• Published on May 29, 2017
  • this just needs to end. also it's been officially ONE YEAR of no makeup mondays!
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  • Jacinda Peters
    Jacinda Peters 16 hours ago

    This is a new low for human kind.

  • Nostalgia nerd
    Nostalgia nerd 21 hour ago

    Thank you so much for making this video, this issue really needed to be made.

  • The ABacross
    The ABacross 3 days ago

    See I love my fictional serial killers from movies and novels. But these girls on Tumblr... They're dumb

  • Lo The Kitty
    Lo The Kitty 4 days ago

    You could be a model. Very interesting look

  • haifa hanania
    haifa hanania 6 days ago

    i have a fascination for killers and shooters and everything, they seem almost magnetic, because you want to get behind why they did something no normal person would be able to do. some killers are handsome and interesting, complex people, even charming, but they are still sick, sick individuals who took and ruined lifes, how tf can anyone be supportive of that, even if the killer was,, cute'' like ramirez for example, its scary that people can look past the fact that they are dangerous criminals, just because they are fascinating, or handsome

    DJ DOZY 14 days ago

    All the school shooter fangirls gangsta till they ignore the weird kid who told them to not attend class tomorrow

  • Princess Of Thebes
    Princess Of Thebes 21 day ago

    This girl fell in love with Harley Quinn when I was in school. She acts stupid and acts rude and blames mental illness yet talks about her all the time now.

  • The Misunderstood Assassin

    The people that romanticize *serial killers* probably need to go to therapy.

  • pedro silva
    pedro silva 21 day ago

    TCC 🤘🏼ббб🤘🏼

  • Francis Bottoni
    Francis Bottoni 22 days ago

    Wow, even when you don’t wear make-up and look somewhat disheveled, ur still insanely fucking beautiful...and these vids are so enjoyable regardless of ur physical beauty as well cuz ur engaging with ur discourse and the way you elaborate on stuff...Bless you and this vid is awesome cuz ur so right about it not being cool to glorify killers...and there is a fine line of how far we can take our fascination with murderers and getting swag that endorses them.

  • Caroline McLean
    Caroline McLean 22 days ago

    Dont feel weird about getting a postcard I have serial killer books

  • Mel Y.
    Mel Y. 23 days ago

    I know this is not your intention, but I think you should be a little more careful about discussing some behaviors as related to mental illness. You’re walking a very fine line of implying mental illness causes violence when it overwhelmingly does not.
    Also.... it’s worth noting that more and more research is showing that this kind of violence is caused by patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and white supremacy. In general, it’s important to recognize the social implications of these events because that is how we stop these events.

  • REB1725
    REB1725 23 days ago

    REB and VoDka were gods and i idolize them.

  • Stephanie Jackson
    Stephanie Jackson 26 days ago

    Family and school were always worried about my obsession with serial killers. But I am not in it for sick love, I'm just very interested in the psychology of it.

  • Darcotics
    Darcotics Month ago

    I wouldn't wear a shirt with a murderer's face on it but when one of my friends does it, it always strikes up an interesting conversation about a serial killer I knew nothing about

  • Steph Hunter
    Steph Hunter Month ago

    Does anyone think Tj Lane looks like that child with the skull shirt in toy story

  • bob ross
    bob ross Month ago

    The closest thing to a serial killer that i would wear is an edgy shirt with a pentagram on it 😂

  • Mooniest Sunflower
    Mooniest Sunflower Month ago

    Please correct me if I’m wrong or let me see your point of view. you can’t choose who you’re attracted to. Just like pedophiles don’t choose to be attracted to minors, homosexuals don’t choose to be attracted to the same gender and so on. Others are attracted to criminals and can’t help themselves ( or have this kind of instinct to help them, wich I had when I first read about Columbine.) .Of course It is probably a really bad idea to make these things public since most of the time people wouldn’t agree with their attraction. But when they see that they get accepted in tumblrs tcc with people like them, they finally can get their feelings out to people who understand.
    This is my „Theory“ or however you wanna call it. Just tried to look a little into the community with some people I’ve met in it. I’m sorry if I sounded rude or disrespectful and I don’t mean to piss off or trigger anyone. Have a nice day and stay nice n healthy 😊🖤

  • TeamS
    TeamS 2 months ago

    It’s so disturbing to me how some people think it’s okay to romanticize Dylan Klebold because ”Eric was the evil one” and ”Dylan would’ve been completely fine if Eric hadn’t ruined him”. Newsflash, even if that would be true, they both killed people. Dylan picked up the gun with his own hands and pulled the trigger. It’s sad that he wasn’t mentally in a good place, and I really understand he was mentally unwell/unstable but so is everyone who kills another person for no reason. Just because you think he was manipulated by Eric, it doesn’t bring the people he killed back.

  • david smith
    david smith 2 months ago

    Any attention /help,should be given to the family /friends of those who were killed,and,yes ,if these people had real issues ,then early intervention should be focussed on,prevention ,is the only way,people should know ,when others are in your eyes ,think of others.

  • Lulu Lulu
    Lulu Lulu 2 months ago

    I don't think you can fix someone this troubled.... I had a "friend" in highschool, and he was the most troubled person I ever know. He couldn't handle a lot of things, and unfortunatelly he used this to hurt others. And no one could help him... No matter what you said or did for him. He was just like this... He could't cope with the hardships in his life and he responded this way. He lost all of his friend but he keep did nasty things against us.

  • Elsa Hartmann
    Elsa Hartmann 2 months ago

    It's okay to have an interest in these things, but you have to realize these people still did awful things no matter how 'broken' they were.

  • I want to fuck Overhaul ,Pekehlee

    Liking a FICTIONAL killer who is likely the protagonist = Good
    Liking a REAL serial killer who has taken many lives = BAD TUMBLR

  • Adventurous 101
    Adventurous 101 3 months ago

    There is this girl I knew who would share pictures of serial killers and put hearts on them .She is stupid

    • Thanos
      Thanos 2 months ago

      Adventurous 101 the killers would’ve killed the ‘edgy’ girls without hesitation

  • Mrcancer 123
    Mrcancer 123 3 months ago +1

    Basically you got tiggered lmao its your fault for making the video

  • J G
    J G 3 months ago

    Had a friend who wanted to be in the Manson family and often said she would've married him and they were being serious

  • Benefit Counterbench
    Benefit Counterbench 3 months ago

    Fortunately, the media doesn't romanticize killers that much, but psychopaths. My grandma was a real psycho and my family will still suffer because of the aftermaths of her actions until we die. It pisses me off that there're movies, books, and songs dedicated to psychos in a romantic way. They can't feel and understand love at all, so stop making them the love interest in stories *smh*

  • Ride With Chris
    Ride With Chris 3 months ago

    I was in high school when Columbine happened. Next time these brainless girls want to romanticize that shooting, remind them that they shot student Cassie Bernall point blank because she said she believed in God and Isaiah Shoels because he was black. Then violently gunned down coach Sanders and student athlete Matt Kechter because he was a "jock" and needed to die in their eyes.
    Yeah, you could write quite a romance novel from that... 😡

  • stine watson
    stine watson 3 months ago

    and now people are romanticizing nikolas cruz..

  • Karl the bean
    Karl the bean 3 months ago

    I have somethings to these people.first of all why would you support someone that killed other people,eghm,(also killed women and children and men) why would you ever ever EvEr EVER EVER want to be with someone that killed people just like you,they would have killed you if they could have.they aren't misunderstood,yeah they went through abuse,but listen they made the choice to kill someone.i so much to say but I have to go and deal with my friends family that has lost loved ones from a school shooting so fuck that shit.who ever supports killers should have to talk to the victims and/or their families and the see how edgy they are.yeah someone can be cute but sweetie if they kill someone they mostlikely will kill just STOOOOOPPPP

  • CourtneySlaughter
    CourtneySlaughter 4 months ago +3

    cant help myself but to mentally call out the fact that i see jeffery and ted on your shirt while you were talking about the other girls who do the same.

  • Yankeezcap
    Yankeezcap 4 months ago

    Tumblr is a cesspool of females being complete perverts and totally obnoxious assholes,... and the true crime community is evidence of that. Notice how guys don't pledge love to murderous females.

  • Buddy The Dog
    Buddy The Dog 4 months ago

    While I’ve heard several people scream Hybristophilia I don’t think that’s necessarily the case for everyone in the TCC. I feel like they dissociate the awful acts from the killers more then they romanticize the killers along with their actions. They don’t love the killers for being killers. They love the idea that they could have saved them if only they had been around for them. But in reality the killers would have killed them with no remorse.

  • Jude Bell
    Jude Bell 4 months ago

    In all honesty I don't think Hunt a Killer glamourizes serial killers in any way - it just reflects the fact that the true crime community are kind of obsessed with researching unsolved crimes, and this is just tapping into that need for puzzle solving. I'm not sure lumping that in with these idiots wearing stupid shirts is fair.

  • LadyScarface Angel
    LadyScarface Angel 4 months ago

    I knew someone in high school who had a Manson shirt. It didn’t read, “Free Charlie Manson”, it was just a picture of his face. He didn’t support him, he was just the type of person who liked to get extreme reactions out of people. I’m not defending him in anyway, even though he was a really good friend of mine. He would often embarrass me out in public together when he was trying to shock people. What do you do in that situation? Plus I was a teenager. I had a huge crush on my friend. Plot Twist: I wound up marring my friend 3-4 years after high school. Lmao! Yes, he is my hubby. He has completely changed now though. He doesn’t own that shirt anymore, & he doesn’t try to get extreme reactions out of people now. He doesn’t support killers & never has.
    My sister was raped murdered in Chicago a few years before I was born, so I never knew her, but it still had a huge impact on me growing up. At 14 I lost my step brother, whom I loved dearly, when he was shot & killed by his so-called “best friend”. Murder has played a role throughout my life. (RIP Julie Angel & Jamie Stafford) My hubby understands that, & he would never support a killer period.
    Anyway, sorry about the long comment. It makes me sick when I hear about girls, or guys, fantasizing about killers. Just why? When it’s a fictional movie, that’s different, but in real life, I just don’t get it.

  • Chloe E
    Chloe E 4 months ago

    There’s a difference between romanizing serial killers and being intrigued and/or curious about serial killers

  • Sally Reid
    Sally Reid 4 months ago

    I know I'm late to this discussion but I think what disturbs me most is the trend I'm seeing toward extreme lack of empathy in these true crime subcultures (not all tcc is like this, I know, but corners of it are). Idolizing serial killers is a deeply uncompassionate worldview. It suggests that the victims weren't worthy to be grieved, that their families weren't forever changed by the horrific things that happened. It makes the killer more human than the victim and that''s weird. It's creepy. It's really alarming as a trend. I think it's been around as a concept for as long as humans have existed but the Internet is just making it easier for these people to connect and perpetuate each other's fantasies. And this isn't a matter of "oh, just let them be" because this has real-world effects. People do scary things when they dehumanize others, especially when they feel justified in doing so. It just make me feel so, so old and tired.

  • XxkillerslumberXx X
    XxkillerslumberXx X 4 months ago

    I have a crush on fictional serial killers (jeff the killer,ticci toby,masky and hoodie) but i am intrested into real true crime but dont treat the killers like eric harris for example im interested in his backstory why he did it and physiology of how he thought when he did it etc but not like “OMG ERIC HARRIS IS DADDY” no connor from Detroit become human is daddy not a teenaged serial killer

  • Lindsey Neeb
    Lindsey Neeb 4 months ago

    I know this video is a couple years old, but I've been watching all of your true crime videos and I find them very fascinating. I didn't realize that people romanticized killers THAT MUCH, and I think the thing that really gets to me is people romanticizing school shooters. I have to wonder if any of those people are American because I think (and I could be wrong) that most school shootings happen in America. I don't think it's a stretch to say that almost every teenager in America has had a nightmare about being in an active shooter situation at least once. This is the reality of our lives, especially those who have survived these situations or lost loved ones.

  • Sara Acevedo
    Sara Acevedo 4 months ago +1

    i don’t think that it’s hypocritical it’s a souvenir nothing else but when u take it to the point of getting a shirt like that’s not ok

  • Flavia Cardenas Minaya
    Flavia Cardenas Minaya 4 months ago

    Woah, que pura es tu mente que es incapaz de distinguir a una persona fea o bonita independientemente de los actos malos que haya cometido.
    Que superioridad moral

  • ehr hru
    ehr hru 4 months ago

    (I think at least) that their connection with these people is kind of like how we enjoy disney villians and characters, but the difference is that they dont differentiate the fantasy from reality. I LOVE villians such as Scar, Loki, and many more that are also popular with the Tumblr crowd, because theyre fun to watch on screen ansld the chaos is enjoyable, and backstories are tragic and interguing. To my knowlege, these people characterize and read into the backstories of these people and see them as tragic and forgetting their actions. I think or at least hope that the flaw is the fact that they dont see where the line or boundary is rather than them actually understanding and relating.

  • I say shotgun, you say wedding

    And this is one of the reasons why I'm concerned about the philosophy of life---who would have thought that society would ever be wearing t-shirts with real serial killers on them. It makes you wonder if progress even exists, or if it's just a subjective part of our minds own individual understanding.


    Go on Wattpad you find mad shit like that

  • koffinkat666
    koffinkat666 5 months ago +1

    YOu look like you hate mondays

  • Linzi Chenault
    Linzi Chenault 5 months ago

    You seem pretty smart. You should research hybristophilia. That is what the phenomenon is called. Involuntary sexual attraction...I think these younger girls look at it as they are a character or fictional in some way. They do Romanticize like a TEENAGE girl does. Which is hormonal and they don't know how to separate the crimes from the attraction. They're kids...and I think the person at 10:48 gives a reasonable explanation.

  • Char Dahl
    Char Dahl 5 months ago

    The new movie based on Ted Bundy that stars Zac Efron has apparently gotten negative responses for not including more graphic details on how the victims were lured and then killed. Now, this film did give a little reenactment of that in a part of the movie and they did include some crime scene photos from the actual murders, which I'm sure many of the general public have seen anyway. When the end credits begin rolling, you're shown a list of his known victims, even those who had survived.
    Moral of the story: I feel like the creators were very careful about what to include in their film and still kept in mind that respect was owed to the victims and everyone associated with them. I really, really appreciated that. Sadly, I guess some people out there didn't see it that way.

  • Marley Halpen
    Marley Halpen 5 months ago

    this chicks is clearly just as fucked justifying half the shit saying she feels abd for the shooters.

  • SiobhansBookCorner
    SiobhansBookCorner 5 months ago +1

    the hunt a killer box isnt based on real cases. you get a box each month that has clues from a fake killer. i got it for a few months then cancelled

  • Katie St. Vincent
    Katie St. Vincent 5 months ago

    Just throwing it out there that the John Wayne Gacy shirt doesn't actually depict John Wayne Gacy. It's a picture of John Wayne the actor with clown make-up on. I don't know if they were trying to be funny or if they legit don't know who John Wayne is.

  • Little Miss Misfit
    Little Miss Misfit 5 months ago +1

    Most of them are fucking r*pists, like wtf.
    How tf can people glorify them

  • Iamso4u
    Iamso4u 5 months ago +1

    So the hunt a killer box subscription has been really good fun. But I 100% don’t understand that advertising choice. The seasons (storylines) I’ve done are along the lines of your helping a private investigator or defense lawyer figure out what really happened in a COMPLETELY FICTIONAL mystery. Nothing I’ve received has been “from a serial killer” or in reference to a real life murder. So it makes me really uncomfortable that they even ran that ad. It’s in poor taste and inaccurate.

  • Female Diogenes
    Female Diogenes 5 months ago +1

    i didnt watch this but trying to remove anyone from receiving empathy is a bad idea. theres a good reason we humans empathize with almost anything. the empathy is what can stop the killers from killing if they can feel it too. inb4: delusional magical thinking. okay but telling ppl to stop 'romanticizing' it censors the conversation about it. & if there's ever a time when we need to bring a subject into the light it's here & now in human history. we can't censor it. that will make it worse.

  • Charley Turner
    Charley Turner 5 months ago +3

    TCC: omg I love him so much he's my favourite murderer omg he's so cute haha killing people is adorable tehe
    also TCC: excuse me we don't condone their actions when have we ever said that...

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname 5 months ago

    drinking game: take a shot every time she says opinion (not tryna make fun of you just makin a joke thing)

  • nightofthelilydead
    nightofthelilydead 5 months ago


  • TheHPExperiment
    TheHPExperiment 5 months ago +1

    Tumblr ruins everything.

  • Tommy Faulkner
    Tommy Faulkner 5 months ago

    and i thought the creepypasta fandom was bad

  • Andrea Stinchcomb
    Andrea Stinchcomb 5 months ago

    4:44 Okay,so she makes a video ranting about people romanticizing killers but she goes to Museum of Death with the killers having their own room and she even gets her a post card with their faces on it,although she wanted Jeffrey Dahmer but she pretty much implied she didn't want the others feeling left out so she got a card with all of their faces on it.I thought I found me a new RUclipr to watch but she sounds more hypocritical.That's why she was stumbling on her words and getting hot because she knows she put her own foot in her mouth.What's the difference in wearing a shirt with their faces on it and buying a post card to keep as a souvenir with their faces on it (her words "as a souvenir")?lol

  • deidaraakun
    deidaraakun 5 months ago +2

    I didn’t go through a serial killer phase, but after ahs season 1 aired when I was in 8th grade I was so obsessed with Tate.. it’s pretty gross now since I recently rewatched the season and absolutely despise him. He’s cute yeah, but that really caused an increase in the romanticization if serial killers. so many tate blogs became columbine shooter fangirls... it was scary to watch. i thought he was a sweet, misunderstood boy when I was 14. I’m 21 now and repulsed. How these people can praise & worship actual murders is beyond me. Like y’all.. he would’ve shot you too. With no remorse.