WHATEVER IT TAKES - Minecraft - YDYD Part 5 (#360) | Let's Play

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • The island has wiped out half the crew, and the survivors will do whatever it takes to make things right. But first, let's explore that mineshaft some more!
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    About Let's Play:
    A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly.
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  • Scott Vogel
    Scott Vogel 6 days ago

    17:26 Jeremy. "Dude I'm so happy I'm short. "

  • Dante Grimm
    Dante Grimm 8 days ago

    Worst part of Minecraft, getting lost in fucking caves.

  • Serg SnD Hinojosa
    Serg SnD Hinojosa 9 days ago

    They’re better off switching Ryan and Michael for Alfredo and Trevor cuz those guys are fckin worthless.

  • Unnatural Dusk
    Unnatural Dusk 9 days ago

    All hell broke loose at 43:26. It was great.

  • Mark Wiedeman
    Mark Wiedeman 9 days ago

    Great opening reference

  • Lilianae
    Lilianae 13 days ago +1

    "You never scissored out a baby!?"
    XD I can't sometimes

  • GusCraft460
    GusCraft460 17 days ago +1

    Can they please all use the same brightness

  • Edgar Potosme
    Edgar Potosme 19 days ago +1

    this is the episode Jeremy truly takes charge

  • alltime pissedoff
    alltime pissedoff 19 days ago +1

    okay real question tho, did yall name newfindland after newfoundland in canada? because if you did, you're pronouncing newfoundland wrong, fam

  • Marcus Leow
    Marcus Leow 20 days ago +1


  • Sapphirelia
    Sapphirelia 20 days ago +1

    The Zombie Michael in the mineshaft couldn't have been better even if they planned it.

  • All-Purpose Nerd
    All-Purpose Nerd 20 days ago +1

    5:49 - Get three sheep. Color them red, white, and blue. Breed the red one with the white one and you get a pink sheep. Either red is male and white is female or white is male and red is female. Breed the white one with the blue one, you get a light blue sheep. If red and white are different, and white and blue are different, then red and blue must be the same. Breed the red sheep with the blue sheep and you get a purple sheep, gender is a construct, black is white, up is down, Wednesdays are Sundaes at Carvel.

  • ChaosNinja666
    ChaosNinja666 21 day ago

    GG on Alfredo for making an effort to get better, he’s working as team and he’s trying some new stuff.

  • ChaosNinja666
    ChaosNinja666 21 day ago

    Lol that intro is awesome, good job guys! Hahahha

  • OaksTheMeister
    OaksTheMeister 21 day ago

    Matt & Jack are the duo i never knew I wanted

  • Julio Rodas
    Julio Rodas 22 days ago +1

    Thanks for shouting me out Matt @31:35!!

    • Elite Rage
      Elite Rage 14 days ago

      Julio Rodas he said coolio

  • ncorinne28
    ncorinne28 22 days ago

    "I am ironman" HOW DID YOU KNOW??!

  • John Bernard
    John Bernard 23 days ago

    You got mutton on me joke by Matt got me

  • John Bernard
    John Bernard 23 days ago

    Now that Ryan's gone Matt future horses might actually be safe

  • John Bernard
    John Bernard 23 days ago

    Matt being possessed by Ryan's ghost this episode
    Jeremy: what are you doing Matt
    Matt: killing cows but there not giving me what I want
    Jeremy: what's that
    Matt: *whispers creepily* leather

  • Droid Control Ship
    Droid Control Ship 24 days ago

    Wiped out the only crew members who are funny too or matter.

  • Magic Bagel
    Magic Bagel 24 days ago

    matt the ancap

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith 24 days ago

    ALL of my top people are dead 😡

  • Marshall West
    Marshall West 24 days ago +1

    Endgame was much better than this video

    • Marshall West
      Marshall West 23 days ago

      Irish Jet yikes man chill out it was a joke

    • Irish Jet
      Irish Jet 24 days ago +1

      Wow, a blockbuster movie was better than a Minecraft LP video?! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!

  • Ember Queen
    Ember Queen 24 days ago

    Do they know you can put gold armor and weapons you get from mobs in the furnace and cook it down to a gold nugget

  • Caiter bunch
    Caiter bunch 25 days ago

    3:23 there goes Jeremy's good luck.

  • Starmapp
    Starmapp 25 days ago +3

    Petition that if/when Trevor dies he resurrects half turtle

  • T-Fyre
    T-Fyre 27 days ago +1


  • Matt Lane
    Matt Lane 27 days ago

    “You never scissor out a baby?”
    A sentence I never would’ve thought I would hear.

  • Jack F
    Jack F 27 days ago +1

    Michael sets new record of 3 deaths in Minecraft hardcore
    Him in normal form
    Him in half zombie form
    Him in full zombie form

  • Shadow Lord
    Shadow Lord 28 days ago

    The funniest part is i just watched endgame

  • Sethsnake
    Sethsnake 28 days ago

    I lost it at 49:50

  • Eric Pouliot
    Eric Pouliot 28 days ago

    What is jack a mix of?

  • AquaDragonDavanin
    AquaDragonDavanin 28 days ago

    it'd be awesome if after ydyd they did a playthrough of The Aether, i just found out about it and it seems like it'd really tie into the themeing here.

  • Alex Wyatt
    Alex Wyatt 28 days ago

    You guys did really good this episode, you all worked hard as a team and nobody made any reckless choices! Great progress!! :)

  • Andrew Covarrubias
    Andrew Covarrubias 28 days ago

    Life finds a way, Trevor.

  • memes Morales
    memes Morales 28 days ago

    Minecraft is evolving

  • Chickenfarmer10
    Chickenfarmer10 28 days ago

    "I like Tuttles"

  • Badhammy865
    Badhammy865 28 days ago

    You can skip the whole fence gate thing if you place a piece of carpet on your normal fence. You can hop onto the carpet, but the animals can’t.

  • Inadequate Cunt
    Inadequate Cunt 29 days ago

    45:45 Trevorrr my heart

  • Rachel M.
    Rachel M. 29 days ago

    49:48 wow what an entrance more like what an exit

  • Rachel M.
    Rachel M. 29 days ago

    49:36 Jeremy going ARGGHHHHHHHHHH damnit

  • DatSpecialSome 1
    DatSpecialSome 1 29 days ago

    Light the dungeon spawner and build an xp grinder. My heart hurts from seeing this..
    I've done better on a laggy 2003 computer.

  • Chamaria R
    Chamaria R 29 days ago

    I remember I used to watch you guys ALL the time when I was younger. I come back and all the people I knew are basically dead.. TRAGIC

  • EZ G127
    EZ G127 29 days ago


  • helldog39
    helldog39 29 days ago

    they should get cats so the drop creepers will leve them alon

  • Doctor Whatt
    Doctor Whatt 29 days ago

    Insta health potion 2 first. Golden apple next. A glistening watermelon inside a brewing stand

  • Doctor Whatt
    Doctor Whatt 29 days ago

    Have you tried smelting armor. And can you have someone do a realm of the world from Xbox Minecraft. Because you can do a duplication glitch.

  • Nik Bay
    Nik Bay 29 days ago

    most of you guys dont use shields properly

  • YerAWizardAlex
    YerAWizardAlex 29 days ago

    Trevor please call it Isla “Nub”lar

  • austins43
    austins43 Month ago

    Jeremy's brightness is driving me insane

  • SkirtleThTurtle
    SkirtleThTurtle Month ago

    Are they done with galacticraft?

  • Midnight Vibes Denver

    I haven’t watched a Minecraft let’s play since Ray left and this is what I come back to 😂😐

  • Hellen Ferguson
    Hellen Ferguson Month ago


  • Ruben Valadez
    Ruben Valadez Month ago

    whats the seed?

  • yiipyaps
    yiipyaps Month ago

    i literally forgot they can rez gavin, if they want, until matt said "you look like somebody i used to know"

  • Bob Jonesy
    Bob Jonesy Month ago

    That cut at 12:10

  • Ashley allin
    Ashley allin Month ago

    Alfredo is gonna win

  • Oliver hartstone
    Oliver hartstone Month ago

    The surprise creepers really made this video

  • Andrew Abbott
    Andrew Abbott Month ago

    Like to bring Gavin back first

  • The Critique
    The Critique Month ago

    You can melt iron/gold tools or armor into nuggets

  • Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas Month ago

    24:30 Foreshadowing

  • CreativeArtStudios
    CreativeArtStudios Month ago

    Can't you just ride the rail up without powered rail? Edit: But it feels like less work jack!

  • Cat Himes
    Cat Himes Month ago


    i miss michael.

  • toughmonsterq gaming

    Episode 4 lol

  • Scaredity Mays—Marcello Juarez

    I know it’s kinda irrelevant at this point but I miss Galactic craft

  • Logan Hill
    Logan Hill Month ago

    Where is part 4 ( nevermind it's just not on the playlist)

  • Zena Spiritdragon
    Zena Spiritdragon Month ago

    Looks like Michael really succumbed to his zombie ways

  • kyokomodo
    kyokomodo Month ago

    Great opener

  • kauboy9816
    kauboy9816 Month ago

    It pleased me to hear Jack accept that building a wall to keep out dangerous things was a good idea. #wallswork

  • Kurai1
    Kurai1 Month ago

    33:40 Invisible Spider Jockey

  • Perrys YT
    Perrys YT Month ago

    Anyone else notice that Trevor calls them Skeleton Archers still?

  • Facho7
    Facho7 Month ago

    Can someone help me out. I'm trying to re-watch an episode from a year or two back that was really funny but I can't remember the episode name.

    All I remember is that it was a Minecraft LP and one of the boys was in charge. They one a level with like glass rooms and everyone was placed in 1 and then they had to like complete a task each level. For the glass level they had to round up chickens or something but there was weird glitch and all the chickens kept exploding. Something like that.

    Anyone know what episode that was?

  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel Brown Month ago

    It's happened.. our entire, childhood cast, the beloved original 6, are all gone. Theyve all been replaced

  • NolanOnTheRiver
    NolanOnTheRiver Month ago +2

    A silverfish block at 36:26

  • GuestR
    GuestR Month ago

    17:44, 7:02, 26:02, 30:38,

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming
    Yo Dawgz Gaming Month ago

    Jeremy is a good leader

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming
    Yo Dawgz Gaming Month ago

    Remember in part 1 when they were trying to pick individual jobs and Ryan said it was a waste of time?

  • FunkMunker
    FunkMunker Month ago

    Pretty sure that mushroom soups give immediate health instead of the food bar. Jeremy walked by some mushrooms and Jack could make a farm for them.

  • Zambam bo
    Zambam bo Month ago

    Jeremy talking to god reminds me of Shenron.

  • Kurt Jappy
    Kurt Jappy Month ago

    You should put a clock on an item frame for those who can't return and will burn in hell for the rest of time

  • JNutt22
    JNutt22 Month ago

    gavin really should come back half pink or something

  • Nate Hoag
    Nate Hoag Month ago

    Is it just me, or has Matt been waaay funier lately? He never used to make me laugh before. I like new Matt.

  • Michael Kosmala
    Michael Kosmala Month ago

    Matt is becoming Ryan.

  • Kaleb Bryan
    Kaleb Bryan Month ago

    I got an idea! How about you can bring people back a third and final time with a Tower of Pimps, but you have to build it in the Nether and the person brought back cannot leave the Nether. Cause, you know, it's technically hell.

  • Aaron Gamboa
    Aaron Gamboa Month ago

    Sice gav is half mob do that me he can respon randomly

  • ClassyCat Gaming
    ClassyCat Gaming Month ago

    I can't wait for them to not resurrect Gavin, and then he comes back himself as like, the Lich King or something, and just send wave after wave of monsters at them, forcing them to do a raid or the like. I would love to see that so much.

  • Asianpotter 1
    Asianpotter 1 Month ago

    If they perserved the armored zombie, they could've made a golden apple and potion of weakness, then revived Michael so he coudl come back a second time. Sadly, Jeremy killed Michael

  • Steven Holmes
    Steven Holmes Month ago

    Did they forget about Gavin

  • ccgolden
    ccgolden Month ago

    43:25 nice eric andre reference matt

  • Emma Lee
    Emma Lee Month ago

    Fishing rods. Like. Please. Endless food & enchanted stuff? How can you not. ;_; mentioned back in ep. 1 then forgotten about. And there's so much string from the webs!

  • Kruzthewolf
    Kruzthewolf Month ago

    A splock of water... I need to use that now xD

  • Noot Noot
    Noot Noot Month ago

    Still waiting for Gavin to come back, he may be useless but me want gav

  • The King's Table aka Peyton Cash

    That was a good episode.. well back to sleep

  • Mollie Henry
    Mollie Henry Month ago


  • Aaron Quinlan
    Aaron Quinlan Month ago

    Can someone please kill Matt again

  • Jared Thompson
    Jared Thompson Month ago

    Considering how many bad choices he makes, it's astonishing that Alfredo hasn't died yet.

  • Julian Medina
    Julian Medina Month ago


  • Abbey Squidd
    Abbey Squidd Month ago

    I’m just so confused how Alfredo is actually still alive

  • New World Films
    New World Films Month ago +1

    Jeremy: "..,I'm getting flint"
    Me: "coal".