Bugha & FaZe Sway FINALLY 1v1 in public lobby then this happens

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
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Comments • 676

  • Kiel Renrut
    Kiel Renrut 2 days ago +1

    Bro it's so dumb when these on 0 ping pc players complain about a single frame of lag when I'm on 100 ping nintendo switch lite and have never complained

  • Reupena Levasa
    Reupena Levasa 3 days ago


  • usma-RD Gamer
    usma-RD Gamer 5 days ago +1

    Bugha is the best

  • lucas chan7w7
    lucas chan7w7 5 days ago


  • Latasha Haynes
    Latasha Haynes 8 days ago


  • Latasha Haynes
    Latasha Haynes 8 days ago


  • Latasha Haynes
    Latasha Haynes 8 days ago


  • Marwan Ayman
    Marwan Ayman 9 days ago

    itis not faze sway

  • Rama Diallo
    Rama Diallo 12 days ago

    Bugha is better because he destroyed tfue in a 1v1 and he won the world cup and he killed all of his opponents

  • ALI
    ALI 14 days ago


  • OTW Smash
    OTW Smash 19 days ago

    my last video🔥🔥

  • BlueArmy
    BlueArmy 28 days ago

    Bugha’s building is so straight and robot like but fast

  • Vigge King
    Vigge King Month ago

    Code bugha

  • tespascontent cestlameme

    Nayte vs bugha

  • Benjy and mongraal Fan

    فيز سواي عمك

  • Heuss Heuss
    Heuss Heuss Month ago

    Sway got clapt, lmao he put a jumppad so Bot

  • Masood Qayoom Gilal -


  • Masood Qayoom Gilal -

    bugha is better

  • Krishna Veni R
    Krishna Veni R Month ago


  • Xavier Gaming
    Xavier Gaming Month ago

    He hit that 142 that’s why

  • TRT-_-LORRY_
    TRT-_-LORRY_ Month ago

    That wasn't even sway.. how fake.. disgusting

  • Slowy sub
    Slowy sub Month ago

    Dude Sway pickaxe Bughahahaha

  • Easyboss3
    Easyboss3 Month ago

    Code BUGHA

  • Weykoz
    Weykoz Month ago

    Code bugha

  • Tasos Petalidis
    Tasos Petalidis Month ago

    Ahaha sway in public match btw

  • Jaden Mireles
    Jaden Mireles Month ago

    Code bugah

  • ID X-Elian-_RD
    ID X-Elian-_RD Month ago +1

    Bugha is the power

  • cam coolgamer
    cam coolgamer Month ago

    Code bugha

  • r1z3 synxz
    r1z3 synxz Month ago

    I think they are both good beacuse I can’t choose who is better and who is bad

  • Phxde YT
    Phxde YT Month ago +2

    I am a HUGE! faze sway fan, but bugha is better that’s just facts.

  • Elsa Montero Arancel

    Is fakr bro

  • Jose De Paauw
    Jose De Paauw Month ago

    code : bugha, i also 1v1 bugha and it was 23-1 to bugha

  • jesus jeredes
    jesus jeredes Month ago

    bugha el mejor del mundo vamos bugha el mejor e

  • Megalex X1
    Megalex X1 Month ago

    Obviously Bugha is better because he plays in PC

  • Luka Matanović
    Luka Matanović Month ago


    FLAMEBROS Month ago +4

    Like bugha
    Comment “code bugha”

    FLAMEBROS Month ago

    “Code bugha”

  • Yosgar Ramirez
    Yosgar Ramirez Month ago

    Guats your name

  • Twitch youtube
    Twitch youtube Month ago

    I liked the channel and subseibed epic is fazegamer24

  • Kapil Sharma
    Kapil Sharma Month ago

    Yes they both are good 🤓 But the best is serpent au

  • Callum D
    Callum D Month ago

    My epic is Boscorelli23

  • Djefiboy
    Djefiboy Month ago

    CODE BUGHA (epic : ttv djefiboy btw)

  • Emelee26
    Emelee26 2 months ago

    I did everything

  • Kamallistic Kids
    Kamallistic Kids 2 months ago

    pest pc player vs maybe best ps4 player

  • Kuro_ Fn
    Kuro_ Fn 2 months ago +1

    Bugha it’s so easy to get cracked

    ĚĻ ŃĘĢŔÏŤØ 2 months ago

    Yooo when bugha wins the champions shit from fortnite this little bitch change a lot
    He trying talk like gangster shit idk like trying he the cool guy and toxic shit

    Saying: about take the Faze sway retake you know what I saying
    like dog stop...
    Idk i just saying y'all Idk
    I watch his streaming video and he wasn't like after he wins the fortnite champions

    FORNITEKSGLIT 2 months ago +1

    Faze sways better

  • elizabeth ferrera
    elizabeth ferrera 2 months ago

    Bugha you are trash lucky

  • Deff0 _SlejdeR
    Deff0 _SlejdeR 2 months ago +133

    Who is better
    Like :Sway

  • AgateCart PlayZ
    AgateCart PlayZ 2 months ago


  • john moore
    john moore 2 months ago


  • M7tarif Games
    M7tarif Games 2 months ago +1

    Its fake

  • Yumwi _
    Yumwi _ 2 months ago

    That encounter like that doesnt really mean anything one is not better than the other yet

    • Mayestick Snow
      Mayestick Snow Month ago

      Bugha es el mejor
      Sway es una rata de creativo

  • wKnS Kryptic
    wKnS Kryptic 2 months ago

    I have footage leaked from faze sways handcam now check latest video to ee

  • Bshara M
    Bshara M 2 months ago

    Who else couldn't keep up with the speed

  • Cody Cutler
    Cody Cutler 2 months ago +6

    Well. Sway is overall better in creative, however Bugha is still a beast right? Bugha is a better tournament player, but sway is still cracked.

    • MuffinsHyper
      MuffinsHyper Month ago

      @GliD_HaNk well idk I never actually watched him

    • GliD_HaNk
      GliD_HaNk Month ago

      @MuffinsHyper he won the world cup what do you expected

    • MuffinsHyper
      MuffinsHyper Month ago

      @GliD_HaNk I never actually watched bugha before but Im pretty sure he a beast right?

    • GliD_HaNk
      GliD_HaNk Month ago

      @MuffinsHyper i agree but our bugha rekted him🤣🤣

    • MuffinsHyper
      MuffinsHyper Month ago

      @GliD_HaNk like if sway is bad but better than you then your really bad

  • BigChunguzzz28 -YT
    BigChunguzzz28 -YT 2 months ago

    The worst cuality

    BTW:I’m qJoking

  • jesus jeredes
    jesus jeredes 2 months ago

    bugha el mejor jugador del nundo se gano 3 millones de dolares el mejor delen like a este video chavales

  • TiNy_AnGeL-YT
    TiNy_AnGeL-YT 2 months ago +2

    I actually want to see them 1v1 in creative now... why haven’t they?

  • NPG Zoom
    NPG Zoom 2 months ago

    code bugha plz im poor