mack ( назад)
How do they build underwater

Автор Atomic Bubblegum ( назад)
Sting rays creep me out.

Автор Arianna Xiong ( назад)

Автор Alex Feighan ( назад)
Shark at 3:15

Автор Malcolm h ( назад)
Which Atlantis is this? Bahamas or Dubai?

Автор D Co ( назад)
I have been there too. Is cool. Stayed 4 a week. I wish we were there at the same time. Would have done you while you were looking at the fish, girl.

Автор Jeff Henderson ( назад)
The chandelier of dead coral that took a million years to grow is very nice. Rich people are such responsible humans. I wish we had more of them...

Автор FIINESSEKID ( назад)
Teanna trump ?

Автор 111 Emma ( назад)
When I went to Atlantis I wish it was sunny like it was when she was there. My family went on the week before hurricane Matthew. It would thunderstorm almost every night and at the time we went on vacation I was terrified of thunderstorms.

Автор Nitya Vasnani ( назад)
5:55 did anyone notice people diving on the down right

Автор Aryan Shah ( назад)
I just saved $10,000 by watching this video at home! 😄😄

Автор Yeila Night ( назад)
Bruh, For $10,000 you should be able to walk through naked without being worried about divers staring at you lmao Can you tell them you want privacy?

Автор Paris Vivens ( назад)
😲😲🤗😱😞😑😑 I'm jelly

Автор MADHUMITA BERA ( назад)
Well like we can actually go there but that will be like 3-4 months of my dad's salary and lol my dad doesn't even like to spend 1000$ how will he spend 10,000$ in a room

Автор Muhammad Saad ( назад)
Can the divers at 2:47 see inside the bedroom or is it like a one way window or something?????

Автор MAquatics MHickey ( назад)
I'll break a hole in the very top window above the water and go fishing those some good jack

Автор keiwana danyell ( назад)
OR i could go to a aquarium for $15 and go back to my hotel and replay the footage til i go to sleep, wake up, play the footage again and save the other $9,985 i dont have lmao very beautiful place tho.

Автор g.e. g.e. ( назад)
As amazing as it may be, I can think of hundred other things to spend 10 thousand on.

Автор ulina louis ( назад)
very nice

Автор H H ( назад)
Are there lights at night, because it can be damn horrifying if the entire window becomes dark.

Автор lisa dovas ( назад)
Can the divers like...see what's in the bathroom? Man they must be really happy divers... x'D

Автор Hitesh Patel ( назад)
Where are the Sharks

Автор Paradys Cantwell ( назад)
what if people were diving and seen u in the bathtub

Автор GamerGirl Power ( назад)
what camera do you use?

Автор The Llama Lady ( назад)
"Oh my God, he's so photogenic. .."

Bimbo alert. ..

Автор SNipE Frazer ( назад)
Can you imagine being in the bath tub, turn around really quick, turn back and see a snorkeler stare at you

Автор WWERULEZ1000 ( назад)
The Sonic 2 Aquatic Ruin Zone music would fit nicely here.

Автор Mor Cow ( назад)
Where is this place? I will go and live there!

Автор Henlo Yu Stinkey ( назад)
Its all fun and games until that glass cracks.

Автор Nini Wang ( назад)
Are there big fish like Dolphins or nah....

Автор MapleBunnyThree AJ ( назад)
I know the aquariam is HUGE but compared to the amount of fish its way to small 🐠😭

Автор Fan Love ( назад)
Must be nice to be rich

Автор Natalie Martin ( назад)
lol imagine taking a relaxing bath, then feeling really nervous to get out and walk over to ur towel because the fish will see u naked, then u work up the courage and realize ur being ridiculous, and u stand up naked AND THE WORKERS SCUBA DIVE IN THERE TO LIKE FEED THE FISH AND CLEAN IT AND STUFF HAHHAHA

Автор Jjwjwhsk shsn Jsjsjsjak ( назад)
I've been there before

Автор Geri Sanchez ( назад)
Its kinda weird When you wake up Then scuba divers stares at you xD

Автор Arcelia Lopez ( назад)
don't other people see u on the other side?

Автор Goozie Rex ( назад)
Could you imagine taking a bath, butt naked, looking at the fish, then a SNORKELER COMES!?!?

Автор Tender Sheep ( назад)
What's the view like at night? It's it lit up or does it disappear? Can you see other windows of other rooms? So weird.

Автор Dulce Maria ( назад)
Rich people are lucky

Автор Fiskgyrl2 ( назад)
Not fair.

Автор Xi Yun Huang ( назад)
Ten thousand? That's cheap......

Автор Wimpy Water 3 ( назад)
New bioshoke

Автор Lizzie Hurst ( назад)
only if i was rich...

Автор Mariya Craft ( назад)
By guys are soo amazing I wish I was ur sis

Автор Yasmine Lava ( назад)
Ive been to Atlantis it's on a island I stayed on level 14

Автор Ahmed Alkalo ( назад)
meet the vloggers i need just 10000 dollars

Автор hasti kamil ( назад)
What if someone was was snorkelling and saw you having a Bath

Автор Rihanna McDaniel ( назад)
Where this at so I can tell my mama and we can go

Автор Kim Sophie Reinhold ( назад)
Is that a hotel?

Автор Dian Jessicha ( назад)
Love your accent ♥♥♥

Автор Hazell Garza ( назад)
I saw boy in the water

Автор Tayla Trudzik ( назад)
sooooooooooo nice

Автор Rainbow BFF T.V ( назад)
Hi mr stingray how was your sleep? Would you like some coffee today? *once you wake up*

Автор Rainbow BFF T.V ( назад)
Luckkyyy I wanna be there

Автор CrazedKiller ( назад)
Such a crappy kitchen by nice toilet!

Автор Rafi Malsi ( назад)
They make me feel so bad about my life 😔

Автор MJ Blue ( назад)
For one night? $10,000?!? At least 3 nights would be good!

Автор Atlanta Guns ( назад)
The hotel couldn't spend a little more to make it a one way glass? Why have shades when the room costs 10k lol.

Автор FrizzleXo ( назад)
Everyone keeps saying "oh like the scuba divers can see you" It's probably one way glass or there's something called CURTAINS!! GET A GRIP!! And also people are saying "like.. what if the glass smashed ?!" Maybe.. just maybe.. people are ACTUALLY clever and invent thick glass strong enough ? Also people are saying "this would be creepy like, having a bath with the fish staring at you like EW!!" FLIPPING HELL PEOPLE! It's not like the fish are flipping Pervy pedophiles is it?! GET A GRIP!!

Автор Ash K ( назад)
2.1 mill views (5th march 2017) . She has recovered 40% of the cost of the suite. Nice.

Автор sufyan paswal ( назад)
I have been to a under water suite about 2 times I can afford it

Автор Eslam Lotfy ( назад)
its really cool and nice but its not under water its an aquarium !!!! thats bad

Автор Phillip Sculls ( назад)
I would die I knifes fear water

Автор Cynthia Vega ( назад)
your so lucky girl

Автор ForeroFlower ( назад)
She can be a model just promoting the hotel

Автор Skynet Google ( назад)
its not as breath taking as you .

Автор Shutyaface ( назад)
I wish I could be a hot woman for a living..

Автор Ridhima sinha ( назад)
and suddenly a giant shark comes amd breaks the glass

Автор Dori Creed ( назад)

Автор Unique ( назад)
10k for 1night ?

Автор Chuglife Apex ( назад)

Автор Neith ( назад)
10k a night? That's 90% of how much I earn in a YEAR. Lmao

Автор Kiara Scott ( назад)
Its so gorgeous

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