The Ultimate BWW "Blazing" Wings Challenge

  • Published on Jan 5, 2018
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    Finally doing another Spicy Challenge!!
    As expected, it hurt like hell.
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Comments • 13 115

  • Naushad Bano
    Naushad Bano 36 minutes ago

    10 full cakes challenge pls

  • Mike Y
    Mike Y 4 hours ago

    Your biggest mistake was rubbing your eyes at 7:07

  • Kai Isla
    Kai Isla 5 hours ago

    Does your camera man ever eat? Like do you order food on the side for him cause I would be so hungry

  • Vanshika Anand
    Vanshika Anand 7 hours ago

    How many days do u keep yourself hungry before doing any such challenges

  • EZrider
    EZrider 11 hours ago

    Finishing them blind. That's dedication.

  • Lucas khalifa
    Lucas khalifa 19 hours ago

    Never give up

  • Çokluoyuncu Tr
    Çokluoyuncu Tr Day ago

    bir kerede yavaslatmadan izleleyelim aq :D

  • Astrxcat XIII
    Astrxcat XIII Day ago

    "Does my face look alright, is it normal?" LMFAO HE LOOKS LIKE A CRYING PUG

  • Jo Bckts
    Jo Bckts Day ago

    How about $1 store Towels, wipe face few times. Every video. Old tshirt. Something.

  • one-_-shot z
    one-_-shot z Day ago

    Anybody else 2019

  • Peter David
    Peter David 2 days ago

    What is the name of the background music at 4:00????

  • Peter David
    Peter David 2 days ago

    What is the name of the background music

  • Fenny Lopez
    Fenny Lopez 2 days ago

    Guess stonie wont be doing hot ones lmao

  • Fenny Lopez
    Fenny Lopez 2 days ago

    "Morgans laugh reminds me of windshield wipers"

  • Kohlman Bradley
    Kohlman Bradley 2 days ago

    The funny thing is they make you sign a contract to not touch your eyes.

  • basketball hooper over here

    Amateur move🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Isaac Law
    Isaac Law 2 days ago

    It was at this moment when Matt knew, he fucked up.

  • Ali Veli
    Ali Veli 2 days ago

    When i wach this vid im telling my mom can you plase get me a KFC

  • Toxic Man
    Toxic Man 2 days ago +2

    There’s two type of people, chicken thighs or wings.

    Like for thighs Comment for wing

  • miranda george
    miranda george 3 days ago

    you have a horrible friend/camera man

  • Xilleo
    Xilleo 3 days ago

    0:44 I was half expecting a dollar shave club sponsor

  • Hadesaxe
    Hadesaxe 3 days ago +1

    He doesn't even finish his food

  • polo geek
    polo geek 3 days ago

    You is à porc

  • skylar lapatak
    skylar lapatak 4 days ago

    Anyone think this was staged?

  • Ezpeeze
    Ezpeeze 5 days ago

    Thats what
    She said

  • Rupa Sinha
    Rupa Sinha 5 days ago

    0:11 after getting out of toilet after 2 hour straight

  • mohammed joynal abedin

    I can take a lot of spice
    I love spicy food

  • BoondocksBangBang
    BoondocksBangBang 6 days ago

    Awe cmmon Matt, what type of pussy shit is that? First round you feel something😂😂

  • Raymond El-Haddad
    Raymond El-Haddad 6 days ago

    You look like a zombie.

  • Hanna Haggard
    Hanna Haggard 7 days ago +13

    Matt: *Getting all messy*
    Me: “This is why I like boneless.”

    • Astrxcat XIII
      Astrxcat XIII Day ago

      Someone said dudes who eat boneless wings close the fridge door with their hips and I ain't ever been that mad at a god damn joke bruh boneless wings are fucking great

    • Rambo Rodeo
      Rambo Rodeo 3 days ago

      which is why you should wear gloves while eating wings

  • MyCaballs Hurt
    MyCaballs Hurt 7 days ago +2

    Why don’t u just get boneless? It is less messy and even a bit cheaper

  • taylon Sotomayor
    taylon Sotomayor 7 days ago

    I like that laugh

  • ッÇãll Of Dùtÿ - Mãstër ッ

    Can u eat kilu luka i dvadeset porcija cevapa

  • Cashmoney Rye
    Cashmoney Rye 7 days ago

    wipes would be better dont you think especially a wet paper towel

  • Chase Raney
    Chase Raney 8 days ago

    I got gost pepper juice in my eye and it burned

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous 9 days ago

    MattStonie:So face looks alright is it normal

  • Daniel Bowers
    Daniel Bowers 9 days ago

    He is going to be on the toilet for hours

  • Sophia Awaritefe
    Sophia Awaritefe 9 days ago

    When I rubbed his eyes haha. I saw that shit coming 😂

  • Bling BlingBoi
    Bling BlingBoi 11 days ago +1

    I am sure his whole house is gonna be on fire after he poop out them Hell flame 😂

  • United kicks
    United kicks 11 days ago

    Honestly I got the 3rd to last he got and it wasn’t that spicy I might try the blazin

  • amvs jrb
    amvs jrb 11 days ago

    ima feel bad when the heat hits bikini bottom

  • Wilson Steven
    Wilson Steven 12 days ago

    🤣🤣 bro I’m in tears right now he really rubbed sauce all in his eye 🤣🤣 7:40

  • Brandon Goodman
    Brandon Goodman 12 days ago

    He eat so much he can't even eat for weeks

  • YKAY
    YKAY 13 days ago

    My man I ate this and I crieddd

  • ooo top
    ooo top 13 days ago

    He should have used milk instead of water

    • Ali Alsaadi
      Ali Alsaadi 10 days ago +1

      ooo top yeah ik. btw it’s called capsaicin

    • ooo top
      ooo top 10 days ago

      @Ali Alsaadi actually capsicum(substance which causes spiciness) dissolves in milk . Therefore reducing its effect . So just for the sake of this challenge he shud hv used that

    • Ali Alsaadi
      Ali Alsaadi 10 days ago

      milk with chicken is not good for the body and it doesn’t taste real good

  • ShaggySpark 6733
    ShaggySpark 6733 13 days ago

    Wast of food

  • ShaggySpark 6733
    ShaggySpark 6733 13 days ago

    When u relize u only eat half the wings and say ur done

  • Arjun Lakkireddy
    Arjun Lakkireddy 13 days ago


  • Kadmiel Simbulan
    Kadmiel Simbulan 13 days ago +13

    Matt: eats a bunch of hot wings
    Toilet: My time has come

  • Leonidas Gaitan
    Leonidas Gaitan 14 days ago

    F,im so proud of you my friend,you are a god :D

  • Data Eraser
    Data Eraser 14 days ago +1

    That’s nothing I can eat that in 3 minutes wtf he really can’t eat spicy stuff

  • rainprayer
    rainprayer 14 days ago

    Next time you do a vid like this with wings or similar, show a side edit of cam footage displaying your wing pile. You literally left like 40% of meat/skin/sauce in this challenge, untouched.

  • Lando Jul
    Lando Jul 14 days ago

    His anus has left the chat

  • Oscar Li
    Oscar Li 15 days ago +6

    Matt’s toilet after this be like:

    Please sir. My family is across the hall. Please don’t kill me.

  • Sammy
    Sammy 16 days ago +1

    9:39 Matt Stonie porn

    BAMBAMSAUCESAUCE 16 days ago

    Hell yea where my mild wing gang at

  • Ќʍąď ǥąʍɨɲǥ
    Ќʍąď ǥąʍɨɲǥ 16 days ago +2

    How he starts eating 3:44
    How he ends it 8:31
    Proof of zombies

  • metalheadblues
    metalheadblues 17 days ago +2

    As Sean. Evans would say , be careful around the eyes

  • Kane Enyo
    Kane Enyo 18 days ago

    A friend helps another friend. But a brother helps their friend out and laughs at their suffering.

  • Eric Levanduski
    Eric Levanduski 18 days ago

    First off, bdubs wings are absolute garbage...
    That is all