Gold Metallic Eyes & Dark Lips | Jaclyn Hill

  • Published on Dec 22, 2016
  • Here’s a new makeup tutorial featuring a gold metallic eye and a dark lip!

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  • Inteey baby
    Inteey baby 7 months ago

    I love you!!😭😭😭

  • Claudia Okyere-Fosu
    Claudia Okyere-Fosu 7 months ago

    OMG!! 😍💯🤟

  • tatiannaFBG
    tatiannaFBG 8 months ago

    Watching this in 2018 and it’s still my favorite tutorial you’ve ever done for fall 🍁🍂🧡

  • Lex C
    Lex C 9 months ago

    Love the look just not the gloss wasn't my favorite

  • Neli Cruz
    Neli Cruz 10 months ago

    2018 still watching it

  • mua Obrien
    mua Obrien 11 months ago

    This look is simple but holy crap it's so glad I love this look

  • Tessa Mae
    Tessa Mae 11 months ago


  • Courtney Haynes
    Courtney Haynes Year ago

    That damn inspiration... u give the best inspiration jacklyn😍

  • Megan Crocker
    Megan Crocker Year ago have some amazing eye looks that it’s fun to see what your going to do next!!.....😘💋......go girl!!

  • Yvette Gomez
    Yvette Gomez Year ago

    Jaclyn I love your tutorial's! I love this look, it kinda reminds me of a 1920's look which I would love to see you pull off! I LOVE YOU, thank you for your video's, they make smile and laugh cuz your so honest and humorous about whatever product your applying or talking about lol Keep it up We Love you doll! 💋💄

  • Emily Violet Marie

    Ugh I love this look so much.



  • Evangelina Byrd
    Evangelina Byrd Year ago

    Getting some serious Morticia vibes.

  • Omi Angel
    Omi Angel Year ago

    You look amazing here and I looove love love that necklace!

  • Shannen Cavan
    Shannen Cavan Year ago

    Can I wear this eyelook with a red lip for prom ):

  • Hillary Love
    Hillary Love Year ago

    Can this trend come back please. Gold eyes and dark glossy lips are my fave 😍

  • Renee Corsey
    Renee Corsey Year ago

    Yes girl you are just so beautiful 😍

  • Olivia Black
    Olivia Black Year ago

    What shade of shape tape to you use?

  • Ichikirei Number One Beauty

    WHAT did you use to get your bottom teeth so white?!?! Holy Moly you got them as white as the veneers! That is amazing and super hard to do! It looks great! LOVE this look too. It looks so cool with your hair color! Thanks for the video!

  • Annie Lyall
    Annie Lyall Year ago

    Dammnn... that gold eye with a dark lip 😍

  • KC Kay
    KC Kay Year ago

    QUEEN... that necklace tho!!!!!!!!

  • Kaitlin Lord
    Kaitlin Lord Year ago

    my all time favourite makeup look on your channel

  • Annie Bags
    Annie Bags Year ago

    "My goodness, that sounds like its a book" lolololol

  • sxrxe
    sxrxe Year ago

    Wow, I live in Germany and I can’t buy the Kylie palette for this 3 Colors.
    And I can’t buy the morphe bronzer brush. Yeah.
    Can someone send me the Link from the Bronze pigment ? Idk the company ( i don’t understand which she mean )

  • Mari Sanchez
    Mari Sanchez Year ago

    Does anybody know an inexpensive dupe for the Pat McGrath gold shade??? Pleeeease

  • I probably won’t see your reply.

    Ummm did u just say you don't know what mascara that is, from Sephora not a fan????? That is the rimmel voluminous mascara you RAVEEEEE about more than once!

  • I probably won’t see your reply.

    Anyone have any dupes for bronze 005?

  • Annalaura Reda
    Annalaura Reda Year ago

    does anyone know what is the intro song's name? (i don't speak english I'm sorry)

  • Marcela Ljavo
    Marcela Ljavo Year ago

    Your sick voice is sooooooooo pretty for some reason😂 btw I love you soo much!!

  • Harley Fidanza
    Harley Fidanza Year ago

    Sitting here watching this video and my 4 year old son says "she is adorable!" Cutest thing ever!!

  • Olga Ferenschild
    Olga Ferenschild Year ago


  • Syeda Nuzhat Tabassum


  • Love Child
    Love Child Year ago

    Love your pure white teeth! You rock Jaclyn!

  • FunTime With Secoy

    I'm going to try it... Secoy's mom

  • Tamara Yeramyan
    Tamara Yeramyan Year ago

    I adore U 💜

  • Zak Kmm
    Zak Kmm Year ago

    не рыба, не мясо

  • Gloria Ballesteros

    Ok so you said the e2 nd tom ford brushes r youre 2 favs bronzer brushes but a few videos after this on your favorite morphe brushes video u say its the r2??? Ahhh which one is it?

  • Ana Ana
    Ana Ana 2 years ago

    I wish she'd say the color she's using in foundation 😩

  • Jackie Astorga
    Jackie Astorga 2 years ago

    Can you do more non-voice overs?

  • Daralyn Bonnie
    Daralyn Bonnie 2 years ago

    the golden eye color looks awesome against my caramel skintone it actually appears as though my eye color changed wow thanks j you're the best

  • Kacey Oneill
    Kacey Oneill 2 years ago

    that crease brush looks like id be scratchy like the bristle sticking out looks hard and im wondering if it actually is or not

  • Catina Williams
    Catina Williams 2 years ago

    I love you and love your eyes

  • Gretchen Thomas
    Gretchen Thomas 2 years ago

    Random but I love your nail color!

  • S.
    S. 2 years ago

    what brush is the brush you do your face powder with?

  • Shayna Smekens
    Shayna Smekens 2 years ago

    is the Pat McGrath bronze pigment available at Sephora? Or is this item limited edition?

  • Ana Torres
    Ana Torres 2 years ago

    Does anyone know if pat McGrath is bringing the metamorphosis kits back? I wasn't able to get this and I really want it :( and I don't trust ebay or amazon :(

  • Wa Al
    Wa Al 2 years ago

    What are the brushes you used?

  • Brenda Castillo
    Brenda Castillo 2 years ago

    What color in the brown definer ?

  • Jennifer Kopenga
    Jennifer Kopenga 2 years ago +1

    This came out STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL......that's the only words I got for this look....ABSOLUTELY STUNNING 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Maritza Torres
    Maritza Torres 2 years ago

    Me encanta cada paso para poder aprender. NO SE PONERME LAS EJAS Y E TRATADO TODO NECESITÓ. AYUDA.

  • marisarose
    marisarose 2 years ago

    Where did you get your shirt and necklace I love them both so much!

  • Jessica Rowell
    Jessica Rowell 2 years ago

    What is the powder brush she uses??

  • Martina Labra
    Martina Labra 2 years ago

    what shade does she use in the taste concealer?

  • Celest Cabello
    Celest Cabello 2 years ago

    What brush did she use for highlighter?

  • Ultravioletx1
    Ultravioletx1 2 years ago

    idc what they say this lip is everything! !!

  • Elizabeth Bohanan
    Elizabeth Bohanan 2 years ago


  • Swatch Party
    Swatch Party 2 years ago

    You look so beautiful!!!!!! 😊

  • Chrissy Bells
    Chrissy Bells 2 years ago

    you legit sound like Kristen Bell.

  • S0raisa
    S0raisa 2 years ago

    "Taste skin twinkle" dead😂💀

  • Jenna J Carere
    Jenna J Carere 2 years ago

    Lip colour is poppin, but I wish you used a different brand! Maybe one that didn't come with a list of what to dos and what not to do! Love the look!

  • baylee stover
    baylee stover 2 years ago

    What brush was that, that you used for powder??

  • Olivia Tarolli
    Olivia Tarolli 2 years ago

    You are gorgeous!! and so is that necklace!! where is that from? :)

  • Dina Ramírez
    Dina Ramírez 2 years ago

    En este si hay subtitulos lo que necesito

  • Abbie Evans
    Abbie Evans 2 years ago

    What shade do you use in your tarte shape tape concealer? I'm usually your shade in everything 😂

  • Blakely McTurk
    Blakely McTurk 2 years ago

    What color do you use in the Tarte Shape Tape?

  • CaramelDiva7 ASMR
    CaramelDiva7 ASMR 2 years ago

    Magnificent! I love the gothic look! Love it! Love it! Love it! Of Course, your eyes are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Beautiful 🌹🌹🌹

  • Abby A.
    Abby A. 2 years ago

    I love this 😍😍😍and that necklace..where is it from?

  • Izaura L
    Izaura L 2 years ago

    Where did you get all your essentials oils from?

  • Mina Minče
    Mina Minče 2 years ago

    I wanna know where she got that necklace from😍

  • Yessenia Amador
    Yessenia Amador 2 years ago

    If anyone is interested in following other beauty RUcliprs. Follow me! I will be doing a series of Makeup 101 for all those lovely beginners or those who want to brush up their skills!!! ❤

  • Vika Shapel
    Vika Shapel 2 years ago

    Girl you read my mind i was just thing about what eyelash glue you use for lashes, i love this telepathy power that you have with you subbies. You are one of the 3 youtuber gurus that i have a very committed relationship with for a very long time, like since you were sitting in the kitchen next to the fridge videos. love ya

  • xHappzx
    xHappzx 2 years ago

    Her lips look ridiculous here, and not in a good way

  • Katelyn Guihot
    Katelyn Guihot 2 years ago

    what shade foundation is that?

  • MarianaMartinezzz
    MarianaMartinezzz 2 years ago

    She sounds like a sales person that just convinces you to buy every product she just talked about. I love it. Her voice is so

  • Sienna Davidson
    Sienna Davidson 2 years ago

    omg i watched this while breaking up with someone and it calmed me! jaclyn u got me girl

  • Kate Eaton
    Kate Eaton 2 years ago

    I feel like this look would be so gorgeous with a little more definition on the outer corner! Such a beautiful look though, I love you 💓

  • Maria Glover
    Maria Glover 2 years ago

    I keep thinking about this makeup look. it's one of my favorites ever. and I'm thinking.. hmm how can I duplicate this with what I already have lolol. mama needs to upgrade hahah!

  • Caitlin Scheuerman
    Caitlin Scheuerman 2 years ago

    What is the powder brush she used?

  • SuperBrimac
    SuperBrimac 2 years ago

    Am I the only one jamming out to the into/outro song?

  • JM Flores
    JM Flores 2 years ago

    merry me

  • Taylor Purvin
    Taylor Purvin 2 years ago

    Obsessed with this look!!'

  • makeupbytatianna
    makeupbytatianna 2 years ago

    This lip is bold... I'm on then fence about it... I could never pull this off

  • Julia Peterson
    Julia Peterson 2 years ago

    Need to know where to find this necklace! Absolutely love it!

  • J Spence
    J Spence 2 years ago

    I just got a laptop so I haven't been able to comment on any of your videos but I want you to know I LOVE YOU!! the foundation and concealer I use you brought to my attention which is the Josie Maren Vibrancy foundation and the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. Thank you for being awesome!! :)

  • _MakeupByMark
    _MakeupByMark 2 years ago

    Does anyone know that intro song omg 😍😍😍

  • Crystal Perez
    Crystal Perez 2 years ago

    you're soo beautiful ❤❤.

  • samana1fromsomalia
    samana1fromsomalia 2 years ago +1

    It would have looked much better with matte lip.

  • Cierra Powers
    Cierra Powers 2 years ago

    I've been feeling super bored with my makeup lately and you've given me Inspo

  • Susy
    Susy 2 years ago

    Does anyone know what brush she is using when she sets her face? She called it a "big mama brush" I want it! 😁

  • devon pell
    devon pell 2 years ago

    what songs is in the background

  • Nicha Aksawaritikul
    Nicha Aksawaritikul 2 years ago

    What highlight are you using ?

  • Francesca Cinko
    Francesca Cinko 2 years ago

    So excited I finally got the tart shape tape!! Looking for a good foundation. I have very dry skin. Any suggestions?

  • Holly Harvey
    Holly Harvey 2 years ago +1

    What in the hell have you done to your face? You look swollen like you can't make expressions and more masculine..think about how you will look in ten years, once you start all that you just will keep look like a plastic blow up doll! Leave your face alone

  • M H
    M H 2 years ago

    Love you Jaclyn!

  • Dawn B.
    Dawn B. 2 years ago

    I don't know if you've gotten lip fillers since the last time, and this is kind if a weird comment, but your lip shape is beautiful lol.

  • Bridget
    Bridget 2 years ago

    your necklace is perfection

  • Fa Sho
    Fa Sho 2 years ago

    LOVE the back drop, & her necklace!

  • Rebecca Bree
    Rebecca Bree 2 years ago

    Does anyone know what brush she uses to highlight ??

  • Sara Sara
    Sara Sara 2 years ago +1

    Has she ever said what shade her new hair color is??????

  • Lori Testy
    Lori Testy 2 years ago +2

    I really like the colors, but I just think the shiny dark lips look too harsh. I think either a little lighter lip color or maybe matte would look better.