Zoomer thinks his Mom is too IRRELEVANT to speak to

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Zoomer goes on Dr Phil and its epic
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Comments • 39 303

  • UrbanRose
    UrbanRose 41 minute ago +1

    pewds, you send me to an island And i will rip the head off of anyone who touches my phone.... and i dont wanna go to jail for the deaths of 200 million children so its a bad idea

  • JJ Kelsey
    JJ Kelsey Hour ago

    the girl sounds like a dude

  • JJ Kelsey
    JJ Kelsey Hour ago

    why dose he sound like a girl with a really deep voice

  • Setekh Redsand
    Setekh Redsand 2 hours ago

    I've seen them once they were yelled at for the ice cream locking thing. I didnt know who they were till I saw them do it.

  • Matt Clarke
    Matt Clarke 3 hours ago

    Those kids are just disgusting.
    (Like if you don't use mouth wash.)

  • Aquanote
    Aquanote 4 hours ago

    Walmart Jeffrey!

  • Garozzo Enzo
    Garozzo Enzo 5 hours ago

    I Walt poopdie

  • jugger naught
    jugger naught 6 hours ago

    Genuinely curious, who has actually seen these people before pewds and dr phil?

  • YeeYee Partners
    YeeYee Partners 6 hours ago

    Kid: *is bad for one second*
    Pewdiepie: SEND ‘EM TO THE RANCH

  • Christopher Priestley
    Christopher Priestley 6 hours ago

    He has the Samsung Galaxy Fold!

  • Sledge _jk
    Sledge _jk 6 hours ago

    Ah yes let me bring my milk and phone out while I'm trying to watch pewdiepie

  • impyrobot
    impyrobot 6 hours ago

    They're trolling hard

  • SamWOW
    SamWOW 7 hours ago

    Lol thats my news channel

  • Shinsekai Gakuen
    Shinsekai Gakuen 7 hours ago

    Wait he got Dr Phil to say meme review?!

  • SG F
    SG F 8 hours ago

    Unfortunately, Pewdiepie's video just rewarded bad behavior and made them more "relevant".

  • michael jennings
    michael jennings 8 hours ago

    Are we just going to ignore their voices???

  • Kevin Mayes
    Kevin Mayes 8 hours ago

    I've called Dr Phil a boomer about 6 times

  • araynick 75
    araynick 75 8 hours ago

    I've always thought generation z to be like a group of mainly suicidal and depressed people, for some reason......

  • Andrada
    Andrada 9 hours ago +1

    These people make me wanna be a boomer

  • Gidgegamer
    Gidgegamer 9 hours ago

    One of the them looks like the gay male Anna Kendricks

  • cadasher 312
    cadasher 312 9 hours ago

    They both got roasted by drew gooden

  • Lady-Bella
    Lady-Bella 10 hours ago

    I want to be famous because they get money LMAO

  • AM PantherBolt
    AM PantherBolt 10 hours ago

    Guys I used to know PewDiePie

  • grace4five
    grace4five 10 hours ago

    why do their voices sound so weird? (please reply)

    • Dylan Dylan
      Dylan Dylan 6 hours ago

      grace4five, so he wouldn’t get claimed

  • Soul Freeman
    Soul Freeman 10 hours ago

    8:52 You paused, but still said it

  • Joseppi 78
    Joseppi 78 10 hours ago

    I’d rather binge watch YT rewind 2018 than follow these kids.

  • Eiman Haile
    Eiman Haile 11 hours ago

    I like how Pewds addresses him as a "he"

    • Dylan Dylan
      Dylan Dylan 6 hours ago

      Eiman Haile, he thought that she was like Jeffree star, identifies as a male but dresses as a female and wears makeup, hoe is pewds supposed to know

  • hockey legend50
    hockey legend50 11 hours ago

    Damn those teeth are white, huh?

  • P Sherman
    P Sherman 11 hours ago

    Doctor phill is 69 right now

  • Ibrahim Karim
    Ibrahim Karim 11 hours ago

    god, who invented gay people just doenst work

  • B l o s s o m
    B l o s s o m 11 hours ago

    The way he speaks + his hairstyle and attitude makes me want to punch his face real hard.

  • joku animsツ
    joku animsツ 11 hours ago +1

    *what kinda black magic is this **11:52** !!*

  • Enzo Fano
    Enzo Fano 12 hours ago

    He said 16 mil that's not even alot

  • Ky Dawgnation
    Ky Dawgnation 12 hours ago

    Never heard of these people

  • Ky Dawgnation
    Ky Dawgnation 12 hours ago


  • Kalli Ya
    Kalli Ya 12 hours ago

    Kalli Ya
    Pewds; “wow 30million people” chuckles
    Also pewds; “18million, that’s like nothing”
    ALSO pewds; someone mentions followers pewds-smirks
    Annnd pewds; “your not famous and you don’t have a career”
    Pewds has too much money and so much fans he laughs at people saying 18mil. Like “HA that’s funny cuz I get more DAILYYY” 😂😂💙

  • ITS Fe4rFull
    ITS Fe4rFull 12 hours ago

    His smile at 11.07 tho

  • ding dong your opinion is wrong

    A video phone

  • Jimmy Alderson
    Jimmy Alderson 13 hours ago

    "I decided to ejaculated inside a cereal box. It's super relevant, you probaboy don't get the joke, but it's really ground breaking"

  • The Bullet Bullet
    The Bullet Bullet 14 hours ago

    Why are the voices altered

  • Zee Tea
    Zee Tea 14 hours ago

    Is she black?

  • Sweet Honey And Sugar
    Sweet Honey And Sugar 14 hours ago

    Can we talk about his sailor moon shirt?

  • PantherIsBoss
    PantherIsBoss 15 hours ago +1

    Maybe it’s for the best that he left his family away cuz tbh they’re prolly better off without him

  • PantherIsBoss
    PantherIsBoss 15 hours ago +1

    Ok but why do they sound exactly the same tho

  • God0fPie
    God0fPie 16 hours ago

    My cat's a zoomer every night beginning at 9PM.

  • Attila B.
    Attila B. 16 hours ago


  • MFulmer456
    MFulmer456 17 hours ago

    He has 27k followers on Instagram, and she has half that amount. You are NOT RELEVANT guys, sorry.

  • NosyNose326
    NosyNose326 17 hours ago

    The people say that they gived up on humanity will go to mars

  • I like God, But I will curse

    I use mouth watch to clean the floors now

  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace 17 hours ago +1

    no, dont make tuber simulator irrelevant!

  • ThatDude
    ThatDude 18 hours ago

    🤮the daughter 🤮 rapping 🤮

  • Raging otaku
    Raging otaku 18 hours ago


  • Milanabhj Hu it tgyydyssieiuekeiiriririir Roytman

    This guy is plain stupid

  • SteelHawk
    SteelHawk 18 hours ago

    I dont know who jeffrey barren is but I laughed my ass off at that comment

  • Renato Estevão Garcia
    Renato Estevão Garcia 18 hours ago

    My kid isn't vaccinated and he is totally fine
    The kid:

  • Liz Adrienne Garcia
    Liz Adrienne Garcia 19 hours ago

    The rapper girl was okay for me (she won scholarship doing her thing. Dropping off of school for dreams is okay, i guess) until the video said she tattooed something on her forehead.

  • Daddy Dutch
    Daddy Dutch 19 hours ago

    Is it just my phone or is there voices deeper

  • Vincent W
    Vincent W 19 hours ago

    im just a stupid older boomer but god damn is it hilarious to watch these zoomers actually think there special and in reality everyone else is cringing.... Thank god for the the good zoomers out there otherwise id say we r so fucked...

    • Dylan Dylan
      Dylan Dylan 6 hours ago

      Vincent W, you know they were trolling right

  • Connor koz boi
    Connor koz boi 19 hours ago

    Ok melins

  • Kelsey Linn
    Kelsey Linn 20 hours ago

    This makes me so sick. My God. This world is on fire.