Michael Avenatti: It's Too Late For Donald Trump And Cohen To Surrender | The Last Word | MSNBC

  • Published on Sep 11, 2018
  • Donald Trump and Michael Cohen both surrendered to Stormy Daniels, offering to tear up the non-disclosure agreement if she drops her case. But Michael Avenatti tells Lawrence they waited too long and vows to prove Trump conspired with Cohen to violate campaign finance laws.
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    Michael Avenatti: It's Too Late For Donald Trump And Cohen To Surrender | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  • Jonathan Sterling
    Jonathan Sterling 3 days ago

    All of these videos are like a huge empty cavern.
    Just search RUclip for (Michael Avenatti Trump), scroll down far as you can to expose lots of results, then search for (MSNBC). In the comments, just remember many of the America-bashers are foreigners.

  • Jonathan Sterling
    Jonathan Sterling 3 days ago +1


  • kalumnist
    kalumnist 4 days ago

    Avenatti must have had fun night with O'Donnell, catering to his every whim, barking like petulant dog

  • Edwin Chenoweth
    Edwin Chenoweth 4 days ago +2

    What ever happened to all this?

  • Rob Trousdale
    Rob Trousdale 26 days ago

    Lawrence looks like his about to go down on this guy

  • fordfairlane1955
    fordfairlane1955 Month ago +2

    you guys drink the kool aid Avenatti is going to jail and Lawrence is dooped again

  • liam mt
    liam mt Month ago

    MSNBC are amazed at the extraordinary legal capability of Michael Avenatti. as seen here and were willfully backing him as a contention for 2020 Presidential election. Solid ,advisory, steady , and a very reliable news source.

  • foofoola
    foofoola Month ago

    And Trump is still gonna get his too ... it’s coming

  • grgoldner
    grgoldner Month ago +2

    How stupid do you democrats feel today? You people are so dumb.

  • Eric Holdsworth
    Eric Holdsworth Month ago +2

    well msnbc viewers how are we today hmm seems mr avenatti has a bit of a problem,would any of the viewers like to come over to my house because you will swallow just about anything.

  • shabado denco
    shabado denco Month ago +1

    Who laugh last now? nemesis always await those who seek to destroy other illegally , you will enjoy your stay in jail micko CNN can't bail you out

  • dennis robison
    dennis robison Month ago

    Lets back up he said.._.._.Onto you prison buddy's co.__........____

  • Blue Line Tactical Solutions

    So....how'd that work out for you you smiling fool?

  • Dillon Moreno
    Dillon Moreno 2 months ago +3

    And now hes going to jail... LOL

  • Rob D
    Rob D 2 months ago +2

    Michael avenatti is now qualified by the DNC and brain-dead Lawrence as nomination for president..

  • Keef Riffhard
    Keef Riffhard 2 months ago +4

    Surrendered? Avenatti's been arrested. HE had to surrender. That's the "Last Word" Lawrence.

  • M G
    M G 2 months ago +5

    Well someones going to prison and it isn't Trump. The irony.....

  • James James
    James James 2 months ago +5

    Nothing in this clip aged well.........AHAHAHAHA

  • anastasia pezzuoli
    anastasia pezzuoli 3 months ago

    You don’t do that to Avenatti

  • George Medzigian
    George Medzigian 4 months ago

    That wap does not understand if polosi is in congress trump will win.

  • Mark Rogers
    Mark Rogers 6 months ago +1

    baha baha baha baha baaaahabahaaaaaaaa baha baha bahaaaaaaaaaaa lol lol lol.

  • Constantine
    Constantine 6 months ago +2

    I told you this maggot would end up in jail before Cohen did! He went to jail today for domestic violence. And, though I have seen NO EVIDENCE, I am sure he's guilty! metoomovement! LMFAO!!!!

  • eddie corbette
    eddie corbette 7 months ago +2

    This lawyer is so full of hot air and CNN right behind him.

  • Sabrina Arturis
    Sabrina Arturis 7 months ago

    He has manage to do what no congress, no reporter, no white member has been able to do which is to grab him by his ....and not let go !!!

  • J W
    J W 7 months ago

    His new name is Michael Loozenatti

  • Rudy Jimenez
    Rudy Jimenez 7 months ago

    Godbless the United States!

    • Ron Wright
      Ron Wright 7 months ago

      The art of the deal the Scam of america by trump

  • Smily BigTex
    Smily BigTex 7 months ago

    I see a future Jerry Springer episode starring Trump and Stormy . I wonder what the title will be?

  • hot chocalate
    hot chocalate 7 months ago

    This is like The Fugitive! Avenatti is David Jansen after Dum Drumpf who is the one arm man!!!wow what a movie!!!!!Lol,,Lol!!!!

  • hot chocalate
    hot chocalate 7 months ago

    I need michael Avenatti as my attorney if I need one, this guy is a real pro, and does not back down !!!!! Go! Avenatti get some mikki o nd Dr ok m that Drumpf that he has stole from everyone else!!!! Love Avenatti!!!

    • reset button
      reset button Month ago

      I believe he only charges two soups per case now!

  • theresa garrett
    theresa garrett 7 months ago +1

    I love this guy.

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia 7 months ago +3

    More like too late for Avenatti. He's the BOY THAT CRIED WOLF too many times and now no one believes him anymore =(

  • dan ter
    dan ter 7 months ago

    its oct now and nothing lmao

  • Liz Roberts
    Liz Roberts 7 months ago

    Ha ha what was it The Donald turd said I hate losers, well hello Trump Loser 😊

  • Victoria Doss
    Victoria Doss 7 months ago

    I respect Avenatti. He is a good lawyer, but he is very controlling. I don't want him as President.

    • reset button
      reset button Month ago

      Of course you do, you people are sick!

  • Mike E
    Mike E 7 months ago

    Fake news guys

  • Hope
    Hope 7 months ago

    If he runs I will vote for him 5 times..

    • reset button
      reset button Month ago

      Of course you would, you people are sick!

  • fastermx
    fastermx 7 months ago

    Today, if you enter the White House, be prepared to feel your IQ drop 50 points. What does it take to elect a low-IQ president?
    What else than low-IQ voters.
    Is it, just possibly, true that people in rural areas are often inbred? Our culture has deteriorated to a point where there's almost nothing that can stand between a man and "getting off." With that kind of standard, even one's sister is accessible.
    I remember an old joke: "What is a hillbilly's definition of a virgin? A girl who can run faster than her brother."
    Only I thought it was just a humorous exaggeration.
    Now I'm not so sure.

  • George Wilder Jr.
    George Wilder Jr. 7 months ago +2

    Why can't people in the media stand up to Trump when he insults them on national TV? He is a bully. Stand up to bullies!!

  • x- o
    x- o 7 months ago +1

    think about the good things you could do with all the money wasted for this sh#t...

  • Kabir Horseman
    Kabir Horseman 8 months ago

    Lololololol who is this guy?

  • Jack Soxman
    Jack Soxman 8 months ago

    The guy reminds me of Better Call Soul.

  • Edward Stack Sr
    Edward Stack Sr 8 months ago +1

    Avenatti is the legal MAFIA...............the average dago!

  • Russell Mitchell
    Russell Mitchell 8 months ago

    Slimetime tv

    JVONROCK 8 months ago

    Listen to this guy, he’s lost it ! Yes lawyers and whores will save America, both champion Liars.

  • Demonrat Slayer
    Demonrat Slayer 8 months ago

    Ah,,, interview with sleazy greasy!!

  • White Tiger
    White Tiger 8 months ago +1

    All I can do is laugh at YOU dumba** people here .

  • hot chocalate
    hot chocalate 8 months ago +1

    The movie was called The Fugitive only difference is Trump is guilty, Dr Richard Kimble was innocent he was after the one armed man and the fib was after him.they claimed he murdered his wife but it was the one armed man who murdered his wife not Dr Kimble. Wow what a movie

  • hot chocalate
    hot chocalate 8 months ago +1

    Avenatti, is the white Italian Johnnie Cochran has no fear, and got Dump the Orange one running scared he has meet his match, Avenatti has the brains and courage,Omarosa has the brain and receipts!!! Poor old man Trump has a lot of issues,sometimes I feel bad for him but you can't run, and you can't hide.

  • My Boi
    My Boi 8 months ago

    So many ignorant commenters in this comment section 😒

  • Paul Dixon
    Paul Dixon 8 months ago

    Mr Avenatti was correct from day one. Paul

  • groovidg
    groovidg 8 months ago +1

    Avenatti..? ..What? A new version of the same ole Lying Left. And little windex on a Rest Stop toilet appears to freshen it up. The problem is it’s still the same ole.. Rest Stop toilet. I mean Lying Left.

  • Mountain Dew
    Mountain Dew 8 months ago

    who attacked stormy and child at the parking lot ?, who sent this weirdo to attack her ?!?👽

  • Dorri Olds
    Dorri Olds 8 months ago +1

    The problem is that Republicans don't care. They'll vote for tRump anyway. The rich people want the tax breaks that make them richer by stealing from the poor. The poor people wanted a "savior" and believe all of the bs that tRump spews just to get their vote. They are being so screwed by the GOP. They also don't get that Obama fought for them. He wanted to distribute wealth more evenly - he wanted to the wealthy. Why shouldn't the wealthy pay 1/3 of their income like I have to? tRump should be arrested for tax evasion.

  • Nelson King
    Nelson King 8 months ago +2

    Oh liberals. This wishful thinking of yours is amazing. I see you guys rubbing your hands with glee every time somebody suggests that Trump is going down. If you guys ever got out of your little circles, your safe space bubbles, you'd see that your opinions are not particularly universal. Trump isn't going anywhere despite how Avenatti spins it.

    • reset button
      reset button Month ago +1

      +Ron Wright is he?

    • Ron Wright
      Ron Wright 7 months ago

      Trump is in free fall their isnt.enough trolls of his base to catch him !

  • George Marksity
    George Marksity 8 months ago +1

    Avenatti is a snowflake

  • Victor Ramirez
    Victor Ramirez 8 months ago

    Worst 130k investment trumps ever made.

  • beba micou
    beba micou 8 months ago

    Avennati did not come to play...

  • Jamie Rogers
    Jamie Rogers 8 months ago

    Michael Avenatti is a man of integrity - please keep fighting the good fight.

  • Keven alvarado
    Keven alvarado 8 months ago

    Everyone is guilty to help Trump to be the president but Trump is innocent

  • Round Robin
    Round Robin 8 months ago

    And this means there will be no joy in Crimeville for Crime Boss Donnie and his cultist mobsters.
    The Crime Boss has been outsmarted at every turn by Avenatti and he will suffer for it. About time!!

  • bernard blanchard
    bernard blanchard 8 months ago


  • Damien
    Damien 8 months ago

    Avenatti is Trump's worst nightmare...

  • Dee Elliott
    Dee Elliott 8 months ago


    TELEVISIBLE 8 months ago

    He is tried of winning !

  • j t
    j t 8 months ago

    #WALKAWAY!! President Trumps base and Black voter rolls growing by the tens of thousands And after the Republicans take both houses, President Trump can do what he was elected (BY THE PEOPLE ) to do. with out all the distractions created by the low life losing left butt hurt cry babies. it's incredible what he has accomplished while Demonrats and ugly libratards attack President Trump and this Great nation.

  • Joe Vargas
    Joe Vargas 8 months ago +1

    I bet a Milion.dolkars trump regrets being president he thought his skeletons in his closer would never come out . checkmate trump your a crooked dishonest crook.you got got

  • Mr. Theodore
    Mr. Theodore 8 months ago +1

    Cats Fair water slides less than Donald Trump Fair Michael avenatti.

  • Pyrolight
    Pyrolight 8 months ago

    Lol no judge will allow the "illegal contract" part to move forward.

  • locadisa
    locadisa 8 months ago +1

    I like Avenatti. I also like the fact that he may run for president because it will take strength and courage to unseat agent orange. I just hope that he will be ready to discuss the many issues facing the American people. Right now is the time to focus.

    • reset button
      reset button Month ago

      You people shouldn't be allowed to vote.

  • circa dian
    circa dian 8 months ago +1

    I like that Avenatti has always treated Ms. Clifford with respect and dignity, but he's wayyyy beyond her now, he's got his eyes on a much bigger picture. He wants to be the lawyer who took down Trump, and from the way he says "this has always been my plan" you can tell that she was a stepping stone to that end.
    Good luck to him, though. He was smart to take this case, he's played it perfectly, I hope he gets what he wants.

  • Dana Rivera
    Dana Rivera 8 months ago

    also quite curious what all of you will do soon once alphabet is nationalised and your public information is readily avaliable to every person who has the courage to come and physically harm you for outright lying and causing people to suffer financially and physically lol im curious what will you do...call the police for help?

  • Che M
    Che M 8 months ago

    Who cares?

  • halfcolombian
    halfcolombian 8 months ago +3

    Lawrence seems much friendlier in his interview with Avenatti than Tucker Carlson was. Pretty strange considering that according to Tucker diversity is a bad thing and Lawrence and Tucker are both white so they should have so much harmony.

  • desiguy55
    desiguy55 8 months ago

    wow, this gold digging trollop is not $300 let alone 130k.

  • Ewa Zizemska
    Ewa Zizemska 8 months ago

    You are evil people !!!!!

  • archivalangel
    archivalangel 8 months ago

    CPL will never get what he is looking for legally, all his theatrics attempted to propel himself forward, and get his fees paid by someone other than those Chalupa gals. Dem plant, total hack. Chess!? Pfft.

  • Darrell Motley
    Darrell Motley 8 months ago


  • John Lopes
    John Lopes 8 months ago

    I don't care in a way I was the politest one even if in a way I was not I guess.

  • ROADmaster Masterjmpg
    ROADmaster Masterjmpg 8 months ago +1

    You go stormy yeah!!!!!...

  • am2008ber
    am2008ber 8 months ago +3

    I love Avenatti even more now! He's brilliant!!

  • John Lopes
    John Lopes 8 months ago

    At least they completely know where I buried him you wanted a sun tan did ya .

  • Edward Stack Sr
    Edward Stack Sr 8 months ago

    Avenatti is an ambulance chasing nose picker. He will eventually go before the Bar Ethics Committee for ethics violations.

  • Philosopher of Nonsense
    Philosopher of Nonsense 8 months ago +1

    Remember when all of this was called "fake news" by Trump and his mindless lemming army of Putin minions on RUclip? Self-proclaimed patiots who were blindly serving Putin kept denying that this was real, and that the MSM made it all up? Where are they now?

  • Lawrence Jones
    Lawrence Jones 8 months ago

    The problem is 40% of the country is too racist and ignorant to know that Donald Dump is not qualified to be POTUS.

  • Harry Gearhart
    Harry Gearhart 8 months ago +1

    This is like watching a cat batting a mouse around.

  • WestCoast Cheesehead
    WestCoast Cheesehead 8 months ago

    So by the same logic Michael Avenatti is advocating the extradition and arrest of george soros

  • Doc Lewis
    Doc Lewis 8 months ago

    This presidency should prove to people that IF you've done shady sh*t at ANYTIME in your life DON'T run for office. The WORLD will investigate you and everyone you've ever met.

  • Emjay Adams
    Emjay Adams 8 months ago +1

    “We’ve been playing chess, they’ve been playing checkers.” 😂

  • Dragon Eater
    Dragon Eater 8 months ago +1

    God despises bribery. As you can see what happens when a king tries to work one over on the King of Kings. Doesn't a ruler know that he is closer to God than the citizens? And so is judged more strictly? Be wary of what position you are trying to corrupt, o' king!

  • Dan Fremont
    Dan Fremont 8 months ago

    How many messes can Trump juggle at one time??

  • Dan Fremont
    Dan Fremont 8 months ago +1

    Go get him, Michael!

    • reset button
      reset button Month ago

      He's going to be getting something in prison.

  • Robert Christmas
    Robert Christmas 8 months ago

    Don t you people in the media know how ANGRY the American people are with you.... well I m sure you will find out eventually. Watch your mouths

  • Jj Jj
    Jj Jj 8 months ago

    screech weiner…
    Great Comment!!
    That's what makes USA GREAT!
    Where the Humble can take down a Monster!

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 8 months ago +2

    Where are the trump tards to defend trump?

  • Jackyboy335
    Jackyboy335 8 months ago +3

    Just BEAUTIFUL ! Bye, bye, Donny Fraud.

  • Wolfsky9
    Wolfsky9 8 months ago +2

    DJT is destroying our nation. -----------He must be stopped. -----------------WolfSky9, 71 y/o

  • Truth Speaketh
    Truth Speaketh 8 months ago +1

    If Trump’s own money was used to pay Stormy, regardless of Trump’s direct knowledge or instruction on the matter, how is it a campaign finance violation? Even if it is a violation, Cohen will go down for it, not Trump. You can’t sue a candidate for using his own money for whatever personal or political objectives. It’s absurd.

  • dirt man
    dirt man 8 months ago +1

    This man is an American hero, if I'm ever sitting down somewhere and I see him, I will stand up for Michael Avenatti. I have so much gratitude for him and Stormy too!

  • George George
    George George 8 months ago

    rather than go down alone Trump will bring the whole house down

  • PalmerEldritch666
    PalmerEldritch666 8 months ago

    She's practically the Joan of ARc of 21 st Century USA..........Only in America.