How To Make A MEGA FUNFETTI CAKE! Confetti Vanilla Cake with Sprinkle RICE KRISPIE TREATS!

  • Published on Sep 13, 2016
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    Director of Photography: Sasha Hill
    Editor: Orhan Sumen
    Producers: Jocelyn Mercer & Connie Contardi
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  • Ember Smith
    Ember Smith 5 days ago

    She looks like the mom in Prince of Peoporia

  • Tina Lešnjak
    Tina Lešnjak 12 days ago

    I have this t-shirt and every time a friend invites me to a birthday party I wear it

  • Rebecca Sanborn
    Rebecca Sanborn 14 days ago

    12:32 is me when someone said there’s hot Cheetos

  • Jelyn Reley
    Jelyn Reley 14 days ago

    The worst thing about making cakes is cutting them down😁😁😭😭😂😂

  • Anne Jenett
    Anne Jenett 17 days ago

    When yolonda does it it's always so perfect

  • Madison Kessens
    Madison Kessens 19 days ago +1

    Just have fun with it *because it's a FUNfetti cake*

  • Ellz zhu
    Ellz zhu 23 days ago

    hi r u there

  • markia winters
    markia winters 24 days ago

    The Asmr when she was cutting the squares was real

  • Janya Mccloud
    Janya Mccloud Month ago

    so what do you do with the cake after you've baked and ate it?

  • Pia Domingo
    Pia Domingo Month ago

    Yolanda you should use a Cake Strip its engineered to correct uneven baking by applying an insulating layer around the outside of a cakepan. Without insulation from the oven's heat, the edges bake more quickly while the center tends to dome, crack, or rise quickly before collapsing.

  • Van Tam
    Van Tam 2 months ago

    What type of cake pans does she use and where can I get them?

  • Marcia Rodrigues
    Marcia Rodrigues 2 months ago

    I love it. Cangratulations from Brazil.

  • Gacha Girls12
    Gacha Girls12 3 months ago

    I think she liked the cake at the end 😂

  • Lia Brooks
    Lia Brooks 3 months ago

    Don’t you just want to eat the leftover pieces from the cake leveling and then make them into cake pops?

  • MariaTheGamerGirl ._.
    MariaTheGamerGirl ._. 3 months ago

    I LOVE Rice Krispies!!

  • TTslime
    TTslime 3 months ago

    I love you’re videos and cakes I hope every person in the world subscribes to you lol love your vids

  • Babyphat Ash
    Babyphat Ash 4 months ago

    Omg if you wear headphones and there up sorta loud at 6:52 you can hear someone say I know at first I thought I was going crazy but then I re played it and I heard it again lol creepy yos kitchen is hauntedmlol 🤣😂

  • Allyssa Cassidy
    Allyssa Cassidy 4 months ago

    I heard it😂😂

  • XxxKit_ KatzxxX
    XxxKit_ KatzxxX 4 months ago

    U should make a giant Yolanda cake

  • Townley Slack
    Townley Slack 4 months ago

    You should make a cake of yourself!

  • Elma Jukic
    Elma Jukic 5 months ago

    Where does all this cake go 🤣

  • Aivam 05
    Aivam 05 5 months ago

    11:12 look at all those marshmalows standing in line and waiting to be covered in sugar sand 😂😂😂

  • aatc oman
    aatc oman 5 months ago

    the cake looks gorgeous

  • Sarah Hall
    Sarah Hall 5 months ago

    4:14 the sprinkles look like they make a super fancy L shape !

    KITTEN QUEEN 5 months ago

    Yolanda I'm sorry but I hate cake

  • Tia Street
    Tia Street 5 months ago

    Can you do a tres leche cake?!

  • Ms Bubble 【Crying For Help】

    i can smell it from my screen

  • Enxhi. q
    Enxhi. q 5 months ago

    So beautiful ❤

  • Koldest Ever
    Koldest Ever 5 months ago

    You are super fun to watch! Thanks for the great videos.

  • Sophia The Last
    Sophia The Last 5 months ago


  • Kit And cat
    Kit And cat 6 months ago

    Couldn’t stop laughing I cried when she said WEAR WEAR WEAR you cant do that

  • Libby Haynes
    Libby Haynes 6 months ago

    I only came for Jocelyn’s voice 😞

  • Libby Haynes
    Libby Haynes 6 months ago +1

    2019 Anyone?

  • Julia Sieradzka
    Julia Sieradzka 6 months ago

    Spongebob całe please

  • Blackness
    Blackness 6 months ago

    The person behind the camera is laughing too much ! Even when there is nothing to laugh about , that's annoying ..

  • darcy boyd
    darcy boyd 6 months ago

    have you ever thought about remaking old cake designs? perhaps... a recake?

  • Ms Shah
    Ms Shah 6 months ago

    This looks amazing... But I was wondering how one can slice this cake... It's sooooo tall...

  • Melissa Marty
    Melissa Marty 7 months ago

    What do you crumcoat and chil

  • Katrina Kirkwood
    Katrina Kirkwood 7 months ago +1

    Have have you ever dropped the cake # disco marshmallows like this if you like the words and please reply

    P.s. thanks so much thanks so much

  • annette pope
    annette pope 7 months ago

    Ur crazy😂😂😂 i luv it

  • Griselda Partono
    Griselda Partono 8 months ago

    The only reason I know your channel is because of Simplynailogical and I’m so happy I did love yaaa😝😝😝😝

  • Faith Ragland
    Faith Ragland 8 months ago

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  • Vaya’s Life
    Vaya’s Life 9 months ago

    There should have been a secret chamber full of marshmallows and sprinkles

  • Ella Willis
    Ella Willis 9 months ago

    NO CRUMB COAT AND CHILL!??!?!?!!?!?
    Yolanda, you have disappointed me...
    😤😑😤😑😤😑 it's ok...

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    dezinechic 9 months ago

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  • Haley Grigg
    Haley Grigg 9 months ago

    You are amazing with that spatula. So precise 😍

  • Leah's Lifestyle
    Leah's Lifestyle 9 months ago

    What do you do with the cake after you make it

  • Icy Echo
    Icy Echo 9 months ago

    Who watches the videos but never makes the cake

  • Laurie Cochran
    Laurie Cochran 9 months ago +1

    She should make a coffee cup cake

  • Laurie Cochran
    Laurie Cochran 9 months ago +1

    I love watching her decorate cakes she makes them look so awesome this funfati cake is going to look awesome Yolanda is the queen of cakes

  • Laurie Cochran
    Laurie Cochran 9 months ago +1

    Cool and colorful cake

  • Bob Charlie
    Bob Charlie 9 months ago

    Your cakes are beyond amazing.

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen 10 months ago

    Hi Yolanda! I love your videos and I love your buttercream recipe. I tried adding color into the buttercream but it started to become watery and drops of liquid coming out when I started piping. I need advice. Am I doing something wrong?

  • courtney blagg
    courtney blagg 10 months ago

    you should so do a brush stroke cake

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    Zianè Klaasen 10 months ago

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    Kayla Meadows 10 months ago

    Finally found one of Yos videos where she doesnt use fondant. Holy crap.

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    rachael blackburn 10 months ago

    Show the people behind rhe camera like if you agree

  • Hibah Butt
    Hibah Butt 10 months ago

    6:53 has a very brief I know

  • Henna Sohal
    Henna Sohal 10 months ago

    really good

  • Henna Sohal
    Henna Sohal 10 months ago

    if you made a dolphin 🐬 cake good if not can you make one please

  • L.A. Beauty
    L.A. Beauty 10 months ago

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    Mikaila Slays 10 months ago

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    Grace's World 10 months ago

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  • Lydia Brown
    Lydia Brown 11 months ago

    I am not actually very fond of the color orange... Or pink... I like green, white, blue(normally deep or a nice pale blue) black, grey, and HOLO!!!

  • Ronnie West
    Ronnie West 11 months ago

    It looks like it could be a Instagram inspired cake

  • Jan Ette Oakley
    Jan Ette Oakley 11 months ago

    I love funfetti things and I also love rice krispy treats and I love the way you did the watercolor dedisighn and I think you should do another one like it!

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    Gaby Gafford 11 months ago

    Make a vegan cake

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    You’re truly phenomenal Yo!!!! You’re so kind caring and loving and so happy and so inspiring! Keep being amazing and never forget how much you’re loved cherished and cared for

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