Crusader Kings 3 - Announcement Trailer - An Heir is Born

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • An heir is born! In real strategy, your greatest weapon will be your cunning. Prepare yourself to secure the throne in Crusader Kings III and unlock rewards:
    - Unlock The Old Gods expansion for CK2
    Refer Friends:
    - Unlock the exclusive Forum Pack, Official Wallpapers + Pagan Fury Music Pack
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    - Unlock rewards for CK3

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Comments • 3 220

  • Nvad Y
    Nvad Y Day ago +1

    I want language Arabic please please paradox to I don’t understand ck3 without google

  • Yusuf Hacıoğlu
    Yusuf Hacıoğlu 8 days ago

    We want Turkish language support

  • Caleb Culli
    Caleb Culli 10 days ago

    Is it come in on ps4

  • Tzirrit
    Tzirrit 11 days ago

    Old Gods, when?

  • thecrazyloner
    thecrazyloner 11 days ago

    This is going to be like the sims4 right?

  • Bolastwo
    Bolastwo 12 days ago

    >killing a baby with a snake
    you are never getting any money from me now.

  • Ádám Tóth
    Ádám Tóth 12 days ago

    I hope we get a good game that covers all aspects of CK2, (i don't want to buy that many dlc again just now for Ck3) if you accomplish that then I'll be happy to buy the game.
    (PLEASE, Paradox don't be jerk. I love your games but i hate the expensive useless dlc which only slightly improve the game)

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 13 days ago

    V I C T O R I A 3 ?

  • Norx Corp
    Norx Corp 16 days ago

    Imagine CK4 + Mount and blade

  • Nicolás Ice Black
    Nicolás Ice Black 17 days ago

    Victoria III?

  • alabdaly891
    alabdaly891 18 days ago +1

    all i want is a good songs and music something like till the day we die
    and i want the same ck2 mechanics

  • Edu Bottin
    Edu Bottin 19 days ago

    Where's Victoria 3

  • Cecep Rizky
    Cecep Rizky 20 days ago

    all victorian people gain 0.01+ consciousness each month for victorian 3

  • Andrej158158
    Andrej158158 21 day ago

    I hope there will be possible to do 'Red Wedding' or some shit like that

  • S. D
    S. D 21 day ago

    Let me guess? 10% of CK3 game for 59,99€ and dozens of expensive DLC (base content) for 300€. Shame on you PDX!
    What about those people, who bought CK2 before it wasn't free?

  • Vanbel Manik
    Vanbel Manik 23 days ago

    Announce EU5 or we riot

  • China BR
    China BR 24 days ago

    hello paradox, when you release crusader kings 3 could translate to brazilian portuguese like stellaris, please i'm a big fan of yours and i have almost all the games you produced

  • Бендер Сгибатель

    Maybe this is a secret Victoria 3 announcement?

  • Andrey Andreyevich
    Andrey Andreyevich 24 days ago

    Hope it's gonna be awesome and I'll have a PC that can run it)

    • Agent58
      Agent58 6 days ago +1

      There are 6 dev diarys, it will be sick!

  • Alkinur Dotran
    Alkinur Dotran 24 days ago +2

    Make India only Optional. Focus on Central Europe!

    • Agent58
      Agent58 6 days ago

      Yeah, it just slows down the game.

  • Scolar Visari
    Scolar Visari 25 days ago

    Can you guys lemme figure out ck2 first thanks.

  • The Dark Lord Cthulhu
    The Dark Lord Cthulhu 25 days ago

    OMG YESS!!!

  • Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes 26 days ago

    Whats the song at the very end?

  • Muffins O' Fun
    Muffins O' Fun 26 days ago

    Where's Victoria 3

  • Ghost Refuge
    Ghost Refuge 26 days ago

    Crusader Kings III: The second coming of Reanu Keeves

  • Seamus McFlanery
    Seamus McFlanery 27 days ago

    Victoria 3 when?

  • Mike Millanes
    Mike Millanes 27 days ago

    Nice finally crusader kings III! now I only need to wait 5-6years so I could buy the full version of it. 😉 DLC galore 😉

  • Truth what's important

    My wallet it's only 60 bucks My Brain well only for the first month dlc drops be looming

  • Mofrace DASH
    Mofrace DASH 28 days ago

    So custom Coat of Arms for County are available or will be available or a fully customizable nation? That'd be nice.

  • Maksim Siberian
    Maksim Siberian 28 days ago

    neeed neeeed neeedde

  • Lazar Đokić
    Lazar Đokić 29 days ago

    VICTORIA 3???



  • Power Play
    Power Play Month ago

    Victoria 3 looks good

  • SamSabat
    SamSabat Month ago

    And milion DLC...

  • Drsoe08
    Drsoe08 Month ago

    Is holy fury going to be the last dlc?

  • Its Rin
    Its Rin Month ago +2

    deus vu-*censored*
    shant be buying. its like the devs have become competently stunted after eu4. everything after it has been dreadful

  • BEAMISHdocd
    BEAMISHdocd Month ago

    this gives me goosebumbs

  • Midgard Eagle
    Midgard Eagle Month ago

    I wanna play as the snake.

  • binbanjin
    binbanjin Month ago

    Time is come... and dlc... dlc... and dlc...

  • Лорден Волк


  • A AA
    A AA Month ago

    Support Arabic language?

  • Captain Hawking Empire Forge

    So many Williams in the world... Same name, but different identities...

  • Lord Azreal Lais
    Lord Azreal Lais Month ago +1

    Can’t wait to see the nazi comments ave Satan my crusader brothers

  • Strategic player
    Strategic player Month ago

    Real Strategy requires cunning.

  • Jacob J. Almond
    Jacob J. Almond Month ago

    00:53 That little piece of the theme tune brought a tear to my eye.

  • sandro2527
    sandro2527 Month ago


  • Imnus
    Imnus Month ago +1

    This is NOT Victoria III.

  • Daniel Jakes
    Daniel Jakes Month ago

    *Paradox Interactive gains 30 infamy*

  • Padoshi
    Padoshi Month ago

    crusaders 2 is probly one of my top 10 games of all time . but GOD its impossible to buy all of the expansions

  • Alex Beasley
    Alex Beasley Month ago +5

    "Time to unleash the horse-lords upon the Medieval world"
    "You mean the Mongols?"
    "No, I mean the actual horses who are lords. I've founded an entire dynasty of them."

  • axel Coolj
    axel Coolj Month ago +1

    Song pleases

  • Marcelo Baferide
    Marcelo Baferide Month ago

    Please, a little more visual appeal to the battles.

  • Avoy
    Avoy Month ago

    Ck3 gut, you with me

  • Ban
    Ban Month ago

    Please, if we were allowed to assassinate a baby why wouldn't we allowed to seduce our daughter? This is ridiculous 😓

  • Yasser Hashim
    Yasser Hashim Month ago

    that is amazing :)

  • The Real Captain America

    my life will be over once this gets released

  • M.Taylan Evren
    M.Taylan Evren Month ago

    CK2 still awesome and can't say dated. V3 would be awesome instead.

  • Mike Snow
    Mike Snow Month ago

    EA... it's in the family.

    MANIC MIGHTY Month ago

    Seams to be a man's game, great.

  • Zachary Mohammadi
    Zachary Mohammadi Month ago +1

    Raid paradox HQ
    They can’t keep Victoria 3 in there forever