LIVE Q&A! Ask Me Anything | Science Studio After Hours #47

  • Published on Sep 22, 2019
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Comments • 16

  • Jamey Summers
    Jamey Summers 6 months ago

    Greg, someone said you look like Elvis Costello. You don't. You remind me of Chris Issak.

  • yury katsnelson
    yury katsnelson 6 months ago Is this any good? Thank you

  • Mike A
    Mike A 6 months ago

    Fortnite...not a chance LoL. Thanks Greg, I love computers but hate gaming.

  • Krydolph
    Krydolph 6 months ago

    You realize your child can never be president then...

  • Wouter Verbruggen
    Wouter Verbruggen 6 months ago

    36:35 Great example that, especially for engineering like degree, the thing you actually learn is a way of thinking. Which I think can be certainly seen in your video's, in decision making and things like that. A job you can only learn in the field by doing it

  • GlenAlz81#RoR
    GlenAlz81#RoR 6 months ago

    When does 500k arrive by your estimate?

  • Randos
    Randos 6 months ago +1

    Im the opposite, i find driving cars kinda boring, but nice to drive if you just want to relax/lazy or need luggage space if that makes sense. For fun and pure enjoyment or going for a tour even commuting to work i prefer riding my motorcycle.

  • Toasty Rage
    Toasty Rage 6 months ago +8

    Your craigslist videos saved me from buying a prebuilt. I spent maybe a couple days researching how to build and watched your build vids. Cannot thank you enough. I will never buy a prebuilt again after getting over my ridiculous fear of putting the parts together.

    • The One
      The One 6 months ago +2

      It used to be a little finicky, weird and sometimes scary to build systems decade+ ago.
      They made it so easy now

  • Topp Cat
    Topp Cat 6 months ago +4

    Nice halter top. Geez

  • V
    V 6 months ago +3

    Why does my computer think it's up to date no matter how many times I try to check for updates. It's on Windows 1803

    • M A
      M A 4 months ago +1

      For others having this issue, look up how to reset Windows Update.

    • V
      V 6 months ago +1

      @Jux Zeil THANKS! It worked :)

    • Jux Zeil
      Jux Zeil 6 months ago

      It's a bug in the Windows Update archive files. You have to go to the Windows 10 download page and use the Update tool available. Make sure you remove any non-essential devices from the ports before updating, ESPECIALLY any USB pendrives etc.

    • mouse840
      mouse840 6 months ago

      Mine is the same way.

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B 6 months ago +2

    Wassup it’s 11pm here lol