The Brexit Mistakes That Led to Theresa May's Resignation (HBO)

  • Published on May 28, 2019
  • After almost three years of waiting for their country to leave the EU, British voters finally saw some action. Prime Minister Theresa May resigned as leader of the Conservative Party last week.
    Her resignation has been inevitable since May failed to get Parliament to accept a deal and was forced to delay Brexit. Still, there’s no clear frontrunner to fill the power vacuum that will emerge as she steps down, and whoever takes over will inherit the problems that took May down.
    One thing, however, is clear: In the next few months, her successor will clarify whether Theresa May single-handedly and spectacularly failed at her only job or whether delivering Brexit is a suicide mission for any politician.
    More than a few conservative hardliners are banking on the first hypothesis - that May’s string of bad decisions were the problem. They’re pushing to see Boris Johnson, the figurehead of the 2016 leave campaign, take over and finish what he started.
    Whoever ends up in the unenviable position will first have to handle the fallout from the European Parliament elections. Polls show the Conservative Party finishing in a humiliating fifth place. And with Nigel Farage and his newly-formed Brexit Party raging toward victory, the humiliations are likely to continue well after the results are in.
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  • VICE News
    VICE News  Month ago +26

    Still, there’s no clear frontrunner to fill the power vacuum that will emerge as she steps down, and whoever takes over will inherit the problems that took May down.
    WATCH NEXT: Brexit Could Cause Chaos At The Northern Ireland Border -

    • Parth Patel
      Parth Patel Month ago


    • raymond daubney
      raymond daubney Month ago

      @Running Man You are dead right about the lefties, they are the ones who control the education system and deliberately dumb us Whites down so we can't read and wright correctly when we want to speak up with what we know and believe, this is why I had to educate myself to a reasonable level, but I still have big problems. I manage just the same to tell these smart bastards where to go.

    • raymond daubney
      raymond daubney Month ago

      All a lot of bunk from the chosen ones as usual. I'm an Aussie and even from here I knew before the vote that such chosen ones would see to it that it would never go through. The only changes that get through are those that "they" make and want to go through. I can think back to Tony Hancock, all your PM's from and including him are of that special DNA, but I can't remember who was the last British "British" PM of our DNA.

    • Justin Facer
      Justin Facer Month ago

      @Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd maintain your culture brother.

    • Running Man
      Running Man Month ago +2

      @Fire Shepherd keep making all these accounts I can do this all day long BREXIT PARTY will be in EU talks to give EU a good spanking what a bunch of jokes forget about the last two world wars got spanking then will get in now you jokes haha

  • Wairua Tapu
    Wairua Tapu 12 days ago

    Britain's gone and fucked itself big time

  • TheRealFollower
    TheRealFollower 18 days ago

    Imagine being so cucked that you can't govern your own country.

  • SilverPlays
    SilverPlays 22 days ago

    I can recommend Adolf hitler for her place

  • bruno valentino
    bruno valentino Month ago

    S A C K E D F O R S P Y G A T E:

  • Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath Month ago

    Is the Chlorinated-US-Britain-Brexit-Exit the best idea of Britain since 1000 years history of Britain and Britain's glorious past in Europe? If the future of Britain is dominated by Trump´s chlorinated Chicken USA then chaos, disaster will destroy the UK. And Boris is born in New York. He is not British but the best friend of US president Trump. A tragedy for Britain. A tragedy for British people. How can we help Britain? 🙋‍♂️🐶

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson Month ago +1

    How do you "crash" out of something after 3yrs+?a crash takes seconds, this delay is a disgrace to the English Parliament &Government.

  • Paul Shrek
    Paul Shrek Month ago


  • Paul Shrek
    Paul Shrek Month ago


  • Bo Tie
    Bo Tie Month ago

    He looks a little like Trump

  • Geno
    Geno Month ago

    Glad that witch is gone.. bye, you wh*re!! I'm happy now

  • Kai Soerfjord
    Kai Soerfjord Month ago


  • Fat Freddy
    Fat Freddy Month ago

    Boris Johnson inept lying 2 faced prick just like the rest.

  • Fat Freddy
    Fat Freddy Month ago


    MrRRHHMM Month ago

    IMO one of the worst PM's this Country has ever had...... Vote BREXIT Party... DRAIN THE SWAMP......

  • Joe shmoe
    Joe shmoe Month ago

    "To serve the country I love" ;
    52% of the country are sick of having wages depressed and rents jacked by unlimited immigration, 100's of millions of £'s / week to the E.U. so the spanish can empty the north sea etc, so they voted OUT.
    The rich dont want this to change so she tried to create a 'deal' that would change nothing.
    Even her own party wouldnt accept this 'surrender treaty'.
    She didnt serve the country,(she would have told the E.U. we quit, come back to us about trade_) she served the rich. She even failed at that?
    108 times she said we are leaving. It was b/s, she wanted to 'remain' but fool the voters.
    She failed.
    She's GONE and good fxcking riddance to a lying sh1tbag.

  • blob fish
    blob fish Month ago

    she avoided brexit. Kudos

  • Bluecavemen
    Bluecavemen Month ago

    Bye you evil lady down with UK and France

  • gary granato
    gary granato Month ago +1

    when the economy crashes, brexiteer's will be used a scapegoats by the very people that have caused the crash and will profit from the crash. this is why something that should has taken 3 month's has taken 3 year's, and is STILL not finished. this is why from day one the politicians focused on the economy, knowing that after the crash the brexiteer's could easily be blamed.

  • MrHailstorm00
    MrHailstorm00 Month ago +1

    4:40 it's cute that she still thinks Britain is among the top powerful countries

  • David Barlow
    David Barlow Month ago

    Ah,that'll be the same Donald Trump who's reduced taxes,created over 6 million jobs,drastically reduced black youth unemployment,now has the highest employment for black and Hispanic people,is building the wall to stop drug running (by Obama's CIA).child pedos bringing kids in,and the child slave smugglers.(which,apparently ,the Democrats are okay with).The same Donald Trump who's averted war with N.Korea (which ,had Hillary Clinton have been President,would have been at war),pulled troops out of Syria and Iraq (Obama's wars).
    The same Donald Trump who's going after the deep state and looking to close the Fed Banking system?
    Try not to interview such ignorant arses next time.

  • camau79
    camau79 Month ago

    david cameron was a peanut for allowing the referendum

    ps i didnt know boris jonhson was russian, the 2 most powerful countries are russia and the us

  • Fred Huybens
    Fred Huybens Month ago

    When the UK was in the EU they had some leverage because there was the thread of them leaving the EU. Now that they’ve decided to leave there is no leverage at all and the EU has the upper hand.

  • Gloria E
    Gloria E Month ago

    I have a crush on the narrator.

  • Boaty Madfish
    Boaty Madfish Month ago

    Should do the poll in Germany 😂 my German mate straight up though Boris Johnson was a comedian doing an act on TV 👏🏻

  • June Sweeney
    June Sweeney Month ago

    We've got ill will you treacherous witch!

  • adayinforever
    adayinforever Month ago

    So when is the UK going to lift up it's anchor and float towards America?

  • Maryam Hussain
    Maryam Hussain Month ago

    trump and this boris guy got the same hair stylist lying to them lmao

  • Valentin Condeescu
    Valentin Condeescu Month ago

    Brexit means liars:))

  • Peter Green
    Peter Green Month ago

    She's away to count her money. Do you really think she gives a shit? Look at Cameron. He was PM this time 3 years ago and then the referendum happened. 😭

  • Cryptonymicus
    Cryptonymicus Month ago +1

    The problem was leaving the decision to people who are barely qualified to choose their own toilet tissue -- the electorate.

  • Mj Jones
    Mj Jones Month ago

    For someone wearing labour colours And who didn’t even bother removing the bedroom tax for those just about managing or JAMS as she called them may has done nothing . her three years as Prime Minister was nothing more than mouth flapping and For someone who said the Tories were known as the nasty party . mays Biggest achievement will be leaving number 10 leaving her nasty party well and truly intact . in her own words NOTHING HAS CHANGED she came into office hoping to do nothing and leaves office achieving it Why does this liar go to church 👎

  • Yaser Ahmed
    Yaser Ahmed Month ago

    It was clear when David Cameron stepped down... that the plan all along was for Britain to leave the eu and f*** everything...

  • titoizdaman3
    titoizdaman3 Month ago

    Bye Felicia.

  • Lucien Hicks
    Lucien Hicks Month ago

    Brexit: the way Britain humiliated themselves in a way even trump can't match

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    Crocodile tears!

    KENNY GILL Month ago


  • Eragon1962
    Eragon1962 Month ago

    Your assertion that,"Clearly no one knew what brexit was about.", is ridiculous.

  • Carlos Marques
    Carlos Marques Month ago

    in wich world that guy lives? EU not going change the deal, sign the one in the table or get out whithout a deal!!!! Pure british arrogance where they still think they can rule the terms of everything, and in this case this idiot thinks they can blackmail UE, the british Empire is a thing from the past, when this old "brains" going understand that? Im portuguese, my wife is british, nothing against UK (well some racist comments against UE population was made, maybe change that "nothing" one day, not that would be important for no one else then me), but hey im sick tired of hearing this sad people, want leave...LEAVE NOW!!!
    funny how the democracy works in UK, referendum full of illegalities, lies, fakes news, corruption etc etc and the result is law it seems (not even was binding), in one moment where the votes shows a diferent view for the brexit they just dont care, they just want the tax evasion paradise and for that they are ready to start a war if needed. Going be a sad day in many british houses when the people who are giving suport for this criminals realize for what they voted for.
    Good Luck is all i can say but hey...LEAVE NOW!!!!!!

  • dave brennan
    dave brennan Month ago

    The Mistake was she wanted to keep us in the EU Traitor.

  • Josip Tumapa
    Josip Tumapa Month ago +1

    Honestly, really, this would have been over and done with, if only Theresa believed Britain CAN stand by itself.
    This like these really need political will.

  • parkey107
    parkey107 Month ago +1

    teresa may was soley the problem she made for herself it started when at the election in 17 she was out in front with at least 50 seats then she made a statement 4days before election day she said WE NEED A CONVERSATION ABOUT OLD PEOPLE NEED TO SELL THEIR HOUSE TO PAY FOR THEIR CARE at that point she lost 50 seats and ended up relying on irish brexit after that stupid statement was all up hill regardless what the deal she could agree with eu evrything went down hill because it was typical a POLITICIAN CANT CONTROL THEIR MOUTH vince cable of course is a good example brown leader of labour another loose mouth ect ect that is the history of may and why the people of the uk have been crapt on because of pure incompitance

  • Sea_ Nettles
    Sea_ Nettles Month ago

    traitor to her people - just as Cameron was a traitor - Blair was a traitor

  • Keamogetswe Advo
    Keamogetswe Advo Month ago

    Boris Johnson like are you cocking sucking all of Britain

  • rambobunny1
    rambobunny1 Month ago

    freaking fools far away all the European jobs will go away by the EU however you're going to be controlled by the Americansyou you're going to have for an American jobs holy emperor Farage is a sellout

  • ReggaeWise
    ReggaeWise Month ago

    it is your UK legacy own it

  • Mike M
    Mike M Month ago

    The guy looks like a British Burnie.

  • Chubbs69uk
    Chubbs69uk Month ago

    No Euro blue suit I noticed

  • Graham Randazzo
    Graham Randazzo Month ago

    Tell the EU we are going to keep the 39 billion and they can find that money elsewhere. See how the Germans like filling int he gaps in the budget.

  • Rod Hayward
    Rod Hayward Month ago +1

    Theresa May's mistake was to invoke Article 50 without due diligence. Nigel Farage is a well paid puppet who has already changed our country so we all hate each other.

  • Graham Randazzo
    Graham Randazzo Month ago

    Everything may has done has been to undermine Brexit. Calling the election when she had a majority and a cushion to execute Brexit. Then negotiating a terrible deal that cedes Northern Ireland and gives away 40 billion pounds. She purposely got a terrible deal because she is trying to scuttle the whole process and get another referendum.

  • Pel Pan
    Pel Pan Month ago +2

    God damn british people. What have you done. Much will be lost

    • MrRRHHMM
      MrRRHHMM Month ago

      Why.. Mr Illuminati....... ?

  • MRbossman1982
    MRbossman1982 Month ago +1

    Seems like countries with female leaders suck ass lol 😂 “ to serve the country I love” stop being so emotional 😭 and go make cookies 🍪

  • paul87buick
    paul87buick Month ago

    She was/is a left wing remainer

  • Louis Banaszak
    Louis Banaszak Month ago

    she could not tell the diffrance between deal or no deal

  • commiesarentpeople
    commiesarentpeople Month ago

    The biggest mistake was probably sabotaging the entire thing because she's anti brexit.

  • Visionary Star
    Visionary Star Month ago

    They sure showed her

    SASDPNV Month ago

    Everyone knew what BREXIT was and stop using your socialist agenda to further the idea that Britian wanted to be controlled by faceless bureaucrats in other countries making rash and unreasonable dicisions. The EU is garbage and should be abolished.

    WT COLLECTOR Month ago

    Now for all employees of Vice...

  • Rohit G
    Rohit G Month ago

    Did he say farage in the end?

  • Hashil Rabadia
    Hashil Rabadia Month ago +1

    did the guy say he wanted farage as PM?! Lool deluded

  • Scarywesley4
    Scarywesley4 Month ago

    That guy doesn't realize that the EU doesn't care if there is a deal or not. At this point they just want the UK to stop bothering them.

  • Pitaresco Bigotes
    Pitaresco Bigotes Month ago

    Looool that conservative (retired) elder man lives in his own reality 🤔🤔🤔 proper jokers, pensioners wanna f#ck up younger generations with their hallucinations

  • R A
    R A Month ago

    Good riddance to her Great Britain is no longer Great. This country is a politically correct nation now that's useless. We are a self sufficient island sorry was. We built our own cars had our own oil and gas. Grew our own food and meat. Now after most of its been sold of we are in need of other countries. For our gas oil and supplies however they need us as well. One thing this government forgets and it's politicians and a lot of people forget. So we tax European cars heavily you sell here won't buy your wine and goods. There trucks can not enter freely etc. If Britain grew some balls and got control over its self then it will become Great Britain again. If it was not for the redundant Great Britain and it's allies there would be no European Union it would be called Germany WW1 and WW2 . It took nearly three years to come up with a deal but months for 2 other deals !!! America may have mixed views in its leader but at least Americans are still proud to be American . Can us Brits say the same ?

  • Chevalier De Agoub
    Chevalier De Agoub Month ago

    that's lovely

  • Austin Aguilar
    Austin Aguilar Month ago +2

    Not super familiar with British politics, but isn't Farage even more inflammatory than Johnson?

    • fenhen
      fenhen Month ago +1

      Also totally impossible for him to be Prime Minister as he’s not in the Tory Party.

  • Wizard Nigga
    Wizard Nigga Month ago

    Rip theresa may

  • davidwave4
    davidwave4 Month ago

    It's amazing that his strategy for making Brexit work is to essentially do what Theresa May did, but as a man and an idiot, and hope that with enough dickwagging it'll work. Make Jeremy Corbyn PM, have another election, and end this nightmare.

    MAX POWER Month ago

    3:04 to 4:09 = 🤦

  • Luke J
    Luke J Month ago

    Their fucking us over simple

  • sparrowhead hawkins

    Theresa May is a failure

  • Captain Of A Starship

    Does the boris guy purposely try to look like a trump variation with his hair?

  • Philip Emo
    Philip Emo Month ago

    You see the brexit vote was THE mistake build on lies. Make no mistake, the eu is badly in need of reform. However, can someone point out way in which the uk will benefit from leaving?

  • Adrian Pilcher
    Adrian Pilcher Month ago

    5 Tory MEPs lost their seats to UKIP replacement Brexit Party but the other 10 lost MEPs went to Remain supporting parties along with 1 lost UUP and 10 fence sitting Labour MEP lost seats. Just accept that the days of this Brexit are numbered. Revoke Article 50.

  • Bane
    Bane Month ago

    Europeans are naturally nationalists. They don't want this nationalism because then YOU will have more power than them. YOU will have the say on immigration, etc. not them. Nationalism is their nightmare. They want to make you brown so the very effective tool of nationalism will be obsolete. Rise.

  • Owen
    Owen Month ago

    so sad to see the UK in such a mess, get someone in who believes in Brexit...

  • cyberpunkspike
    cyberpunkspike Month ago

    What is this SYRIZA style traitorous nonsense? Why are you still committed to sniveling before Brussels?

  • TheTwh415
    TheTwh415 Month ago

    They are doomed

  • Harold Bowden
    Harold Bowden Month ago

    Spent 3 years deliberate trying to kick it down the road. She couldn’t negotiate with DFS.

  • Logan Hudson
    Logan Hudson Month ago

    So much is going on right now. Iran, China and the new belt, and now this. What a time to be alive

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown Month ago


  • Sam Hartford
    Sam Hartford Month ago

    It is against EU law to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement. The EU27 leaders made it into law that it will not be reopened. Why? Because otherwise there would be no point in signing any treaties with anybody if they all could be renegotiated ad infinitum. So, no, sorry, no renegotiation.

    • Trevor AngELo StryderZ
      Trevor AngELo StryderZ Month ago

      Well, only if UK put forth a second referendum & retract their decision to leave the European Union. Because the first referendum was a complete disaster. The Brexit only won by 1% majority. And within 51% of the Brexit, half of it wanted to leave with deal in hands. I don't think they will have 2/3 majority in any decisions they make.

  • Pauly
    Pauly Month ago

    Who else saw Brexit not working years back?

  • casey baker
    casey baker Month ago

    Oh to my shock, a comments thread full of lefty wnkers with no confidence in their own own country. How did we ever survive before the miracle of the EU..

  • James Matthew
    James Matthew Month ago +1

    Boris Johnson should've replaced Cameron in the first place.

  • gbonkers666
    gbonkers666 Month ago

    Or it could be Trump started to declassify stuff and May was implicated. Let's be honest...the British govt doesn't want Brexit and will fight the British people tooth and nail.

  • Samzilla Buddy
    Samzilla Buddy Month ago

    4:37Do you like the fifth the most powerful Country calm Down

  • lucius1976
    lucius1976 Month ago +4

    the mistake is trying to deliver something thats undeliverable - the Brexit that was promised

  • Marcos Mota
    Marcos Mota Month ago

    If you're watching this, are in your 20s, and don't have kids, then work your "Plan B" and get yourself in a position to move away from these fools. These rich folks have plans in to works to further enrich themselves, and don't give a hoot about the well-being of common folk.

  • Vault
    Vault Month ago

    That graph would be 100x better if you colour coded them by no deal, May’s deal and pro remain supporting parties.

  • Prohibited Area
    Prohibited Area Month ago

    I reckon the final two candidates with Sajid Javid v Dominic Raab/ Michael Gove

    • L W
      L W Month ago

      How bout an English

  • Public Public
    Public Public Month ago

    she knowingly accepted being Cameron's fall guy and knew she would face his shit. So no pity for the scumbag who was after all only interested in playing power games. brexit is the biggest diplomatic and economic blunder in centuries and she is complicit with that.

  • Jdor D
    Jdor D Month ago +1

    May God give the leaders of Brexit wisdom in the mighty name of Yeshua (Jesus Christ)!

  • Phonemyat Thu
    Phonemyat Thu Month ago

    She's no Margret Thatcher, she would've get the job done

  • Michael Wong
    Michael Wong Month ago

    What's wrong with Trump?

  • Ryan lex
    Ryan lex Month ago

    Actually may wanted to remind the EU which is why she doesn't passed brexit deal

  • Miguel Angelo
    Miguel Angelo Month ago

    Enough with the pussyfooting, STFU and GTFO.

  • Fabricio Fercher
    Fabricio Fercher Month ago

    Politics is improvisation, is ignorance and is delusional.
    Humanity must live in accordance with what the Earth can provide, that is technical approach, not one based in notions.

    TACKLEBERRY Month ago

    Nigel garbage leading? You have got to be kidding me.

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    VICE News????? "News"???? another liberal fantasy show. the left just cannot comprehend how stupid they are. sad really. i have yet to see a leftist come up with any idea that is good for the CITIZENS of a country.